Cross My Heart Part 20

Once the door was closed, Duo pinned his short haired seducer to the door and ravished those delicate lips. Leaving his Japanese lover panting after his deep and long assault, Duo turned his attention to Heero's throat. He remembered that it was his lover's weak spot as he attacked the throat. He nibbled, sucked, and licked along the length of it, causing Heero to moan and tilt his head to give Duo more space to be attacked.

Duo graciously took the invitation without any delay. He played his tongue along the exposed flesh, trying to elicit difference noises from his boyfriend. His hands didn't stay passive as they trailed and caressed Heero's body. One hand managed to tug the tank top out of the spandex and sneaked beneath it to caress the nipples, making Heero moan louder.

The American pilot continued to assault Heero's throat as both of his hands sneaked beneath the tank top, pinching and toying both nipples until they hardened. Heero still wasn't too used of having too much sensation and Duo grinned in satisfaction as he felt Heero's legs gave out as the result of overloaded sensation. He scooped up the Japanese pilot and deposited him onto the bed. Then Duo pulled away and removed his clothes in record time.

Naked, Duo joined his now aroused lover in the bed. Spandex really left little to imagination as Duo could see the big bulge in it. Heero reached out to remove his socks, only to find his hands being shoved away. Duo pounced on Heero and attacked his lover's mouth again. Then he turned to Heero's earlobe, which he found was his lover's weak spot too. Heero squirmed and moaned as Duo nibbled his earlobe and licked the inner side of it. The American pilot was attacking the poor earlobe continuously, not giving his lover a chance to breath or rest from his assault. Finally feeling his Japanese lover out of breath, Duo ceased his assault to whisper into Heero's ear. "Let me do the job. I have promised to make love to you properly, koi."

Heero, who was panting, only could nod and then squirmed more as Duo continued his merciless ministration at his other earlobe. "Raise your hands, koi." Duo whispered while nibbling the earlobe. Heero complied and within a second, the tank top had landed at the corner of the room. Duo turned his attention back to the Japanese pilot's throat and then trailed down onto his chest. With his skilled tongue and fingers, Duo ravished Heero's nipples until it became vulnerable at the slight touch.

Heero was panting and writhing beneath him, eyes half closed and hands grasping the sheet. Duo smiled and proceeded to remove Heero's other outfit. He took one of the legs and slowly pulled down the sock, brushing the ankle and slipping it out from his Japanese lover's foot. Then Duo kissed the slender leg, inch by inch, making the Japanese pilot squirm at the touch. Wanting to hear more sounds his lover could make, Duo gave the other leg the same procedure but with more intense and thorough care. He used his hands to massage and knead the digits then the calf before planting his kisses and licking them along the way up.

Heero was lost to Duo's incredible ministration. This was way too much. Not like the way Duo first time took him. This time, Duo treated Heero so gently. No rough caress or forceful claiming were shown in his movements since the braided pilot knew well that the beauty, who was writhing beneath him now, really belonged to him. His only.

Heero felt fingers hook in his spandex and unconsciously raised his hips, easing the way for the fingers to pull the spandex off of his body. Soon the spandex met the same fate as the tank top's one, lying forgotten on the floor. Then he felt the hands caressing his now fully exposed body. They stayed long on his inner thighs, making small circles that made him moan, and then trailed down to his right foot. The hands lifted it up, pushing it aside and bending his knee to place his foot flat against the bed. Then Heero felt a kiss being delivered on his foot as if asking his foot not to be moved from there.

After finished arranging one of Heero's legs, Duo moved his hands to give the same procedure to the other leg, placing the foot flat against the bed and spreading it as wide as it can. He planted a kiss on the foot and pulled away to admire his handy work. His lover was still panting slightly, hands on each side and his legs were spread wide as if welcoming Duo to take him. This scene before him really made the American pilot hard as a rock. Duo ran his gaze to Heero's face and found the Japanese boy staring back at him, begging him silently to finish what he had started.

"Beautiful." Duo let his eyes drink the sight of his Japanese lover, memorizing every inch and curve of the body. He slowly undid his hair, letting it fall freely and brush Heero's thighs. Then he settled between the spread legs and lowered his head until his mouth was just an inch from Heero's dripping arousal and his hair brushed Heero's stomach and inner thighs. A loud gasp was heard from above him as he licked the tip of the arousal. He took his time, teasing the hardened flesh with his tongue before Heero's moans made half of his control crumpled down. He felt a pair of hands on his head, urging him to do more and Duo complied, engulfing Heero's cock into his mouth.

Heero let out a lovely squeak as his cock was engulfed by Duo's warm mouth. He felt electricity ran through every nerve in his body wrapped. When Duo started sucking and nibbling him, Heero lost all rational thoughts he had. He threw his head back and succumbed to the pleasure Duo was giving to him.

Careful not to gag, Duo put his hands on Heero's hips to control the Japanese boy's motion. Heero was making a lot of incoherent words that flared his passion more. Feeling happy to see how Heero enjoyed his ministration, Duo smiled and hummed, vibrating the cock inside his mouth, which seemed to give more pleasure to his Japanese lover as Heero gasped loudly. He did it several times until he felt Heero was about to come. Not wanting to end their love making so quickly, Duo pulled away.

Heero let out a disappointed whine as he felt the warm confinement leave his cock. The tangled hair on his stomach and thighs also disappeared. Heero was about to whine louder when Duo's shut him up with his mouth effectively. "Wait a sec, Hee-chan."

A kiss on his forehead and then Heero felt the bed shifted. He opened his eyes, just to see his long haired lover enter the bathroom. Heero growled. What was that baka doing now? Why did Duo stop just when he was about to come? He didn't have to wait long. Duo had joined him back in the bed with a speed, which only could be compared by the Perfect Soldier. Heero raised his eyebrow when he saw Duo's hand was holding a tube.

"It's for lubrication. To make this easier... " Duo winced as the image of Heero bleeding flashed in his mind again. Never! He would never make Heero bleed like that again. He wanted Heero to feel pleasure only. But what if he couldn't control his body? The image and the thought managed to make him hesitated and stop moving. Maybe it was better if he stopped at this moment while he still could hold back his desire? His thought might be expressed clearly on his face as he heard Heero growled angrily.

"Stop that thought, baka. You promise to show me the proper way."

Those words lightened Duo and gave him encouragement to proceed. Telling himself to be slow and not to hurt Heero more than necessary, he carefully settled himself between Heero's legs again and poured generous amount of gel on his fingers. Heero watched as Duo lowered his hand between his spread legs. He tensed when he felt one slick finger on his entrance, but he soon relaxed when the finger caressed his outer muscles first before pressing in. Not like the first time, this time the finger was really careful and gentle. It moved slowly inside him, making him relax and accept the penetration. Then he felt a second finger making its way into his passage. Like its predecessor, the finger didn't force its way into him. It waited until Heero accepted it willingly and then together with the first one, those fingers began to stretch him.

Heero threw his head back and moaned when he felt the fingers making the scissor motion inside him, stretching him more. They managed to find his sweet spot and tried to brush that spot over and over. The Japanese pilot tightened his grasp on the sheet and started thrusting against the fingers, indicating he was ready.

"I'm going in now, Heero." Duo kissed his lips lightly and made a few more thrusts with his digits before removing them from Heero. He then coated his hard arousal with the rest of the gel then he positioned the tip of his erection at Heero's opening. Duo leaned forward, resting his hands on each side of Heero's head. His face was only an inch from Heero's, making the Japanese pilot feel his hot breath.

Heero trembled slightly at the feeling something was pressed on his opening. It was bigger than Duo's fingers and ready to penetrate him. Though he wanted this, his memory reminded him how painful it was. Duo seemed to know it for he kissed Heero deeply, nibbling and sucking those lips until he felt Heero stop trembling and relax.

"Ready?" Duo whispered soothingly.

At Heero's nod, Duo smiled and kissed the Japanese boy. He wasn't too sure himself whether he could stop now if Heero asked him to stop for what he wanted right then was to be buried deep inside Heero. The Deathscythe pilot broke the kiss and murmured. His lips brushed Heero's lips at every word he said. "No blood. I promise." It's impossible to free Heero from the pain but he would make sure that Heero wouldn't bleed.

Slowly, he pressed forward, bringing his erection to pass the tight ring of muscle. Duo could hear Heero moan in pain and pleasure and bit his lips, trying to make it as slow as possible so Heero would feel less pain. The Japanese pilot was really tight though Duo had stretched him. He could feel the warmth of his lover's body sheath him inch by inch. "Oh, Heero..." Duo moaned as he penetrated the Japanese boy deeper. The warmth and the tightness he felt made Duo want to bury himself to the tilt in one fast motion but he knew it would hurt Heero so he restrained himself and penetrated his lover in snail pace.

Heero felt the thick and hot shaft prodding him deeper and slowly. He moaned, feeling Duo's arousal brushing inside his passage. This was definitely better than the first time. The Wing pilot put his hands on Duo's neck and putting his legs around his waist. "More, Duo...." The pain had long forgotten as Heero pressed his legs on Duo's waist, closing the space between their bodies and burying the American pilotto the tilt inside him.

Both of them moaned at the sensation being filled and filling. Duo brought himself to stay still, afraid to hurt his lover. He watched Heero panting beneath him and trying to adjust at the invasion. So tight.....he could stay like this forever, trapped deep inside Heero's body where no one else managed to get there and Duo would make sure he was the only one.

Duo brought his hands to cup the Japanese pilot's chin and brought the head to face him. The passion clouded Prussian eyes were staring at him. "Heero......" He still couldn't believe Heero let him do this after what he had done to the Japanese pilot. Maybe he was dreaming. A very good dream, but the warmth enveloping his hard shaft, the chest pressing against his one, and the slender legs around his waist were telling him it was real.

"Thank you, Heero...." Duo caressed the cheek and then leaned forward to capture Heero's delicate lips.

"Enough thanking me." Heero panted as Duo broke the kiss. "Move or omae o korosu."

Duo smiled at the empty threat. He kissed his breathless lover once more before start moving inside him. He thrust slowly, savoring the velvety surrounding his cock. But a tug on his hair and his lover's threat managed to get him to move faster. He rocked back and forth, penetrating and withdrawing from Heero's warm body until it came to the point where he was pounding Heero against the headboard. His Japanese lover's gasps every time he buried himself to the hilt were music to his ears.

However when Duo felt Heero was about to come, he stopped pounding and moved inside Heero in slow circle, wanting to prolong their love making. He didn't want Heero to come so fast because he was sure that he would follow Heero coming right after that. No, he still wanted to be buried inside this blissful haven as long as he could make it.

Heero, on the other hand, surprisingly didn't make any protest with Duo's pace. Yes, he wanted release but he also wanted to feel the American pilot inside him longer. Forever, if it was possible. It felt so right having Duo inside him. So he let Duo did whatever he wanted to do while sometimes keening softly as a weak protest.

After Heero had calmed down a little, Duo started thrusting again. His hands were on Heero's thighs, spreading them wider to let him thrust deeper inside the Japanese boy. The room was filled with groans, moans, and sometimes keens when Heero once again was stopped from reaching his fulfillment.

Duo managed to prolong Heero's coming for several times until he felt his control slip away. When he thrust into his Japanese lover this time, he changed the angle and hit Heero's prostate with his thrust.

"Duo!" Heero gasped and pressed himself closer against the American pilot. His hips rocked, following the rhythm Duo had chosen to bring both of them off. Again the pleasure built inside him. Heero felt he was so close into release as he sunk his nails into Duo's back and groaned like wild animal.

The American pilot hissed and was turned on more at Heero's sound and action. He still tried to prolong the act as he ordered his body to thrust slower, calming Heero and himself. But too bad, this time, his body refused to calm down as Heero's groan had broken down all his controls and he found himself pounding harder and faster into his Japanese lover. One of his hands sneaked between their bodies and grabbed the hard flesh there, pumping it along with his thrust.

The pumping surely sent Heero over the edge. He went rigid and cried the American pilot's name as he came. Duo heard his name being shouted and thrust harder, lifting Heero's hips off the bed with his thrust before throwing his head back and groaning Heero's name as he also found his release.

Between the white blinding pleasure he was feeling, Heero could feel Duo's hot seed spurt inside him, filling and marking him. The warmth inside him added more pleasure for him that he purred like a very satisfied cat while his American lover thrust into him once more before collapsing on top of him and sighing contently like him.

They stayed like that, in silence. The room was filled with heavy scent of what they just did but neither cared for it for all they were aware was the beating sound of their lover's heart.

"Are you okay, Heero?"


"I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"Mmmmmmm...." Heero just purred, too sated to do anything else.

"I take it as yes." Duo smiled and kissed his Japanese lover lovingly, happy that he could make Heero so relax like this. He sighed contentedly as he ended the kiss and whispered gently to his Japanese lover. "I love you, Heero."

"Love you too," the Japanese pilot whispered and tightened his legs around Duo. "Just stay...inside..."

"As you wish, koi." Duo chuckled for he had not intention to leave Heero's warm cocoon that fast.

They stayed like that for some moments, absorbing the incredible sensation that ran inside them. During the rest, the past events came back to Duo. He lifted his head to stare at the sated looking boy beneath him. "I never thought you were intending to torture me when we were in the car."

"Hn, that's your punishment for calling me your girlfriend." Heero smirked smugly.

"Heh, here I thought you didn't know about the sex and seduction." The American pilot leaned down and nibbled Heero's throat.

Heero moaned at the assault. "What ...made you think that....?" He managed to utter the words between the moans.

"You didn't know anything about lubrication." Duo switched his attention to Heero's earlobe.

"Didn't....manage to...research it...last night...." Heero squirmed as Duo prodded into his ear.

"Hoo, so my koi was doing some research last night?" Duo stopped hisministration and pulled back to stare at Heero.

"Hn, after erasing our data from the school."

"Well, let's see the result of your research." Duo crushed the delicate lips, which welcomed him inside willingly. Their tongues got into hot battle again. This time Duo pulled away first and panted. "Whoa, you got better at kissing."

"Baka." Heero snorted and was aware he had hardened again. He also could feel Duo becoming hard inside him. "Hn, you recover fast."

"Hey, I am the one who's supposed to say that." Duo ran his hands on Heero's chest and teased his nipples, making the Japanese pilot moan. "I could say your research of seduction is very good. So what else did you learn from your research, koi?" The braided pilot moved his hips in small circle then pulled back a little to thrust hard into Heero, making his cock to brush Heero's prostate. Heero moaned and raised his hips to meet Duo's thrust.

"Koi? What else?" Duo thrust into Heero slowly, so slowly.

"Damn, faster Duo!"

"Answer me first, koi." Duo grinned, still keeping his rhythm in slow tempo.



"Yes, now move faster or omae o korosu." Heero jerked his hips, urging Duo to move faster.

"Oh, this position." Duo suddenly sat up, bringing the still penetrated Heero with him. "Is this the position you mean?" The American pilot grinned as he lifted Heero and impaled the Japanese pilot on his cock to punctuate his question.

Heero gasped as Duo managed to hit his prostate again. "One of them"

"So there are many of them?"

"Don't play dumb, baka."

Duo laughed and kissed his pouting Japanese lover lightly. "Think we can do all positions?"

"You don't have stamina to do all of them in one day." Heero snorted.

"Well, let's prove it then." Duo grinned and started impaling the Japanese boy again.

On the living room, the other three pilots looked at each other after they heard the bed creaked again.

"I think the briefing will be delayed till tomorrow, guys." Quatre said weakly as the other two nodded their heads in agreement.


Final note: here goes Hee-chan with skirt *watches as Hee-chan laughs and burns the dress* I'm so happy that you all enjoy this fic. I can see it from the feedback and fanart I got during the writing of this fic. Again thank you so much. *bows down* Unfortunately, there will be no sequel for this fic since I can't promise when I'll be able to write it. Too many ideas and too little time, sadly. Hope we'll meet again in my other fics.


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