Enslaving Heero Part 13

He then presented the food on the table and plopped down next to Duo, waiting to be fed. Duo chuckled and ruffled Heero's hair lovingly as he ate. "It's delicious, Kitten. You're a good cook."

Heero beamed and made a note to study more recipes later.

After finishing the lunch and cleaning the table, Heero followed his Master into the living room and his eyes fell on three boxes on the table. Duo sat on the couch and took the boxes onto his lap. He clicked his fingers and pointed to the floor in front of him. He soon found his eager slave kneeling in front of him, looking at him in the way a child would look at Santa Claus. He chuckled. "Yes, my spoiled Kitten. This is your reward."

If Heero had a tail, it would have swung happily as he watched his Master open the first box and take out a......

Heero blinked. "Master?" He looked at the item in confusion. It was a thin bent steel with two cat ears on it.

"This is a cat band." Duo grinned and put the band on Heero's head. It made him look like having two cat ears.

Heero tilted his head, feeling the band strongly clamped on his head. "This is my reward?"

"One of them." Duo grinned and opened the second box. "This is the second reward." Heero widened his eyes as Duo took out a plate with 'Kitten' word written around it. "Yes, Kitten. It's your plate."

Heero gulped. So far all his rewards only humiliated him more as a cat. What was Duo thinking?

"Last reward." Duo opened the last box. Heero looked with hope shining on his eyes. Last reward, Kami-sama, let it be something that would make him happy instead humiliating him. However Kami-sama didn't seem to listen to him as he watched Duo took out a long black tail with butt plug at one end. His last reward was a cat's tail!!!

"Master..." Heero whined. He wasn't very happy with his rewards.

"Turned around and offer your ass to me, Kitten." Duo ignored the whining.

Heero sulked and dejectedly complied. He turned around, put his head on his arms and raised his ass high for Duo. This was not a reward. He pouted, not aware that he really looked like a sulking kitten. However his sulking turned into moaning as his Master pulled his butt plug out and replaced it with the new one. This one was rather soft and could inflate and deflate as he clenched and unclenched his inner muscle. For one thing, he couldn't deny that he loved having the plug in his ass.

"Turn around." His Master's voice brought Heero back from his musing. He turned around and knelt before his smiling Master. "You really look like a kitten now. Look at your tail."

Heero looked over his shoulder and saw a black tail sticking up from his butt. It was so light that Heero wouldn't be aware of its presence if not for the fact that its furred surface brushed against his ass and thighs.

"Tighten your inner muscles."

Heero complied and was bewildered as he saw his tail straighten and shot up slightly.

"Relax your muscles."

Again Heero complied and saw his tail lowered to the floor.

"Try clench and unclench your muscles quickly."

Heero did as he was told and was mesmerized as his tail swung from right to left, just like a dog's tail when it was happy. He turned to look at his Master in awe.

His Master grinned. "Being a mechanic has its advantages. I designed it myself. With it I can know when you're tense, relaxed or eager to be filled." Duo chuckled as Heero unconsciously clenched his muscles at the word 'filled', making his tail swing. "You love to be filled, my little slut?"

Heero nodded eagerly, his tail swooshing right and left, making his Master laughed merrily. "There's one more thing. That tail and the cat ears was one set of toy that will make you fell like a real kitten." Duo then rubbed the artificial ear and Heero felt the butt plug in his ass vibrated slightly and moaned when the vibration intensified as his Master kept rubbing his synthetic ear. "Feel good, huh?" Duo chuckled and stopped rubbing, making the vibration stop to Heero's disappointment. "If you behave well, I'll rub your ears often."

"I'll behave!" Heero rested his chin on Duo's thighs, looking at his Master in happiness like a kitten he was. "Thank you for the rewards, Master."

Duo smiled and rubbed the synthetic ears. Heero soon moaned and purred, nuzzling against his Master's lap while his tail swished back and forth. "Spoiled Kitten." Duo chuckled and stopped rubbing. "How are your nipples?"

The question brought Heero to notice his totally forgotten body parts. Focusing his sense, Heero had nothing to object except for some dull throbs on the pierced flesh. "Fine, Master." Heero mumbled and kissed Duo's thighs.

"Good, I hope I can play with them within a week." Duo grinned as he saw his slave's tail shot up right. " Don't worry, it won't hurt ...." The tail lowered. "... much." and shot up again. The braided boy chuckled at his slave's behavior. "Now that you have had your rewards, go fetch my laptop and your pillow, Kitten."

Heero looked at Duo questioningly.

"Fetch them now, Kitten." Duo swatted Heero's butt, offering no explanation to his slave.

Heero pouted, having to remove himself from his Master's warmth but he complied nevertheless and went to the bedroom. He returned ten seconds later with a laptop in one hand and the pillow they had bought yesterday in the other hand. His Master still sat on the couch where he left him.

"Give the laptop to me and put the pillow on the floor where you feel comfortable."

Heero gave the laptop and then put the pillow on the floor in front of his Master. He then knelt next to the pillow and eyed his Master questioningly. Duo bent forward and kissed his adorable slave gently. "I want to work for a few hours. Since you have done your chores dutifully, I'll let you take a nap while I work. Usually I'll send you to sleep in the bedroom, but I like having you next to me so you're going to sleep here, Kitten."

Heero nodded. He also didn't want to be too far from his Master. "Thank you, Master." He then lowered himself on the pillow and curled up so that he could fit on the soft surface. His Master smiled and rubbed his synthetic ears for a minute before turning to work on his laptop. Heero wasn't too sleepy but it felt good to be able to rest for a while, though with his cock pleading to get a release. He ignored his body's need and lay there on the floor, watching his Master typing. From the current angle on the floor, Duo looked so big and towering over him. The long haired boy radiated authority and also gentleness in the same time. He was totally a figure Heero had longed to obey.

Watching his Master work on the laptop, Heero found his thought strayed to how Duo had made him turn from a soldier to a slave in three days. During his waiting for Duo to fetch him, he had gathered all information he could get in the net about slave/master relationship. He knew that there was a thin line between a good master and an abuser. There were some circles where submissive and dominant peoples gathered and hacking to the circles' data told him that some tops, the word used to refer the dominant peoples, had become violent to their bottoms that they often made them bleed in their playing.

Those happened in submissive/dominant relationship where the bottoms had a safe word to negotiate and stop the play but apparently it wasn't safer than slave/master relationship he was in with Duo. He didn't have the safe word. He had surrendered himself to Duo completely and without any conditions. He had no say in whatever Duo wanted to do to him. The only way for him to stop Duo is to terminate the contract between them.

And yet Duo didn't abuse the power he had over him. Duo never hit him anywhere except his poor ass. Heero vowed not to make more mistakes for the sake of his ass. And Duo also didn't let him starve. Duo even gave him some rewards like the pillow and the cat set he had put on. Also compared to what the violent tops did to their bottoms, the way Duo punished him had been gentle. It hurt his butt yes, but Duo never punished him except on the said flesh and Duo also never left permanent mark, let alone make him bleed.

He was so lucky to have Duo as his Master.

Heero shuddered when he realized his good fortune. What if back then it hadn't been Duo that used the GoD nickname? What if GoD was actually a violent Master? Well, not that he wasn't capable of escaping, he was a soldier after all but he might have tasted some of his Master's violence first.

Suddenly a warm piece of flesh pressed on his ass, breaking his thought and making him gasp in surprise. Heero looked over his shoulder and saw a bare foot resting on his butt and how his tail shot straight. He quickly looked up and saw his Master watching him inquiringly. "Your tail has been tensing for awhile signaling that you didn't rest well. What were you thinking about, Kitten?"

Heero blinked and smiled as he realized Duo was concerned about him. "I was thinking that I'm a lucky person to have you as my master. I'm very glad that you're the GoD person, not some kind of violent freak, Master."

Duo chuckled and sneaked his foot between his slave's thighs causing the said slave to squeak in surprise. The foot ran over Heero's inner thighs and prodded gently against his groin, causing Heero to squirm and wiggle slightly at the pleasant caress. He dared not moving too roughly for he knew it was his Master's right to do whatever he wanted to his body. The foot tickled his cock, moving up to make a circle on his belly, and then returned back to his inner thighs, making Heero squirm and wiggle every a few seconds just like a kitten being rubbed all over. The bell on his ankle that rang loudly as he wiggled every there and then, only deepened how similar he was to a kitten.

After a few minutes having his Master's foot roamed freely on his body, Heero slumped against his pillow, panting in need, as his Master withdrew his foot. His cock was hard as a rock and he looked up at his Master, silently asking for release. The said master was looking down at him, proud radiating from his violet eyes. "I know you want to come but know this first. I'm also very happy to have you as my slave, Kitten. So responsive just like the kitten you're and so eager to please me." Duo smiled then. "You can choose to come now or later. If you choose the later, I'll play with you at that time."

The word "play" had made Heero clench and unclench his inner muscles in anticipation, thus making his tail swing back and forth. His Master chuckled at the obvious movement and tapped Heero's butt with his foot. "I'm very happy to give you a tail. It expressed your feeling quite well, Kitten. I take it that you want to wait?"

Heero nodded eagerly.

"Take a nap then. I want my Kitten to be refreshed when I play with him later."

Well, although he wanted to obey Duo and take a nap, Heero knew he would have a problem doing it. It was quite impossible for him to sleep with hard on like this. He looked sadly at his cock as he knew he had to think of something utterly not arousing in order to will his arousal away. He closed his eyes and tried to find an image that could help him. So many images flashed in his mind before he managed to get an image that quickly made him back to his always-half-hard-because-of-the-cock-ring condition.

"Quite impressing."

Heero opened his eyes to see Duo eyeing his erection and flushed as he realized his Master was still watching him.

"What did you think to make your arousal die so quickly?"

"Uh...." Heero blushed redder, not wanting to tell the terrible image.

"Tell me, Kitten." Duo tapped his foot on Heero's butt, clearly demanding the answer.

"Dr.Jdoingstriptease." Heero mumbled the words quickly and saw that Duo heard his every word because the braided boy was cringing at the moment.

"Well, that certainly gets rid of my arousal too." Duo looked down between his legs.

Heero couldn't help but chuckle at his Master's reaction. "I'm glad then. It'll make my ass safe for a while." He wiggled to change his position slightly and looked at his Master from below his lashes, not aware of the effect he had on his Master. Of course that completely surprised him when he was suddenly pounced and rolled and his tail was swiftly pulled out from his ass. "Master!?"

"Your wiggling is more than enough to remedy the bad image you provided, Kitten." Duo grinned devilishly. "Since you have agreed to wait till we play later, you may not come this time."

Heero squeaked as he felt the familiar hardness entering him. The last coherent thought before he had to focus on restraining his release was that his ass would never be safe from his horny and sadist Master.



Heero pouted from where he was lying on his pillow.


After his Master finished with him, he had been ordered to clean himself and shove his tail back into his ass.


He had taken a nap and after one hour was awakened gradually from the soft clicking his Master was doing with the laptop.


He had waited for fifteen minutes but his Master was still busy with the laptop.


He wanted to play!


Heero had nudged his Master's foot but his Master only stopped for a moment to throw a smile down to him and resumed his typing.


Ten minutes


Twenty minutes


Damn the laptop!


From what he knew, a slave wasn't permitted to speak without his Master's permission, but Heero right now didn't give a damn. He felt irritated and wanted to play with his Master right now, so he nudged Duo's foot again and called out his name, which to his surprise came out as a whine. But Heero didn't have time to scold himself because to his delight, Duo stopped typing and looked down at him. Heero looked straight back eagerly, unaware that his tail was swinging from the clenching and unclenching his inner muscles did in anticipation.

"Do you feel annoyed to see me keep on typing on the laptop and ignore you, Kitten?"

Well, that was one question Heero never thought Duo would ask. He could hear the unspoken message clearly and reddened as he realized Duo was mimicking what he did during the war. Now he knew how Duo felt when he ignored the braided boy and kept on typing on his laptop. "I'm sorry, Master. I won't ignore you again when I'm working on my laptop." Heero mumbled, looking down at his pillow.

There was silence for a few seconds before Heero heard the laptop being shut down and the familiar sound of snapped fingers. He rose from his pillow and knelt down before his Master's legs, head bowed. He was surprised when a pair of hands cupped his cheeks and lifted his head up, only for his lips to be completely covered with his Master's. Heero's eyes widened in surprised but they quickly dropped and are closed within seconds as his Master expertly chewed his lips.

Heero panted when his Master finished kissing him. Since his cheeks were still cupped, Heero couldn't move his head so he looked at his Master instead and saw Duo smile to him. "I'll hold onto your words for that, Kitten. Now let's play."

No need to say, Heero's tail swished back and fort as he eagerly followed his Master into the bedroom.



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