Cross My Heart Part 10

It was already night when Mario finally let him go. Heero quickly headed toward his room, but when he reached his door, Ryoko and two other girls called him. "Yuy, wait a minute."

Heero turned around and faced the girls with his cold mask still intact. "Yes?"

"What do you think you were doing?" A girl Heero remembered named Judith hissed at him angrily. "How could you leave Duo for Mario?"

"I didn't leave him." Heero replied with a flat tone.

"Then what did you do with Mario all day? We saw you making out with him." Another girl, Laura, spoke angrily. "Not only at the garden, but also in the cafeteria during lunch and dinner. You were french kissing all day!" The girl shuddered in disgust. "Have you no loyalty for your boyfriend? When he is sick you just leave him and find a new healthy boyfriend for you."

"Duo is my only boyfriend. I didn't leave him."

"Leave Mario then. Duo is sick and you suppose to take care of him, not making out with Mario." Laura retorted.

"...... I'll leave Mario once Duo is awake." It was so apparent that Heero had said the wrong thing because both girls glared furiously at him.

"So you leave Duo when he falls sick and back again to him once he gets well? You are cheating, Yuy." Judith pointed at Heero's neck angrily. "Why do I bother to ask for your explanation, anyway? You even had let Mario put hickeys on you while Duo was thrashing in fever. You don't have shames and dignity at all. You're a cheap girl, Yuy. We have misjudged you."

Heero's jaw tightened, but his face was still impassive when he answered Judith. "Think whatever you want to think about me. I don't care."

"Fine. We also don't care about you. You're disgusting." Judith strode away from him, followed by Laura who threw an incensed look at him.

Disgusting.... The words echoed inside his mind before he could stop it. Clenching his fists until they were as white as snow, Heero quickly turned around and opened his door.

"Yuy?" Heero stopped still as Ryoko called him gently. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." Heero answered sharply.

"I don't believe that. I'm sure you love Duo, but I can't understand why you left him for Mario."

A few seconds passed in silence until Heero finally spoke up, voice still devoid of all emotions. "Yes, I love him. I'll do anything for him."

Heero stepped inside and closed the door in front of Ryoko, not waiting for the girl's reaction. He headed straight into the bathroom and threw up, heaving his little lunch and dinner into the white porcelain before him. Once he didn't have anymore to be expelled, Heero quickly stripped and stepped into the shower. He turned the temperature into the hottest and scrubbed himself roughly until his skin was red all over. He also brushed his teeth repeatedly, brushing them so hard that they were bleeding.

All those he did with his impassive mask intact. He let his Soldier side took over, focusing in doing all mundane things he had to do.

It made him busy.

It made him didn't have time to think about what Mario had done to him all day.


After the bath, Heero didn't know what to do and before he realized it, he had stood in front of the clinic's door.

He wanted to meet Duo.

Heero had entered the clinic room silently and had noticed there was no one else in there except Duo. He stood next to the bed where Duo was sleeping in. Anne had left Duo alone in the night. For the first time, Heero thanked the Gods above for this blessing.

Finally being alone with Duo, the soldier retreated and let the fifteen years old boy surface to meet the only person he loved. Heero's eyes softened as he gazed over Duo's sleeping figure. Duo was okay. Duo was not in high fever anymore.

Heero's right hand found its way over Duo's face, caressing the braided boy's face. "You know I won't leave you, ne?"

His fingers trailed down, tracing Duo's chin gently and moved up to brush against Duo's lips. "You know I love you, right?" Heero whispered so softly that it almost passed as breathing rather than speaking.

Heero leant forward slowly, bringing his lips down to meet Duo's. But an image of Mario ravaging his mouth flashed before him and Heero found himself jerking and pulling back. Trembling, he brought his hand and traced his bruised lips. The lips that had been used too often to pleasure someone else while they supposed to be reserved for Duo only.

"I'm sorry....." Heero's voice cracked. He took a step back and sat down on the chair behind him, winching slightly as his sore body made contact with the rough surface of the chair. The memories of the night before replayed before his eyes. Duo hugging him, Duo kissing him, and Duo inside him..... It felt so good and he felt cared and loved when Duo stated his claiming over him. He belonged to Duo...... An image of Mario kissing him broke the memories apart. Heero bowed his head in guilt and helplessness.

"I'm so sorry." His voice shook a little as it rang inside the silent room. Heero didn't like the silence. Not while he was with Duo.... Duo always filled his world with his voice and touches. Duo's rich laughs, Duo's warm chuckles, and Duo's comforting hums....

".............I still belong to you, ne?"

The blowing of the wind and the silence were his only answer.


Sunday morning, Anne was smiling as she headed toward the clinic. Since she told the nurse that she knew about Duo's sickness and the proper medicine to cure him, the nurse had trusted her to take care of Duo. It was easy to win other students' hearts and the only she had to do now was to make sure everyone knew she was always at Duo's side when he was unconscious. Surely they would support her rather than Yuy who never visited him and went out with another boy instead.

Anne entered the clinic and her smile disappeared as she saw Yuy sleeping on the chair and her head rested on the bed next to Duo's head. She quickly walked toward the Japanese girl and pushed her off the chair, hissing angrily. "What are you doing here?"

She pushed her so hard that the abruptly awakened girl fell flat on her ass on the hard surface of the floor. Anne widened her eyes as she saw Yuy wincing and her ears caught the soft groans of pain from the Japanese girl's bruised lips. She carefully watched Yuy gingerly sat up, avoiding to put her weigh at her lower body and resting his hands on the floor to hold up her upper body. A grin spread on her face as she put the information together.

"You just got fucked, huh?"

Yuy looked up in surprise as Anne said the words casually. The surprise quickly turned into controlled anger, which Anne knew would never be unleashed to her, not if Yuy wanted to jeopardize Duo's condition. "That's none of your business." Yuy's face became void of emotion as she slowly stood up and patted her skirt.

Anne's eyes flashed dangerously and she actually hissed out her words. "Fine then, it's not my business that Mario fucked you but it's my business to know why you are here."

"I'm here for Duo and Mario didn't fuck me." Yuy stated flatly and walked toward Duo, wanting to check on him, but Anne blocked his way with a triumphant smirk pasted on her face. "You're a terrible liar, Yuy, and you seem to forget our agreement as well. You may not meet Duo..."

"Our agreement is that I accompany Mario while you accompany Duo."

"I'm accompanying Duo now, so I think you better leave or I'll call off the agreement." Anne smirked wider as she caught the anger on her rival's blue eyes. They stared at each other for long moment, neither willing to look away. "Leave now." Anne pointed the door. Yuy glared again before looking away and walking toward the door. Anne smiled as bells of victory ringing around her. "And you don't have to come here tonight. I'll accompany Duo 24 hours a day. If I ever see you in this clinic again, I will stop giving the antidote to Duo."

Yuy's answer was only the slamming of the door but Anne was sure she had heard her words. That girl wouldn't bother her again. She wondered whether to tell to the others that Mario just fucked Yuy or not. Anne grinned and turned her attention to the still sleeping Duo, unaware of the whole event.


Heero walked toward his room automatically, not caring about the disgusted looks from the girls he passed. His mind only cared about being with Duo.

Anne took care of Duo 24 hours a day....

He couldn't meet Duo anymore until Duo regained consciousness.....

Arriving in his room, Heero showered and changed his clothes. He then stood in the middle of the room, unsure what to do. It was Sunday and he didn't have any homework to be finished. He looked around, trying to find something, anything that could distract his mind. It was when his gaze fell on the big teddy bear on his bed.

The gift from Duo....

Heero sat down on his bed and hugged the teddy bear as if it was Duo he was hugging. It was only a day but he had already missed Duo. He missed hearing his voice and watching as he smiled to him. He missed being in Duo's arms.

The Japanese boy lay down on the bed and snuggled up to the giant teddy bear. It was a poor substitute for Duo but it would do. "Duo..." Heero murmured longingly. Although the sun just began to shine, he already felt so tired and sleepy. He watched Duo during the night and just fell sleep half an hour before Anne roughly awakened him.

Maybe he could take a nap now and since it was Sunday, no one would disturb him......

"Yuy, open the door." Loud knock on the door jerked Heero up from his half asleep state. He recognized the voice as Mario's and had no intention to open the door. However Mario knocked again and spoke threateningly. "You better open or ....."

Mario didn't continue but Heero knew the unspoken words. Duo would pay if he refused Mario. He stood up and went to open the door reluctantly while the last thing he wanted to do was to meet Mario. The big boy was grinning when he opened the door and Heero gasped as Mario quickly dove to kiss him. He could hear some gasps and murmurs from the girls, who were walking toward his room.

Heero felt Mario get excited when he knew they had audience. The boy pulled Heero closer to him and kissed him thoroughly. Heero cried silently, wanting nothing except to push Mario away. However he knew he couldn't do that. As Mario stuck his tongue inside his mouth, Heero felt himself shut down and let the Perfect Soldier take control.

Mario finally withdrew from the kiss and grinned as he saw Heero's bruised lips, courtesy of him of course. "Man, you look so good to eat in this condition and I'm glad you're mine now." He said the words loudly and dragged Heero away. "C'mon, I want to spend this day together with you."

Heero let Mario drag him. His face was impassive ever as his eyes fell upon the girls they passed by. He could see the disgust and anger in their eyes and knew he had lost more friends.

"I have something good planned for you." Mario grinned at Heero as he took Heero out of the dorm.

Heero knew better. Whatever good for Mario was very bad for him.


It was night once again when Mario finally let Heero go. Like the previous night, Heero went straight to the bathroom and threw out the food he had consumed. He then stripped and washed himself more thoroughly than the previous night.

His skin was all raw red when he finished the bath. He toweled his hair and returned to the bedroom, not once looking at the mirror for he didn't want to see an image of a boy with bruised lips and hickeys scattered limbs reflected on the mirror. He put on his nightgown, which had long sleeves and covered his legs to his ankles, so he didn't have to see his own body and lay down in his bed, snuggling into the giant teddy bear.

Heero wanted to sleep, to forget everything happened on today, but once he closed his eyes, the images of what Mario had done to him since this morning flashed before his closed eyelids. Heero cried out and quickly opened his eyes again. He didn't want to remember any of those!!!

Trembling, Heero sat up and hugged his giant bear tightly. He tried to be strong. He told himself that it was nothing, that he shouldn't be bothered by what Mario had made him do. But Duo's voice echoed in his mind at the same time.

// You're mine. No one will touch you, but me.//

"I had let Mario touch me, Duo." Heero whispered to no one.

// You're mine and no one else's //

"Mario said I belonged to him now, Duo." Heero rested his head on the stuffed bear. "It isn't true, ne? I belong to you, right?"

// I love you.//

"I love you too, Duo." The Japanese boy hugged the bear tightly.

// Mine.//

"Yes, yours........ always yours...... "


Monday morning, Heero stiffly extracted himself from the bed. He only slept for one hour or so, not wanting to have the flashback with Mario. He was glad today they had classes. It would reduce his time with Mario. The said boy knocked on his door when he finished putting on his uniform. Mario escorted him to the classroom after the big boy's fat tongue was satisfied tasting his mouth.

His classmates gave him detestable looks once he entered the class. It was obvious the girls had spread the news of what he did with Mario. They ignored him and no one helped him when Mario forced him to sit on the chair Duo used to sit. The teachers were oblivious to what happened while Heero had to stay alert during the lessons, pushing away Mario's hand every time the said hand had crept too far beneath his skirt.

After the class was over, Mario dragged him out and returned him to his room at night. Heero repeated what he had done the first two nights before sat down on the bed. He leant against the headboard and hugged his giant bear tightly, murmuring his soft plea to no one.

"Duo..... wake up..... "


The next morning came and Mario was there in front of his door again. They attended the class and Anne beat him in the fence because he couldn't focus. Mario dragged him again as usual. Heero repeated his new night ritual before hugging his giant bear. He whispered his soft plea again and again, wanting nothing more than for Duo to open his eyes and free him from Mario.

On Wednesday, Heero found someone had written 'slut' all over his chemist workbook. Mario laughed when he saw the book and told him that he was indeed Mario's slut. It was only matter of time before Heero gave him access to his breasts and groin. Heero spend time longer than usual to clean himself that day. He clung onto his bear tightly that night and apologized to Duo over and over and pleaded him to wake up.

On Thursday, Heero tried hard to ignore the accusation behind his back. The girls were now talking about him loudly and he could hear some words like 'cheap', 'slut', 'whore', and others that made him almost break down on the night while whispering the same plea again and again.

On Friday, Mario became bolder and bolder that Heero almost didn't want to get out from the shower. He spent his time hugging the giant teddy bear while he kept praying Duo would wake up soon.

On Saturday, Duo Maxwell opened his eyes....



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