Enslaving Heero Part 14

"I should have known better." Heero muttered mournfully from where he was hung on the ceiling. His wrists were cuffed with furred shackles so they wouldn't cause welts on his wrists. The shackles then were connected to the chains from the ceiling, making his arms raised high and spread widely. Two leather straps wrapped on each of his knees were also connected to some other ceiling chains and his Master had set them on purpose so that his bent knees were at the same level as his waist. Not to mention the chains that connected on the straps had quite some distance between them, causing his legs to be held wide open with his tail hanging between them, exposing his groin in its all glory. His Master looked at him for a good five minutes with satisfied smile before walking out of the bedroom, saying he went out to get the essential item for the play and leaving his slave hanging in one of the corners in the bedroom.

Heero knew his Master's bedroom was large and had one empty corner, which had enough space for a child to roll and run around. He never thought that this corner was what his Master converted into his playing area. He should have known having a sadistic master with good mechanic knowledge was a bad combination. The corner appeared to have so many mysteries and Heero just saw one of them when his Master took out a strange remote control and pushed one button, causing four chains to fall down from opened holes on the ceiling. So here he was, cuffed and hung onto one of his Master creative implements, waiting for his Master to return with an essential item, no doubt to torture his helpless body.

"Having good time in the chains, Kitten?" Duo entered the bedroom.

Speak of the devil, Heero made a face. He eyed the large bowl Duo carried in his hand. It full of reddish liquid, which Heero soon recognized. Wax! So much wax! Oh Kamisama! He looked in horror from the bowl to his Master's grinning face.

"It seems you know what I'm going to do with this. Good then, I don't have to explain it to you." Duo lifted the bowl slightly as he approached his hanging slave. His head was at the same level as Heero's chest and the slave looked down to see his Master hold up a brush on his other hand. He shivered as his Master ran the dry brush on his flat abdomen. "Have you ever fantasized about getting waxed, Kitten?"

"No... Aah!" Heero gasped as the brush connected with his nipple ring, causing it to swing slightly and elicit pain to his sore nipple.

"Well, after this, you will dream of getting waxed as often as possible then." Duo grinned and brought the brush to the other nipple ring, making his slave jerk slightly before putting the brush into the bowl and setting the bowl down on the floor. He took the prepared black cloth from the bed and blindfolded his slave.

Not being able to see, made Heero tense in anticipation. His trained senses could feel his Master stand before him and waited for the wax to be applied on his body. He was surprised when he felt a tug on his tail.

"Your tail is as straight as a rod." His Master's voice soothed him. "Relax a bit, Kitten. This isn't a punishment."

Heero felt his Master rubbing his cat ears, eliciting pleasuring vibration in his ass, making he relax unconsciously. Suddenly his Master stopped rubbing and before Heero knew what happened, something hot brushed against his abdomen. Heero gasped and jerked at the surprising heat, making the bell on his ankle tinkling loudly. His Master had applied the wax on him! Heero opened his mouth to protest, every time he did that, his Master applied another stroke of the wax on him. So instead of words, moans and hisses tumbled out of his mouth.

Well it wasn't so bad actually. The burning pain it caused was very minor. It was like being bitten by a newborn kitten. And to be honest, Heero liked how the wax heated his skin and then gradually cooled down and hardened on his skin. The next stroke of the wax landed on his inner thigh and Heero yelped as the flesh there was more sensitive than his abdomen. This time, his Master only quickly applied some more strokes on Heero's arms, knees, and hips. Heero hissed at the stroke but he didn't jerk his body to avoid the strokes anymore. He liked to feel the heat and the gradually cooling process, which ended with tingling sensation on his wax covered skin. It felt so good. Heero sighed in pleasure unconsciously and heard his Master chuckling.

"Kitten, you're amazing, you know? I only need a few strokes to get you addicted to the wax. To remember how tense and afraid you were of this pain a few seconds ago is really amusing."

Heero blushed from head to toes and heard his Master whistle.

"Nice shade you have, Kitten." A finger brushed his hard cock and Heero gasped in surprise, realizing he was hard all the time. His Master chuckled again. "You're quite a masochist, my lovely pet."

Masochist? Heero's mind quickly searched for the meaning. A masochist is a person who derived pleasure from his own pain and humiliation. His first reaction after finding the meaning was to deny it. He wasn't a pain slut and he didn't thrive on humiliation. No way! He opened his mouth and retorted. "Master, I am not.... Aaahh!" Whatever Heero wanted to say was turned into a gasp as he felt the brush stroke the length of his hard cock. He jerked at the heat biting his cock. Kamisama, the warmth and the gradually coolness, they felt so good. Heero could help but moan when the wax hardened on his cock.

His Master chuckled at his moan. "What did you want to say, Kitten?"

"I... I said..." Heero then felt a second stroke on his cock. He moaned loudly and realized it was no use to deny what he really was. He bowed his head resignedly and murmured at his Master. "... you're right, Master...."

A hand came to pat his head. "Don't get dejected by your nature, Kitten. Anyway, you're not a full blown masochist."

Heero looked up out of habit, despite his blindfolded condition. "I'm not?"

"No, as a comparison, the complete masochist is a tiger, while you're what you are, a newborn kitten." His Master chuckled while Heero tried his best to glare at his Master behind his blindfold. Of course it had no effect on his Master who decided to resume applying wax on his hanging kitten. Soon, Heero forgot about glaring and could only moan as his body became a canvas for his Master. His inner thighs and his groins were the most often receiver of the hot wax as they were the most sensitive parts of him and soon he was reduced into a puddle of sensation. Heero was only vaguely aware of receiving the hot wax on his back as pleasure overwhelmed his senses. His cock was rock hard and he could feel the pleasure mounting as his Master focused on his butt. Heero panted and moaned louder and then right before he was about to burst, his balls were suddenly seized and squeezed hard, thus preventing him from coming. Heero gasped and cried in frustration. His ankle bell tinkled loudly as he wriggled. "Mas...master..."

"I haven't given you permission to come yet, Kitten." His Master spoke sternly. Heero whined in need. He wanted to come! The Japanese then felt a tug on his balls as his Master growled.

"These are mine."

At the possessive tone, Heero's conditioning quickly resurfaced. He realized then that he just was about to disregard his Master. He quickly forced himself to relax and fought not to come.

"Good Kitten." His Master whispered and released his balls. Heero panted and fought the pleasure as his Master continued his painting over his body. He was thankful though when his nipples were abandoned. Heero wasn't sure if his nipples could survive the wax after all the piercing they had suffered. It was a good ten minutes before Duo stopped and went to stand before his slave. "Now for the last touch. Don't move, Kitten." Heero nodded and waited in anticipation of what his Master would do. He suddenly gasped when Duo grabbed his cock. Heero felt it was bent and plunged into something hot. He yelped at the heat and pain, at the same time he realized what his Master did. The wax!! Duo plunged his clock into a bowl of hot wax!

"You can come anytime you want now, Kitten."

The words were only vaguely heard by the Japanese boy as his cock was released, not once losing its erect state. It only became harder as the wax on it slowly cooled down. Heero shuddered and moaned in great pleasure, not aware of his surrounding anymore. His mind was focused on his cock at the moment. The pleasure was overwhelming him. And before he managed to think further, he felt the wax poured on his balls. That did it, Heero jerked up violently and came, yelling his pleasure loudly. His bell ankle tinkled merrily as his body shook in pleasure. His cock spurted his seed out, breaking the red layer on it. Heero jerked for several times more before he went slack on his chains and moaned contentedly. He didn't realize that his blindfold was removed. It was five minutes later when he vaguely heard his Master's voice.

"Open your eyes, Kitten."

Heero blinked and slowly opened his eyes. What he saw before him completely stunned him. There was a big mirror erected on the wall, no doubt also one of his Master's creative implements. But that wasn't what made him stunned. It was what was reflected on the mirror's surface. There he was, a collared slave with cat ears and tails, a bell on his ankles and hanging on four chains. His body was full of red streaks, especially on his groins and inner thighs, and some of them formed some words like 'Kitten', 'Slave', 'Pet', and other similar words. Heero had no doubt that his back and bottom also sported the same streaks.

"Cool huh?" Heero saw on the mirror his Master stepped behind him and smiled in satisfaction. When his Master bent to lick his cheek, Heero realized that his chains had been lowered so his head was slightly lower than Duo's. "You're one piece of art, Kitten." His Master whispered near his earlobe, causing Heero to shudder.

"You're a good artist, Master." Heero couldn't look away from the mirror, feeling so mesmerized at the sight of his possessive Master nipping at his earlobe.

"And you're a good canvas. Too bad, the wax can't hold on too long." His Master murmured as his hands came down to caress Heero's body and thus making the wax layer he touched break apart and fall down on the floor. "But it had good side effect though." Heero watched as his Master held up a damp cloth and swiped the wax on his skin away. The warm cloth felt great and Duo's touched was gentle, making Heero sigh contentedly. When his Master worked on his cock, Heero couldn't help but get hard again.

Duo chuckled. "Very responsive. However, you will have to will it away." He squeezed Heero's cock. "I won't let you come again, Kitten."

"Yes, Master." Heero nodded resignedly.

Duo kissed his cheek and continued cleaning the wax. When all the wax had been removed, Heero realized what the wax's side effect was. His skin, which had been covered by the wax before, was red at the moment, contrasted against his sallow skin. It was like he had been tattooed using very light red color.

"Perfect." Duo whispered hoarsely. "My lovely Kitten. Mine."

Heero's heart soared in pride as his Master kissed him. He kissed back as fierce as his Master did and when the kiss ended, both were panting.

"I take it you like seeing my marks on you?" Duo grinned.

Heero nodded and smiled back. "Thank you for marking me, Master."

"Thank me by servicing me, Kitten."

"Servicing you?" Heero looked confused.

Duo just smiled as he released his slave from the chains and sat him down on the edge of bed. He then shed his clothes off, climbed into the bed, and sat against headboard. "Ask me how you can serve me."

Heero looked at his Master in bewilderment, but complied anyway. "How can I serve you, Master?"

"Take me inside your tight ass, ride me face to face till I come, and clean me after that." Heero blinked at his Master's rapid answer. He looked at his Master questioningly. His Master smiled slightly. "You know what 'breeding you' means. Now this is what 'servicing me' means. You'll be the one who will do all the jobs. I just sit here and enjoy your service. If you understand, answer it with saying 'as you wish, Master.' and carry on with what I told you."

Heero nodded to his Master. "As you wish, Master." He stood up, pulling his tail out of his ass before climbing into the bed. To be honest, Heero felt nervous. Only once they had had sex in this position before and that was on the bathtub. Heero hoped he wouldn't screw up as he straddled his Master's lap, took the hard cock in his hand and lowered himself onto it. The feeling of fullness made him moan as he took his Master deeper into him. Heero panted when he finally took Duo up to the hilt and looked up at his Master who gave him an encouraging look.

"Move now."

Heero nodded and put his hands on Duo's shoulder. He then started lifting himself up and pushing down back on his Master's cock. Duo caressed Heero's side as the Japanese boy rode him up and down, but he didn't help Heero at all. Heero understood then that his Master could caress, kiss, or playing with him if he wanted but it was for his own pleasure, not Heero.


Heero bit his lower lip as he tried to hold his orgasm. His Master really didn't help him to accomplish the order. Duo's hands caressed his waist, hips, and thighs while he had to hasten his pace. When Duo's hands caressed his bottom, Heero almost begged his Master to stop the caress or let him come. Almost. He clamped down his intention at the last second when he looked at his Master. Duo's head was thrown back and he was moaning in pure ecstasy. Heero realized then that this was the only time where he could do anything he wanted to pleasure Duo as long as it didn't escape from Duo's order of how he wanted to be served.

Deciding to test his theory, Heero leaned forward and kissed Duo's throat. His Master moaned louder encouragingly and closed his eyes. "Harder, Kitten."

Delighted, Heero became bolder. He rode his Master so hard that the bed squeaked loudly. His rhythm at riding his Master's cock was accompanied by the steady tinkling from his bell ankle. As he got faster and harder, the bell tinkled louder. His hands caressed his Master's neck and his lips and tongue worked on Duo's throat. He forgot about his own hard on as he was so intent in making his Master voice his pleasure. That was why he was stunned when he felt his Master tense and hot liquid filled him. Heero sat there perplexedly on his Master's lap while Duo emptied his seed into him. He watched his Master's face contorted in pure ecstasy and his stunned expression turned into a proud one as he realized he had serviced and gave his Master the highest pleasure.

He kept staring at his Master, watching Duo panting and then slowly calming down. Then his Master opened his eyes and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Heero then realized that he wasn't finished servicing his Master. Slowly he released his Master's softening cock and wobbled into the bathroom. After doing a quick cleaning, Heero came back with a damp cloth and proceeded to clean his Master from their coupling, kissing his Master's body several times during it.

He then went back to the bathroom to deposit the damp cloth and returned to the bedroom to find his Master had put on his clothes and sat on the edge of the bed, holding his tail. Duo snapped his fingers and pointed down at the floor before him. Heero quickly went to kneel there. "Very good, Kitten." Duo smiled and caressed Heero's cheek. "I'm so proud of you."

Heero blinked and smiled slightly, feeling very happy at the praise. "Thank you, Master."

"Now turn around, I'm going to insert your tail back in."

The Japanese boy offered his butt to his Master and turned around to face his Master with his tail swinging behind him. Duo smiled down on him. "Now clean the remnant of our play then meet me in the living room. I have another treat for you."

Heero's tail swung rapidly at the word 'treat'. His Master just laughed and patted Heero's cheek. "Get to work, my little slut."

Heero waited till his Master left the bedroom and then quickly launched himself to his duty. He didn't care being called slut by his Master. He was happy. He had someone who liked giving him treats, he had someone who cared for him, and he had someone whose orders he liked to follow.

He was contented.



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