Cross My Heart Part 7


"Yuy-chan, come on. You'll enjoy it."

"I don't think so."

Duo put his best puppy look. "But..."

"I say no!" Heero glared.

"Duo, I want to borrow Yuy." Ryoko came near them, smiling secretly.

"What? Not now, Ryoko, I...."

"Now now Duo! You have promised me to lend her anytime I want." Ryoko grinned.

"Oh, Ryoko. Yes, I promised you, but did you have to ask it now?" Duo was trying his best to persuade Heero to come with him tonight. Anne invited all the classmates to attend her birthday party in the gym and had been given permission by the headmaster to do so. So here he was now, asking Heero to go to the party. Moreover he wanted to see how beautiful Heero was in a dress, which was also the big reason Heero didn't want to attend the party.

"Yup, I want to borrow her now, Duo." Ryoko smiled watching Duo's desperate face.

"I guess I have to keep my promise." Duo sighed. "But don't borrow her too long, will ya? I still have unfinished conversation with her."

"Don't you worry about that. I'll return her before the party started. Let's go, Yuy." Ryoko winked and pulled Heero with her.

Ryoko brought the curious Heero to her room on the second floor where the other girls had waited for them. Some of them held the make-up accessories.

"What are we doing here, Ryoko? " Heero was confused.

"What do you think? To prepare you for the party tonight, of course." Ryoko smiled.

"We wanted you to be at your best in the party tonight." The other girl spoke.

"Uhm...but I don't want to go to the party."

"What? You don't want to go to the party? Why?" The other girls were surprised.


"No way, Yuy. You have to go to the party, this is a rare chance to wear a dress."

"But...." Heero sweatdropped. The dress was the reason Heero didn't want to go. And the fact that the party was held by Anne, added his reason not to go to the party. He didn't like the girl.

"Yuy, Duo will be disappointed, you know?" said Ryoko.

"Huh? Why will he be disappointed?"

"Yuy, every boy will bring his partner and you will let Duo to go alone?" The other girl spoke.


"Anne might be asking him to be her partner if you don't go to the party." Ryoko spoke teasingly.

What? Anne will what??? Heero got an image of Anne clinging on Duo during the party. No way! It was better for him to wear the dress then letting that girl to accompany Duo tonight.

"I'll go to the party." Heero spoke.

"You're jealous, aren't you?" Ryoko grinned.

Heero blushed as the other girls giggled. He was jealous? Oh whatever. He didn't want to think about it. Right now, it's better to keep Anne away from Duo.

"That's good. Okay, let's start the work, girl. We have to make Yuy at her best, tonight." Ryoko clapped her hands.

"Minna, why do you help me?" Heero was still confused. He didn't see what advantages the girls get by doing this. "I... I never do anything good for you all...."

"Yuy, you don't need to do anything for us. We're your friends." The girl on his right smacked Heero playfully.

"That's right, we help you because we care about you." Another girl smiled.

"Since you are still new here, we thought you would need our helps." Ryoko added.

Heero didn't know what to say. They did this because they cared? He never felt he was worth enough to be treated as he was now. A smile managed to slip onto his face. It's not wide but it's definitely a smile. "Thank you."

"Whoa, Yuy! You are so adorable when you smile." Another girl exclaimed.

"Oh, I bet Duo will be able to stare at her for a day long if she smile like this." Ryoko's teasing made Heero blush again. He was smiling to the other girls? He really managed to smile to someone else other than Duo? Maybe he was really human after all, not a cold killing machine.

"Okay, okay, let's get to work or we will be late for the party. Yuy, where is your dress?"

"In my room."

"Let's get it, then. You have to put on the dress first before we start putting make up on you."

Still not forget that he was a boy, Heero went into the bathroom and changed the clothes. Then he let Ryoko and the others did whateve they wanted to do with him.


At the first floor, Duo was pacing near the stairs. Where were Ryoko and Heero? The party almost started and he still had to persuade Heero to go to the party. The other boys also were there. They had put on their tuxedo and were waiting for their girls to come down.

"Duo! I'm returning Yuy." Duo, who was still in his school uniform, looked to the top of the stairs where Ryoko was standing. She was already wearing her dress.

"Oh, my God! Duo, you haven't changed yet? Arghhh, girls! Don't let him see her! Yuy, stepped back. He isn't ready for you, yet."

Too late, Duo had seen the magnificent figure that was standing beside Ryoko. His jaw dropped and he stared dumbfound at the most beautiful human being he ever saw. No words could be appropriate to describe what he had seen on the beautiful creature standing on the top of the stairs. The figure was wearing a white dress with double thin blue lines around the waist. The alabaster neck was exposed, and a necklace was encircling the neck. Duo recognized the necklace as the one he bought with Heero. The face, the hair, the body....all parts of Heero were so perfect!

"Hello?..... Hellloooo!? Duo!! Earth to Duo!!! DUOOOO!!!"

Ryoko's loud voice brought Duo back to reality as the other girls were standing in front of Heero preventing Duo to see him more.

"Uhm...what?" Duo set his jaw back to the place, still trying to see Heero behind the girls.

"Duo! I give you five minutes to prepare yourself or I'll not allow you to escort Yuy to the party."

That got straight to his mind. No need to be told twice, Duo quickly ran to his room.

"Well, someone watch the time, will ya? I want to know if he'll break the record time in changing clothes." Ryoko laughed while the other girls giggled.

Meanwhile the other boys who also had seen Yuy could only swallow in jealousy. All of them were thinking about the same thing. Duo Maxwell was a very lucky person!

"Two minutes and ten seconds....not bad." Ryoko smiled when Duo emerged from his room, wearing the black tuxedo. "Okay, Yuy, you may go to him now."

The other girls stepped aside and let Heero walked down the stairs. Heero kept silent and watched Duo as he descended from the stair. His eyes looked like ready to eat Heero from head to toe. He felt happy when he knew Duo was really surprised to see him like this. The braided boy's expression was priceless and it's really worth for wearing this annoying dress. Again a smile was formed on his face.

Duo held his breath as Heero came closer to him. And then he saw a smile on that lovely face. He stunned and really forgot to breathe. Heero was smiling! The Japanese boy was really beauty and stunning with that smile! At the very exact moment of that time, Duo knew he would do anything to keep the smile on Heero's face forever.

The American pilot kept staring at Heero until a smack landed on his head. "Itaiii!!!"

"Duo! It's not polite to stare at your girl, you know? " Duo blinked and realized Ryoko had stood beside him.

"Uhm....yeah...." He blinked and stared at Heero again.

"What are you waiting now??? Take her hand and head to the gym."

"Okay...." Duo offered his arm, not breaking his gaze with Heero.

Heero took his hand and stood beside him. "Stop staring at me."

"I can't"

"My God! Duo, stop staring at her and get moving!!!" Ryoko shook her head helplessly and shoved both of them out of the dorm.

"He was really lucky." Ryoko looked up and saw her partner was standing beside him. Ready to escort her to the party.

"Yup, I think he realized that." She smiled and took her partner's hand, following the previous couple to the gym.


Duo didn't know what happened and where was he in the next few hours. All he knew that was he was holding and dancing with Heero. He never thought Heero would agree to dance with him and to his surprise, Heero danced well. Duo made his smile as wide as he could. There's no other day that would be as good as this day. Heero, at the other hand, was thankful to Ryoko for talking him into going to the party. Now he could see Duo's face was bright and glow with happiness. To the hell with the other hungry stares he got.

They stopped dancing to take a rest. Duo led Heero to the chair and asked him to wait there while he took the drinks. The braided boy looked at the various choices of beverages. What would Heero like to drink? Fruit punch? Coke? Or orange juice? Duo chose to take the coke.

"Hello, Duo. Do you enjoy the party?"

Duo spun and saw Anne was standing beside him. "Oh, Anne. Of course I enjoy the party. Thank you so much for inviting us to the party."

"No problem. I'm glad you like the party. Here, let's toast." Anne gave him a glass of coke. Duo took it and made a toast with Anne wanting to end it as fast as he could and went back to Heero.

From the chair, Heero watched as Anne approached Duo and handed him the glass. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Duo take the glass and drink it. His mind chose that moment to define the feelings he felt everytime Anne approached Duo. What happened to him? Why did he felt like burning when he saw Duo with the other girl?

'You're jealous' Ryoko's words echoed in his mind.

Is this what they called a jealous feeling? Why would he be jealous? A person often got jealous when his lover was with another person. Did this mean, he loved Duo? So that warm and safe feeling was love? The feeling to see him happy, the feeling to be with him all day and see his face, is it love?

"Yuy-chan, what are you thinking?"

Heero startled and quickly answered. "Nothing."

Duo sat down next to him. "Here's your drink. What? Did I get something on my face?" Duo noticed Heero was staring at him.

Heero shook his head and decided to postpone the argument in his mind.

"Will you dance again in the next song?"

Heero nodded. He drank his coke slowly. Then he heard the music turned into a slow one.

"Oh, here comes the music, let's go." Duo stood up and pulled Heero to the dance floor. As he looked at the violet eyes before him, Heero soon forgot about the others except for the boy in front of him. Time passed as they danced one song after another. Heero didn't know how long time had passed until Duo encircled his hands around Heero's waist and pulled Heero closer to him. "Ne, Heero. You are really beautiful." He whispered near Heero's ear.

Heero startled and whispered at Duo's ear, afraid somebody would hear them. "Duo, you should call me Yuy."

"Oh, yeah. Yuy." Duo leant down and kissed Heero's neck. Heero felt Duo's hands caressing his back then moving lower.

"Duo, what are you doing?" Heero pulled back.

"Sorry, I think I'm a bit light-headed." Duo was confused. What's happened to him? Why he called Heero in his real name? He could blow their covers if someone heard them. He looked at Heero and all his thought flew away. Heero was really beautiful.

"You looked a little pale. Let's go back to the dorm." Heero looked at the braided boy worriedly.

"Uhm, yeah " Duo didn't want to leave the party yet but he thought It's better. He found he couldn't think clearly. All he wanted to do is to be with Heero, to kiss him, and to ....... Duo shook his head. What was he thinking?? He had to stop thinking like that.... but ...Heero was so beautiful... so tempting......the way his hips moved when he walked .....Duo felt his mind shut down and let his body worked on his will.

They slipped from the party and Heero lead Duo to the American pilot's room. Duo was acting strangely. He kept quiet along the way and staring at Heero like a predator looking at his prey.

"Duo, are you okay?" Duo had opened the door but he didn't walk in. He just stood there and kept staring at Heero. The Japanese pilot didn't realize that there was only one thing left in Duo's mind as the other things seemed to fade to nowhere.

"Duo?" Heero was surprised when he saw lust at those violet eyes. And was more surprised when suddenly the American pilot pushed forward and captured his lips. Duo devoured Heero's mouth hungrily, full of passion and lust. He pinned the Japanese boy's body with his body onto the wall and pushed one thigh forward to part Heero's legs. Heero could feel the American pilot groan into his mouth as he ground his erection against his body. Heero's eyes widened as he realized Duo was as hard as a rock.

"What..." Duo's kiss dazed Heero's mind. It felt so good. Hell, Duo's kiss always felt so good. But this time it was more intense. Heero felt fire flared inside him as Duo slipped his tongue inside his mouth. Right at the moment, a rational part of his mind screamed to push the body before him. Danger!! There was something wrong with Duo! Heero raised his hands to push Duo, only to found Duo's hands caught his wrists and pinned his hands against the wall on the same level as his head.

Before Heero had a chance to do anything, Duo pasted his body against him and at the same time his thumbs were stroking the Japanese boy's wrists, making Heero feel his hands became weak and stopped struggling.

Their palms united as Duo entwined his fingers with Heero's. For the Japanese boy, this simple touch felt so nice. Never! He had never been treated so intimate like this for whole his life. He cried out at the loss as Duo broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against Heero's one. His breath was hot and rumbling on Heero's face when he whispered, "You're fascinating."

Heero was panting and didn't know what to say. He just stared at Duo until Duo detached himself from the Japanese boy and scooped up Heero, carrying him inside the room.

"Duo!?" Heero was startled. The braided boy put him on the bed and moved away to lock the door. Like an animal stalking its prey, Duo approached Heero slowly, never broke his gaze on Heero. "Duo, what are you doing?"

"I want you, Heero." Duo licked his own lips he rested his hands on the bed and bent over Heero.

Heero widened his eyes. "Wh...what?"

Duo got onto the bed and crawled toward Heero. "I want you, all of you."

"Duo! Snap it out! It's not funny!" Heero wanted to stand up but Duo quickly pushed him back to the bed. He pinned both of Heero's hands above the Japanese pilot's head with one hand.

"I'm not kidding. I want you. I love you, Heero." His other hand caressed Heero's cheek.

Heero was about to struggle when the word 'love' made him stunned. Duo loved him? How could it be?

"I love you, Heero." Duo repeated the words again before leaned down and kissed Heero. Duo's lips attacked his lips hungrily. There's no allurement in this kiss, no gentleness either. "Let me have you, Heero." The braided pilot's lips and tongue assaulted Heero's mouth ferociously. He plundered Heero's mouth and found Heero's tongue. Heero wasn't intending to fight back the invader inside his mouth, but the way Duo teased and licked managed to make he move his tongue instinctively and join the hot battle.

"Hmm.." Duo purred into Heero's mouth and kept kissing the Japanese boy until the burning feeling in his lung made him cease the kiss to take a breath.

Heero panted for the air. He could feel Duo's lips brushing his chin when he murmured, "God, Heero, you taste so good. I want you. Badly want you. All of you." Not giving Heero a chance to say anything or to steady his breath, Duo's mouth took in action again. He sucked and licked every inch of Heero's hot cavern, making the Japanese boy moan at the sensation the kiss caused.

Then Duo broke the kiss and nibbled Heero's jaws. His free hand slipped beneath Heero's skirt and stroked the delicate thigh, causing Heero to gasp at the sensation. It was too much for the Japanese boy. Heero panted and tried to breathe steadily. His hands were still pinned above his head but he made no move to break it for his mind was too busy to absorb Duo's words. Duo loved him? Did he hear it right? Was that why Duo didn't mind to act as his boyfriend? Was that why Duo liked to kiss him every time he got a chance?

Heero gasped when he felt Duo's lips attacking his throat. It was his weak point and the American pilot's seemed to know that for he assaulted Heero's throat over and over, making Heero moaned and squirmed at the assault. Pleasure coursed inside Heero, swirling up and down. It was so new for him and he wanted more. "Duo.... More...." Heero gasped as Duo sucked on his shoulder, leaving a red mark on the pale skin.

"Oh yes. More.... I'll show you how much I love you, Heero." Duo murmured huskily. He released his grip on Heero's hand and began to remove Heero's dress, opening the button one by one and placed his kisses wherever he found the exposed flesh. Heero shuddered at the sensation when the lips touched his skin. He felt himself melt with every kiss. A small part of his mind warned him that Duo was acting strange, not like the Duo he knew but his body refused to listen. He let Duo work on him, removing his dress and underwear and soon he found himself lying naked on the bed with the braided pilot on top of him, staring lustfully at him.

Slowly, Duo brought down his gaze from Heero's face to study the Japanese pilot's lean body. "You are beautiful Heero......My Heero..." Duo's voice was strained with need and his fingers were stroking Heero's nipples, making the Japanese boy gasp loudly. Heero felt like being struck by lightning and at the same time being burnt with eternal flame as Duo caressed his hardened nipples. There was no one ever touched him like Duo did at the moment. It was so good..... Heero moaned again as Duo twirled his nipples.

"Yes, that's right. Moan for me, Heero." Duo growled.

Again his mind warned Heero to stop Duo, to tell Duo to stop it. But Heero found out that he couldn't say any words. He only could moan and whimper at the sensation being touched by those fingers. Duo's fingers were soft but yet demanded when exploring, familiarizing, and caressing his body, giving him the pleasure that he never knew before.

Heero gasped as he felt something wet on his hot skin. Duo had replaced his fingers with his tongue and now was sucking on his nipples. Sensory overloaded, Heero's mind was shutting down. He moaned at every stroke, squirmed when Duo's tongue found his sensitive area, and gasped when he felt Duo sank his teeth into his exposed flesh.

"Mine." Duo bit on the area above Heero's right nipple. "You're mine, Heero." He bit again on the left side, causing Heero to jerk up as he felt the pain mingled with pleasure.

After planting some marks around Heero's upper body, Duo's lips trailed down, placing butterfly kisses along his way. Heero could feel the American pilot's hands snaked to his upper thighs. When did he bend his knees and spread his legs, giving Duo more space to settle between his thighs? Heero didn't seem to remember. However, he didn't care. He only wanted Duo to touch him more. To give him more of something he couldn't decipher.

Without warning, Duo engulfed Heero's arousal, which already erected because of his previous ministration, causing Heero to yell in surprise and jerk his hips up. This was all new for him. He felt Duo's warm mouth sheath him and trembled as the wave of pleasure attacked him repeatedly. He never knew how good to feel Duo's mouth working the way up and down, swallowing his arousal. He grasped the sheet as Duo's tongue brushed the length of him and then licked at the tip. Heero moaned and thrust up into Duo's mouth. "Duo...."

The American pilot sucked harder and ran his tongue along the lower vein of Heero's cock, eliciting a small muffled groan from Heero. The Japanese pilot was gasping loudly when Duo fondled his balls. This was way too much for him as his body went rigid. Heero screamed, finding his release, and filled Duo's mouth with his seed. "DUO!!"

Heero panted as he continued emptying himself into Duo's waiting mouth. Between white layers of pleasure, he vaguely felt Duo lick his now soft cock and heard the braided boy growled possessively.

"You're mine. No one will touch you, but me." Duo moved up and caught Heero's mouth again, allowing the boy to taste himself in his mouth.



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