Enslaving Heero Part 15

"I'm done, Master." Heero entered the living room. He noticed his Master had turned already from the television, no doubt because his loud damned ankle bell.

Duo smiled and pointed to the floor next to him. "Good, come here to get your treat."

His Master's smile made Heero's heart flutter happily and he hurriedly knelt next to the couch where his Master sat. He was about to ask for his treat when his eyes fell on a pastel blue plate with 'Kitten' written on it.

His plate! Full of chocolate liquid!

Heero looked up at his Master in horror. "Master...."

His Master just smiled innocently and put down the plate in front of his horrified Kitten. "This is your treat, a full plate of cool chocolate milk."

Heero looked down at the plate, then up to his Master and back at the plate again. He liked chocolate milk........ but to drink it from the plate ..... Heero looked up at his Master again and noticed the raised eyebrow beneath his Master's bang. "I made it specially for you, Kitten."

Heero swallowed and decided to throw his dignity away. He had been good in doing it lately. And compared to his naked, collared, nipple pierced, and butt plugged condition, added with a bell on his ankle and a set of cat ears and tails, drinking milk from a plate was far less humiliating. Moreover, he was a kitten for his Master and a kitten did drink milk from a plate, ne? Whatever reasons his mind supplied, deep down in his heart, Heero knew he drank the milk because his Master wanted him to. Heero stood on his hands and knees and lowered his upper body till his tongue touched the milk's surface. He began to lap at the liquid and found out that the taste was really delicious. It seemed his Master wasn't completely bad in making something edible.

As the milk trailed down on his throat, Heero realized he was thirsty. The cool milk felt so wonderful and Heero found himself lapping the milk eagerly. His Master's hand came down and ruffled his hair, making Heero delighted. He now lapped the milk happily and sometimes wiggled when his Master rubbed his cat ears.

"I like watching you drink, Kitten." Duo smiled when his slave finished the last drop of the milk. "I think I'll give you milk every morning from now on."

Heero looked up and licked the milk around his lips. "I would like it, Master."

"Come here." Duo leaned against the couch and patted his lap. Heero didn't need to be ordered twice. He quickly climbed up onto his Master's lap and settled with the same position as he did yesterday night. He was about to bury his face on his Master's shoulder when Duo's hands stopped him.

"Master?" Heero looked in confusion.

"You have milk on your nose." Duo smiled and licked Heero's nose. "And here." He trailed down and licked the corner of Heero's lips. "And here...." Duo licked his slave's lower lip. In the end, both of their mouth pasted against one another and their tongues danced wildly. Heero felt very lightheaded when his Master was finally satisfied ravishing his mouth. He rested his head against Duo's shoulder and leaned his side against Duo's front while straightening his legs onto the empty space next to Duo. His tail swung lazily while his Master caressed his back and thighs.

"Do you always treat your other slaves this good, Master?" Heero blurted out the question before he realized that he wasn't supposed to inquire his Master without permission. He tensed when his Master tightened his embrace on his naked body. Heero was ready to apologize for his rudeness when his Master spoke up.

"I have no other slaves, Kitten."

The answer really surprised Heero. He lifted his head and looked at his Master. "I thought..."

"I have had many subs, but never a slave."

"So, I'm your first slave then?"

Duo smiled. "Yes. I never wanted a slave till I met you."

Heero's heart skipped a beat at the words and the smile. He didn't know why but he was very happy to know that he was the first slave Duo had. Without thinking further, Heero found himself vowing that he would be the one and the only slave Duo would ever have. He would be the best slave that would make the other masters envied his Master.

"You look happy with the fact." Duo chuckled and kissed his slave.

Heero responded to the kiss hungrily. He looped his arms around Duo's neck and opened his mouth, inviting his Master's tongue to inspect his property. Their positions caused his pierced nipples pressed against his Master's clothed chest. The pain shot out when his vulnerable flesh ground against the rough fabric of Duo's shirt and Heero welcomed it without flinching just like he welcomed Duo's tongue in his mouth.

When the kiss finally ended, Heero felt so high and happy. He sighed contentedly and rested his head back on his favorite spot which was his Master's shoulder. Duo delivered a kiss on his slave's forehead before relaxing onto the couch. Heero vaguely heard the television being turned on but he had no interests to watch it, not when he enjoyed the caress and the warm body of his Master.

"Don't you want to watch TV, Kitten?" Duo tugged his tail.

"No." Heero squirmed and buried his face on the crook of Duo's neck and shoulder.

"You're a very spoiled kitten." Duo chuckled when Heero showed no signs of ever moving from where he was right now. He turned his attention to the television let his kitten snuggle happily on his lap. As the time passed in comfortable silence except for the TV's sounds, Heero became more relaxed. He closed his eyes and was about to drift off when his Master spoke up.

"I think you can join this show and win it easily."

"Show?" Heero mumbled. He made no effort to lift his head from his Master's shoulder. He was waaaaaaay too comfortable right now.

"The one on the TV right now."

Heero stirred his head slightly to be able to look into television and quickly scowled at what he saw. His Master was watching a cat show contest! He grunted his displeasure and refused to say anything that his Master could use to his advantage. Instead, he hid his face on Duo's shoulder and intended to stay contented there.

But of course, his Master had other plans. Duo commented that the ribbon the champion cat was wearing would look good on him too and planned to put one on him later. Heero couldn't refuse the temptation to nip his Master's shoulder and did just that. Duo jerked up in surprise and Heero was wondering if he had gone too far with his Master when the said Master exclaimed loudly with teasing tone. "I have a tigress on my lap!"

Heero didn't miss the deliberate use of the word 'tigress' instead of 'tiger'. This time, he had no hesitation as he bit his Master's shoulder once again. Duo's merry laugh was heard in the living room. "Naughty kitten." He slapped Heero's butt playfully. "I believe you should be punished for biting your Master."

Heero tensed at little at the word 'punished'.

"Oh yes, I'll punish my kitten." This time, Duo said it with a teasing tone and Heero realized his Master was playing with him. So he decided to go along with his Master.

After all when he would be able to bite his Master as often as he liked, anyway?

So Heero nipped his Master again. This time on his earlobe.

"Bad kitten." Duo chuckled at the assault.

Heero gasped when his Master suddenly stood up from the couch. At the next second, Heero found himself draped on his stomach over his Master's shoulder. His head was at the same level as Duo's waist. "Master!"

"Relax, Kitten. I'm not going to throw you down." The said Master chuckled happily. He slapped Heero's ass playfully and then marched into the bedroom while his kitten half-heartedly struggled to get free. The bell on Heero's ankle tinkled noisily during their short journey from the living room to the bathroom.

Duo stumbled into the shower and pushed several buttons on the panel. Heero squeaked when the shower automatically poured the water onto them. Duo let his slave slide down from his shoulder and then shed his clothes. Heero had no need to shed his clothes since he had been naked all the time. But he was still worried about his ears and tail and told his Master about them.

"Don't worry, they're water proof." Duo grinned as he threw his last garment away. "I know every kitten hates bathing time so your punishment is exactly this one. Taking a bath."

Heero blinked and then snorted to cover his smile. This was one punishment he wouldn't mind having. He even didn't dodge when his Master pounced on him with a bottle of shampoo in one hand as the weapon. For the next fifteen minutes, chuckles and delighted squeals could be heard from the shower, accompanied with somewhat damp tinkling noise of the ankle bell. Heero really enjoyed being bathed by his Master. He loved how his Master ran the sponge over his body, caressing every inch of him. He loved how his Master's fingers ran over his head and lathered his hair with shampoo. He knew that it was rare for slave to be bathed by his Master and thanked his Master by cleaning him in return as gently and focused as his Master did to him.


Heero finally remembered the time when he stepped out of the bathroom and happened to glance at the clock hanging on the wall. It showed 8:00 PM.

"Master!" He gasped in horror. His tail shot up straight in the air.

"Yes?" His Master stepped out of the bathroom, naked and a towel wrapped on his head. Heero would have found the sight of his Master amusing if not for the fact that he was worrying about something else.

"We forgot the dinner."

His Master looked at him in amusement. "No, we didn't, Kitten."

"No?" Heero stared dumbfounded as his Master put on a black night robe.

Duo grinned as he retrieved the leash and connected it to Heero's collar. "You forgot the dinner, I didn't."

"You didn't?"

Duo nodded and then tugged the leash, walking to the living room. "I ordered our dinner."

"You ordered our dinner?" Heero followed his Master meekly.

"Stop parroting me, Kitten." Duo chuckled. "On second thought, maybe it's not quite bad to change your slave name into Parrot."



"Ah, that would be our dinner." Duo chained his slave onto the table and went to the two panels with two buttons on the wall.

Heero watched dumbfounded as his Master pushed one button to open the panel on the right, revealing a set of videophone. Duo punched another button and a man in security uniform appeared on the screen. "There's a delivery for you from Daisho Sushi, Sir."

"Yes, I ordered it. Send it up, please."

"Very well, Sir. It'll arrive in five seconds."

The man then disconnected the phone. Duo closed the panel and pushed another button. The panel on left was opened to reveal a small room with a big plate of sushi in it. Duo took the plate and closed the panel. Heero watched as his Master placed the plate on the table. It was full of a lot of variations of sushi. There were egg roll, bean curd, tuna, crab, shrimp, salmon, squid, octopus and so many others that made Heero's mouth watered. It even had onigiri! His attention turned from the plate as his master tugged his leash. "Sit down and close your jaw, Kitten."

Heero closed his jaw and sat down on the rugged floor. He was so astonished in the turn of event that he forgot about his tail. The consequence was quite painful as Heero found himself scrambled on his hands and knees one second after his ass landed on the rug.

"Forgot about your tail, Kitten?" Duo looked at his slave in amusement as he sat down next to where the Japanese boy was kneeling.

Heero only growled and sat down slowly. He spent a few seconds wiggled and fidgeted before finding a comfortable position. Satisfied, Heero turned to his Master and came face to face with a brush. "Wha..."

"Do my hair, Kitten."

The brush was placed on Heero's hand and then Duo unwrapped the towel on his head. Heero watched the damp chestnut locks flow down on his Master's back and reflect the lights, making them seem to shimmer. If Duo categorized combing his hair as an obligation for his slave, Heero found it was as good as a reward could be. He liked running his fingers through his Master's hair and unraveled the knots there. Duo's hair was damp now but Heero knew it would feel like silk when it dried.

Heero shifted so that he could get better hold of his Master's hair and started combing. Less than a minute, he had one purring Master eating sushi and feeding him some alternately while Heero tended his hair.

"When did you order the food, Master?" Heero blurted out the question without breaking his combing pace.

"When you were tidying the bedroom." Duo fed him a piece of sushi with egg roll on top of it.

Heero chewed the sushi and swallowed before uttering the next question. "How did you know I would forget about the dinner?"

"That's a Master's secret. " Duo grinned and chewed salmon mixed onigiri.

"I never thought you liked sushi, you know."

"That's partly your fault."

That got Heero's attention as his brushing halted. "Huh?"

"Remember that you once made onigiri when we were hiding in a safe house?"

Heero remembered it now. They couldn't go out of the safe house without getting caught. He had to do the dinner with what little of available ingredients in the fridge. There was enough rice to last for a week, but not enough meat or vegetables to accompany the rice. So Heero resorted to make onigiri, a ball of rice. Making it was simple and it could be mixed with little meat and vegetables. So for seven days hiding in the safe house, the gundam boys ate seven kinds of onigiri Heero prepared for them.

"I happened to get addicted to onigiri after that. When I moved here, I found a Japanese restaurant near this area that sells onigiri. I also got persuaded to try their sushi. From that day, I order their sushi once or twice a month." Duo held up another sushi for his slave. This one was covered with baby octopus.

Heero scrunched his face and shook his head. "I don't like octopus."

Duo raised an eyebrow and then popped the sushi into his own mouth. "It's delicious."

Heero managed to hold the urge to say 'ewww'. He shook his head and then focused in combing his Master's hair. They spent the next fifteen minutes in comfortable silence, finishing the dinner. Heero was about comb for the last time when his Master spoke up.

"What will you do if I order you to eat it?"

Heero thought about it for some seconds before answering and combing his Master's hair at the same time. "I'll puke on you."

Duo's laughter rang in the room. The braided boy pounced his slave and gave his mouth a thoroughly inspection with his tongue. Heero was breathless when his Master pulled away. He looked at his Master and saw him smile at him. "I'm happy to have you as my slave, Kitten."

Heero's heart soared and he found himself smiling back. "And I'm happy to have you as my Master."

Duo rewarded him with a few rubs on his cat ears, making him squeal as the plug in his ass vibrated. His Master then ordered him to clean the table, do the dishes and put his brush back in the closet. After finishing his chores, Heero joined his Master back in the couch. He was happy as his Master pulled him down to sit on his lap and together they watched the evening news. Duo caressed him and sometimes asked his opinion about the news on the TV. Heero answered him with great interest. One topic led to another and they soon forgot about time. It was almost midnight when Duo announced it was time to sleep.

The long haired man carried his slave to the bedroom and lowered him onto the bed. He then removed Heero's cat ears and tail, eliciting protest from his slave. The protest however, quickly turned into a moan as Duo pushed home a butt plug Heero had worn on the first night. While Heero savored the feeling of fullness after a moment of emptiness, his Master shed his robe and joined him in the bed. Duo pulled Heero into his arms and put one leg over his slave's thighs.

"Oyasuminasai, Master." Heero yawned.

"Oyasuminasai, my beloved Kitten." The words were whispered gently near Heero's earlobe.

The Japanese boy slept with a smile on his contented face.



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