Cross My Heart Part 5

"Itaiii!!!" A thick book, which landed on Duo's head, was the cause Duo made the noise.

"For the sixth time, stop dreaming and listen to what I had explained, Duo." Heero spoke calmly. They were at the library now and sat down, circling a round table. The books and dictionaries were spread open on the table.

"I don't understand those horrible things." Duo sulked and scratched his head. He wasn't dreaming, he was too mesmerized by the sight of Heero and kept looking at him. Okay, his mind was indeed wandering away, thinking all possibilities of what could he do with Heero instead of sitting in this library.

"Hmm, I think you need a good push in studying, Duo." Ryoko looked at Duo thoughtfully.

"Nothing can force me to remember all these horrible thingies, Ryoko."

"Well, I think there is one thing that can make you want to remember all those lessons" Ryoko grinned.

"Oh, yeah? What's that?" Duo was as sure as hell that nothing could make him let his mind be filled with those nonsense topics.

"How about a kiss from your beloved girlfriend for every time you manage to answer the questions we give to you?"

Oooww, if Duo's braid was alive, it would bolt upright like an antenna.

"What???" Two voices were speaking simultaneously. One belonged to Heero and the other belonged to Duo.

"Let's see.....we will give you 15 minutes to memorize this book." Ryoko pointed one book, which was on the table. "And then we will ask you question, based on this book. If you can answer the question, you will be rewarded by a kiss from Yuy. How's about that?"

"A good idea Ryoko." The other girl spoke up. "Duo will surely memorize all the lessons with this method."

Duo was eyeing the 60 paged book Ryoko had pointed. "You want me to remember all inside that book in 15 minutes??"

"Yup. It's a cheap prize to earn Yuy's kisses." Ryoko winked at Duo.

"Can I get her kisses too if I memorize the book?" A boy spoke up teasingly.

Duo, who sat next to Heero, quickly wrapped his arms around Heero. "No way. I am the only one who may receive her kisses!" Heero squirmed in surprise and felt his heart beating faster when Duo hugged him tightly.

"Relax Duo. He's just joking." Ryoko chuckled at Duo's possessiveness and Heero's surprise. "You better start memorizing it now. I have set the stopwatch in my watch for 15 minutes."

"I haven't said that I'm agree to this, Ryoko-chan." Heero spoke up and felt Duo's arms tensed around him. Duo might be thinking that he didn't act like Duo's girlfriend this time but a part of him felt unease at the thought of kissing Duo again. It's true that Duo's kisses were good but they were also wearing his control out. He almost lost his control last time Duo kissed him. He had moaned into Duo's mouth and let his arms raise to encircle Duo's neck. Danger! He had to keep himself in control.

"Don't worry, Yuy. You don't have to kiss him in front of us. Moreover, we are not so easy to let Duo kiss you, especially the boys. I bet they will give your boyfriend some very hard questions." Ryoko winked at the boys, who were smiling evilly.

"Ne, Yuy-chan. You don't mind with this, do you?" Heero could feel Duo's arms tightened around him and the braided pilot's voice near his ear. Reflexively, he turned to Duo, which was really a bad mistake for him but a bless for Duo. Heero found a pair of violet eyes was looking at him pleadingly. Why did those eyes always bring strange sensation to him? A part of him wanted to fulfill whatever those violet eyes wanted, but the other part was telling him to refuse this deal. Losing control was unacceptable for him so he opened his mouth to say no.

"Fine. I don't mind." What happened? Why did his lips betray his will? Heero was really surprised when he realized he had agreed to the deal. Was he really so desperate to be kissed by Duo again? Before he could think further, rain of kisses had been attacking both of his cheeks.

"Thank you, Yuy-chan" Duo's happy voice was heard between the kisses.

"Duo, stop that. You are banned to kiss her for these 15 minutes."

Duo ceased kissing and pouted. "You never said about that."

"That's why I'm saying it now. Now let go of her. We still need her to teach us while you are memorizing this book." Ryoko handed the book to Duo.

Duo pouted deeper but he let go of Heero and took the book. After Duo releasing him, Heero felt his control back again. This was bad. He couldn't afford to lose control every time Duo was near him.

"I have one more condition in this deal." Everyone stared at Heero. "Duo will lose a kiss from me every time he fails to answer a question." Heero was never been afraid as long as he remembered but now he was really afraid. Afraid of losing control. He never lost his control before and now everything this braided baka did seemed to make Heero lose control easily. It was really frightening to know that his traitorous body wanted to throw himself into Duo and received more kisses from the American pilot.

"Whoa, what a good idea, Yuy. I'm sure he will really try hard to memorize all pages in that book!" Ryoko giggled.


"No but, Duo. It's fair enough. Since you ask her to kiss you when you managed to answer the question, she also can ask you something if you can't answer the question. Now if I were you, I will prefer memorizing that book than bargaining with Yuy. Time keeps running, you know." At Ryoko's word, Duo quickly focused his mind back to the book. He would make sure that every question would get an answer so he could get Heero's kisses as much as possible. For 15 minutes ahead, Duo amazingly managed to be quiet while the others were asking Heero about the lesson.

Tick. Tick. Tick. "Okay, your time is up, Duo." Ryoko turned off the alarm on her watch then took the book from Duo. "Ready for the questions?"

"Uhm....yeah...." Duo still buried his head behind the book until Ryoko snatched the book from him.

"I'll explain the deal once again. You will get a kiss from Yuy-chan every time you can answer a question and you lose a kiss if you fail to answer it. Any other questions?"

"How many questions will you give to me?" Duo fidgeted. How many kisses he received from Heero would depend on the amount of the questions.

Ryoko thought for a moment. "Hm....I haven't really thought about it. Let's see....we have eight persons here excluding you. Well, that will be 8 questions then."

"You asked me to answer only eight questions??" Duo's eyes widened. Not from shock but from drooling, thinking of receiving eight kisses from Heero. And yet he still wanted more.

"You looks like sure enough that you can answer all the questions." Ryoko smirked.

Duo grinned back. "I am!"

"Well, let's see if you really can get those kisses." Ryoko winked to the other students who winked back to her. They had agreed to give the hardest questions to Duo.

And to their surprises, Duo really could answer all their questions completely. He even managed to explain a formula, which was written as 2 pages long on the book, as the answer to Heero's question.

"I don't believe this." Ryoko shook her head and the others nodded in agreement. All of them were staring at Duo, who smiled widely and smugly. "You have to believe it, Ryoko-chan. Since I have answered all eight questions correctly, may I get my present now?" Duo hugged Heero, who was staring at him in shock now. He never thought this braided baka could answer all the questions, especially his question. It looked like Duo is not as stupid as he had shown.

"The power of a kiss is really terrific, huh?" Ryoko's statement brought laughter from the other students, save Heero. He was fidgeting in Duo's embrace, thinking about kissing Duo eight times. Kamisama, eight times? One kiss from Duo was enough to make him lose control and now he had to kiss Duo eight times?

"As much as we want to watch you two kissing, I think you better find another place to get your present, Duo. I don't think the chief of librarian, who keeps staring at us now, will allow you to get your present here." Ryoko winked at Duo while the other girls giggled. The boys just glared at Duo enviously.

"Yeah, I think I will find more private place." Duo released Heero and stood up, offering his hand to Heero. "Let's go, Yuy-chan." Heero's mind was processing fast. If they could find where no one could see them, then he won't have to kiss Duo. Duo could simply tell the others that Heero had kissed him. The Japanese pilot quickly took Duo's hand and stood up, following Duo to where he wanted to go. Heero could still hear Ryoko was saying 'have fun' before they passed the library's door.

Duo kept holding Heero's hand along the way. They walked into the garden and Heero found out that Duo brought him to the bench where they sat yesterday. The American pilot sat on the bench and pulled Heero to sit on his lap, just like what he did yesterday. He brought Heero's head to rest on the crook of his neck and shoulder and whispered at Heero's ear. "Are you going to kiss me?"

Duo's soft breath was brushing Heero's ear while the American pilot's hands were stroking his hair and back. This ministration made Heero want to moan but luckily this time, his control of himself was still strong. "No, you can simply tell the other I have kissed you."

The American pilot sighed. Although he let himself believe that he would get a kiss from Heero, another part of him had predicted that Heero would think like this. "But it can endanger our mission if you don't kiss me, Heero." As a part of him had predicted Heero's behavior, the other part of him also had prepared some reasons, which would make Heero had to kiss him. And the word 'mission' always managed to do that.

"Endanger the mission? What do you mean?" Heero tensed in Duo's arms.

"I can't lie, Heero. I never lie. So I can't tell the others that you have kissed me eight times if you don't do that. Maybe I can force myself to lie, but I think the other will know that I'm lying and that can make them suspicious about us. Moreover, I don't want to lie. That's my life's principle." Duo smirked when he saw the Japanese pilot frowning.

The American pilot continued his plan in making Heero give him the kisses. "C'mon, Heero. What's up? It's just a touch of skin against skin. Nothing more. Do you want to say you can't do this simple action? So the Perfect Soldier will ruin the mission just because not being able to do a kiss?"

Heero growled and pulled his head away from Duo's shoulder to stare at the braided pilot. He would ruin the mission? Never! He was perfect!!! It seemed Duo's sentences managed to get in Heero's pride. He would show that braided baka how perfect he was in carrying the mission. As Duo said, it was just an act of lips touching lips. Nothing more.

Forgetting his fear about losing control, Heero leaned forward and pressed his lips against Duo's lips. He pulled away quickly once his lips had brushed Duo's lips. That slight touch sent sensation all over his body. Duo's lips felt so good making Heero licked his own lips unconsciously. "One." Heero could hear Duo counted.

The American pilot smirked when he saw Heero licked his lips. The Japanese pilot really fell for this. If what Heero said about his kiss felt so good was true, Duo dared to bet that Heero also would like these kisses.

Heero felt hesitated to kiss Duo again. He was afraid that his body would lose control. Then he saw Duo's smirk. Did Duo think he wasn't capable of doing this simple action? Heero's anger and pride overrode his fear. He leaned forward and pressed his lips on Duo's lips again.

"Two." Duo counted as Heero pulled away just to lean forward again. The American pilot's lips felt so good as Heero unconsciously let his lips stay against the braided pilot's lips longer and longer as Duo kept counting.

After the sixth count, Heero felt Duo opening his mouth slightly as if daring him to go inside. The Japanese pilot growled and let his tongue slip into Duo's welcoming mouth. The tongues brushed and explored the braided pilot's hot cavern then battled with his tongue. Duo really tasted good, Heero pushed his tongue deeper inside Duo, wanting to taste more of him. He didn't aware that his hands had trailed to the back of Duo's head, pushing the American pilot closer to him.

Duo didn't stay passive. Once he felt Heero's tongue invade his mouth, his own hands began the exploration. One hand stroke Heero's back while the other one sneaked beneath the Japanese pilot's skirt, caressing his thighs. His tongue was battling with Heero's.

Feeling as if his lungs were on fire was what had made Heero break the kiss. The Japanese pilot only got a second to catch his breath as he found Duo crushing his lips the second after. He gasped in surprise, letting Duo slip his tongue easily inside his mouth. The American pilot's hand, which had been caressing Heero's back, was on the base of Heero's neck at the moment, pushing the Japanese pilot closer, thus making his tongue penetrate Heero's mouth deeper. The tongue explored every curve and inch inside the Japanese pilot's mouth sprightly and treated Heero's mouth as if that mouth had belonged to the American pilot fully.

This really felt good. Heero groaned like an animal, which was satisfied being caressed by his owner, and pressed his body closer to Duo. He had lost control again but he didn't aware of that.

Duo's touch was distracting him, making him think irrationally. The American pilot's hand, which was on his thigh, was crumpling softly, caressing, and massaging his thigh. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth and felt germs of the desire filling his body. This was really good.

Then Heero felt the hand beneath his skirt stopping the caress and pulling away. The Japanese pilot protested with a whimper. He still wanted Duo to stroke him. But then he felt the said hand sneaking between their body, slipping through the gap between his uniform's buttons, and touched his chest. Heero purred at the sensation with his mouth was still attached on Duo's. This probably the longest kiss they ever had. Duo was not just kissing, he seemed to make love with Heero's mouth. He searched, drank, and filled Heero's mouth with his tongue over and over.

The hand on his chest became bolder, it sneaked deeper and found one of Heero's nipples. Heero gasped like being struck by lightning when the callous fingers played with his nipple, causing him to break the kiss. Duo stopped his motion and withdrew his hand. He hugged Heero and rocked him with soothing motion, resting his head on the curves of Heero's neck. Heero could feel Duo's breath. It's hot, fast, and...tormented.

Duo tried to calm himself. The kiss was sweet, but it was also a nightmare of self-control for the braided pilot. He didn't want to stop. He still wanted to kiss Heero and touch the other parts of the Japanese pilot's body. But his sense ordered him to stop. He shouldn't act impetuously. Heero couldn't be forced, even though his reaction was positive. Very positive indeed. Duo bit his lips, trying to depress his desire and control himself. Losing control could mean losing Heero forever. He didn't want to take the risk.

Heero, in the other hand, was trying to catch his breath and retrieving his control. Again, this braided pilot managed to break his control easily. He was now aware that his hands were encircling Duo's neck. Kuso, his traitorous body was very bothersome. His mouth still could feel how good Duo's lips against it was. His inner mouth still wanted to feel Duo's tongue. While his body throbbed, wanting to be touched by Duo's hands.

Damn, control!!! Control !! Heero bit his lip and concentrated hard to calm down all sensations his body felt. He didn't know how long they had stayed in silence like this as his inner clock refused to function. Then Duo broke the silence. "It's getting late. Let's go back to the dorm."

Heero didn't look straight into Duo's eyes when the American pilot pulled away to look at him. He had known how much those violet eyes could affect his control. He only nodded and detached himself from Duo. Together, they walked back into the dorm. Heero let Duo hold his hand along the way since they still had to act like the couple. Duo didn't talk about the kisses and Heero didn't want to talk about that either. He had given Duo eight kisses. Mission accomplished.


Heero felt irritated as the morning sun came through his window. He couldn't sleep until late at night. Every time he tried to close his eyes, an image of happy Duo came into his mind. That image would bring him to another image where they kissed in the garden, which to Heero's dismay was really difficult to be ignored. He finally felt asleep after managed to imagine Dr. J with swimsuit.

His irritation was doubled when he heard his door being knocked. Heero finally gave up sleeping and cursed whomever behind the door. Now where was the damn gown? Like the previous night, Heero slept with his spandex only so he had to put the gown first before opening the door. The Japanese boy grabbed the said cloth from his chair and put it on, then opened the door only to find a smiling Duo standing in front of him. "Omae o korosu!" The words automatically came out from Heero's mouth.

Duo just blinked in surprise, "Wow, no morning kiss and no sweet smile. That's not a way to greet your boyfriend, you know."

Heero growled, "What do you want?"

Duo blinked again. It looked like Heero was in the bad mood. Oh well, judging from his sleepy face and his hair, which was messier than usual, he seemed to interrupt his girlfriend's sleep. "Can we talk inside?"

Heero grunted, but letting Duo in anyway. He sat down on his bed while Duo closed the door. When he looked up, he saw Duo leaning against the door and looking at him appraisingly. "Why are you looking at me?"

"You look good in that gown." Duo smiled and ducked a pillow. It hit the door above his head and he reached up to catch it before it fell onto the floor. "Whoa, you're really in bad mood today."

"You woke me up early in the morning." Heero growled.

"You were awake at this time yesterday." Duo sat down next to the pouting boy and put the pillow back into its place. "Sorry to wake you up, I'm just worried Mario will disturb you again like yesterday."

"I'm capable of knocking out that boy alone." Heero grunted.

"As a guy, yes. As a girl, it can make the others suspicious." Duo smiled as Heero scowled deeper.

"That isn't your only intention coming here, is it?"

Duo just looked at him innocently. "Why do you think like that?"

"I just know." Heero crossed his hands before his chest. "Spill it."

The braided boy grinned sheepishly, "Well..... here." He held up his clenched left hand and opened it. Sweet smell quickly hit Heero's nose as he stared at the white tiny flowers on Duo's palm.

Jasmine, his favorite flower.

"Where did you get them?"

"I found its tree last night while taking a walk. It only blooms perfectly in the morning and wilts in the late afternoon so I want to give them to you as morning as I can." Duo smiled and put the jasmines on Heero's hand.

Heero looked long at his palm before looking up to Duo. "You didn't have to do this."

"But I wanted to." Duo put his arm around Heero's waist. "After all I'm your boyfriend, it's funny if I don't give you some flowers while the other boys are practically climbing the wall to give you the flowers."

Heero smiled slightly. "Thank you." He never thought Duo took his role seriously and funny, he found he liked the attention Duo gave him. It had been a long time since he smelled his favorite flower.

"You're welcome." Duo couldn't help but giving a peek on his girlfriend's cute face and was thankful for once Heero decided to let it go. "So any particular reason why you like jasmine?"

"Its smell is relaxing." Heero's eyes unfocused as he drown in his past and unconsciously leant his head against Duo's shoulder. "When I was little, there is one near my training area. I liked picking its bloomed flowers and kept them in my room for days until they turned brownish yellow. It maybe small but with it can make my room more pleasant with its fragrance."

"I agree." Duo smiled, absently stroking Heero's hair.

Heero snorted but said no more. He felt contented just to sit here together with Duo. It might be the jasmines influence on him, but Heero decided he was tired of having control of his emotions. He didn't aware that some of his cold barriers had broken down since Duo placed his first kiss. And he didn't aware either that a fifteen years old boy, whom was hidden behind the Perfect Soldier's mask, began to reveal himself. Odin, his trainer and teacher, once told him to follow his feelings and that was exactly what he would do.

"Duo...." He lifted his head from Duo's shoulder

"Yes?" Duo turned to Heero and widened his eyes as he felt soft lips brushing his own.

"Thank you so much for the flowers." Heero smiled. It was the kind of smile that Duo would kill to see it once again. The smile that was reserved for him only.

Duo grinned outside while he laughed happily inside. If he knew earlier how those little flowers would grant him a kiss from Heero, he would have brought them every day to the Japanese boy. "Come on, you have to take shower or you'll be late for the class.

"I hate classes."

"Whoa, are you really my Yuy-chan?"

"Shut up, baka."

"Kiss me and I'll shut up."

Heero did just that, shocking Duo once more. The braided boy was practically glowing when they headed toward the class together and for once Duo felt Quatre could get his happy ending story once they finish the mission.



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