Cross My Heart Part 14

"Uhhm..." Heero moaned as he came to and winced as he felt all parts of his body tingling in pain. So tired.... He wanted to sleep again but his soldier mind refused the urge. It had been able to think clearly at the moment and told him he wasn't in a safe place. Slowly, he opened his eyes and saw the wooden ceiling. Where was he? Heero blinked for some seconds before the last night memory flowed into his mind.

Cabin. Bound. Gagged. Cold. Kuma. Duo.

All flashed before his eyes like a flashback.

So many things happened in one night.

Which one was the reality and which one was the dream?

He gingerly sat up and leaned against the headboard, studying his condition. There were welts on his ankles and wrists. His stomach was bruised and his bottom was a little sore but other than that everything was fine. Heero closed his eyes as he used his current condition to determine the reality from what his hazy memory had. He felt weak and quickly became tired.

Welts.... That meant he had been bound and gagged. By Mario, of course. He still remembered being punched and the bruise on his stomach was the evidence.

Then.... what had Mario done to him? He had no other recollection about the big boy except the memory of being violated by him. But then, his lower body wasn't bleeding. It only throbbed dully, the feeling he had gotten used to since Duo took him.

Heero frowned. He remembered that the next time he was awake, the ropes on his ankles and wrists had been removed and his Kuma was cuddling him on the bed. Kuma ....... Heero looked around but found no trace of the teddy bear. Was it only his hallucination? No... it felt so real....

Kuma held and kissed him tenderly just like.......


Heero's eyes widened beneath his eyelids. Yes, Duo. It must be him whom he thought as Kuma. The scent, the warmth. They were so unique and so Duo's. A warm feeling fluttered inside him.

Duo had come to help him.

So the scene where Mario violated him might be a nightmare and the scene where Duo marked him was the reality. Heero fingered his neck and wished there was a mirror near him. He wanted to make sure his neck really held a lot of Duo's marks.

Duo had marked him again. Duo had said he wanted him. It wasn't a dream, ne? He even remembered the feeling of Duo's fingers inside him, stretching him. It hurt, yes but it felt very real.

After the stretching.... what happened? Heero frowned as he remembered how worried Duo had seemed when he cried out in pain and hastily withdrew his fingers. Why did Duo act like that? It was mild compared than the first time. Heero frowned deeper as the image of Duo's oblivious look when he said about the first time he took him flashed in his mind.

Something was wrong.

Heero tried to remember further but nothing came out.


He didn't remember anything past that.

Heero sighed and opened his eyes, knowing he had come to the end of his memory. There were so many questions in his head, but he had no answer to those. Duo. He had to find Duo if he wanted the answers. He needed to know whether Duo really wanted him again or not.

He needed to make sure all last night's events weren't merely a dream.

With a determination in his eyes, Heero urged his weak body to leave the bed. He felt a slight pain in his lower region when he walked, but it didn't stop him until he reached the floor where his now dried clothes were scattered. His underwear and skirt still could be worn, but his torn shirt was definitely out of question. Heero looked around and noticed another shirt not far from his clothes.

Heero held the shirt up and buried his nose in it. The smell.... It was Duo's.

Yes, it had to be Duo's since Mario's body wouldn't fit in the shirt's size. But where were the pants and where was the owner? Heero sighed as he added the question in his queue list. He really had to find Duo soon. It was a miracle Duo still wanted him after what Mario had made him do, but he really hoped that miracle became reality for once.

Just for once.

Heero clutched Duo's shirt tightly in his chest and sniffed it again, inhaling the scent Duo left there. "Duo... " He whispered the name tenderly. He couldn't wait to meet Duo again and confirm that what happened last night wasn't merely a dream his desperate mind produced.

Putting the clothes on was a slow and painful moment for the Japanese boy. As a soldier, Heero realized his current condition was far from better. He was supposed to rest and find something to eat. It was better if he waited for Duo or someone else to come and help him. But Heero didn't want to wait any longer. He had waited for a week and look what he got. No, he didn't want to wait this time. He would go out and find Duo even if he had to bear the throbbing pain all over his body.

After finishing with his clothes, Heero headed outside. Judging from the sun's angle, it was late in the morning. Heero closed the door and leaned against it, trying to gather his energy to walk. His head started to pound again as the sun shot down on him. Not now... Heero gritted his teeth. He wouldn't lose to a mere sun. He had to find Duo. Think... He had to think... where would Duo go from this cabin?

"Yuy!" The high voice broke Heero's concentration.

The Japanese boy was startled and turned his head to the right to see Anne, Judith, and Laura running toward him. Anne looked smug while Judith and Laura glared at him angrily.

Heero's eyes narrowed. He didn't want to deal with them, not now, not ever. He pushed himself from the door and tried to walk away from the approaching group, but with his current state, he couldn't move fast and within seconds, the group was in front of him.


Mario stirred his eyes opened and found out he was bound to a tree. "What the...." He struggled to free himself from the ropes around his waist and arms, but no matter how he tried, he couldn't break the binds. Panicked, he searched around him and saw a person with head bowed standing not far from him. Mario knew well who he was since it was hard to miss the significant braid. He now remembered who attacked him last night.

"Maxwell, you bastard! Untie me!"

The braided boy lifted his head and looked at Mario, who froze at once. The big boy actually felt scared when he realized the once warm violet eyes were now staring blankly at him. "Wha...what do you want?" Mario tried to sound brave but his voice failed him when he watched the braided boy advance at him, face still blank as if his mind was somewhere else. "Look, just release me first. We can talk..."

Mario couldn't finish his words as a punch crashed his face. The big boy cried out in pain and looked in horror just at the time Duo delivered his second punch. The braided boy's face was still blank, void of all the emotions that usually colored the heart shaped face. He actually wasn't aware of what he was doing as his mind was still having flashback.

Heero whimpered when he rocked within the boy, thrusting into him faster and faster.

Bastard. Why didn't he stop? Why? Duo punched and punched. He didn't care what he was hitting as long as he felt the pain when his hands collided.

He saw Heero fall backward after having orgasm, but he didn't try to help. Instead he slammed into the Japanese boy faster and harder.

Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Duo punched harder and felt slightly satisfied when the pain on his knuckles increased.

//Do you feel this?// Duo saw himself thrust his lower body up, making Heero gasp in pain. //I'm inside you, Heero. I claimed your body and put my marks on you. You're mine from now on.//

BASTARD!! Duo growled angrily as he kept punching whatever in front of him. How he wished he could punch himself. He deserved the beating. He deserved it for hurting Heero.

Heero winced when he pulled out of him, but he did nothing and fell asleep instead, ignoring the bleeding boy.

"AAAAAARRRGHHHH!!" Duo shouted and punched repeatedly with all his might. He was such a bastard for caring for his pleasure only! How did Heero feel when he didn't wake up next morning? How did Heero deal with the injuries? HOW?

Out of breath, Duo stopped punching and plopped down on the grass. He buried his head in his hands, feeling hot tears trailing down on his face. "Sorry, Heero. So sorry....." He still couldn't believe he had done THAT to Heero. His mind was filled with images of Heero in different expression. The way Heero smiled when he gave him the teddy bear. The way Heero blushed when he caressed his panty clad bottom. Heero smirked, Heero glared, and Heero pouted. Those precious memories were suddenly ruined with the image of Heero screaming, whimpering and bleeding.

"God, I'm so sorry." Duo sobbed into his hands, unable to stop Heero's cries from invading his mind. Yes, he wanted Heero. But not like this! He had taken Heero's innocence forcefully. He had tainted the once pure boy with his own hand. How could he fix it? How could he face Heero after what he had done?

"Duo?" A gentle voice came out from above him.

Startled, Duo looked up and saw a Japanese girl standing before him. "Ryo..Ryoko?"

At the girl's nod, Duo quickly wiped out his tears and stood up. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for you." Ryoko stated calmly. "Anne said she couldn't find you so she asked some of us to help her finding you." Duo growled at the mention of Anne's name. He now remembered he still had unfinished business with her. The American boy was about to excuse himself to find Anne when Ryoko continued. "She and the others were heading toward the cabin when I parted with them and sneaked into the forest."

Duo's blood became cold at the information. Cabin...Cabin meant Heero..... They were heading toward Heero! Duo clenched his hands. There was no way he would let that bitch Anne get near his Heero!

Ryoko only could blink when Duo suddenly took off like a madman. The girl watched until Duo disappeared from her sight before turning her head to a bloody mess that was Mario.

"Ryo...Ryoko.." Mario gasped out the girl's name. Although his face was bloody from hair till chin and his body was broken, he was still conscious.

"I see he has made you his punching bag." Ryoko's voice suddenly turned cold.

"Help.. me... that bastard broke my ribs." Mario gulped and swallowed his own blood.

"Why should I help a guy who didn't obey my order?" Ryoko spoke slowly and dangerously.

Mario became pale at the sentence. "Please, Ryoko. I... I promise I'll obey you...."

"Obey me? I have paged and ordered you not to touch Yuy. We're ordered to separate the gundam pilots so we can persuade Yuy to join our side. And what have you done? You and your stupid hormones left in the middle of the night to get her." Ryoko snapped as her hand reached into her pocket. "You're stupid enough not to realize Duo Maxwell was following you. Thanks to you, now we lost Yuy."

Mario swallowed, knowing fully well what was inside the pocket. "Ple... please... I'll fix it. Just help me first, I'll catch Yuy again."

"Too late." Ryoko held up a tablet to the bloody boy. "You've ruined our plan. Duo Maxwell won't leave Yuy alone anymore after seeing what you've done to her. We won't be able break through an enraged Gundam pilot's defense and OZ doesn't need a man who can't control his hormones to carry out his mission."

"" Mario pleaded weakly. "Gimme.. one more...hmpph."

Ryoko pushed the tablet inside Mario's mouth and forced him to swallow it. "It'll take five minutes for the potion to react and melt your body. Sayonara, agent 013." With that she turned around and left the big boy, not caring for the boy's plea to return and save him.

Five minutes later, there was only rope in the place where Mario was tied before.


Duo ran as fast as he could. He couldn't think of anything else except kicking Anne away from his Heero. How stupid he was to leave Heero alone in his weak condition. Luckily, he still managed to think to drag Mario with him into the forest or that bastard would have broken free from his rope and attacked Heero again. Baka, he was really a baka like Heero used to call him. Duo kept cursing himself until he saw the edge of the forest. That was when he heard Heero's voice that somehow made him stop dead in his track. The bush in front of him was quite large that the others, including Heero, didn't realize he was there.

"Move away." Heero growled.

"Not so fast, Yuy." Anne sneered. "I'm looking for my Duo, but since you're here, we will deal with you first."

"I don't have time to deal with you." Heero tried to walk away but Judith seized his shoulder and stopped him. He turned his head and glared at the girl. "Get your hand off of me."

"What's the matter? You don't like a girl touching you?" Judith mocked. "Oh I see, a slut like you only likes to be touched and groped by boys?"

Duo was about to jump out to help Heero when Judith landed her hand on the Japanese boy's shoulder, but the girl's mock made him stop. Slut? Why did the girl think Heero was like that?

"I. Am. Not. A. Slut." Heero growled again, weaker this time. It seemed the Japanese boy was exhausted.

"Oh really?" Laura stepped forward. "Don't you know that we all know that you didn't come back into your room yesterday? That fact is enough to elicit a suspicion between us. Look at those hickeys and bite marks on your neck or how you smell right now. Added with the male shirt you're wearing and how you seem to have trouble walking, it's obvious that you were having sex last night. We are only fifteen and yet you've given what you supposed to give to your husband only just for fun and lust. You deserve to be called a slut." The girl pushed Heero until he was leaning against the door.

"You're right, Laura. Her current condition just screams sex." Anne said mockingly to Heero. "How many times has Mario fucked you, slut?"

"Enough!" Duo bellowed in rage. Anne's last word had broken the thin line of Duo's nerve. He growled and stepped out, walking toward the startled girls.



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