Cross My Heart Part 9

Heero woke up very early in the next morning, feeling very sore. He felt a heavy weight plastered on his chest and thighs. His mind quickly recalled what had happened last night and recognized the things on his chest and thighs as Duo's arm and leg. As his mind functioned fully, so did his sense. He could smell the blood and the remains of their orgasms, spreading over his body and bed. First thing first, he had to remove all evidences about what had happened last night before the other students found out.

Having used to work alone, Heero had no thought to wake up Duo to ask for his help. Instead, he forced his sore body to move. He slowly removed Duo's arm and leg from his body and stood up. Every step he took, causing him pain but it could still be tolerated. Heero cleaned himself as well as he could and put his dress back on.

He looked at the American boy on the bed. Duo was smiling in his sleep, making Heero reluctant to wake him. But the bed sheets, soaked with Heero's blood and the trace of their coupling, had to be removed or they'd be in trouble. Carefully and slowly, he pulled the bloodstained bed cover. The American pilot shifted slightly, allowing the sheet to be pulled from the bed, but still Duo hadn't awakened. Thinking maybe Duo was too tired, Heero decided to let Duo sleep longer. He could ask him later.

For now, he better worried about changing his dress to the uniform or someone would know he spent a night in Duo's room. The Japanese pilot calculated the time and decided that it was safe to go out now since it was still very early in the morning and not many students had awakened. He took the sheet bundle and walked to his room carefully, wincing slightly as his lower body throbbed in pain.

The journey to his room felt like an eternity but finally he made it. He quickly changed into his uniform and burnt the sheets, the fastest way to remove the evidence. Now that he had changed his clothes, the next thing he should do was talking to Duo. Though feeling very sore, Heero walked back to Duo's room and found Duo whimpering on his bed.

"Duo, what's wrong?" Forgetting his pain, Heero ran to the braided pilot's side. Duo's eyes were still closed, indicating he hadn't awakened. Feeling very worried, Heero checked Duo's forehead. It was hot. Duo was having fever! He had to be brought to the hospital wing. In his panic and worry, Heero still remembered to remove the evidence of their activity last night from Duo's body. Then the Japanese pilot quickly put the clothes on Duo and called the other boys to help and bring Duo to the hospital wing.


Duo was lying on the bed in the clinic while Heero sat next to him, letting the nurse check the braided boy.

"I don't know what has happened but it seems his fever keep increasing." The nurse was confused.

Heero was extremely worried and he thought hard and searched his memory, trying to find what had caused the braided boy to have fever. Everything seemed normal in the beginning but Duo started acting strangely since they danced for the second time. What did he do before the second dance? Oh, they took a drink.

The drink!!! Anne gave him the drink!!! Heero jumped on the realization. He looked at Duo. Why did she want a toast with Duo? She must have put something in the drink. Heero clenched his teeth. The girl would pay for this. Ignoring the throbbing pain from his lower body, Heero strode out from the clinic to find Anne.

The day was Saturday so there were no classes, but it was a little difficult for Heero to locate Anne. He finally found the girl was walking with Mario in the garden. Great, the two persons he most hated were together. He approached them, making some noises as he walked so they noticed his coming.

"Yuy, what's happened? I heard Duo was in the clinic." Anne's voice sounded so innocent but Heero wasn't fooled.

"Stop pretending. I know you put something on Duo's drink yesterday. Give me the antidote."

Anne looked at Mario and smirked. "Well, if you want to be so blunt. Yes, I put something on his drink. It's a kind of drug that will make him lose his inhibition and then collapse in fever until someone gives him the antidote."

"Give me the antidote." Heero stalked toward Anne but Mario placed himself as barrier.

"Calm down. I'll give the antidote, on some conditions." Anne smiled evilly.

"What conditions?"

"The antidote has to be given everyday until he wake up. During that time, you have to let me take care of Duo. Since I will accompany Duo, you have to accompany Mario and let him do as he wishes. And of course, you may not tell anyone about this."

Accompanying Mario and leaving Duo with the bitch??? No way he would do that. Heero growled angrily. "No!"

"Then forget about the antidote." Anne shrugged.

Heero glared at the girl. His first thought was to grab the girl and beat the lights out of her. But his soldier's side reminded him that he would blow his cover since he had to remove the big boy first. No ordinary girl could do that. He was lucky Mario thought it was Duo who punched him last time, not him.

He turned his back, deciding to find the antidote by himself but Anne spoke up again, stopping him. "The first antidote has to be given in two hours since his first fever. You have to decide it now or Duo will be a vegetable."

Heero turned and glared full hatred at Anne. His hands itched to strangle the girl. "You......"

Anne smirked triumphantly. "Decide it now or forget it, Yuy."

So he had to let the girl take care of his Duo? And also had to accompany this disgusting boy? Heero clenched his knuckles. "Okay, I'll do it. Gimme the antidote, now."

"I'll give him the antidote. You will accompany Mario from now on and do whatever he wants you to do." Anne smiled and walked back to the dorm.

Heero watched in anger as Anne entered the dorm. He could do nothing to stop her. He would be patient until Duo woke up and they could..... Feeling a hand touched his shoulder, Heero jerked up from his thought. He quickly spun and shoved the hand away.

"Relax, Yuy. It's me." Mario grinned.

"Don't touch me!" Heero hissed angrily. He really hated this boy.

Mario raised an eyebrow. "You agree to let me do whatever I wish."

Heero clenched and unclenched his fist, trying hard to control himself from punching the boy. "Yes, I agree."

Mario grinned and sat down on the nearest bench. "Come here and sit down."

Having no choice, Heero complied. He was about to sat down next to the big boy when Mario stopped him. "Not there. Sit on my lap." He pointed on his lap. "I want you to sit like you do while you are with Maxwell."

Heero glared angrily at the boy. The bigger boy just grinned. "If you don't do it, I'll tell Anne that you broke the agreement."

The image of Duo thrashing in fever flashed in Heero's mind. Telling himself he had to do this to for Duo's sake, Heero willed himself to sit across the big boy's lap. As he sat down, Heero winced when he felt pain shouted from his lower body. Worrying Duo's condition had made him forget about the pain. And now as the pain was back with a vengeance and sitting on Mario's clothed thighs only added the pain.

Mario didn't seem to notice it as he wrapped his hands around Heero's waist. The boy purred and nuzzled at Heero's shoulder. "No wonder Maxwell liked to have you on his lap. You feel so good in my arms, Yuy." Heero fought the disgusted feeling and the urge to squirm when Mario pressed him close to him. For Duo, he was doing this for Duo, Heero reminded himself.

He let Mario nuzzle his neck for sometimes and then he was aware that Mario's hands on his waist slowly crawled up. Heero quickly knocked the hands away and glared at the startled boy.


"Don't you ever dare to do that. If you ever touch my breasts or my groin, I'll kill you." Heero spat furiously, glaring deadly to Mario. Touching his breasts or groin would tell Mario he wasn't a girl and he and Duo would be damned if his cover was blown. To the hell with agreement if that happened.

Mario seemed to realize Heero really wouldn't care about the agreement if he passed the drawn line. The boy gritted his teeth and then nodded. "Okay, no touching breasts and groin."

Heero glared for a little longer at the big boy before looking away, dismissing Mario and ignoring the boy completely. It was another ten minutes before Heero felt Mario's hands on his waist again. This time the hands just stayed there, not trailing up or down. Heero let him, hoping the time would past soon.

However Heero only got a good five minutes of peace before Mario's courage returned. The big boy nuzzled Heero's neck while Heero fought the repulse he felt once Mario's lips touched his neck. Why couldn't this boy leave him alone?

"Hmmm..." Mario purred as he kissed Heero's neck up onto his chin. "I have been dreaming to do this...." He went back to Heero's neck and sucked hard, causing Heero to gasp in surprise.

What was the boy doing? Heero felt his flesh sucked long and remembered Duo also did the same last night. He had seen his reflection on the mirror this morning and noticed many red marks all over his body. Luckily his uniform covered all the places where Duo had marked him. But now.... Mario... Mario marked him on the place where he couldn't hide it.

He didn't like a bit of what Mario did to him. He wanted to pull away from Mario's lips, but he couldn't do it ...., not without jeopardizing Duo........

"What are you doing?!" Heero glared as Mario released his now swollen flesh. Mario looked at his mark on Yuy's neck proudly. "I want to show everyone you're taken." He nuzzled Heero's neck while his hands caressed the Japanese boy's stomach through the uniform he wore.

"Hmmm, mine." Mario purred and nibbled along Heero's chin, causing Heero to shudder.

"I'm not yours." Heero spat in hatred. "I belong to Duo."

"How can you belong to Maxwell when you are bearing my mark?" Mario smirked and traced the hickey he just made with his fingers.

//You're mine. No one will touch you, but me.// Heero could hear Duo's words echoing inside his head. Kamisama, what had he done? He had let the other boy touch him, putting a mark on him. "No......" Heero felt his voice shake. What would Duo think if he saw Mario's mark? Would... would Duo be okay with it? Would.... Would he still belong to Duo now that he let the other boy touch him?

"Oh yes, I think Maxwell will understand if he sees my mark on your neck." Mario grinned. "You're mine now."

"NO!" Heero snapped. He belonged to no one but Duo. He loved Duo and only Duo. "You don't own me."

Mario just shrugged, ignoring Heero's statement. He became bolder and nibbled Heero's earlobe.

Heero bit his lower lip as he endured Mario's treatment. How he longed to have Duo back with him, to caress and kiss him, to wipe away all the bad memories Mario gave him. He was repulsed at Mario's touch on his stomach but he could do nothing to stop it. He had jeopardized Duo's safety by banning Mario from touching his groin and breasts. He couldn't take any more risks. For the mission and for Duo.

He let Mario play with his earlobe, trying to detach himself from what was happening. It turned out to be fatal error because Mario used it to his full advantage by turning Heero's chin and claiming his lips with his own.

Heero gasped in horror. He didn't like Mario's kiss. Mario only wanted to taste him, to take pleasure, and not giving him any pleasure. Heero kept his lips shut tightly, not wanting to give Mario's tongue any access into his mouth. The boy growled and pressed his cheeks, forcing Heero to open his mouth. The Japanese boy wanted to throw up when he felt Mario's tongue slide inside his mouth.

He didn't want it.

He didn't want Mario.

He wanted Duo.

He needed Duo.

Heero felt his heart ache and he had an urge to sob as Mario's thick tongues roamed inside his mouth.

Please... someone... somebody....


The tongue withdrew and Heero silently thanked whoever called him. He turned his head and saw Ryoko and several girls standing near him. Heero was so relief to be free from Mario's assault that he didn't notice the shock and angry looks the girls gave him.

"What do you want, Ryoko?" Mario growled and Heero felt the hands on his waist tightened.

Ryoko didn't seem to know what to do. The girl looked confused, but then decided to speak. "I heard Duo's fever had decreased because of the antidote Anne brought. We want to visit him and I thought you want to visit him as well so ...."

Of course I want to! Heero cried out silently. He was glad to hear about Duo's progress but the hands on his waist reminded him about the agreement he made. He bowed his head and shook his head instead, saying the words he never meant to say. "I'm sorry Ryoko, I can't go."

Ryoko looked very confused this time. "Why? I'm sure he expects you to come, Yuy."

"Because she prefers to be with me now." Mario answered smugly. "Yuy has nothing to do with Maxwell anymore."

Heero was surprised and looked at Mario angrily. He was still Duo's girlfriend and he would not leave Duo for a thug like Mario. He opened his mouth to shout that at Mario when Mario used the chance to seize his face and kissed him. Heero could hear gasps of shock and horror behind him as Mario forced his tongue into his mouth. Heero wanted to pull away but Mario's hands insistently held him still and Heero couldn't break the kiss without using violence, which of course would break his cover.

At that time, Mario's tongue already had roamed inside his mouth and teased his tongue to response. Heero was fighting the urge to throw up when he heard the retreating footsteps behind him. He tried to pull away again but Mario didn't let him go.

"Don't resist me, or I will tell Anne to cancel this deal." The boy whispered lowly so that only Heero could hear it. Heero ceased his movement at Mario's sentence and the big boy used it to slip his tongue back into Heero.

Mario kept pushing his tongue deeper into Heero's mouth while all Heero wanted to do was to bite the intruding flesh. He was very tempted to do that but an image of sick Duo held the temptation at bay.

It was only until Heero felt his lungs on fire that Mario pulled away. Heero quickly turned his head and found the girls had gone, leaving them alone in the garden.

Ryoko and the others had left him without a word.

They left him alone with Mario.

"Well, it seems your friends understand you want to be left alone." Mario grinned.

No, he didn't want to be left alone with this monster. Heero shook his head in denial.

Mario was oblivious to Heero's thought. He only cared for his own pleasure. "You taste so good and I like it when you pretend to fight my kiss. Hmm, I want to taste you again. Be a good girl this time or Maxwell will feel the consequence."

For the first time in his life, Heero felt like crying when Mario forced his tongue inside his mouth once again.


This wasn't happening.


His fifteen years old mind recoiled from the reality before him. It went to hide inside his heart, retreating to the shell Heero had built and Duo had cracked. The cold mask was back on his face as the Perfect Soldier took the fifteen years old boy's place.

His mission was to endure what was applied to his body until Duo woke up.


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