Cross My Heart Part 2

"Guys, we have new friends here." Heero heard the teacher explain. He was still cursing at the uncomfortable skirt when he felt Duo poke his ribs, gesturing him to introduce himself. The Japanese pilot stepped forward and lifted his head, speaking in higher tone than his usual one. "Yuy Hirosue, desu." An uncomfortable silence filled the class. Heero felt all the eyes fixed into him. Feeling uneasy, Heero stepped back and moved closer to Duo.

Duo smiled at Heero's reaction. He never thought the Japanese pilot would act shyly. He stepped forward and spoke. "My name is Duo Maxwell. Nice to meet you all, I hope we can be good friends."

The students were staring at the new students. Both the males and females alike were thinking the same thing. They wanted to make friends with them both. The girl was beautiful and shy, typical Asian while the boy was handsome and very friendly.

"I think the introduction is enough. Now get to your seats." The teacher pointed to their seats and asked them to sit down. Heero sat next to a girl with black hair and green eyes. "Hello, Yuy. Nice to meet you, my name is Ryoko. Hope we can get along quickly".

Heero nodded. "Hello Ryoko." The girl proceeded in telling him about the teacher and the class. Heero soon found Ryoko was a nice girl and liked to talk, just like Duo.

Meanwhile, Duo sat two blocks from Heero, next to a boy named Mario. The big boy didn't seem interested in asking Duo about anything personal. He kept on talking about Yuy-chan while Duo listened to the boy's chatter half-heartedly. Then one sentence in particular struck him. "Did you see her lips? They're so tempting. I can't wait to kiss her."

"What???" Duo's eyes turned as big as saucers.

"C'mon, Maxwell! Don't say that you didn't want to kiss her too."

Duo gulped. He, of course, wanted to kiss his secret crush but that would mean death if he dared to kiss the Perfect Soldier. And yet the boy next to him talked so easily about kissing Heero Yuy. The braided pilot took a glance and saw Heero was talking to a girl next to him. He felt jealous and regret at the same time.

If Heero had been a boy, Duo bet none of the class would try to make friends with him after receiving his glare on introduction time. He would have Heero for himself almost all the time. But now as a girl, Heero couldn't use his glare to drive them away and Duo was sure, once the teacher left the class, boys and girls would gather around the Japanese pilot and try to befriend him.

The American pilot sighed. It would be a long time before he could have Heero with him alone.

As it had been predicted by Duo, once the teacher left the class, the students quickly approached Heero; most of them were the boys while the girls approached him, asking the common thing about their hobbies, house, and address. Heero was feeling uncomfortable. He never got into this kind of situation before. He answered the questions with nodding or shaking his head, only spoke when it really needed. His new friends didn't seem satisfied with his answer and asked persistently.

Heero was irritated at their questions and ran his eyes to find his partner that usually helped him in this kind of situation. He caught the braided boy on the corner of the class, encircled by some girls. Heero growled at knowing his braided partner couldn't help him this time.

"Guys! That's enough for now. Yuy needs some times to rest, you know."

Heero looked up and saw Ryoko hauling the others away. "Thank you, Ryoko."

Ryoko winked, "No problem. They're always like that; can't stand looking at a beautiful girl alone. Let's go to the gym. We'll have fencing lessons."

Heero stood up and followed Ryoko. Fencing would make him feel better and help him release his stress. He looked at Duo and saw a girl clinging onto the American. Suddenly, Heero felt fire run inside his chest and reach his eyes.

At the feeling of someone watching him, Duo looked up and saw Heero glaring at him. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn the jealousy was radiating from the Prussian blue eyes.

"Nee, Duo. Let's go to the gym. We'll have fencing lessons there." Said the girl who was clinging onto his arm.

"Fencing? Wow, that's very great, Anne. Let's go then." Duo finally could release his arm from the girl and walked to the door where Heero was standing.

"Yuy, are you going to the gym too? How 'bout if we go together?" Duo looked at Heero nervously. Then he noticed a girl was standing near Heero and was looking at them thoughtfully.

"How rude I am. I haven't known your name, ojo-chan and yet I asked your friend to go with me."

Ryoko laughed. "It's okay, Maxwell."

"Just Duo" Duo smiled.

"Okay Duo." Ryoko smiled back, "I'm Ryoko and I think Yuy doesn't mind walking with you. Ne, Yuy?"

Heero could see the girl behind Duo was pouting at Duo's action, he felt satisfied and walked out from the class without a word. Duo just stared dumbfounded at Heero's back. Well, what else did he expect the Perfect Soldier to say? He shrugged and followed Heero to the gym, talking with Ryoko along the way.

"Did you come from the same school as Yuy, Duo?"

"Yeah, we became students of this school as part of the exchange program."

"So you two have long known each other then?"

"Yeah, you can say that." Duo grinned and glanced at Heero, wanting to see his expression. Again, no expression was shown on that beautiful face. The said 'girl' kept silent and focused her eyes to the front. Duo pouted and turned to Ryoko. "It's hard to talk with her, you know. Maybe it's easier to talk with a statue than to her."

"Because the stone doesn't have ears so it will not hurt to listen to your incessant talking." Heero spoke calmly.

"Yuy!!!" Duo was surprised when Heero spoke out. Moreover, Heero talked about him and his incessant talking. Duo turned to Heero again. "How could you say that. I never talk nonsense. You are really unpredictable, you know. At the time I try hard to make you talk to me, you keep silent but when I don't expect you to speak, you speak fluently. It's not fair, you now. It's hmmphhh...."

Heero had shoved Duo's braid into its owner's mouth. "Baka, you just proved your talking is indeed incessant."

"Hmmphh...hmphhhhh." Duo spat out his braid. "Yuy!! How could you use my braid like that? You know it takes a lot of effort to tend to this hair and AUUWWWW......"

"Shut up, Duo." Heero held the braid, promising to yank it if Duo didn't stop talking. Duo pouted but did stop talking.

"You two are so fun, you know." Ryoko giggled, making Duo and Heero realize they were not alone. Heero quickly released Duo's braid while Duo smiled sheepishly. "Gomen, Ryoko. We didn't mean to abandon you."

"Nah, it's okay. Let's go or we will be late."


In the front door, Duo parted with the girls to change the uniform. He entered the locker room and found out almost all the boys were talking about Yuy.

"God, she is so beautiful."

"Did you see her eyes? I could drown in them"

"And her lips....they are so tempting."

"But she's so shy. How can we get near her?"

Mario noticed Duo who was trying to ignore all of the conversation. "Hey Maxwell, what do you think the best way to get Yuy is?"

Duo gulped. If he knew how to please the Perfect Soldier, he would've done that a long time ago. Of course he couldn't say that to Mario. He put on his fencing suit and grinned. "Well, she is Japanese. I heard Japanese girls like flowers. Maybe you should give her some."

"Flowers? That's a good idea!!! Thanks, pal." Mario turned to the others and resumed their conversation about the shy Yuy. Duo sighed and walked out to the gym.

In the gym, Duo could see Heero was about to play with a blond girl. Duo narrowed his eyes and recognized the girl as the same girl who clung to his arm earlier. Anne, the girl's name, was very happy to have Yuy as her opponent. She felt a bit angry when Duo ignored her and walked to Yuy. Moreover, before Yuy arrived, she became favorite girl among the boys and the other girls adored her. But now, the boys turned their attention to this shy girl. That made her want to humiliate the Japanese girl in front of the class.

She smiled and had confidence to win in this match. No one of her classmates including the boys could beat her in fencing so she was sure the Japanese girl would be in a mess once she finished the match. But in less than a minute when the match began, Anne found out her sword had been thrown away and the Japanese girl's sword was pointed straight in her forehead.

Heero smirked when he was rewarded with a shocked expression on the girl's face. He had felt irritated with the girl and now it had been a good chance to beat her. Duo watched the match and saw Anne's shocked expression. He approached Heero who was walking away from the still-shocked-girl. "Geez Yuy, can you be a little gentler? That girl looked like she got a heart attack."

"Why? Are you worried about her?" Heero sat on the bench at the corner of the gym.

"Me? Why should I worry about her?" Duo sat next to Heero. "As a girl, you should be gentler you know? If you keep going like that, no girls will want to fence against you."

"You can play with me"

"Me???? Uhm, no thanks." Last time he had the match with Heero, he ended up with scars all over his body.

"What's up? Are you ashamed that a girl managed to beat you?" Heero smirked.

Duo stared at the Japanese pilot. He couldn't believe his ears. Heero Yuy, that stonehearted soldier, was teasing him?

"Well, well, well!! What are you two doing here?". Duo startled. He turned around and saw Ryoko was standing near him.

"Ryoko, you surprised me."

"Really? Well, you are too occupied with her, huh?" Ryoko smiled when she saw Duo blushing.

"No, Ryoko-chan. I just talking about the fencing with her"

"Oh, yeah. You're really a good fencer Yuy. You beat Anne easily. Now the girls will adore you more."

"Huh?" Heero gave Ryoko a questioning look.

"Well, no one ever beat Anne in fencing, not even the boys. So every girl adores her. Now I bet they will turn to you. You'll see they following you everywhere from now on."

Duo didn't know if he wanted to laugh or to cry. Not only the boys, now the girls were also following Heero. There would never be a private time for him to be with Heero. But the image of girls and boys chasing Heero popped up in his mind at the same time. He held his laughter while Heero tried hard not to give the American pilot his death glare. When his turn came, Duo excused himself and went to play with the others.


Finally the bell rang, indicating the lunchtime. After changing his uniform back, Duo walked to the cafeteria and found Heero sitting at the corner alone.

"May I sit here, Yuy?"

Heero looked up and nodded. Duo sat in front of Heero and set his tray on the table. He wondered where the others were.

"Where's Ryoko?"

"She hasn't finished her shower yet."

"I thought you were surrounded by the boys."

"I was."

"Where are they now?"

"I don't know. Mario asked what my favorite flower was and once I answered him, all the boys quickly went away."

Duo grinned. Looks like the boys chose to follow his advice. "So which flower did you say?"


"Jasmine??????" Duo suddenly laughed. Jasmine was very small and rare. He bet the other boys would be desperate, searching the flowers.

"Why do you laugh?"

"Nothing.......I'm just imagining the boys searching all the flowers right now." Duo grinned.

"Why would they do that?"

"Because they wanted to give it to you. I bet all of them will give you Jasmine so they can get near you."

Heero frowned. "I don't like being surrounded like this. Not to mention the girls over there always stare at me." He turned his head to the back slightly.

Duo glanced at the direction Heero gestured and saw some girls were looking at them. "Looks like you have a fan club here, Yuy."

The frown in Heero's face became deeper. He really didn't like this situation. "Don't you have any idea to make the boys stop chasing me?"

Duo looked at Heero intently. Yes, he knew a way to make the boys stop chasing this beautiful creature in front of him but he doubted this stunning beauty would agree with him. But if this beauty did agree, Duo would be in heaven and he was more than willing to take the chance.

Setting his grin, Duo spoke, "Well, you can be my girlfriend."



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