Warning: This chapter contains graphic instances of NCS...ie...Rape. Please do not read if this disturbs you

Cross My Heart Part 8

"You're mine. No one will touch you, but me." Duo moved up and caught Heero's mouth again, allowing the boy to taste himself in his mouth.

Heero was still panting, but he welcomed the intruder, letting Duo explore his mouth once more. Then he suddenly felt something push into his back passage. Heero wiggled to get away but the thing suddenly jabbed into him, passing through his sphincter. Heero gasped at the invasion and broke the kiss. He looked down and saw Duo's hand between his parted legs. "Wha.. what are you doing, Duo?"

"Showing you how much I love you." Duo grunted and inserted the second finger but he failed, Heero was still too tight. The Japanese boy squirmed when he felt the invading finger moving inside him, exploring his tight passage and trying to loosen it. He didn't know his movement had almost broken the very little control Duo still had. The American pilot's incoherent mind only had one purpose at that time. Burying himself inside the warmth, which sheathed his finger at that moment.

"Aahh, that hurt!" Heero gasped in pain when he felt Duo forcing the second finger inside him roughly. He brought his hands down and tried to push Duo away. The braided boy growled and pulled his finger out of Heero. He caught Heero's hands and quickly removed his tie. He tied Heero's wrists with it and pushed the hands over the Japanese boy's head once again. "Be still, Heero."

Heero was surprised when Duo tied his wrists together. What the hell happened with Duo? The American boy should have known a simple cloth couldn't restrain him. He was too surprised to move and Duo used the chance to stick two fingers inside him at once. Heero cried out in pain as he felt those fingers forced their ways into him. He could feel them wiggle and prod inside him. He shuddered as the sensations he couldn't describe attacked him, making him hard to think.

"So tight." Duo's harsh breath brushed Heero's face. "I can't wait to have you, Heero." Duo growled and quickly added the third digit, ignoring the fact that Heero hadn't adjusted to the two previous digits. The Japanese boy's legs kicked wildly in the air, trying to expel his digits, but Duo would have none of that. He seized one leg with his free hand and held it still while trying to focus on his main goal. It was hard to insert the third finger since Heero didn't accept the invasion too willingly but the American pilot didn't seemed to care. Using all his strength, Duo pressed the digit to prod inside the Japanese boy's body forcefully.

Heero winced in pain as his sphincter gave away and the third finger joined the other two inside him, stretching him forcefully. It hurt so much for him. He squirmed again, trying to get the fingers out of him, but Duo's lips were on Heero's throat again, licking and nibbling it. The pleasure coursed in his upper body while the pain ruled in his lower body. The mixed sensations distracted Heero from his attempt to get rid of the fingers.

It felt like forever until the fingers stopped stretching his passage. Heero sighed in relieved when he felt the fingers pulled out almost completely. Almost. The Japanese pilot gasped in surprise as the fingers thrust back into him. They withdrew and thrust back into his passage over and over. Heero whimpered. The fingers thrust faster and tried to get deeper inside him at every thrust. It hurt, but then the fingers found the spot, which made Heero forget about the pain.

"Oh..ah.." White pleasure struck the Japanese boy like lightning. Instead of whimpering, Heero moaned every time the fingers brushed his prostate, sending sparks that make his eyes blind and making his body want to feel more of those fingers. Pain forgotten, Heero began to thrust back into the fingers, opening himself for the invasion.

Feeling Heero had thrust back, Duo pulled away his fingers and pulled off his clothes while Heero whimpered at the loss. His whimper however was soon stopped by Duo's mouth as the braided boy attacked Heero's mouth. He sucked long and then licked every inch of the hot cavern, sparring with Heero's tongue.

Heero felt his lungd were on fire but Duo kept assaulting his mouth. It was a few seconds later when Duo finally broke the kiss. The American boy arranged Heero's legs to get a better access to Heero's opening, spreading them aside as wide as they could. Heero was still panting to catch his breath when he felt something pressed at his opening.


"Shh...it's going to hurt a little."

Who said it'd hurt a little? That's definitely not a little. Pain and surprise managed to make a scream and find its way out of Heero's mouth when Duo's arousal penetrated his body, forcing its way into his warm and tight passage in one swift motion and driving all the pleasure he once felt away.

What Duo was doing? Heero tried hard to think, to understand why Duo hurt him. But the pain was so great and burnt that his mind refused to think anything except the pain. His lower body was in agony. Heero felt like being ripped into two.

"Oh Heero! I love you." Duo buried himself into the tilt inside the writhing boy. "God, I have been waiting for this moment. You're so tight." The braided boy let out a satisfied grunt and started rocking inside the Japanese boy.

"It hurts, Duo!!" Heero hissed when he felt Duo pull away almost completely, leaving only the tip inside his body. Duo didn't seem to listen to Heero as he thrust into the Japanese again. This time Duo put his mouth on Heero's, swallowing the cry Heero made at the penetration.

Why? Why did Duo make him feel so much in pain? Heero couldn't understand. Not with the pain he felt at the moment, the pain when his tissues were burnt and torn at Duo's assault.

As the Perfect Soldier, he could tolerate the pain. He was trained not to show his pain to enemies for it would be his weakness. So the pain is just a compensation for not telling the enemies about his mission or the gundam. But Duo was not his enemy and Heero was not the Perfect Soldier right now. He was just a fifteen year old boy who just tried to follow his emotion at the time.

Heero felt Duo inside him, pushing his inner tissues aside to make a room for him. "Du..o..." Duo was his partner, but yet he made Heero feel this pain. Why did Duo do that? Why? Heero was confused. He let himself show how much pain he felt, hoping Duo would stop whatever he was doing right now. If he could think rationally, Heero might have the American pilot with all his strength, detaching Duo from him. But unfortunately, his mind was perplexed because Duo's previous action and his hands were also tied together, limiting his movements.

Moreover, a deep part of him also didn't want to push Duo away. That part wanted to be with Duo as close as he could. To feel Duo's chest pressing against his, the callous hands caressing his body, and those lips prodding his mouth, bringing him into ecstasy. That part told him to let Duo do whatever the braided boy wanted to him. Why though? Why he was letting Duo do as he liked to him?

Heero felt Duo was about to pull out again. Not wanting to feel the pain again, Heero quickly brought his hands down, trapping the American pilot's head between his tied arms and pushed him to rest on his chest, thus making Duo couldn't pull away and stayed still inside Heero. Heero sighed in relieved when he felt the pain subside but then he winced when Duo shifted, evoking new pain inside him.

The American pilot was trying to free his head from Heero's grips. Even a slight movement from Duo could evoke the pain inside Heero's no-longer-virgin passage. Heero tightened his grips on Duo's head. "Stop it Duo........" He could feel something liquid was seeping from his assaulted opening where Duo's cock was embedded and from the smell of the air, Heero was almost certain it was blood.

His blood.

"It hurts, Duo......"

Sadly, it seemed Duo couldn't hear him. The braided boy shifted again, making Heero whimper and tighten his grips stronger on Duo's head, forcing the head still on his chest. "Try to relax, Heero." Heero heard Duo whisper and then felt a tongue licking his chest. Relax? Would it ease the pain? Heero tried to force his body to relax. Duo's tongue, which teasing his nipples at the moment helped him to relax. Slowly, he felt his body adjust to Duo's cock and loosened his grips on Duo's head.

At the feeling Heero had adjusted to his cock, Duo stopped licking and lifted his head from Heero's chest, freeing it from Heero's weak grip. The American pilot began to move again. First, he thrust slowly and then got harder, driving Heero up against the headboard. Heero's tightness seemed to give Duo incredible pleasure as the American pilot repeated his thrusts faster.

Heero whimpered, nearing to sobbing. He still felt a little pain at Duo's intrusion but he allowed Duo penetrate his body as long as he could bear the pain. However the whimper stopped as Duo hit something inside him. Heero widened his eyes and jerked up in pleasure every time Duo's cock hit the spot. Duo seemed to realize it too and prodded the spot in his every thrust.

"Ah." Heero jerked up as his prostate being prodded repeatedly. It slowly drove all the throbbing pain away, leaving him in such a pleasure he never knew before. Heero moaned every time Duo brushed his spot, already forgetting about the pain. Now he only wanted Duo to thrust harder into him, to prod his spot in every trust. Heero raised his legs to encircle Duo's waist, pulling Duo closer and deeper inside him.

The Deathscythe pilot growled. It seemed he still hadn't been satisfied and wanted to go deeper inside this Japanese boy. Heero felt a hand grabbed the base of his neck and the other one dove beneath him, pulling him to sit up. Duo sat up and put Heero on his lap, still joint. Heero gasped as this position caused Duo to be buried deeper inside him. A smile of satisfaction was formed on the braided pilot's face. He crushed Heero's lips once more before began to lift up and impale the Japanese boy on his cock over and over.

Heero moaned as this position caused Duo's cock to brush his prostate deeper every time the braided pilot impaled him. His tied hands were trapped between their bodies while his legs hugged the boy's waist tightly. "Duo," Heero sighed. Duo was touching him, Duo was kissing him, and Duo was inside him. It brought fire all over his body, burning him in sea of passion and pleasure.

"I. Love. You." Duo punctuated the words with each thrust. He impaled the Japanese boy on his cock faster and harder, still trying to get inside him deeper. One hand sneaked between their bodies and pumped Heero's re-hardened arousal. Unable to stand any longer at the stimulation outside and inside him, Heero let out a cry and came, spilling his seed on his and Duo's stomach. Once again he was blinded by the white ecstasy sparked before him. He came and came, harder than the first time, crying out Duo's name unconsciously.

Duo purred at hearing his name and impaled the orgasming boy harder while Heero, finally dried and spent, felt his body becoming weak and his legs felt like jelly, making them unable to hold around Duo's waist any longer. His tied hands also didn't give him any freedom to reach out for Duo's shoulders to gain his balance. As Duo released his spent cock, Heero fell backward onto the bed.

Duo was still buried inside the Japanese boy and noticed Heero falling but he didn't stop it. He rose to his knees instead and switched his grips from Heero's thighs to Heero's hips, lifting the hips up to make a better position for him to continue thrusting inside Heero. Duo pounded into the Japanese boy rapidly, ignoring Heero's hiss of pain at the uncomfortable angle his hips were.

However, Heero's inner passage, which clamped around Duo, made the American pilot can't hold his release any longer. Two more thrusts into Heero's body and Duo went still, his head was thrown to the back as he came inside of the Japanese boy, emptying himself inside the spent Japanese boy.

Heero gasped as he felt hot liquid shoot and splashed on his inner muscles, filling him and eliciting some more sensations on his sated body. He felt Duo tighten his hands on his hips as the braided boy filled him more. There would be bruises there later on those parts, together with the other parts where Duo's hands had ever landed, but Heero found he didn't care. The only thing he had in his mind, was at how good it felt to be filled like this. He felt full and for the first time, contented.

Sighing, the Japanese boy fell back on the bed, his hands thrown over his head and then Duo collapsed on top of him. No sound was heard except for panting and gasping from the occupants of the bed in their post orgasmic daze.

"Heero...." Still on top of Heero, Duo brushed his nose against Heero's neck. His hand reached up and caressed Heero's cheek. He swept the stray pieces of now-damp-brown hair near the cheek. "You are really wonderful. I love you."

Heero was still panting. He could feel Duo's body on top of him, Duo's softened flesh inside him, and Duo's lips kissing his face gently. He purred pleasantly at the contact and stayed still, trying to hold the sensations as long as he could. However the wonderful pleasure slowly ebbed and brought him back from the high place he was before.

He began to be aware of Duo's seeds, mixed with the blood, beginning to seep out from his opening, soaking the sheet. He was also aware of the painful throbs all over his body where Duo's hands ever landed and where the braided boy put his marks on him. He felt the pain but also the pleasure of what Duo had done to him. He was confused at what had happened between them just now.

However he was distracted from his thought when Duo nuzzled his neck, making the pain disappear, replaced by warm and soothing feelings. He tilted his head unconsciously and let Duo's tongue roam over his neck.

"Mine" Duo whispered near Heero's earlobe. "You're completely mine now, Heero."

"Yours?" Heero was confused at the statement.

The braided boy stopped his administration and propped his upper body with his hands, looking down to the Japanese boy beneath him. "Do you feel this?" He suddenly thrust his lower body up, making Heero gasp at the feeling Duo's cock move inside his sore passage. "I'm inside you, Heero. I claimed your body and put my marks on you. You're mine from now on." Duo purred and thrust his hip toward Heero again.

Heero found it was hard to think with Duo's cock inside him. So he belonged to Duo now because Duo had been inside him? Had claimed him? It seemed Duo had felt Heero's confusion too. He kissed the Japanese boy gently and lowered his upper body again on Heero, covering the slender boy with his own. "Don't think too hard, Heero. Just accept it. You're mine and no one else's."

Duo's kiss distracted Heero from his thought again. The feelings of Duo, on top of him, inside him, and kissing him were very comforting, making Heero relax and sigh contently.

At the Japanese boy's sigh, Duo lifted his head and smiled at Heero before kissing his nose affectionately. "My sweet Heero.....All mine..." Duo purred and then yawned. "I'm tired, come on, let's sleep, now."

Heero felt Duo pulled away from inside him. He winced as Duo's withdrawn flesh brushed his torn muscles and the throbbing pain came back, but Duo didn't seem to notice Heero's pain. The American pilot settled next to Heero and gathered the Japanese boy into his arms. They lay spooned together, Heero's back against' Duo's chest.

Heero didn't resist. He was too tired and too sore to do anything and moreover, his inner body still throbbed painfully, protesting at every single movement Heero did. He could hear soft snore from Duo, indicating the braided pilot had fallen asleep. However his mind was still filled with so many unanswered questions, making Heero stay awake.

Heero stared at the wall in front of him and thought about what had just happened. He looked down on his tied hands and tugged them hard, tearing the tie and freeing his hands. Staring at his free hands, Heero thought again of what had happened. The thing they did just now.... What was it? Odin and Dr. J never taught him about this matter so he wasn't sure what had happened just now. Duo..... Duo had made his cock spurting some white substance, giving him pleasure...... and then.... then.... Duo's cock entered him in a way he never thought possible for him.....

It hurt.... Heero still could feel the throbbing pain on his lower body. But as he relaxed and Duo touched something inside him, the pleasure shot through his body and multiplied at each thrust, taking him to white blinding pleasures he never knew before.

Was it what people called sex?

Heero blinked, still staring at his hands. Duo had said he loved him. Duo wanted to show how much he loved Heero. Was it Duo's way to show it? Heero pondered what Duo had done to him. Was sex always this painful? When Duo slid his fingers and then his cock inside him, it was so painful.... But he liked the middle part where he felt no pain, when great pleasures coursed inside him. It felt so good, but then again, in the end, the pain would come back. Heero's lower body throbbed in pain again as a reminder.

Was it the price for having the ultimate pleasure?

And moreover... Duo said he loved him, Duo said he belonged to him....... Despite his protesting sore muscles, Heero turned to look at Duo's sleeping face. He could see the peace, happy and contented expression on the heart shaped face of the sleeping boy.

Suddenly Duo threw one leg over Heero's thighs and tightened his hug, murmuring possessively in his sleep. "Mine...." At hearing the word Heero felt something warm fluttering inside him. Duo loved him, Duo wanted him. He never thought there would be someone who would want him by their side, who would want to look at him as a human rather than a soldier.

He smiled slightly, still looking at Duo's face and savoring his situation right now. This was where he wanted to be. In Duo's arms, being hugged by him, the person who cared for and loved him.


Heero blinked at the word.

Did he love Duo?

Heero looked long at Duo, relishing every frown and curve on the braided boy's face and remembering the time they spent together. It was only to Duo he opened up, he allowed him to touch, and he smiled at. Only with Duo he let his fifteen years side free........ He liked being with Duo...... He loved Duo.............

Heero brought his hand and caressed Duo's cheek. He traced Duo's lips with his forefinger, feeling the soft surface of the flesh.

"I'm yours, Duo." The Japanese boy murmured softly. It seemed the pain on his body was not so bad. If it were the price to be with Duo and to feel the pleasure Duo gave him once again, he would accept it.

Heero would bear the consequence, no matter how painful it was.

There were still many questions he wanted to ask Duo, but he was too tired to think further. Heero decided they could wait till tomorrow and snuggled into Duo, letting the sleep claim him.



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