Enslaving Heero Part 11

"Play time." Duo grinned as he watched his slave spread eagled, naked and blindfolded on his bed. Hands and feet were shackled to the four corners of the bed, leaving no room for Heero to struggle.

Heero gulped as he felt his Master watching him. He had done well in cooking and doing his job and as his Master had promised, now they would have some fun. No... Heero quickly corrected his thoughts. His Master would have some fun while he would be the victim. Nervous, he frantically tried tugging on the gundanium shackles around his hands and feet, hoping for some freedom. Instead all he got was the sound of the tinkling bell.

True to his word, Duo had made Heero wear the damned bell and judging from how wide his Master grinned every time he heard the tinkling sound; Heero knew it would be long time before he would get rid of it. He also still had the wide butt plug in his ass that kept his Master's seed inside him. Every time he walked, he could feel the sticky substance brush along his passage. Strange, it didn't make him uncomfortable, instead he felt contented and not a little amount of proud for bearing his Master's seed.

Heero wondered what kind of plans his Master had for him in this condition. Spanking was definitely out of the question since he was lying on his back, not to mention his ass was still on fire from the prior caning. And Heero didn't think Duo would fuck him again since he hadn't made a move to remove the butt plug. What made him feel really uneasy was the fact that Duo had put another cock ring on him and this time it prevented him from coming at all. What did Duo expect to gain from this that would make him do such a thing?

Heero couldn't see therefore he didn't know what Duo was getting ready to do to him. All he could do was wait and accept; succumbing to the plans his master had for him. Heero let a startled yelp as he felt something brush his left nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. He heard Duo chuckle and yelped again as that thing brushed his right nipple. This time he recognized what it was. A feather!

Before he managed to think further, the feather brushed along his neck, causing him to gasp again. He heard his Master's continuous chuckling as the feather attacked parts of his body randomly; his armpits, his inner thighs, and his belly. Heero gasped, moaned, and yelped as Duo continued his attack, giving him no time to think. He wasn't ticklish; rather the sensations that the feather elicited was something he had never experienced before.

He couldn't predict where the feather would land so it made his anticipation grow with every brush he received. Before, he had never considered feather as a sensual thing, but now, Duo managed to change that thought in a matter of seconds.

He wriggled every time the feather touched him, making the bell on his ankle ring noisily. The wiggling alone caused his sore bottom to rub against the sheet, sending the pain to mix with the pleasure he felt from the feather attack. It was so erotic and sensual for Heero. His cock was aching and throbbing madly, asking for release.

Five minutes more of the feathery touches and the attack stopped, leaving Heero panting as he tried to settle his mind back. He needed release. He needed it badly. "Master...."

"We haven't finished yet, Kitten." Heero heard Duo's masterful voice and felt his Master settling between his wide spread thighs. The contact of naked skin against naked skin made Heero realize that somewhere during his play, Duo had discarded his clothes.

Duo removed his slave's blindfold and smiled as he saw the Prussian blue orbs that looked back at him. They were clouded with lust and the need for release. "Not yet, Kitten. That was just a warm up, now this is real thing." Duo held up a feather in each hand and grinned as his slave's eyes widened in horror.

If Heero hadn't known how sadistic his Master was before, he surely was aware of it now. What he thought as a great session was just a warming up for his Master. He looked in horror at the double feather his Master held. One was enough to send him to edge, now Duo wanted to play using two? Kamisama! Help!!! He watched as his Master twirled the feather and then slowly brought them to his nipples.

"Mas...Master..." Heero trembled and gulped as the feathers advanced to his nipples. At that moment, he realized that not being able to predict where the feather was going was not the worst thing. The worst thing was when he knew what was coming and couldn't do anything to stop it. Now he wished that Duo had left the blindfold on.

"Let's start, Kitten."

The feathers touched both of his nipples at the same time and Heero couldn't help but let out another yelp and jerk his body as another jolt of pleasure rushed inside him. Before the jolt ceased, the feathers brushed his nipples again, making Heero feel like he was in Heaven and Hell in the same time.

It was clear this time that his Master wanted to abuse his poor nipples, the most sensitive part of his body. Sore bottom forgotten, Heero struggled hard to evade the feathers but the shackles that held his hands and feet and the weight of his Master on his lower body allowed him to go nowhere. He was painfully hard and wanted a release, but the double cock rings had prevented him from coming. It seemed that his Master had known that he wouldn't be able to hold his release.

"Master..... Oh.... Please... Ahh!! Need... release.....AHHHH..." Heero tossed his head from side to side in desperation, begging for release.

"No, Kitten. You can't come any sooner." His Master's voice was like a death sentence this time. Heero sobbed as he acknowledged how serious his Master's words were, but still he wanted release and would do anything to get it. He set his best puppy eyes and looked at his Master who gave him very satisfied statement at that time. "Please... Master...."

But instead of ceasing, the feathers became bolder.

Heero jerked and yelped loudly as the feathers attacked his nipples endlessly. The bell on his ankle never ceased tinkling. Sometimes they just brushed against the tip, sometimes they circled the tiny mountains, and sometimes they pressed against them. Duo attacked randomly so Heero couldn't make any predictions. Moreover, every time he wriggled, Heero could feel the wide butt plug inside him shift and press on his prostate, giving him even more pleasure. It was a very torturous pleasure for him, not being allowed to reach his release.

"Master...AAH!!!" Heero jerked his hips up as the feathers kept torturing his nipples. Despite the cock ring, the precum was dripping rapidly from his cock, showing how bad he needed release. He tried to jerk, twist, and wriggle, anything to gain friction. Enough friction that would allow him to find his release, but Duo had made sure he couldn't get any of it.

By the time Duo stopped his attack, Heero's senses were overloaded. He panted and sobbed at the same time, desperate to gain release. He mumbled some incoherent words; still pleading with his Master to let him come even though he knew there was no way he could if his Master didn't remove the cock rings.

Hungry lips descended on his own, stopping Heero's mumbles and devouring the sweet mouth. Duo kissed his Slave, sucking and licking the moist cavern while his slave barely participated since he had been reduced to puddle of sensation.

"Kitten, look at me."

His Master's firm voice penetrated his hazy mind and Heero looked at his Master with half-lidded eyes. He watched as his Master swung the double feathers slowly in front of him, which now to him were more evil than the cane. Slowly the feathers descended below and Heero trembled as he realized where they were headed. "No.... please... Master... don't.... I can't...."

"Yes, you can, Kitten." Duo spoke calmly despite the joy and satisfaction that flashed clearly in his violet eyes.

"No... please don't... "Heero trembled and tugged his shackled hands and feet frantically as the feathers descended down toward his arousal.

Duo ignored his Slave's pleas and brushed one feather across the tip of his aching cock and the other one along the length at the same time. And at the same time too, his slave let out a loud cry and jerked violently, making the bell on his ankle tinkle loudly.

Heero desperately begged his Master to let him come as he felt the feathers brush up and down his length. The sensation of being caressed there, added with the realization that he couldn't vent the pleasure, was too much, becoming a wild mix of torture and pleasure. No wonder his Master was well known as one of the best. Duo was an expert in reducing him into puddle of sensation.

His cries subsided as he realized the feathers no longer brushed his body. He panted and looked at his Master who watched him with pure pride. Duo cupped his slave's face and planted a kiss on his swollen lips. Heero opened his mouth willingly, hoping badly that his Master had finished playing and would grant him release. With that thought, he waited upon his Master's tongue desperately.

"Perfect." Duo panted as he pulled away from his slave. "Now finish what have you awakened, Kitten."

Heero blinked as suddenly his Master straddled his chest. His cock was standing proud and erect in front of Heero, making Heero realize what his Master wanted him to finish. Despite his desperate need to gain his own release, Duo's conditioning still held great influence. His Master's need was the one that mattered, not his. And the sooner he pleased his Master, the sooner he would get his own release.

Automatically Heero opened his mouth and let Duo's cock slide in. With the same determination as the previous kiss, Heero tended to the hot staff inside his mouth very intensely. A few minutes passed with sucking and licking and then a hand grabbed Heero's aching cock, causing the Japanese boy's eyes to bulge out. His yelps were muffled however, since his mouth was busy attending his Master's cock.

"After I come," Duo spoke huskily and removed Heero's later cock ring.

Heero felt a surge of pleasure as his cock was freed and sucked hard the length in his mouth. Within seconds he felt the warm substance shoot down his throat. His Master had come! Still holding his Master's cock in his mouth, Heero jerked up and came violently without being touched. He didn't know what he was doing. All parts of his body seemed to act in automatic pilot as he lost contact with his surroundings.

All he could see was sparkling light and all he could feel was the warmth in his mouth and the ultimate pleasure as he reached his release. He didn't know how much time had passed and how he had lost his consciousness.

The next thing he knew was he was looking at a pair of violet eyes while a hand was stroking his hair. "Master...?"

"Welcome back, Kitten." Duo smiled and kissed his slave's forehead. "You almost made me worried."

"Worried?" Heero blinked.

"You have been out for almost an hour." Duo chuckled as he saw Heero's disbelieving statement. "I take it that you enjoyed the playing."

Heero opened and closed his mouth, but nothing came out. Enjoyed? Did he enjoy being tortured like that? Heero wasn't surprised when he silently answered yes. He never felt so many sensations and never had he come like that. His Master always managed to bring him higher and higher. "It was mind blowing, Master."

"I'm sure it was since I also almost blacked out." To Heero's disappointment, Duo stopped stroking his hair and straightened up. That was when Heero noticed that his shackles had been removed and Duo had taken a bath.

"Master....aaaahhhhhhh..." Heero cried out as he felt Duo pull the wide butt plug from his passage. It had been inside him so long that it was painful when it pulled out. Heero almost felt as if the plug were a part of him and now his Master wanted to remove it.

Ignoring his slave's plea, Duo pulled the plug slowly. "Ma...master..." Heero thrashed and whimpered, feeling as if a part of him was being ripped from inside as the widest edge of the plug passed his sphincter and then the rest of the plug slid out easily.

"Go clean yourself." Duo put the plug on the nightstand and stood up. "I'll wait for you in the living room." With that, Duo left the bedroom.

Heero looked down and realized how sticky he was. The remains of his Master seed still lingered inside his mouth and his own release was splattered on his stomach. A bath was definitely needed. He hurriedly ran into the bath as he felt his Master's seed trailing down from his passage after being kept there for half a day and of course the damn bell was tinkling loudly as he quickened his steps.


Emerging from the bathroom, half an hour later, Heero headed to the living room where his Master was. Duo was sitting on the couch and their dinner, which Heero had prepared before their playing, was on the table in front of the couch.

Duo looked in his slave's direction and smiled warmly. "Dinner time, Kitten," He gestured towards the space between his feet and Heero quickly knelt down, looking adoringly up at his Master.

While in the bathroom, Heero had replayed the playing session over and over. The more he thought about it, the more he adored his Master for having the ability to create such a mind blowing sensation for him. He was still swaying from an endorphin high even after such long time.

Duo chuckled as he saw how his slave looked at him. "You're definitely a kitten with such lovely eyes and face that show your innocence, Kitten. C'mon, let's eat."

Feeding time was the one time that Heero loved most. Eating from his Master's hand and receiving kisses between the bites of food were blissful to him. Chewing his food, he rested his head on Duo's thigh and sighed happily. He could stay here forever, just like this, alone with Duo, his Master.

"Spoiled kitten." Heero heard his Master chuckle and then a hand stroked his head. He purred and leaned forward for more. The chuckles got louder as more food was fed to him.

"Okay, clean up the table, Kitten." Heero felt his Master pat his head. He stood up reluctantly and did as he had been ordered. After finishing his chore, Heero went back to living room and knelt beside his Master, who was still sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"Come here sit on my lap, Kitten." Heero looked up and saw his Master pat his thighs. He happily obeyed though he hissed when his sore bottom came into contact with his Master's thigh. He dropped his feet to the empty space of the couch and leaned his right side against his Master's chest.

Duo smiled affectionately and hugged his Slave, caressing his body slowly. It made Heero moan in delight and he rested his head on Duo's shoulder. It felt so good being in his Master's arms. As his Master continued watching TV and caressing him at the same time, Heero felt his mind drift off. He felt peaceful and safe, as if he had finally found his home. His Master was sadist, but he was also affectionate and cared for him. Though he had no one to compare him with, Heero felt that he was very lucky to have Duo as his Master. Heero squawked as the blissful moment was broken by the sensation of his nipple being toyed with.

"Where were you just now, Kitten?" His Master's playful tone sounded near his ear.

Heero blinked and pulled away from his Master's shoulder, looking at him in confusion. "I'm here, Master."

Duo chuckled and toyed with his slave's other nipple, making the said slave squeak and arch his back forward. "I told you something."

"Wh...what?" Heero gasped as his nipple was twirled. The session with feather had abused his nipples poorly making them severely sore and sensitive to the touch. Despite the pain, Heero could feel his cock getting hard as jolt of pleasure swirled through his body. He was really vulnerable to his Master's touch.

"I want to add more of my signs on your body." Duo left the abused nipples and fingered his slave's collar.

"More?" Heero blinked, feeling glad and disappointed at the same time that his Master had stopped torturing him.

"Yes, I'll add more rings on you."

Heero felt alarmed. "More rings? You'll put more than one ring, Master?"

Duo grinned. "Yes, Kitten. Actually to be precise, I'll pierce you."

"Pierce?" Heero's hand quickly went to his ear, making Duo chuckle.

"Not there." Duo grinned as his slave gave him a confused look. He let his fingers trail down and tweaked one nipple. He felt his grin go wider as his slave looked at him in horror.

"You...you'll pierce my nipples?" Heero trembled in fear and anticipation.

"Considering how sensitive they are, I think I'll enjoy playing with them more and not to mention how proud I am to see my rings on your body, Kitten." Duo smiled his devilish smile and pulled the hardened nub in his fingers, earning a yelp from his slave. "Tomorrow."

That tone left no argument for Heero. He looked long at his Master and noticed how serious Duo was. He also acknowledged the possessiveness in those violet eyes, making he tremble more as he realized Duo was really possessive of him. If this was what his Master wanted, who was he to deny him? His body didn't belong to him anymore. It belonged to his Master.

"My body is already yours, Master." Heero murmured in a resigned tone.

Duo kissed his slave lightly. "I know. That's why I want to put more of my signs there. I love to see you with my marks on your body."

Heero nodded and leaned his head back on Duo's shoulder. "I'm yours..."

"Yes, you are," Duo smiled and gathered his slave into his arms. "Time to sleep, Kitten," He stood up, carrying his slave to the bedroom. Heero sighed and closed his eyes as he was carried. He was asleep before his Master deposited him on the bed.



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