Cross My Heart Part 6

The class went like usual. They studied and did the test. After all those mundane thingies, Heero found himself once again sitting next to Duo on the bench's garden. However, this time Ryoko and some other students followed them. "Yuy, thank you so much for teaching us yesterday."

Heero shook his head. "No need to thank me."

"Of course we need." A boy behind Ryoko smiled happily. "I can get A for this exam and won't suffer my mother's rant."

"Right, so we agree to give you these." Ryoko stuck two tickets into his hand. "We believe you will use them together with Duo." With that, they took off, giggling and leaving Heero to stare dumbfoundedly on the tickets.

Having identified the tickets, Duo grinned and put his arm around Heero's shoulders, chirping happily. "Tickets to Dream Land? Cool! We will have a very pleasant date there."

Heero's head snapped up from the ticket to his boyfriend. "What? A date?"

"Yup." Duo grinned and leant forward, whispering near Heero's ear. "It will be very strange if we refuse to go out to date with these given tickets."

"You're right..." Heero agreed half heartily. He still found it was hard to let himself dressed like a girl and went out to meet so many people. "When will we go out to date?"

"Tomorrow. It is Saturday and we don't have any classes."

"Very well."

"Wear a nice dress tomorrow, koi eeeppp" Duo ducked Heero's fist right in time and catched the said hand nimbly. "Hey, don't be so rude with your own boyfriend."

Heero glared. "Omae o korosu."

"Are you two having a fight?" A female voice surprised both of them. Heero turned and saw Anne standing near them. It seemed he so caught up with Duo that he didn't heart the girl approaching. Looking at smirk on the girl's face, Heero felt very uncomfortable.

"Hello Anne." Duo, who had gotten over his surprise, smiled at the girl. "What's up?"

Anne sat on Duo's other side and clung onto him. "Oh, I'm just walking around and saw you two. I'm worried when Yuy threw a punch at you, Duo. Are you okay?"

"I'm okay, Anne. We are just playing around." Duo tried to pry Anne's hand off him, already noticing the dead glare Heero sent to the girl.

Anne tightened her grip. "Playing around? You call punching as playing around? She can break your nose, Duo."

And he will break your nose soon if you don't release me. Duo really wanted to say that, but of course he couldn't do it. Hearing Heero growl, Duo threw his best puppy look at his girlfriend, trying to make Heero cooperate. Meanwhile, Anne pasted herself to Duo, brushing her breasts against Duo's arm. "I'm not sure about that, Duo. How about if we go to my room and let me check you?"

Duo shuddered at the touch. "No.... I.... hmpphh." Duo could only widen his eyes as Heero seized his head and kissed him hard. All other thoughts flew away from his mind as he kissed the Japanese boy back. Anne had already been forgotten long ago.

Heero wanted to strangle the impertinent girl for daring to flirt with Duo. He couldn't shoot the girl and couldn't punch her either so he settled for the first thing his mind suggested. He kissed Duo hard, long and continuously, not giving a chance for the braided boy to do more than taking a breath. Moving closer and climbing onto Duo's lap, Heero sent a glare to the jaw dropped girl on Duo's side before closing his eyes and focused on kissing Duo. The signal was very clear. He wanted Anne to leave them alone.

Anne saw Duo had already forgotten about her. The braided boy was busy kissing back his girlfriend who now was sitting on his lap, while her hands encircled his neck. Anne felt angry and fretful at being ignored. She had tried to do her best in seducing Duo, but still that Yuy-slut beated her. She stomped her foot in humiliation and anger and left, swearing to find a way get even with Yuy. She would get Duo, no matter how.

It was five minute after Anne left the couple broke their continuous kiss. Duo was panting but he grinned happily at the same time. "I think my girlfriend is jealous."


"Not again." Duo rolled his eyes and hugged Heero lovingly. "I don't mind it at all but I'm curious. I never thought you would do something like that."

Heero's cheeks reddened as he realized what he just did. "That girl has to get a lesson or she won't leave us peacefully alone."

"You're blushing, koi." Duo chuckled. "Sweet koi, You just gave me the hottest kiss I ever got, you know. I have to thank Anne for that"

Knowing he blushed redder, Heero hid his head on the crook between Duo's neck and shoulder. His boyfriend just laughed and hugged Heero tighter. "You're amazing, koi."

"Shut up." Heero mumbled.

That night, the Japanese boy found it was hard to sleep while his mind was trying to predict what will happen tomorrow. His heart beat faster than usual. Kamisama, he liked an ordinary teenager waiting for his first date. Heero turned and closed his eyes tightly, trying to get sleep. It wouldn't do to appear in front of Duo with bags under his eyes. What Heero didn't know was inside one room of the boy's dorm, a braided boy was having the same problem as Heero.


Saturday morning, Heero was ready when there was a knock on his door. He was wearing white shirt with a blazer over it, which had the same color as his pastel blue skirt. He wore earrings in shape of angel wing and put a ribbon with the same color as his eyes on his hair.

He opened his door and widened his eyes as he saw so many boys standing in front of his room, blocking his way out.

"Yuy! You're so lovely. Are you ready to go?" A boy spoke up.

"Ignore him, I'm a better date, Yuy." Another boy spoke up.

"No, I'll be her date." This time, it was Mario's booming loudly.

Heero was confused and panicked. He quickly shut his door and locked it when he saw some boys try to grab him. Leaning against the door, Heero ignored the pounding on his door and tried to process what had happened. Come to think it, where was Duo?

"Yuy!" Heero looked up and saw Duo was nestling outside his window. The braided boy was wearing black pants and black shirt with high collar. Duo would look gorgeous if not for the fact the boy was panting and pasting himself on Heero's window.

"What the hell happened?" Heero hissed as he opened the window and let Duo in.

"Sorry, my fault." Duo panted, trying to steady his breath. "And Mario's too. This morning, I told some other boys that Ryoko gave you two tickets and we would go out in a date. And then Mario, out of sudden, said out loud that you might change your mind and take him instead of me if he offered himself." Duo took a breath before continuing. "The next thing I knew I was alone in the boy's dorm. I ran to your room and saw the boys gathering in front of your door. There was no way I could break through those boys."

"So you climbed the tree again and here you are." Heero finished. "I thought those boys had given up on me."

"They did...." Duo sighed and plopped down on the bed. "Until Anne said we were quarrelling yesterday, making they think they could get a second chance with you."

"I'm gonna kill that girl." Heero growled.

"You know you can't do it." Duo pointed up.

"Humph!" Heero stomped and went to stand near the window.

"Hey, don't pout at me. I want to pout as well because our date is ruined." Duo sighed. He wanted to cry as well. He had been waiting and dreaming to date Heero.

"Well, it hasn't been ruined yet."

"What do you mean?" Duo stood up and saw Heero look down outside the window, grinning and making some signs. "Hey, what are you going to do? You are a girl, remember? You can't climb down the tree, especially not in a nice dress like you're wearing now."

"They'll help." Heero pointed down outside the window.

"They?" Duo raised an eyebrow and stuck his head out to see what Heero saw. He widened his eyes and grinned as he saw Ryoko and some other girls were standing below Heero's window. Two of the girls were holding a long ladder rope. "Thank God for sending them." Duo grinned at Heero, "You have a very good friend, you know."

"Hai." Heero smiled.

"Okay, don't waste the time. The girls won't be able to throw the rope to this height. I'll climb down and throw it to you."

"Ryoukai." Heero nodded and watched Duo climb down to Ryoko and the others. The braided boy then threw the ladder rope to him, which he snatched with perfect precision and tied it to the window.

"Careful, Yuy-chan." Duo looked up and shouted worriedly when Heero turned around to face the wall and started climbing down the ladder. However, between his worries, he was also blushing since Heero's perfect thighs were visible from where he was standing beneath Heero. God, he wanted to touch such perfect thighs. He was sure they would feel as smooth as silk. Suddenly the wind blew so hard that Heero's skirt was blown up, making Duo stoned in a place.

Heero was surprise when his skirt was blown and without thinking, he tried to push down his skirt with one hand. But his sudden movement caused him to lose balance and slipped off from the ladder. His friends shouted in horror as he lost his hold on the ladder and fell down. Cursingto the wind, Heero felt his body follow the gravitation and closed his eyes, preparing himself for the hard impact with the ground.

A thumping sound of the impact, followed by girls' hysterical voices told him that he had hit the ground. However, Heero was surprised when he felt so little pain and moreover the ground beneath him was soft. A groan came from the ground beneath him made Heero open his eyes and quickly realized Duo had caught him while falling since he was lying face down horizontally across Duo's midsection.

"Duo, are you okay?" Heero only turned his head to see his braided partner, afraid to hurt Duo if he moved carelessly.

"Hmm.. nice ass ... white panties...."

Heero gasped in surprise as he felt a hand caressed his revealed bottom. The impact had made his skirt flipped up, making his bottom on display. "Duo!!" Heero quickly sat up and glared at his boyfriend who was still lying in front of him and grinning at him naughtily. Heero wanted to smack Duo's grinning face, however it had to wait since Ryoko and the others had arrived near them.

"Yuy, Duo, are you okay?" Worries were apparent on Ryoko and the other girls' faces.

"I'm fine, Ryoko." Heero reassured the girls. "Duo caught me in time."

"We saw it. Duo, are you okay?" Ryoko looked down at Duo, who was still grinning silly. He never would have thought he could see Heero in panties and touch Heero's smooth bottom. Oh boy, this would be his companion in his wet dream every morning.

"I think I was just hit by an ambulance as white as Yuy-chan's..."

"DUO!!" Heero blushed and covered Duo's mouth with his hand.

"Well, I think you are okay if you can joke like that." Ryoko giggled. "Anyway, I suggest you two to go out quickly before the boys find Yuy here."

"Thank you very much for your help, Ryoko." Duo sat up slowly, checking the damage and was glad there was none.

"Don't mention it, I'm just helping Yuy." Ryoko smiled.

"I'm really thankful, Ryoko. I don't know what I'll do if you don't give me the ladder." Heero stood up, followed by Duo.

"Don't worry, Yuy. You can thank us by telling us about your date later." Ryoko grinned and then together with the other giggling girls, sheleft Heero and Duo. "Have a pleasant date."

Heero blushed furiously and Duo just grinned silly as they watched Ryoko and the others disappeared.

"Ne, Yuy-chan?"


"I never thought you would wear the white panties."

Duo ran away right in time as Heero charged over him and thus, their date began.


Saturday night, Heero found himself lying on the bed, replaying what had happened during their first date. Although he didn't have anything to compare with, he knew it was a very pleasant date.

They ate ice cream, lollipop, and cotton candy, which Heero thought were very addictive. Duo laughed when he asked him to buy her second ice cream and kissed him. Heero didn't know why Duo kissed him and wasn't going to ask it. He had decided to just enjoy it and of course, he got his second ice cream.

They tried almost all of entertainment machines there. Heero had different impression on each of them and made a note after trying it.

Giant wheel, a good ride and when the cart was on the top, it was kissing time or so Duo said.

Roller coaster, boring.... Wing was faster.

Ghost house, must remember not to pull out the gun and thank Duo for preventing him from shooting the poor Dracula.

Merry Go Round ..... cool, especially when Duo was riding next to him and trying to kiss him every time their horses were very close, to no avail of course.

Labyrinth House..... do not trust Duo to find the exit and definitely never let the braided boy kiss him in there or they will get stuck in there for hours.

As the memory of the day replayed on his mind, Heero hugged his giant stuffed bear affectionately. Duo had won it on a game stand in the Dream Land and gave it to him. He could feel the jealous and envy from other girls around him when Duo gave him the stuffed bear, which was almost half his height. He unconsciously smiled, not aware that it made his boyfriend struggle very hard not to jump him right and then. He himself also played together with Duo on some other stands and got some ribbons, necklaces, rings, and small stuff animals, but this bear was his favorite.

That night, although he had to spent more than one hour blushing and answering Ryoko's questions, Heero had a smile on his face when he slipped into the dream world.

In the boy's dorm, Duo was still grinning silly, not aware of the jealous look from his friends. He was sure he had died while saving Heero from falling this morning and received a reward of dating with Heero for one day. But a pinch on his arm proved he was still alive and it only made him grinned wider. His friends took one look at him and groan in defeat, knowing they would never get the beautiful Japanese girl, not that Duo would allow them do that, though. Heero was his, with that thought, Duo went off to sleep, still grinning silly.

Meanwhile at one of the dark and secluded corners of the dorm building, two shadows were having conversation.

"What do you want?" Asked the person with low voice.

"I think the question is what you want." Came a light reply.

"What I want?"

"Do you want Yuy Hirosue?"

"Everyone wants her." Came a bitter reply.

"I can help making her yours."


"You heard me."

The person hesitated for some seconds. "Why do you want to help me?"

"So I can get Duo Maxwell for myself."

The person grinned, making their white teeth visible in the darkness. "I see."

"So do you agree to cooperate with me?"


"Very well, I need you to get something from drug store in the Dark alley."



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