Author: Akuma

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Pairings: 2x1

Rating: Overall....... NC-17

Warning: yaoi, crossdressing, sap

Disclaimer: GW characters are not mine. >_<

Notes: No, it's not a sequel to Confusion of the Heart. I have written this before I wrote Confusion of the Heart, and I still haven't finished it yet.... so..... expect long chapters *sweatdrops* Dedicated to Skylark who will soon have her birthday ^_^

Cross My Heart Part 1

One pleasant, sunny afternoon, Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Duo were in the living room when Heero entered.

"Duo, we have a mission."

"What's the mission?"

Heero tossed a piece of paper at the American pilot. Duo skimmed over it; Quatre was next to the braided boy while Wufei and Trowa were standing behind the him, reading the paper too. It said that the mission is to meet an informant who would give them secret information about OZ. They would have to stay at a school where the informant, who was also the student of the school, would give them the microchip.

"Hmm, why does this mission need two pilots to complete? It's an easy one. Oh, I see. You need my help to socialize with the students." Duo glanced mockingly at Heero.

Heero sent him a glare. "We will enter the school tomorrow. Prepare your skirts."


"Read the sentence at the bottom, Duo." Wufei grinned.

Duo read the paper again. Since the gender of the informant was unknown, one of the pilots was asked to disguise as a girl so it will be easier to meet them if the informant was a girl too. Duo looked up at Heero. "My name isn't written as the one who will have the disguise."

Heero snorted, "You expect me to be a girl?"

"Why not?? You are girlish looking."




"Yes, you are!!!"


"No, not me"


"No! You are the one who looks like a girl!"


"You, not me!"


Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei sweatdropped and watched the two pilots 'quarrelling' for some time until Quatre had had enough and decided to help. Throwing a gesture to Trowa and Wufei, Quatre cleared his throat. Both of the quarrelling pilots looked at him.

"Why don't we decide who will be the girl with these straws?" Quatre held up two straws. "I painted one of them red in the edge which is hidden in my hand. You will each draw a straw and if you get the red one, you will be the girl. How's that?"

Heero and Duo exchanged a glance then nodded.

"So who will draw the straw?" Wufei asked. He noticed neither Heero nor Duo made a move. "What's up? You afraid to draw a straw? Even the Perfect Soldier?"

Heero growled and took the a straw. Duo held his breath when he saw the edge of the straw in Heero's hand. It's .............................RED!!!! The braided boy laughed uncontrollably while Heero sent his death glare at the poor straw.

"Looks like the problem has been resolved." Wufei walked out of the room, followed by Trowa. Heero glared at Duo before he went upstairs to his room to prepare his 'clothes'. Quatre stayed and approached Duo, who wanted to follow Heero.

"What's up, Q-man?"

"Duo, I hope you use this chance wisely." Quatre held up the other straw. Duo's eyes widened when he saw its edge was also red.

"Quatre, you...."

"Yes, I cheated. I predicted Heero would draw the straw first," Quatre smiled.

"Why did you do that? If Heero ever found out about this, you would be a dead meat."

"Well, let's just say I want to help a friend who was falling in love with a rock named Heero Yuy"

Duo blushed at Quatre's words. "You knew?"

"My eyes are not blind, Duo. Wherever Heero goes, you always follow him and whenever he is not around, you become miserable."

"Quatre! Don't talk so loud, what if the others hear you? " Duo embarrassed.

"Well, the only one who doesn't know about this, is the Perfect Soldier."


"Wufei and Trowa are not blind either, Duo. Why do you think Wufei dared Heero to draw the straw?"

Duo was speechless for a moment. Then he glomped on Quatre. "Thank you, man. How can I repay you?"

"I want to hear a happy ending to this story when you two finish this mission."

Duo frowned. "I don't know, Quatre. Heero is.......I really can't promise you ....."

"Don't give up before you try it. I'm sure you will get what you want." Quatre hugged the American pilot.

"Arigatou Quatre. I'll try...I'll try my best!" Duo hugged back, tightly.

"HOAAAA, Duo!!! Air!! You're killing me!"

"Sorry, Q-man" Duo released his hug. "Well, I think I have to help Heero now."

The American boy bounced up to the second floor where his and Heero's room was. Quatre watched Duo and sighed. "I really wish happiness for you, Duo. And may Heero not be too blind to notice your feelings..."

Five minutes later, Duo descended the stair, pulling the not-so-willing Heero behind him. The Japanese pilot had changed his green tank top and black spandex into a white loose shirt and jeans that made him look like a girl. "Looks like he didn't have many clothes except for the tank tops and spandex, so we are going to the mall to buy him clothes Quatre. See ya"

Quatre nodded and saw the two out.


"Duo. Don't we have enough yet?" Heero's hands were full with boxes and packages. They had been in the mall for two hours and Heero cursed himself silently for letting Duo choose the clothes for him. He couldn't resist those violet puppy eyes, which looked at him pleadingly. Damn. He had to find a way to eliminate this weakness in him.

"Hmm, just a little more. We still have to buy earrings and necklaces"

"WHAT?" Heero snapped. There was no way he was going to wear earrings or necklaces.

"C'mon Heero. You need them if we're asked a party. And besides, you will look more beautiful with earrings"

"I'm not beautiful!"

"You are"

"I'm not!!!"

"Stop it, young girl. It's not polite to shout at your boyfriend," an old woman interjected them.

Duo fought hard to contain his laughter when he saw Heero's expression. The old woman turned to Duo and scolded him. "And you too, young man. You are not being polite either letting your girlfriend carry all the packages alone."

The American pilot grinned sheepishly and took the boxes from Heero's hands. "Sorry Hee-chan."

"That's better. Be good to your boyfriend now, young girl." The woman continued on her way, leaving a pouting Heero with a very happy Duo. Silently, Duo thanked the woman for giving him a chance to call Heero 'Hee-chan'.

"Let's get the earrings, Hee-chan."

"Don't call me that."

"Well, get used to it. You will be called that once we have entered the school."

As Duo walked, Heero followed him, still cursing in every language he knew. Suddenly Duo stopped and turned to look at him.


"I almost forget one important thing. Have you pierced your ears, Heero?"

"Hell, no!"

"Looks like we have to get your ears pierced first then"

"No way! I'm not going to let my ears get pierced."

"You really look like a stubborn girl right now, Hee-chan. Are you afraid of being pierced?

"I am not afraid."

"Well, let's go then. You know you need to make your disguise perfect in order to finish the mission."

Duo grinned when he saw Heero following him. The word 'mission' always worked well on the Perfect Soldier. So they spent two more hours before going back to Quatre's house.


The next morning, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei waited anxiously for Heero to come down from his and Duo's room. Duo arrived first, carrying his bag and looked so complacent.

"Ohayo, minna."

"Ohayo, Duo." Quatre looked behind Duo and found Heero wasn't there.

"So where is 'she' ?" Wufei spoke up impatiently.

Duo grinned and shouted. "Come on down, Hee-chan! We have to go now or we will be late."

Some muttering and cursing was heard from upstairs before Heero finally came down and met the others. Quatre and Wufei's jaws reached their knees, while Trowa did a double take. Standing in front of them was a beautiful girl in her school uniform. The short skirt revealed her slender legs, while the long sleeves of her shirt made them wonder how soft the skin beneath them was. Her face was the color of alabaster and enchanted by a pair of small earrings that were the same color as her eyes. Though her short hair looked unruly, they didn't have a doubt that the hair felt like silk.

Duo had sprayed perfume on Heero and asked him to wipe off his scowl. The girl was now standing with a neutral expression on her face with a very pleasant smell around her.

"Wow, look at your faces, guys. I really regret that Heero shot my camera this morning." Duo's grin became wider. Trowa approached the American and delivered a soft blow to the boy's head.

"Ouchh!! What was that for, Trowa????"

"You are really lucky, Maxwell." Wufei followed Trowa's suit.

"Oucchhh!! What do you mean, Wu-man???"

Not wanting to be left out, Quatre also did the same.

"Itaiii!! You too, Quatre????"

"Get 'her' out of here, Duo before we jump her."

Duo's eyes widened and he chuckled, "See ya later guys!!!!" He quickly pulled the 'girl' out while said girl raised one smooth eyebrow.

"I really hope to hear a happy ending to this from Duo later," said Quatre, seeing the two pilots away.

"Just wait and see. Damn, Yuy is really beautiful!" Wufei snorted while Trowa only quirked his lips slightly.

"Figures. Only the Perfect Soldier could be the perfect girl." Quatre laughed.




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