Enslaving Heero Part 12

Heero stirred, feeling someone position his body to lie on his stomach and pull his hips up. "Hmmm?"

"Morning, Kitten." Heero only had one second to register the voice before he shrieked loudly as his Master slid inside him swiftly. Like yesterday, his Master took him again before he was fully awake and aware of his surroundings. He buried his head in the pillow and moaned as his Master started riding him, using his body for his own pleasure.

Heero rocked back and forth as his Master slammed into him roughly, hearing the bell on his ankle tinkling loudly. He closed his eyes and let his Master have his way, claiming and using his body. This was the time when his Master would pay no attention to him. He was merely a slave here; a warm body and tight passage to satisfy his Master. He felt his own cock harden at this thought. It was so strange that he didn't mind being used like this, his Master's toy. And he knew he only reacted like this to Duo, his Master and owner. If anyone else had ever tried to do this to him, they would have met their Maker a long time ago.

The Japanese boy purred as he felt his Master's cock impale him hard and fast, brushing along his passage and stabbing his prostate several times. His own cock, which was always half hard because of the cock ring, was now fully hard. Suddenly Duo pulled out all the way and flipped his slave over onto his back, making Heero gasp slightly as his still quite sore bottom was pressed against the bed.

"Master?" Heero looked up at his hovering Master in question.

"Who do you belong to?" Duo's voice was very possessive and it made Heero tremble in pleasure to answer.

"You, Master."

Duo kissed his slave and then locked gazes with him. "Your litany,"

"I'm yours. Yours to use, to punish, and to love." Right after saying the last word, Heero felt his Master slam into him to the hilt and come inside him. He gasped in pain and pleasure and clenched his inner muscles, milking the hot staff inside him.

He watched in awe as his Master groaned in pleasure, knowing it was him who made his Master feel so happy and contented. His own cock was still hard, but as his Master had said, he couldn't come without permission, so he stayed contented to just watch his Master drown in ecstasy.

After his orgasm subsided, Duo looked down at his waiting slave. Heero met his eyes with his own. "So beautiful," Duo whispered. "I won't let any others have you, Kitten. They will have to confront Shinigami if they want to take my beautiful slave from me."

"I don't want anyone else except you, Master." Heero spoke up, looking from under his lashes. Duo seemed to find his expression adorable; he laughed and then kissed his slave passionately.

Heero panted as his Master pulled away from the kiss, wondering whether his Master would give him release or send him to clean himself in the bathroom like yesterday. This was not like yesterday, though. His Master stayed inside of him this time. Did his Master want to fuck him twice in the morning?

Duo grinned as his slave sent him a questioning look. He reached for the shackles he had prepared on the nightstand together with several other items before he awakened his slave. He shackled his slave's hands and raised them over his head, chaining the shackles to the headboard of the bed.

Heero didn't fight. He just looked at his Master in confusion, showing that he trusted Duo fully by surrendering his body to him. Duo smiled and sat down, pulling Heero's hips onto his lap. They were still partially joined and Duo pushed forward to bury his softened cock back inside his slave.

"Put your legs around my waist, Kitten." Duo spoke up while retrieving a plate with some items on it. After Heero complied, he put the plate on Heero's abdomen. His slave looked down at the plate and that delicate face went straight to white as he realized what was going to happen.


Duo ignored his slave and caressed Heero's nipples. "As I promised, I'll pierce these sweet nubs today." He could feel his slave trembling and tugging against his restraints. "Submit, Kitten. Your body is mine. I have the right to use it however I like."

Hearing those words, Heero forced himself to relax. Duo was right. He didn't own his body anymore. If his Master wanted to pierce it, so be it. He stopped tugging on the restraints and looked at his Master in surrender, telling him silently that he would submit.

His Master smiled and picked up the alcohol and cotton, cleaning the Japanese boy's right nipple with them. Heero watched the piercing process while his heart throbbed twice as fast than usual. He yelped and jerked up when the needle finally made its way through his flesh, making a way for the black ring that added another of his Master's signs to his body.

Duo let out small moan as his slave jerked and clenched his inner muscles, clamping down on his cock. It was hardening as he slid the black ring through Heero's right nipple, adding another one of his marks to his slave. He left the abused nipple and started on the other one. His slave let out a small shriek and jerked again as the needle stabbed into the targeted flesh, clenching his inner muscles tighter.

"One more," Duo whispered gently and kissed his slave soothingly before sticking another black ring through Heero's left nipple.

Heero, on the other hand, was biting his lower lip in pain from the piercing. He could feel every sensation, how the metal entered the tiny hole the needle made on his nipple, how it slid inside, setting aside his inner flesh, and how it slid out at the other end. He gasped and looked up at his Master, seeing the proud and happy smile pasted on the heart shaped face. That smile made Heero feel like he could do anything for his Master.

"My slave. Mine." Duo whispered possessively and captured his slave's mouth once again.

Pulling away, Duo set the plate aside and looked down at his newly pierced slave. Those twin rings were lying on his muscled chest, adding to his beauty and at the same time showing his ownership over him.

Heero felt his nipples throb painfully after Duo finished the piercing. His nipples were overly sensitive at this time. Knowing how sadist his Master was, he just hoped Duo would not abuse his nipples for the next few days. No luck though, because suddenly Duo tugged the ring nipples lightly. Heero let out a shriek of pain and jerked as his nipples were pulled.

"These rings will always be here, until I choose to remove them, Kitten. You'll have to rotate them twice a day so they won't stick." Duo released the rings and caressed Heero's face. "It's painful at first, but after the pain subsides, we can play with them. I'm sure you will feel so much pleasure by then." He leaned down and devoured his slave's mouth.

Heero opened his mouth and welcomed Duo's tongue in. He let Duo explore his moist cavern and purred as pleasant feelings coursed through his body. His nipples were still throbbing painfully, but compared to the sensation of his Master's tongue in his mouth the pain was dull. Though Duo caused pain on his body, his Master also always gave him pleasure in return. Heero found himself falling deeper for his Master, yearning and craving for his touch.

He then was aware of his Master re-hardened arousal inside his body. As his Master pulled back, Heero locked gazes with his Master, slowly releasing his legs from his Master's waist. Still looking at his Master, he spread his legs wide apart, bending and placing his feet on the bed. The bells on his ankle tinkled in rhythm, forcing his Master to acknowledge the movement. Heero could see the possessiveness, mixed with passion swimming inside his Master's eyes as he watched him spreading and offering his body.

Duo was silent as he drank the erotic sight before him. His slave's hands were shackled to headboard of the bed while his legs were spread apart, inviting him to ravish the boy.

"Yours..." The word was whispered so softly and full of devotion from those delicate lips.

Duo smiled and grabbed Heero's hips. "Yes, mine to use, punish, and love."

Heero moaned as his Master rocked within him again. He purred and gasped in pleasure as his prostate was prodded over and over. Feeling his pleasure build higher, he spread his legs wider, welcoming Duo even deeper inside him. Duo, his Master, his owner...... Suddenly without warning, his Master's fingers twisted his sore nipples. It was just a weak twist, but it was enough to send pain through his body as his sore flesh made contact with the metal invading it. Heero yelped and unconsciously tightened his passage, clamping his Master cock.

"Come now," Heero heard his Master's voice and at the same time felt his Master fill him with his hot passion. The Japanese boy moaned and jerked up, reaching his own release. Now he really appreciated the release his Master allowed him, remembering how rare it was that his Master allowed him to come. Not to mention how hard he came since he became his Master's possession.


Heero stood naked in front of the mirror, looking at the twin black rings hanging on both of his nipples. Duo's rings. Duo's sign of ownership over him. They had taken a bath and Duo sent him out first, ordering him to tidy the bed. So here he was, having finished his job and waiting for his Master to come out. Despite the throbbing pain on his chest, Heero felt good and contented. He loved watching those black rings hanging from his body.

"Like what you see?" His Master walked out from the bathroom, fully clothed. Today Duo was wearing his black pants and black sweatshirt while Heero, of course, wore nothing for he was a slave to Duo. Heero turned around and quickly knelt down as his Master stood before him.

"Thank you very much for the rings, Master." On impulse, Heero bent down and kissed his Master's naked feet. When he looked up, he saw his Master's violet eyes shining proudly and knew he had pleased him with his action.

"You learn well and fast, Kitten." Duo smiled and caressed Heero's hair. "If you keep this up, you will get a reward soon. A pleasurable reward," The braided youth tweaked Heero's earlobe before walking away from his kneeling slave and sitting down on the bed. Heero followed his Master with his eyes and waited till his Master looked at him before moving. He was about to stand up when his Master spoke up, "Crawl, Kitten."

Automatically obeying the order, Heero fell on all fours and crawled towards his Master, hearing his damn bell tinkling loudly with his movements. He stopped between Duo's spread legs and sat on his heels, looking up at his Master hopefully. "What will my reward be, Master?"

"You're a spoiled kitten." Duo chuckled and caressed Heero's cheek. "You won't know the reward until I give it to you, Kitten."

Heero purred and leaned his head against his Master's caressing hand. Yes, he belonged to Duo, body, heart and soul. Duo could do anything to him and he would submit to him, trusting Duo not to harm him.

"Listen Kitten, I have to finish some business outdoor, so I'll have to leave you alone for a few hours."

Heero looked up at his Master in surprise. "Alone? Can't you take me with you, Master?"

"No, I will be gone for a while and I think you better use your time to do your chores here." Duo ruffled Heero's hair.

The Japanese boy's face fell. "I don't want to part with you, Master."

"I know." Duo smiled. "But I want you to be an independent slave, who can act by himself while his Master is not with him. There is a list of what you have to do during my absence in the kitchen and I expect you to finish them all."


Duo's finger fell on Heero's lips. "No buts, Kitten. That's my order and you'll do it precisely."

Heero pouted. He really didn't want Duo to leave him.

"If you do it well, there will be even more of a reward for you." Duo chuckled as his slave's brightened at once. "Spoiled Kitten," He kissed his slave tenderly and reached for the new butt plug he had prepared on the nightstand.

Heero looked at the plug in eagerness and anticipation. He wondered how many butt plugs Duo had. This current one was as big as Duo's cock and made from black rubber. His Master waved the butt plug before his eyes and Heero found that his eyes followed the swinging movement while his tongue wet his mouth unconsciously.

"You want it in you, don't you, my little slut?" Duo chuckled.

Heero nodded eagerly as he kept staring at the plug. His ass clenched and unclenched in anticipation of soon being filled.

Duo pointed the blunt tip of the plug before Heero's mouth. "Lick it then, Kitten."

Heero opened his mouth eagerly and closed his lips around the plug, taking it as deep as he could. He ran his tongue inside, covering the plug with his saliva. Duo then started rocking the plug inside his mouth, pushing it in and out of Heero's mouth.

"Okay, I think it's wet enough." Duo chuckled and pulled the plug out of his slave's wet cavern.

Heero licked his lips and looked at his Master expectantly, but he was confused when Duo offered the plug to him. "Master?"

"I want you put it inside by yourself this time, Kitten." Duo smiled. "Lie back on the floor and insert it slowly into your hot body.

Trembling in anticipation, Heero took the offered plug and lay on the floor, spreading his legs and raising his hips. Eyes still locked with his master's, Heero slowly brought the plug down and rested it before his entrance. As Duo had ordered on the first day, he always made sure to stretch and lube himself every morning, so inserting the plug without additional preparation didn't hurt him.

"Push it." His master ordered with husky tone and Heero complied. He applied pressure on the plug and relaxed his sphincter, welcoming the invasion. "That's it, Kitten. Let it in." Concentrating on his Master's voice, Heero moaned as he felt the poor substitute for his Master's cock slide inside him.

"Now push it as hard as you can with both hands." Heero complied automatically and shrieked in surprise as suddenly the plug slid completely inside him, leaving only its T-base visible outside. Heero panted heavily. The sudden penetration was so intense and not to mention, the sensation his newly pierced nipples elicited, mingling the pain with pleasure. Duo was one hell of fine Master in balancing the pleasure with the pain.

"You may not remove the butt plug until I come home later." Heero looked up and saw his Master standing next to him. Without a second thought, he lifted his head slightly and kissed his Master's feet. Duo smiled. "Good Kitten. Come on, let's have breakfast."

Heero stood up as quickly as he could with a butt plug lodged deep inside him. He made his Master breakfast and then knelt beside him, waiting to be fed. After breakfast, he walked his Master to the door.

Duo smiled and kissed Heero's forehead. "Be a good kitten while I'm gone, okay?"

Heero nodded and watched until his Master closed the door before searching for his list of chores. He threw himself into his chores the same way he did when he was on a mission. He was tidying the items in the cupboards when he noticed a key on the top shelf. He recognized it as the key Duo used to lock the drawer where his laptop was. Staring at the key for a long time, Heero gulped and shook his head. He shoved the key further back on the shelf and closed the cupboard. He didn't want to get punished for touching his laptop today, not when his ass was still sore and he was about to get his reward.

Pushing away the thought of his beloved laptop, Heero managed to finish all his chores, Duo gave him, before lunch. The apartment was now clean and neat. Heero looked around and felt satisfaction accompanied with pleasure that he had managed to finish all of his Master's orders perfectly.

Now what to do? Heero looked at the clock. It was near lunchtime so he decided to cook. Duo didn't say anything about having lunch outside so he should be home. He opened the fridge and saw the bottles of milk Duo had bought yesterday. Strange, they were untouched. Did Duo forget to drink them today? Heero decided to ask his Master later and took out the necessary ingredients for making lunch.

True to his prediction, Heero heard Duo entered the apartment fifteen minutes later while he was making fried fish. "Kitten, I'm home." Duo's cheerful voice boomed into the apartment.

Strange it had only been a few hours but Heero found he missed his Master's voice. He wanted to run and glomp his Master but he couldn't do that while he was cooking so he resorted to wiggling his leg slightly, enough to make the bell on his ankle tinkle. As an ex Gundam pilot, Duo should be able to hear it.

A few seconds later, Duo walked into the kitchen, smiling widely. "There you are. I'm very happy to see the apartment nice and clean. You've done your work well, Kitten." Duo proceeded to grab his surprised slave and gave him a thorough kiss, which made his slave melt within seconds. Heero's legs felt like jelly by the time Duo broke the kiss. He wobbled and leaned against his Master, panting heavily.

Duo chuckled. "Go finish lunch. You'll get your reward after we eat."

Needless to say, Heero cooked with renewed vigour.



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