Cross My Heart Part 4

The journey to Heero's room was very short for Duo. He still wanted to hold Heero's hand but realized it's time to release it. Heero stopped at in front of the door and looked at him, as if waiting him to say something. Duo had long list on his mind about what he wanted to do. On top of that list was kissing Heero. He wanted to kiss Heero again, to feel those lips and to hear him purring. It seemed he would never get enough of the Japanese pilot. But this time, Duo knew he needed reason to do that.

Then he noticed some girls walked toward them. Duo grinned, he had the reason now. He would say it is needed to convince the girls if Heero questioned him. With that thought, Duo leaned forward and claimed Heero's mouth.

When Heero saw the door to his room, the Japanese pilot felt a little disappointed but he quickly shoved the feeling away. Why should he felt disappointed, he should be happy to finally be alone, free from the braided baka. But still he felt something missing and he couldn't figure it out. Heero looked at Duo, hoping to find the answer.

What he did not expect to find was to see Duo leaned forward and captured his mouth. Those firm lips pressed against his lips again. They sealed Heero's mouth for a moment before pulling back.

"Good night, koi." He heard Duo said the word but his mind was too occupied to process the words. He was wondering why Duo kissed him again. Then he noticed some girls were watching them. So Duo wanted to tell about their relationship to the girls, that's why Duo kissed him. His mind accepted the logic explanation and searched for further action to reply Duo's action. Heero reacted once his mind found the suitable action. He leaned forward and kissed Duo back.

"Good night." Then Heero closed the door, leaving Duo to stare dumbfound at the close door. Funny, Heero didn't feel anything missing anymore.

Duo still stared at the door. Heero was kissing him back. Heero was kissing him back!!! Duo smiled widely and made his way to his room. Bouncing up happily and ignoring the stares he got along the way.

He found a piece of paper on his bed made him forget his happiness. It was from their informant. The paper said they had to wait two weeks before the informant gave them any further instruction. Duo frowned and decided to discuss it with Heero tonight.

He waited until midnight before slipped out from his room. Heero's room was on the second floor so Duo had to climb a tree to get into the window. A locked window wasn't a problem for a thief like him. He opened the window and stepped in slowly.

A soft click greeted him and he felt the barrel of gun touching the back of his head.

"Move and you'll die." A tenor voice spoke to him. Duo recognized the voice.


"Duo? What the fuck are you doing here!???"

Duo felt the gun was lowered and turned to face Heero. He stared dumbfound at the Japanese pilot who was wearing ........SPANDEX only!!. "Heero!!! Are you...hmmphh."

Heero put his hand on Duo's mouth and moved closer to the braided boy. "Be quiet. You will wake the others." He whispered.

The American pilot realized his mistake and nodded in understanding. He took Heero's hand from his mouth and spoke in low tone. "Are you crazy? You wear that damn spandex to sleep? How if there is a night inspection?"

"Hn, I'll wear that stupid night gown before I open the door."

"What if they didn't want to wait and use duplicate key instead? You'll be in trouble!"

Heero snorted and decided to dismiss the topic. "What do you want with me?"


"You don't come here just to see me wearing the gown, do you?"

Duo grinned nervously. Actually a part of him had expected to see that. "No, I came to discuss this."

He handed a paper to Heero. Once finish reading the paper, Heero frowned. He still have to wait two more weeks in this school and wearing the stupid clothes? Injustice! .....Okay, he sounded like Wufei now......

"So what will we do?" Duo's voice brought Heero back to the reality.

"We'll wait."


"The paper say for us to wait, so we'll wait."

"Don't you think this is a trap? It could be OZ's person who put this letter."

"I have checked the school thoroughly last night, Duo." Heero grunted. That's the reason he fell asleep this afternoon. "This school is clear from OZ."


"Yes, now will you let go my hand?"

Duo looked down and noticed his hand was still holding Heero's. "Gomen." He smiled sheepishly and released the hand reluctantly. "I'll better go now before we get caught ne?"

Intending to lock the window, Heero followed Duo who was climbing out the window. Suddenly, Duo turned back. "Next time, wear the gown, will ya?"

Heero scowled. Seeing the scowl Duo smiled and kissed Heero's forehead. "Sleep tight, Yuy-chan." Then the braided pilot quickly climbed down the tree and went back to his own room.

Again, Heero was surprised. This is the third kiss he had for today, fourth if he counted the kiss he gave Duo. His forehead felt warm, sending strange and comforting sensation over his body. Heero decided he like being kissed and went to sleep with a smile on his face. He didn't aware of a strange feeling that grew bigger in his heart with every kiss.


Morning came and Heero found Mario waiting in front of the door. "Good morning, Yuy-chan."

"Good morning." Heero wanted to walk away but Mario blocked the path with his big body.

"What's so good about that weak boy?"


"Your boyfriend, Yuy-chan? Why do you like a weak boy like him?"

"Duo's strong."

"I'm stronger than him." Mario walked closer to Heero.

"Whatever you said, Mario-kun. Now will you move aside and let me go?"

"Well, I'm think I'm more qualified to be your boyfriend than that braided boy."

"I'm not interested." Heero felt irritated and wanted to get free from the bigger boy, but Mario held his hand tightly.

"I'm a good kisser, you know. Let me show you how inexperienced your boyfriend compare to me."

How dare this boy touch him. Heero was ready to deliver a punch when Mario held his hand, but the word 'kiss' stopped him. He was going to be kissed again? Would it be as good as yesterday? Heero stunned and Mario didn't miss the chance. He pinned Heero to the wall and kissed him fiercely.

Heero quickly found he didn't like this kiss. The kiss was not tender. It was rough and seeking for dominance, not like Duo's. Then he felt a tongue was trying to pry his mouth open. There's no way he gonna let that thing invade his mouth. Heero was going to kick Mario when a punch connected to the big boy's cheek.

Mario felt the blow on his cheek, forcing him to back off and met the pissed-off Duo Maxwell. "How dare you kiss her, Mario." Duo growled and delivered another blow into Mario's stomach.

Duo had planned to pick Heero in the morning so they could walk to the class together. What he didn't expect was to see Mario in front of Heero's room. That big boy was kissing Heero. Mario was kissing his Heero! His girlfriend!!!! Duo saw red.

"Stop it Maxwell." Mario held his stomach. "She let me kiss her."

"What?" Duo froze in his track.

Still holding his stomach, Mario grinned. "I think she prefer me as her boyfriend than you."


"Why don't we ask her? Yuy-chan, you like my kiss, don't you?" Mario and Duo turned to look at Heero. Heero looked at Duo and then at Mario. Slowly, he detached himself from the wall and walked toward Mario.

"Yuy-chan?" Duo was shocked. Heero chose Mario over him??? How could it be??

Mario smiled triumphantly when he saw Yuy-chan walking toward him. So she finally realized who was better. He couldn't wait to explore more of her mouth ......and her body. What he didn't prepare was to receive a hard blow right on his nose. That surely put the lights out of him.

Duo's jaws dropped down as Heero punched Mario. The big boy collapsed with loud thump, convincing Duo that Heero was in his Perfect Soldier mode when he did the punch. Snapping his jaw back to the place, Duo approached Heero.

"That was a good thing to do, Yuy-chan." Duo grinned. "I bet he would never expect a girl to knock him out"

Heero snorted. "He's disgusting." He raised his arm to clean the blood on the edge of his lips.

"Yuy-chan!! Your lips are bleeding?" Duo was surprised and held Heero's hand. His punch maybe had caused Mario to bite Heero's lips. "Don't clean it with your sleeves." He hauled Heero back into his room.

After he closed the door, Duo ordered Heero to sit on the bed while he took out the first aid kit.

"Hnn, this is negligible damage."

"Not if you are a girl." Duo sat down and held Heero's chin with his left hand while his right hand held the wet cotton. He carefully cleaned the blood on Heero's lips.

Heero let Duo work on his lips while his mind processed what had happened. That bastard Mario thought he was a good kisser? He was dreaming then. Duo's kiss was far better. Come to think it, why did Duo's kiss feel so good? Is it because he was his friend? Did only Duo who could make him felt so good when kissing?

Meanwhile Duo had finished with Heero's lips. The braided boy sighed. "Heero, why'd you let him kiss you?"

"Huh?" Heero stopped his mental processing and focused his attention to Duo.

"I know your strength and capability. Mario would never be able to kiss you if you didn't give him the chance. I bet you would beat him badly if he tried to force his way on you."


"Why, Heero?"


"Heero, don't ignore me. I have to know!!" Duo could feel jealousy clouding his mind. He knew he didn't have any reason to force Heero to tell him. But he was jealous! And that overruled his other rational thought.

"........I thought it'd be good......" Heero didn't know why, he couldn't ignore Duo. And moreover, he wanted to know why only Duo's kiss could feel so good.

"You whatttt?????" Duo didn't believe his ears.

"Your kiss felt so good so I thought his would too."

Duo didn't know if he wanted to laugh or to cry anymore. So in other word, Heero liked it when Duo kissed him? That's why he let Mario kiss him? Heero was sometimes like a child if it came to dealing with human feeling.

"God, Heero. Haven't you ever been kissed before?

Heero scowled. "You've kissed me."

"I know that. I mean before that."

"............." Heero looked away, trying to dismiss Duo's question.

"Heeeroooooooo!!!" God, he sounded like Relena, but he couldn't help it. Heero sometimes was really irritating. Duo put his hand on Heero's chin and turned the Japanese pilot's head to face him again. "Answer me."

"No." Heero scowled deeper. He didn't know that the scowl made his face very adorable at his current disguise. Duo had to fight hard not to kiss this Japanese pilot.


"Who cares enough to kiss me, Duo? Dr. J?" Heero snorted.

So he was Heero's first kiss? Duo felt his heart explode in happiness. So it was only he that ever kissed Heero? Uh, oh, scratch that. That bastard Mario had kissed Heero. Duo made a mental note to make Mario suffer more later. Now, it's better to deal with Heero first.

"Okay, that doesn't mean you can allow anyone to kiss you."

"Why not?"

"Well, duh. You are my girlfriend now, remember? Besides did you like being kissed by Mario?"


"You know now that not every kiss could make you feel good."

"I realize that now." Heero grunted.

"So you better not let anyone else kiss you."

"I won't."

"Good, looks like we have reached an understanding. I'd be really embarrassed if everyone else know my girlfriend likes the others' kiss more than my kiss." Duo smiled happily.


"Hey, that's not a way to talk to your boyfriend."


"Okayyyyy, first you cheated on your boyfriend by kissing the other boy. Second, you ignore your boyfriend. You have to be punished, Yuy-chan." Duo grinned. He cupped Heero's head and captured his lips.

Heero startled but he didn't push Duo away. Once Duo's lips found his, Heero's mind stopped processing. He didn't know why Duo wanted to do this and he didn't care either. As long as Duo could make him feel good, he would not resist the kiss.

Noticing Heero didn't mind, Duo deepened the kiss. Heero felt Duo running his tongue at his lower lips as if asking Heero to let him in. Would it make him feel better if he let the tongue in? Hesitantly, Heero opened his mouth.

Duo slipped his tongue in Heero's opening mouth and explored the inner side of Heero's mouth. Heero could feel the tongue caressing his teeth, his inner cheek, his palate, and finally teasing his tongue. All of his mouth's secret was exposed by the exploring tongue inside his mouth now. This definitely made him feel better for he moaned into Duo's mouth.

Wohoo, he could make Heero moan. Duo was in Heaven. He could feel Heero's tongue fighting back and Heero's arms were raising to hold his neck. Now how about doing ....

"Yuy-chan!!" Ryoko's voice was heard from outside the room, followed by the knocking at the door.

Heero pulled away at once while Duo cursed in every language he knew. There's always been an obstacle at the time he wanted to act further. Duo stood up and opened the door. He saw Ryoko and the other girls were standing in front of him.

"Ryoko-chan. What's up?"

Ryoko was surprised. "Duo-kun. You're here? We just noticed someone knocked out Mario right in front of Yuy-chan's room."

Behind Ryoko, Duo could see Mario still laying on the floor. "Heh, He's still unconscious huh? Guess I hit him too hard then."

"Duo-kun? You're the one who hit him? Why?" Ryoko's eyes widened.

"Well, it will teach him not to bother Yuy-chan again." Duo grinned.

"Bother Yuy-chan? What has he done?"

"Let's just say he forced himself, okay?" Duo didn't want to remember that there was another man who had kissed *his* Heero.

"I see. So Mario has done something terrible. But you shouldn't enter a girl's room. Where's Yuy-chan, is she alright?"

Heero chose that moment to show up and stood beside Duo. "I'm fine, Ryoko-chan." Duo quickly wrapped his arm around Heero's waist.

"Yeah, she's fine now. Come on, we will be late for the class if we keep standing here."

Ryoko and the other girls didn't miss the small cut on the edge of Heero's lips and soon understood what had happened. They looked at Mario in anger then Ryoko turned to Heero. "I'm glad you're okay, Yuy-chan. Let's go, just leave that bastard there." They walked together to the class, ignoring the still unconscious Mario.

Duo was really happy. He had managed to kiss Heero again and made Heero moan this time. The Japanese boy definitely liked being kissed. He had to put this thing to its full advantage. Duo was too drowned in his mind, thinking of a way to kiss Heero again and didn't realize he was still in the classroom.


Duo jumped from his seat at the loud and angry voice. It belonged to the teacher. "Yes, Sir?"

"I have been calling you for five times and yet you didn't listen to it." The teacher seemed very pissed off.

"I'm sorry, Sir"

"Judging from your lack of attention to the class, I now know why you got an F for yesterday's test. Here, take your paper back."

Duo groaned when the teacher gave the paper to him. "But Sir, yesterday was my first day in this school. I didn't know there was a test and I didn't prepare for it."

"It was a sudden test yesterday. And don't use 'I'm still new in this school' as an excuse. As a matter of fact, Yuy managed to get A in the test."

Duo looked at Heero and saw the Japanese pilot smirking. Of course the Perfect Soldier could easily do the test. Duo pouted and sulked as he walked back to his seat. Some chuckles and giggles from the other students were heard as they watched the couple's behavior.

"Since there are so many of you who also got bad marks for this test, we will have another test to fix your marks tomorrow. Prepare yourself." Said the teacher.

Duo groaned again when he heard the teacher and this time, he wasn't the only one. Many students followed him. Some of them were groaning and the others were sulking. None of them seemed happy with this news.

But as the bell rang, the thought about the test flew away from Duo's mind. It was break time and he intended to spend all his free time with Heero only. If he was lucky enough, maybe he could get a chance to kiss Heero again. The American pilot quickly strode toward Heero, who was still arranging his books.

"Let's go to the garden, ne?"

Heero looked at the American pilot and was about to answer when a girl voice interrupted them.

"Excuse us, Yuy." The voice was Ryoko's and it was from behind Duo.

Heero and Duo turned their heads and saw Ryoko with some other girls and boys, approaching them.

"What's up, Ryoko?" Duo put his smily mask on his face.

"Well, as you've heard, there will be a test tomorrow and since Yuy-chan got an A on the previous test... We'd like to ask her to help us study." Ryoko explained and turned to Heero. "Do you mind, Yuy?"

Heero couldn't refuse this request, could he? "Of course, not."

"Great, how about we start now, at the library?"

Here goes his plan to be with Heero today. Duo cursed silently. Studying was not in his plan as he hated studying. "Well, in that case, I guess I'll have to give Yuy-chan to you today."

"Duo, don't you want to study with us?" the other girl asked him.

"Nah, I'll do that later. See ya, guys." Duo quickly walked away, afraid Ryoko or the others would ask him to stay. But he wasn't aware that his braid has been hostage in someone's hand.

"ITAIII" Duo stopped walking when he realized his braid had been caught. He turned around and saw his braid resting in Heero's grip. "Yuy-chan, my braid is not a toy, you know."

"I know."

"Well, let go off it then."



"You have to study with us, Duo."


Heero stood. "Let's go, minna."

"Hey, I've said I would study later, Yuy-chan."

"I don't believe it." The Japanese pilot walked toward the door with Duo's braid still in his grip, forcing the American pilot to follow him.

Duo pouted. "Getting an F once doesn't mean I will get Fs forever."

"Yes, you do."


Ryoko and the girls were giggling at them while the boys were chuckling as they followed the couple to the library. They were really fun to watch. "C'mon, Duo. Studying isn't so bad. Beside with joining us, you won't have to leave Yuy, ne?" Ryoko tried to cheer up the sulking Duo.

"Yeah, I know. But I'd prefer playing with the other boys or eating something right now." Duo was still trying to release his braid from Heero to no avail. "C'mon, Yuy-chan. Let go of my braid."

To Duo's surprise, Heero stopped walking and looked at him. "You prefer to be with the other boys than with me?"

Duo was flustered. He never thought Heero would say something like that. Damn, the Perfect Soldier was really perfect in playing his role as his girlfriend. "No, I don't mean like that."

"Yes, you do, you said it. You don't want to be with me, do you?"

"No, of course I want to be with you, Yuy-chan."

"You just said that to cheer me up."

"No! I really mean it."

"Don't force yourself. There, you're free to go." Heero put the braid on Duo's hand and walked again, leaving Duo with mouth wide open.

The American pilot stared at his braid, then at Ryoko and the others, who just shrugged their shoulder, and then at the retreating figure in front of him. Heero that bastard! He didn't give Duo another way, except following his acting. It's not an act of a boyfriend to leave his girlfriend in this condition. So that meant he would have to study with the others.

Unknown to Duo and the others who he left behind, the Japanese pilot was smirking. Heero had thought Duo would try to flee. Like at the previous schools, that braided baka never liked to study. Heero knew it would be boring to study without Duo beside him. It was Duo who always made the boredom go away from him as he had to concentrate hard to ignore the American pilot's chattering. In this school, Ryoko managed to replace Duo's position for that.

But to study at the library, it would be no fun since Ryoko would also study seriously. So Heero made sure that Duo would also join them. It would be fun to see the braided pilot's face changing every minute. Moreover, a part of him wanted Duo to be near him always. To be honest, Heero indeed felt a bit jealous when Duo said he preferred playing with the other boys. The plan has been carried away, now Heero was just waiting Duo to chase him as the result of the plan.

Heero's plan was indeed a success as he heard Duo chase him.

"Yuy-chan, wait!" Duo stepped in front of Heero, forcing Heero to stop. "Okay, you win. I'll study with you. Stop pretending to be hurt like that." Duo crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"I thought so." Heero let the smirk obviously show on his face.

"You really know how to force me to study huh?"

"Well, she wouldn't be your girlfriend for nothing, Duo." Ryoko and the others had approached them, giggling and chuckling.

"Yeah, I should've known that." Duo took Heero's hand and bowed down. "So shall we continue our journey to the library, my Lady?"

That action made Ryoko and the others burst out laughing as they walked the rest of the way to the library.



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