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Cross My Heart Part 19

"It's really not fair that you have to be transferred to another school, when everything starts to be better." Said Judith mournfully to Heero and Duo.

The teacher had managed to convince the headmaster to kick them out. Not that they could protest anyway. The hickeys on Heero's neck were already more than enough to proof what the hell Duo was doing in his room late at night. So both pilots only stood still, accepting all the lectures and moral advice from the teacher while the headmaster scowled and told them how disappointed he was with the school that sent them as the exchange students. Both of them knew their covers would be blown if the headmaster contacted the school so they didn't protest when the headmaster said he would kick them out in the morning. For now, they were allowed to sleep back and packed up their belongings.

So here they were, outside the school in the morning, with Judith and Laura seeing their leave. They didn't tell anybody else about their departure and trusted the two girls to spread the news.

Laura stepped forward and hugged Heero. "We'll miss you, Yuy."

Heero hugged back. "Thank you for everything, Laura."

"You don't need to thank us. This is the least we can do for you. Just remember that we'll always be your friends." Judith hugged Heero too.

Duo smiled, feeling glad the two girls didn't accuse them. He felt reluctant to leave the school but they were Gundam pilots and they had to get away before the headmaster contacted their previous school and realized what had happened. "Let's go, Yuy or we'll be late."

Heero nodded and followed Duo into the car. Duo sat on the driver seat as the girls approached him. "Duo, please take care of Yuy "

"Don't worry, I'll try to make her the happiest person." Duo smiled and started the car.

Heero turned to his friends for the last time " Thanks for everything, Judith, Laura. I really enjoyed the time with you all. Sayonara."

"Take care, Yuy, Duo" Tears were visible in the girls' eyes. They waved their hands as the car left them. They waved till the car disappeared from their sight, somehow feeling it would be a long time before they saw the couple again.

They drove in silent for some minutes and as usual, Duo was the one who broke it. "Will you miss them?"

Heero nodded. He would miss the girls. "They helped me a lot." Heero spoke.

"They helped both of us, koi. If they didn't blatantly accuse you at the cabin, I wouldn't have got my girlfriend back." Duo smiled.

"Boyfriend" Heero retorted.

Duo grinned. "But being in those clothes, you're still my girlfriend, Yuy-chan."

Heero scowled. He still wore the school uniform since Judith and Laura insisted to see them out. He had recovered almost completely after enough sleep. The needle-wounded-pain on his chest, arm and thigh had been merely a dull throb. The problem was Duo might still be worried about making love with him. Damn Anne, Heero cursed as he tried to think of a way to drive Duo mad enough to forget about his worry and agree to make love with him. Heero ran his mind through the little information about sex he had searched through the net last night after he returned from the headmaster's office. He had to use what he had read to seduce his lover.

Duo, on the other hand, was really happy at Heero's recovering. He drove on and knew Quatre would surely hear a happy ending from him as he planned to carry the-school-uniformed-Heero like a new married couple into the Quatre's house as the proof. He glanced at Heero and was surprised to see Heero releasing his school tie.

"Heero, what are you doing?"

The Japanese pilot gave him the look, which could be translated as 'It's obvious what I am doing right now' then proceeded to unbutton his shirt.

"Heero?" Duo was really nervous. What was Heero going to do?

"I'm changing the clothes, Duo."

There goes his plan to carry Heero into the house. Duo tried to keep his disappointment inside and concentrate on the road. But Heero's motion seemed to be a magnet that tore his eyes from the road. He watched through the corner of his eyes as Heero worked out the buttons one by one. The Japanese pilot appeared to wear a white tank top beneath the shirt. Duo gulped when Heero removed the shirt and then the tank top, revealing the well-build-muscled chest. Why did Heero put them off so slowly? Duo shook his head, trying to clear away his perverted thought. No, Heero didn't do it slowly. It was Duo who saw Heero's motion like a slow motion movie.

Not being able to help himself, Duo found himself stealing a look at Heero again. The Japanese pilot had leaned forward and untied his shoes then he lifted one of his legs onto the seat. Duo could see the white thigh beneath the skirt clearly because of that motion. The American pilot held his breath when he saw Heero pulling the sock off from his foot. He found out the simple motion was very alluring and seductive. Heero dropped his leg down and lifted the other one up, repeating his previous action.

The braided boy was really trying to concentrate on the road now. He knew he might not glance at Heero again, but still his eyes disobeyed his mind and rolled back to Heero. The Japanese pilot was now removing his earrings at the moment, oblivious to Duo who found that movement was very arousing.

What was Heero doing next? Duo's breath increased as he noticed Heero's hands. Huh, where did his hands trail? Under his skirt? Oh, MY GOD!!! Duo's eyes widened when Heero pulled his white panties. He suddenly felt his pants were too tight. Heero was now naked beneath the skirt. If he removed the skirt then Heero would be in his birthday suit. Heero would be naked..... Damn, would Heero remove the skirt as well?

The braided boy was trying to calm down his hormones when Heero changed his position. The Japanese pilot turned around and put his knees on the seat then leaned down to search something on the back seat. This position made the Japanese pilot's hips at the same level as Duo's shoulders. Heero leaned further to reach the bag behind Duo's seat, which made his hips closer to the braided boy. The latter boy was really hard now. He was fighting his urge to release the wheel and caress the firm flesh beneath the skirt. The knowledge that there were no other barriers, which could prevent him from caressing the flesh except for the skirt, really made it hard for Duo not to lose control.

He removed his right hand from the wheel and reached for that tempting flesh. But Heero had finished putting his clothes and pulled his spandex from the bag. He sat back on the seat when Duo's hand had been only some inches further from touching his bottom.

DAMN!! Why did Heero have to sit down now? Duo cursed silently and felt really disappointed.

"Duo, watch out!!!" Heero's voice turned his attention back to the road, just in time to see a car was heading toward him. It seemed their car had gone out of the route as Duo watched Heero stripping. The American pilot quickly maneuvered the car back to the right route.

Heero looked at him "What are you thinking?"

Touching your butt, kissing you lips, and making love with you. The words swirled around Duo's mind. He felt his mind couldn't think of another thing except kissing and making love with Heero. But of course, he couldn't say that to Heero without being accused as a pervert. "Gomen." Duo only grinned sheepishly to Heero.

Heero snorted and continued his work. He pulled the spandex under the skirt, up to his waist, then he removed the skirt.

He didn't wear underwear beneath the spandex! As his mind shouted the information in his head, Duo swallowed hard and felt his pants were really torturing him now. Heero once again turned to the backseat to put the skirt in and pull his tank top out of the bag. God, this is worse! Duo still couldn't tore his eyes from Heero who was only clad in the spandex now. The spandex itself wasn't able to hide Heero's slender figure, the curves of his buttock and the smoothness of his hip. Oh how it would feel great to run his hands over the tempting flesh.

After putting the skirt into the bag, Heero turned around and sat back on his seat, putting his tank top on. But the braided pilot found he couldn't calm down his hormones. He was really turned on and he wanted to take Heero here and then. Duo found himself looking for a place to stop the car so he could jump Heero when the Japanese boy pulled the panel on the seat's side that lowered the back of his seat so he was lying on it now, facing the car's roof.

"What are you doing?" Duo was confused at Heero's action.

Heero lay on the seat. "I need to sleep."

"Didn't you sleep last night?"

"And who would erase our files from the school's computer then?" Heero snorted then closed his eyes. "Wake me up when we arrive later"

Duo was speechless. Heero left him alone and hard. Of course, he still could stop the car and screwed Heero silly. But that would disturb his sleep. There's no way, Duo would disturb his beloved's sleep after spending a week with a lack of sleeping and getting tortured by Anne. Oh, Duo definitely would let Heero sleep as long as he could. The American pilot sighed and willed his arousal to disappear. This definitely would be the longest journey he ever had.


And who said the journey would make his hormones calm down? No, Duo was continuously hard during the journey. Thanks to Heero's strange noises and his small movements while he slept. The Japanese pilot was moaning and purring in his sleep and sometimes he changed his position into the ones, which made Duo have to hold the urge not to jump him.

Duo let out a relief sigh when they finally reached Quatre's house. Heero woke up by himself when he felt the car had been turned off. Duo looked at his Japanese lover with longing. It would be the ending of his torture. Now, maybe he could think a way to haul Heero straight into their room. What should he do? Maybe a kiss would make the Perfect Soldier willing to be pulled into the room. That's right, Heero liked his kiss, there's no way the Perfect Soldier would resist it. This would be his mission to carry out this plan.

With that mission on his mind, Duo turned to his right only to find the seat was empty. DAMN!! Where was Heero? Duo growled in desperation and looked around. He saw Heero had walked to the door. He cursed in every language he knew. He so focused on the planning of this mission so he didn't realize Heero had gone out from the car. Oh, well, he still could kiss Heero in front of the door.

Duo took the bag from the back seat and walked to Heero, who had stood in front of the door. Luck wasn't on his side. Right on the time Heero was in his reach, the door was opened and a very-happy-Quatre stepped forward, hugging Duo tightly.

"Welcome back! I was very worried about you two."

"We're fine." Heero told Quatre and entered the house. Duo, who was still hugged by Quatre, could only see his mission's target walked away. Damn Quatre! Why did he have to show up now? Again his mission had to be postponed, Duo let out a desperate sigh as the blonde pilot pulled him into the living room.

Trowa and Wufei had waited for him there. Quatre sat down with them on the couch. "We have processed the microfilm." Wufei spoke out.

"Good. What information does it have?" Duo sat down on the chair in front of the couch and looked around. Where was Heero?

"Let's wait for Heero before we brief you on it." Trowa pointed at the door behind the couch he was sitting. "He said he wouldn't be long in the kitchen."

"Oh good, now that Heero isn't here.... You promised me to tell a story after this mission, didn't you?" Quatre looked at Duo eagerly.

"Uhm, my story?" Duo smiled nervously. He saw Heero entering the living room silently, holding a half-eaten hotdog. The Japanese pilot made no noises and leaned on the door, thus leaving Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei oblivious to his presence.

"Yeah, the story about you and Heero." Wufei rolled his eyes. He was wondered why the braided pilot was so nervous.

"'s....." Duo fidgeted as he saw Heero chewed the hotdog nonchalantly. Oh how he wished it wasn't hotdog inside Heero's mouth right now........ Duo's groins twitched in agreement at the thought.

"What is it?" Quatre began to worry. Was there nothing happened between Heero and Duo within the mission? "Don't tell me it's a sad ending."

"No, it's...." Duo held his breath as he saw Heero started licking tomato sauce within his fingers. The Japanese pilot sucked the fingers one by one oblivious to Duo, who found he was very very hard.

"Duo? What's wrong?" Quatre was really worried now. It's not usual for the braided pilot to be at loss of words. There's must be something wrong with him. "Are you okay?"

He was not okay. He wanted to jump Heero right now. The Japanese pilot really didn't know what he had done to him. Heero was still cleaning his fingers while Duo was trying to force some words out of his mouth. "Quatre... I'm... okay"

"No way. Your breath wasn't steady. What's wrong with you?" Quatre stood up and walked to Duo. The braided boy was still looking at Heero, who just finished cleaning his fingers. The Japanese pilot suddenly looked at Duo and smirked.

Something snapped on Duo's mind once he saw the smirk on Heero's face. The realization come like lightning. Bastard!!! Heero was doing all of these intentionally!! Of course, how could he be so stupid. He had been Heero's roommate for a long time and never had he heard Heero made any sounds while sleeping. Heero intended to tease him from the start!

"Goddamnit, HEERO YUY!!!" Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei were surprised when they saw Duo shouted and stood up abruptly. He was looking at something behind them. They turned around and saw Heero walking toward them.

"What?" As usual, Heero's tone was flat.

"Don't play dumb. You know well what you're doing!" Duo growled in irritation.

Quatre looked at Heero then turned to Duo. "What's happened?"

"I didn't do anything." Heero licked his lips.

That was it. Duo lost all his controls. "That's it! I never thought you would do that. You, the shy one! You asked for this!!!" He charged forward and pounced at Heero, making both of them tumble on the floor. Duo managed to maneuver himself on top of Heero and pinned the Japanese pilot's arms on both his sides.

"Duo! Stop it!" Quatre and the other pilots quickly approached them, afraid some blood would be spilled. But they stopped death on their tracks when they saw Duo kissing Heero fiercely. The braided boy sucked and explored Heero's mouth, releasing all his bottled up desires into the hot cavern. And much to the other pilots' surprise, Heero didn't mind the assault. The Japanese pilot moaned and fought Duo's tongue with his.

Quatre was the first one who got his voice back. "Euh, guys?"

Quatre's words reminded Duo that they were still in the living room. He broke the kiss and stood up, speaking so fast that Quatre almost didn't catch the words. "We'll hear the briefing after this. I still have a mission that needs to be accomplished right now."

Duo turned to Heero who tried to stand up. "You and me, in the bedroom, now!" He hauled Heero up and dragged him up to their room, leaving the three pilots who stared dumbfoundly at their retreat. They could hear a door being opened and slammed shut.

After a moment of silent, Trowa spoke up. "It's really important mission, huh?"

"Can we assume Duo got a happy ending?" Quatre smiled sweetly.

"Yeah, he surely does." Wufei snorted in amusement.

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