Cross My Heart Part 18

"Have you heard the latest news? Yuy...."

"Oh yes. Is it true that Yuy..."

"True. Look there she is..."

Heero walked passed the sitting students in the cafeteria as fast as he could without attracting attention, which turned out to be a useless thing since a mere presence of him had made all the students in cafeteria glance secretly at him. Somehow the fact that Duo appeared this morning, bandaged on the head and the sudden leave of Mario and Anne, produced so much gossip around the students. Add that all the girls in the dormitory knew that Duo had spent the night with him and some of them, whose rooms near Heero's, had heard noises coming from his room, the gossip became bigger and further than the truth.

The latest version Heero had happened to hear was Duo got the wound from the fight with Mario, who tried to kidnap Yuy. Mario got beaten thoroughly and became ashamed so he left the school immediately. Anne, on the other hand, had escaped earlier without packing her belongings and Ryoko was after her, trying to catch her for her best friend, Yuy.

It was a too-good-to-be-true gossip, but Heero didn't try to fix it. He knew it was better to let the gossip spread around and blur the truth so OZ's spies would have a great time trying to separate the false facts from the true ones. Still the other gossip about Duo spending the night in Yuy's room and actually had sex with her, made Heero's cheek reddened involuntary and irritated as well.

Waiting for Duo to show up, he plopped down on one of the chair in cafeteria and totally forgot about his sore bottom, courtesy of Anne. With a quickly swallowed cry of pain, Heero jumped off and stood up. That movement wasn't missed by some students, which were still watching him. They were stunned at first, but then resumed their gossiping, no doubt interpreting what Heero just did into many different stories. Heero cursed softly as he gingerly sat down again. More to gossip about and he had no doubt that this one would strengthen the gossip about Duo having sex with him.

"Hey, sorry I'm late." Heero looked up and saw Duo plopping down on the chair across his, smiling apologetically. The bandage on his head had been replaced with band aid.

Heero just grunted and refused to say more though his heart was doing a happy bounce.

"I see you're not in a good mood." Duo glanced around the cafeteria. Some of the students were looking at them curiously and some others were busy talking while sometimes stole a glance toward them. "I take it it's because of the gossip?"

Heero rolled his eyes as if Duo was stating something so obvious. The braided boy chuckled and stood up, pulling Heero with him. "Come on, let's go to the garden then."

Arriving in the garden, Duo sat down at their usual spot and pulling Heero onto his lap. He did it gently and slowly this time because he was aware of Heero's wounds. After Heero finally stopped fidgeting on his lap and leaned his side against his chest, Duo kissed the Japanese boy passionately. "I received a reply from Quatre." Duo whispered as he broke the kiss.

"What did he say?" Heero rested his head on Duo's shoulder.

"Wufei'll arrive at this city around 4:00 PM. Since it'll cause attention if he goes to our school and meets us, I'll put the microfilm in paper back and leave it at the appointed area not far from this school."

"It'll be easier if we leave this school and join them in the nearest safe house to process the microfilm." Heero grunted.

Duo kissed Heero's forehead. "We've talked about it this morning, remember? First, it's not wise to leave the school immediately after the death of three OZ soldiers. OZ will easy conclude that we are the ones who killed their spies. Second, you haven't recovered completely yet. You need a few more days to recharge your energy, koi."

"I hate listening to them gossiping about me." Heero hated to admit that he was still weak and already felt tired after the short walks to the garden.

"I know. I also know you want to rest now, but it seems we have company here." Duo kissed Heero's cheek before gently pushing his Japanese lover to sit next to him.

Heero scowled at having been driven from Duo's warmth and turned to see who dared to interrupt his pleasant time. His eyes widened slightly at Judith and Laura, standing a few feet away from them. They looked nervous and they glanced to each other before Judith stepped forward and bowed her head slightly. "Yuy, I'm sorry. I didn't know the truth and helped Anne torment you instead. I'm really sorry."

Laura stepped next to Judith. "I'm sorry too. I know I can't undo what I've done to you, but I don't know what else to do. I'm the one who wrote the unholy words on your notes. I'm really really sorry, Yuy."

Heero was surprised at first at the blatant regret Judith and Laura were showing. He thought they would ignore him after what had happened but here they were, apologizing to him. He looked at the two girls and tried to comprehend his own feeling. Did he hate the girls? No. Was he angry at the girls? No either. They were only pawns Anne used toward him. Heero shook his head slightly and spoke calmly. "It's okay. I don't blame you for what happened."

The girls looked up in surprise. "Yuy, we're the one who made you suffer. You should blame us." Judith said regretfully.

"You two are the same like Duo." Heero grunted while his braided lover face vaulted and only could grin sheepishly.

Judith and Laura just looked at Duo in confusion until Duo felt a need to explain. "Like she has told me last night, I think Yuy wants you two to become her friends, rather than regretting what you've done over and over."

"You still want us as your friends, Yuy?" Judith asked Heero in disbelief.

Heero just raised an eyebrow and glanced to his American lover. The said lover faked a cough before answering for him. "Uhm, I also asked similar question to her last night, Judith. And she asked whether it was so hard to believe."

Judith and Laura stunned for some minutes, still not believing how easy they were forgiven. However, Heero was not so patient to wait till they came out of their shock so he extended one arm toward them and gave a slight smile to them. "Friends?"

The girls blinked and next second, Heero had his hand shook and squeezed by the two girls. "Friend, Yuy. We'll be your friends from now on." Judith smiled pleasantly while Laura looked relieved as she kneaded Heero's hand in friendly gesture.

Later on when the girls had left them, Duo turned to his 'girlfriend' and grinned. "Judging from how you handled the girls, I think Ryoko is right. You're like Lady Une...."


"Itai..." Duo rubbed his head while Heero glared at him murderously, already regretting telling Duo all his conversation with Ryoko. Instead of getting frightened, Duo found Heero's glare was cute and leaned forward to kiss Heero's forehead before running away and shouting. "Your temper is also like her, koi!"

"Omae o korosu!!!" Heero bellowed.

So the day started with bickering, teasing, and glaring for the couple. The other students, who happened to be in the same class as them during the day, couldn't help but smile when they saw the couple. The days would become as fun as the first time they arrived at the school once again.


"Have you put the microfilm at the appointed area?" Heero asked as he let Duo climb into his room through the window. They did this to avoid the gossip about Duo staying in his room at night. The girls would see Duo leave Yuy's room after dinner time, so they didn't have anything to widen the gossip.

"Yup." Duo smiled as he hopped down from the window and placed a kiss on Heero's lips. "All done. Wufei has sent an email to my laptop, telling he was on his way to join with Trowa and Quatre in the new safe house two hours car ride from here. We'll join them a week later."

"A week?" Heero scowled. "I want to leave this school as soon as possible."

Duo shook his head as he hugged the Japanese boy. "Can't do that. You have to recover completely first."

Any protests Heero wanted to say died in his throat as Duo pasted his mouth against his. The Japanese boy instantly melted and opened his mouth to let Duo in. The American's boy slithery flesh roamed inside his mouth, licking every surface it touched. Heero panted slightly when Duo pulled away and rested his forehead against his. "It's nice to see you in your gown, koi." Duo grinned.

Heero growled and tugged Duo's braid he had held in his hand during the kiss. "My butt is still slightly sore so I don't want to wear the tight spandex to sleep."

'Butt' and 'tight' were the only words Duo heard as he found himself suddenly turned on. And the realization that Heero maybe wear nothing beneath the gown wasn't helping either. The braided boy gulped and was about to withdraw from the hug when Heero's arms came up and hugged him back, pressing their body against each other. "You're hard." Heero spoke up with amused tone.

"You did that to me." Duo tried not to gasp as his hard on pressed against Heero's stomach. He was busy trying to calm his hormones down that he didn't notice Heero had pulled him toward the bed. The Japanese boy slowly lay back on the bed and pulled his startled boyfriend on to him. "What...." Duo blinked as he found himself on his hands and knees on the bed with Heero beneath him. "Heero?"

"You promised to teach me how to make love." The Japanese boy put his hand around Duo's neck and pulled the braided boy down for a passionate kiss.

"Heero.." Duo panted from the kiss, face only an inch apart from Heero's. His voice was hoarse, the proof that he was trying to control himself. "Not now, you haven't recovered yet."

"I've recovered enough for this." Heero grunted and moved his hands to unravel Duo's braid.

"Heero... I... " Duo was torn between devouring Heero or stopping himself. He knew Heero hadn't completely recovered. His mind told him to wait a couple of days but his traitorous body didn't want to wait. It wanted Heero now. The soft weight on his back and shoulder told Duo that Heero had managed to unbraid his hair. He drew a sharp breath as his hair brushed down on his sides and landed on the bed around them, covering them like a curtain.

Heero watched the expressions on Duo's face. His American boyfriend looked so beautiful with his hair loose, not to mention the worry, lust, and passion his heart shaped face expressed. Duo's hesitant but eager expression told Heero how much he was loved and cared. Duo wanted him but Duo didn't want to hurt him. The Japanese boy smiled and lifted his hip up, brushing his own hardness beneath the gown against Duo's. "Make love to me, Duo."

The contact and the plea were the last straw for Duo's control. He dove down and captured Heero's lips, kissing him long and thoroughly as he lowered his body on the Japanese boy. His right hand trailed down and sneaked beneath the gown, caressing Heero's thigh. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth at the touch and bucked up slightly when Duo's hand sneaked further up and caressed his stomach.

"Heero.." Duo murmured and broke the kiss only to switch target to Heero's neck. The Japanese boy gasped and tilted his head as Duo sucked and licked his slender neck, leaving the red marks where Duo's lips once were. As he assaulted Heero's neck, Duo moved his hand wilder beneath Heero's gown, searching for the twin nubs he wanted to tease. His fingers found one and he rolled it between his fingers.

Instead of pleasure gasp or moan, Heero let out a slightly painful hiss that he quickly clamped down. However Duo had heard the hiss and that was like a bucket of cold water for Duo, making the American boy pulled away and stood back on his hands and knees. The lust and needs quickly left his mind, replaced by worry and concern as he looked over his Japanese lover. "Heero, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Heero growled. "Don't stop, Duo." He tried to pull Duo down onto him again, but this time the American boy didn't budge.

"I hurt you just now." Duo looked at Heero in concern. "You're not in condition to do this, Heero."

"I'm fine." Heero grunted, slightly irritated. It was just a small pain, caused by the wounds Anne had applied to him yesterday. The slightly pain did nothing to him. He was still aroused and wanted to feel Duo inside him. He wanted Duo to sink inside him completely and join their bodies, but looking at the concern filled violet eyes, it seemed he had convinced Duo to resume their love making first. "Duo, I'm fine. The pain is nothing compared to the pleasure you give me."

"No, you're still not ready for this." Duo settled next to Heero and straightened down the Japanese boy's gown. "We better sleep now."

"But Duo, I amů" Heero's words were cut as Duo put one finger on his lips.

"Sleep now so you can get better soon. We'll do it tomorrow if I see you fit to it after I check you, but not today." Duo replaced his finger with his lips.

Heero still wanted to protest, but Duo's kiss felt so good too. Okay, kiss first, protest later, Heero's mind compromised and let his body responded to the kiss. Both of them soon were focused in capturing each other's tongue. They were too distracted that they didn't hear the door unlocked and someone stepped in until a bellow echoed in the room.


Duo and Heero immediately broke the kiss. They looked at the door and saw a female teacher glaring at them. Several female students started gathering behind her and rubbed their sleepy eyes, obviously awakened by her loud bellow. She was trembling with anger and pointed at them. "I thought the students only told a gossip but it seemed true. You two have done a terrible act. Meet me at the headmaster's office in five minutes." After that she stormed out of the room and shut the door, ordering the other girls to go to their own rooms.

Both of Heero and Duo thought of the same word.




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