Cross My Heart Part 3

Setting his grin, Duo spoke, "Well, you can be my girlfriend"

Heero's eyes widened. "Are you kidding, Duo?"

The grin on Duo's face disappeared; Heero's words felt like a stab on his heart. The American pilot spoke carefully. "I'm not kidding Heero. You asked me for an idea and I gave it to you. The boys chase you because they want you to be their girlfriend. But, if they knew you had a boyfriend, I bet all of them would stop chasing you. And if you're with me, that'll also make the girls stop following you. I'm sure they will give us some privacy to be together."

As he spoke, Duo felt more helpless and almost gave up on the idea. Heero would never agree to be with him. Maybe the Japanese pilot would prefer being surrounded by the others than by him.

On the other hand, Heero was listening fully to Duo's words. He noticed the seriousness in Duo's tone and thought about the idea. The idea itself was not bad. It sure would stop the boys from chasing him, and moreover, he could be with Duo all the time and make a plan for their mission. Yes, the idea was acceptable.

"Saa, Heero. I don't think you agree with the idea, huh?" Duo sighed.


"Huh? What did you say?" The American pilot stared at Heero.

"I said okay. I will be your girlfriend."

Duo didn't believe his ears. He thought he was hearing things. "You really want to be my girlfriend?"

"You heard me, Duo" Heero scowled. That baka was really irritating sometimes. But it was better to be with him than to be surrounded by the other boys. He looked at Duo and saw the smile that radiated from his heart-shaped face.

Duo pinched himself and felt the pain. He wasn't dreaming! He really wasn't dreaming. Heero agreed to be his girlfriend. He smiled widely and wanted to jump around the cafeteria. Finally, finally he could have Heero for himself. Heero was stunned, he never saw Duo as happy as he was now. The braided boy's face was radiated with joy and he looked so beautiful. Heero shook his head. Boys are not beautiful!

"So you're my girlfriend now, Yuy-chan." Duo said the last word almost like purring.

Heero fixed his eyes on Duo and saw that he was smiling tenderly at him. "Hn..."

Duo pouted. "Hey, that's not how a girl reacts to her boyfriend. You should've said 'Yes, dear.'"

"Duo...." Heero glared at the American. He felt he didn't need to pretend around this braided baka.

"Hey, wiped off that glare. You'll make the other girls run away, you know."

"Stop joking around then."

"Okay, okay." Duo grinned. He really enjoyed this moment. Quatre was right. This is his chance to be with Heero and he would never waste it. "Now we have to do something to make the others know we're a couple."


"Do you think that by agreeing to be my girlfriend, they'll know if you're my girfriend? No, Yuy-chan. We have to show them that we're a couple."


Duo felt his heartbeat growing faster as he spoke. "You want the fastest way to stop the boys from chasing you? Let me kiss you then..."

"Nani???" Heero leaned forward and stared at the American pilot, resting his hands on the table and his eyes wide on Duo.

Praying his voice didn't get wavier, Duo repeated. "Let me kiss you, and I bet the boys will never bother you again."

The Japanese pilot processed Duo's word. Was Duo just kidding or what? If he wasn't kidding, why did he want to do this then? Heero had never been kissed, not even on the cheeks. No one cared enough to give him a kiss, and how the braided boy in front of him was suggesting this? What was he thinking? Heero fixed his eyes back at the braided pilot just to find the violet orbs staring back at him.

Those eyes were warm and tender. Heero was stunned by the intensity and warmth he encountered in those eyes. Always like this......Heero cursed himself. He never could tear his gaze away once Duo looked at him with those wide eyes. That's why he often didn't look at the American pilot; trying his best to ignore Duo and keep himself busy with his laptop.

Every time he looked at those eyes, Heero felt his heart beating faster and his breath become unstable. And now the same eyes were fixed on Heero's prussian blue ones. Those eyes moved down to his face and stopped at his lips, making his heart beat faster. Stop staring! Say something! Heero opened his mouth to speak, but no sound was heard for his mind refused to think of a word to say.

The Japanese pilot didn't know that his current state was really promising to receive a kiss from Duo right now. His eyes were fixed on Duo's eyes and his lips were open slightly while his body was leaning forward towards Duo. And when Heero just found a word to say, those violet eyes were staring back at the Japanese pilot's eyes, stealing all the words from Heero.

"Well, will you let me kiss you or not? The boys are coming." Duo heard some noises and knew the boys were entering the cafeteria.

Heero didn't notice the boys walking toward him; he was too mesmerized by Duo's eyes. He could see Duo's lips moving, saying something, but his mind seemed to block out the words. His mind only told him that Duo's lips looked so good, making Heero wonder what it felt like to be kissed by those lips. Within two seconds, Heero found himself nodding as if it were his answer to Duo's question.

At Heero's nod, Duo smiled and leaned forward to capture those delicate lips. He was really nervous and reminding himself not to devour those tempting lips roughly. Gentle, he has to be gentle in kissing Heero. All the noises in the cafeteria stopped once his lips met Heero's lips, not that Duo really cared about that. His mind filled with sensation of Heero's soft lips against his. He had imagined a thousand times about doing this, and never dared to hope it would become reality. But the lips he felt right now told him this was real. He was kissing Heero Yuy, the boy he had fallen in love with at first sight.

Those violet eyes, which were getting closer and closer, were too much to bear as Heero closed his eyes. His heart was beating faster and faster. For the first time in his life, he felt really nervous. In the middle of his nervousness, he felt Duo's firm lips touching his lips. His first kiss. Duo had taken his first kiss. He could feel Duo's breath against his nose as the American pilot's hand pulled his chin up, pressing his lips on his own. It really felt so good. He never knew being kissed was as good as he had imagined. Now the American pilot's mouth was nibbling at his lips softly. Following his instinct, Heero's lips parted but suddenly those tender lips were gone and the hand released his chin.

"Maxwell! What are you doing?"

No, he hadn't wanted to end the kiss yet. He still wanted to feel more. A rough voice and a strong arm that pulled him from Heero forced Duo back to reality. He looked up and saw Mario holding his arm and staring at him angrily.

"What does it look like, Mario? I'm kissing her." Duo didn't feel happy of being pulled from *his* Heero.

Feeling the loss of the warm lips, Heero opened his eyes and saw Mario grabbing Duo's collar and pulling him onto his feet.

"Why did you kiss her, you jerk? You shouldn't force yourself on her!" Mario tightened his grip on Duo's arm, making Duo wince.

"Let go of my boyfriend." Both Duo and Mario turned to Heero. Duo's eyes widened. Heero just said he was his boyfriend? Duo soon found himself flying around the clouds and shouting 'I'm Heero's boyfriend!!' over and over.

"Your boyfriend, Yuy?" Mario didn't believe what he heard.

"You heard her, Mario. Now will you release Duo and leave them alone?" Ryoko stepped forward and stood near Heero.

Mario looked at Duo and then to Heero. Finally he released Duo and walked out in defeat from the cafeteria, followed by the other boys.

"Thank you, Ryoko." Duo sat down again but this time he sat next to Heero. "And thanks to you too, koi." He placed a butterfly kiss on Heero's cheek.

"My, my, my, what a passionate lover, you are, Duo." Ryoko sat on the seat in front of them.

"I am." Duo grinned. "Thank you for your help."

"No problem. It's about time the boys knew you two are together."

"You don't seem to be surprised about this." Heero looked at the girl.

Ryoko smiled. "Well, after I noticed Duo-kun watching you all the time, of course I'm not surprised. Especially when I saw how jealous you got when Anne clung onto Duo-kun."

Heero and Duo stared at each other. The Japanese pilot wondered. Duo watched him all the time? Why? And what did Ryoko say about him? He got jealous? Heero stared dumfounded at Duo.

On the other hand, Duo was stunned too. She said Heero got jealous? Why would he get jealous of Anne? Could it be? Could it be possible for the Japanese pilot to have some feelings for him? Maybe there was hope after all. With that thought, Duo held up Heero's hand and kissed it tenderly. "Did I make you jealous? Gomen ne, koi."

So that strange feeling he had in the previous class was jealousy? Heero tried to process what had happened to him. Why did he feel jealous watching Duo with the other girl? It wasn't wrong for him to be with the other girl. So why did he have to feel jealous? Heero tried to find the meaning of jealous in his mental dictionary. Jealousy was a feeling of fear or ill manner because of a possible loss of rights or love. What did it mean to him? Did it mean that he didn't want to lose Duo? Did he want Duo for himself? He wanted that talkative, irritating yet beautiful braided boy? Wait a minute, beautiful? He thought Duo was beautiful? Heero blushed at the thought.

"Awww, you're so cute when you're blushing, Yuy." Ryoko's words made Heero realize he was bushing, and that made him blush more.

Duo couldn't agree more. Heero was so lovely when he was blushing and the knowledge that he, Duo Maxwell, was the one who caused the Perfect Soldier to blush, overwhelmed his entire body. He didn't care whether Heero would kill him once the mission was over. At this time, he could pour all his feeling, passion, and even love without having to worry about being rejected, so he was surely not going to waste the time.

"Ryoko is right, you are cute, koi." The American pilot brough Heero's hand to his lips and kissed it again.

"You two are so lovely. I better go now, don't want to disturb you guys." Ryoko stood up. "But promise me Duo, let me borrow her for sometime, okay?"

"You have my word, Ryoko-chan." Duo grinned at the girl.

"Okay, see ya then. Oh, one more thing, you better go walk in the garden. This is cafeteria, not a showroom." Ryoko winked at them and walked to collect her ransom.

Duo finished his food quickly and stood up. "Let's go to the garden, Yuy-chan." He extended his hand, offering help. Heero stared at the hand then raised his hand hesitantly. Duo quickly caught the hand and pulled Heero to stand up. Heero looked around and saw some students quickly turn their heads to another direction, avoiding contact with his eyes. Good, now they wouldn't bother him again. "Let's go." He followed Duo out of the cafeteria.

They walked to the garden quietly. Duo braced himself to let his hand encircle Heero's waist.When he didn't feel the Japanese pilot pull away, he smiled. Heero had noticed Duo's hand had moved to encircle his waist and pulled him to walk closer with the braided boy. First he wanted to shove the hand away, but then the hand brought new sensations inside him. It made him feel warm and safe, so Heero stayed quiet and felt content with Duo's behavior.


"Okay, how many of them?" Duo sighed. He and Heero were sitting on the bench, surrounded by trees and bushes. Another disadvantage of being Gundam pilots was they could detect someone who tried to hide from them.

"Eight, two at the bushes near you, two behind the tree on your right while three on the left, and one on the tree behind us." Heero stated.

Looks like there were still some boys who didn't believe Yuy-chan had a boyfriend. They followed the couple silently into the garden and watched them from their hideout. They didn't know that Heero and Duo noticed their presence.

Duo sighed again; there was no private place for them. He glanced at Heero who was sitting politely beside him. The Japanese pilot could sit like that for hours if nothing disturbed him. He had to do something to be able to hold and touch the stoic pilot. Suddenly, an idea popped up in his mind. Duo grinned and turned to Heero. "Well, Yuy-chan. If they want to watch us, let's give them a show."

"Nani?" Heero was startled when Duo pulled him onto his lap.

"Ssst, just stay calm." Duo leaned his head on Heero's shoulder and whispered near Heero's ear. "With this position, they can't hear what we're talking about. They'll just think we're making out and will soon give up on watching us."

"What do you want to talk about then?" Heero was a bit confused and nervous. This closeness was really new to him. He wasn't used to having someone so close to him and touching him. And Duo wasn't just touching him. Duo was embracing him.

"Whatever you want to talk about. They'll never be able to hear us." Duo let his hands trail up and caress the Japanese pilot's back.

Heero fought to make his mind work. Duo's soft breath brushed his ear softly. The American pilot's hands were caressing his back. It made him feel so good and yet dazed. Mission, he had to fulfill his mission. "Hn, we can talk about our mission then."

Duo smiled sadly. Always the mission, ne Heero? The Perfect Soldier would never think about anything else except his mission. Well, if that was so, he would make the mission help him to be with Heero all the time.

"Looks like being my girlfriend makes many advantages for our mission."


The braided boy stopped his caressing and pulled back to stare at Heero. "We can speak freely and no one will question us. We can have excuses to meet everyday and no one will be suspicious. We can also whisper about our mission like we're doing now." And let him have reason to touch Heero, brush his hair, and hold his hand. Duo added the sentence silently.

"You make a point there"

"Seems you agree with me. If that's so, don't be too surprised if I hold your hand or do something like a usual boyfriend would do with his girlfriend, okay?"


Duo leaned against the back of the bench and put one hand on Heero's head and the other one on the Japanese pilot's waist, pulling Heero to lean on his shoulder. "This would make us more like lovers. Besides this also makes the conversation easier without causing me to have a backache." Duo whispered near Heero's ear, caressing the Japanese pilot's silky hair.

The Japanese pilot listened as Duo started babbling about everything. He could feel Duo's skin against his cheek and the warmth of Duo's body around him, enveloping him. He hadn't slept since last night, hacking to put their information on the school's files. It turned out that the school's security was really hard to be cracked so he spent all night to input their data.

Duo's shoulder felt like a pillow, which enticed him to sleep. He knew he shouldn't let his guard down while they were on the mission but Duo's voice was like a lullaby to him, plus the hand, which caressed his hair gently, seemed to lull him to sleep. Soon Heero drifted to sleep, secured in Duo's lap.

Being used to one-sided conversations, Duo kept on talking and babbling, enjoying caressing Heero's hair. But then he finally noticed a soft snore and a steady rhythm of heartbeats coming from the boy on his lap.

"Yuy-chan? Are you sleeping?"

No answer came up from Heero. Duo was speechless for a moment. He never thought Heero would trust him enough and let his guard down, leaving Duo to protect him from any danger that might occur. He sighed happily and savored the closeness he had with Heero at the moment.

As the time passed, Duo noticed the students who were watching them had all one by one left their hideout and walked to the school in defeat. Duo looked at Heero's face and smiled. Heero was really cute when he was sleeping. His face was free from scowling and frowning. The delicate mouth of his was opened slightly, tempting Duo to kiss it again.

And Duo indeed surrendered to the temptation for he still hadn't been satisfied of kissing Heero when they were at the cafeteria. Slowly he pressed his lips on those tempting lips. Duo kissed Heero carefully, not wanting to wake up the sleeping beauty. He swore Heero was purring when he nibbled the Japanese pilot's lips gently.

A moment passed in silence as Duo tasted Heero, satisfying himself with those delicate lips. It was still hard for Duo to believe that all of what happened today was real. He finally managed to kiss Heero and made him as his girlfriend. His only! Finally feeling satisfied, Duo broke the kiss and let his lips trail up, kissing the pointed nose and then the forehead. "Mine." Duo whispered and hugged the sleeping boy tenderly.

Strange, Heero should have been awakened by the slightest touch as he was trained to be able to do that. But this time, it seemed the Japanese boy unconsciously let all his guard and training go, succumbing into the warmth and safety Duo gave to him. Instead of waking up, Heero purred and snuggled closer into Duo's embrace, as if affirming that he was really Duo's.

The silence was disturbed by a soft sound of steps that headed toward them. Duo lifted his head and saw Ryoko was approaching them, ready to shout. The American pilot quickly made silent gestures, asking her to be quiet. Ryoko was confused but when Duo pointed at the sleeping figure on his lap, she smiled.

She looked at Heero and then turned to Duo, mouthing "You are a lucky guy."

Duo read her lips. He nodded and grinned. Yes, he was the luckiest guy to have this beautiful creature sleeping on his lap. Ryoko winked at him and walked away silently, leaving Duo, who had turned his attention back to the sleeping creature on his lap.

It was dusk when the sleeping beauty on his lap chose to wake up. Heero was still half asleep and wondered where he was. He had fallen asleep but not on his bed, so where was he now? He could feel warmth radiating through his body, and a soft breath brushed the back of his neck. Heero tensed when he realized someone was hugging him.

"Yuy-chan? Are you awake?"

That voice.... it was Duo's. So he had fallen asleep on Duo's lap. Heero quickly pulled away and stared at the violet orbs in front of him.

"How long have I slept?" Heero noticed the sky had turned dark.

"Three hours maybe."

"Three hours?" Heero stood up. "How are your legs?"

Duo stood up, allowing the blood circulation, which had stopped around his lap, to circulate through his legs again. "They'll be fine."

"You should have waken me when I fell asleep." Heero scowled.

"Nah, it would be impolite to do that to my girlfriend." Duo smiled. "C'mon, it's dark here. I'll take you into the dorm." He took Heero's hand and they walked toward the dorm.



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