Cross My Heart Part 15

Heero flinched slightly when Anne said Mario's name, remembering how he had let Mario molest him. Slut.... Was he really a slut? Would Duo think he was a slut too? An angry bellow snapped him from his thought. Looking up, Heero saw Duo approaching him, eyes burning with anger. Was Duo angry with him that he had let the other person kiss him and touch him on the parts where only Duo should have touched? Heero nervously stepped back only to bump against the wall. The impact was not so hard but in his weakened condition, it was enough to make Heero lose balance. The Japanese boy wobbled and fell forward. His face would have hit the ground if not for a pair of hands that caught his body and held him securely within the arms. He could feel someone's bare chest pressed against his clothed one.

Duo.... Heero somehow recognized the person holding him. He felt the warmth radiated from Duo's body and all he could do was whisper Duo's name longingly before the fatigue became too much to bear and took him into a blissful unconsciousness.


"Hee...Yuy? Yuy-chan, are you alright?" Duo looked down worriedly at his Japanese partner. A quick scan told him that Heero had fainted in exhaustion. Feeling no danger on Heero's condition, Duo exhaled in relief and hugged the unconscious boy tighter. Heero felt so light as if he would disappear if Duo didn't hold him tight.

The three girls looked at the pair in surprise and shock. Judith was the first one to recover and she wasted no time, shouting her objection loudly. "Duo! How could you hug that slut now that you're Anne's boyfriend?"

Judith's voice made Duo realize his surroundings and remind him of his first intention of coming back to the cabin. The anger that had been set aside by his worries over Heero's condition now flared back in vengeance. Duo turned around, bringing Heero with him and gave the three girls a glare that would have rivaled Heero's one. "Don't you ever dare call Yuy that." Duo spat ferociously, making Judith step back. "I'm no one's boyfriend except for Yuy."

Anne became pale when she saw the anger on Duo's violet eyes. Shit, the situation seemed to have strayed from what she had planned. Before she could think of anything to say, Laura spoke up. "Duo, I think you still aren't aware of some facts. Yuy has abandoned you. She has been having fun with Mario while Anne sat by your side when you were unconscious. She even let Mario touch her like a sl..." Laura stopped as Duo growled in anger.

The braided boy narrowed his eyes and hissed like a snake. "I have been aware since yesterday. It's you two who aren't aware of the truth."

"What do you mean by that?" Judith was confused.

"Think, you stupid women." Duo snarled. "Think what if someone has poisoned me and ordered Yuy to stay away from me and obey Mario's every wish in exchange for an antidote to cure me."

"What!" Judith and Laura were very surprised while Anne had gone white.

"No, no, no!! That's a lie!!" Anne shouted in panic.

"Oh really?" Duo hissed again. "Do you want me to bring Mario to verify that?"

Anne trembled in fear. She knew well that stupid Mario would confess if being tortured, not to think that this was a gundam pilot who would torture him. No, she couldn't afford the risk. She better played her last card than agreeing to ask that stupid moron. She looked at the braided boy with teary eyes. "Duo, how could you believe such lies! Don't let Yuy trick you again. I have seen how she liked to be with Mario. She even let Mario fuck her on the day you fell unconscious!"

Duo looked at Anne flatly. "How did you know about that?"

Not expecting the question, Anne stammered. "I... I... I saw her flinching when her bottom touched the floor."

Duo narrowed his eyes on the girl. "I recalled that you said she was with Mario always while you looked after me. Where did you see her then?"

Anne swallowed nervously. "I..."

"Where?" Duo asked dangerously.

Anne thought fast. "I collided with her on my way out of the hospital wing to change my uniform. She fell because of the impact of colliding."

"At hospital wing? So Yuy was coming to visit me then?"

Anne bit her lower lip. Damn! She shouldn't have said the location....... Trying to convince Duo once more, Anne looked up pleadingly at Duo. "She only stayed for a few minutes, Duo."

"Because you wouldn't give me the antidote if she didn't leave you alone with me." Duo guessed and knew he was right from Anne's shocked face. Anne tried to think of a reason. She searched for a reason but found none.

Judith and Laura, who followed their conversation, looked at Anne in disbelief and shock. "Anne. How could you..."

"I'm doing it for you, Duo!" Anne shouted angrily. From the expression on her friends' faces, Anne knew her plan had failed. "True, I did threaten her, but I don't ask her to let Mario fuck her. She did that by herself. She wanted to get fucked like the slut she is!!"


Anne reeled in shock, holding her now red cheek. Duo moved so fast that she couldn't evade the slap. Judith and Laura were also shocked at Duo's action.

"I've told you not to call her that." Duo growled angrily.

Instead of fear, Anne felt anger rise inside her. She stepped back from Duo's hitting range and yelled. "I'm telling the truth! I saw with my own eyes how she winced when her bottom connected to the floor. I heard her groans of pain. I also watched her gingerly sit up and avoiding putting her weight at her lower body. That's a clear indication that she just got fucked! And look at her now! Look how many marks she got on her dirty body! She IS a slut!"

"You bitch." Duo spat, not being able to slap Anne this time since she was out of his range. He felt like strangling the girl right now. "She isn't a slut just because she got fucked!"

"Hah!" Anne sneered. "So you do believe that she got fucked."

Duo gritted his teeth. "Yes."

Judith and Laura gasped in shock while Anne smirked triumphantly. She was about to say something else when Duo looked straight to her and spoke slowly. "Yes, I do believe for I'm the one who fucked her."

His words felt like thunder for the three girls. Anne couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Impossible. You were unconscious! You couldn't fuck her on that day."

"No, I couldn't fuck her on that day. But I could fuck her on the night after your party and I did." Duo stated coldly.

Anne was taken aback. ""

"Oh, yes. I'm the one who fucked her. I'm the one responsible for the marks she has now." Duo sneered.

" couldn't be.... Mario..."

"Mario is a history." Duo spat. "He has paid for every mark he dared to place on what belonged to me! And I'll make you pay as well, bitch. I'll make you pay tenfold for what you have done to my beloved." Duo glared deadly at the now pale girl and then turned to the other two girls. "I assume you only misunderstood the whole event so I suggest you to leave us now before I decide to make you two pay as well."

Judith and Laura looked at each other, still a little bit shocked at the sudden turn of event. It was one thing to think Yuy as a slut because she let Mario fuck her. But it was another thing to know that Duo was the one who fucked her and that she was forced to serve Mario to save her lover. Oh it was totally another thing. Both girls threw a disgusted look at the trembling girl they had called friend a few minutes ago before hurriedly leaving the cabin. They had big news to tell the other students.

Anne on the other hand, didn't notice the look nor their leaving. Being the recipient of the angry eyes of the God of Death made her tremble in fear. She was too scared to think of anything else save her life. As a spy, she knew well what torture a gundam pilot was capable of inflicting. She could see a death promise on Duo's eyes and realized her life was at stake. "Please Duo.... I did this for you....I love you...." Anne stammered in fear.

"You shouldn't play fire with a Gundam pilot." Duo spoke flatly. "As a spy, you should know better not to be a threat to our mission. Your selfish act has weakened my partner's condition and delayed our mission in retrieving the microfilm. I can say you're more suitable to be called a traitor rather than a spy."

"Nonono. I'm not a traitor. I swear I'm not a traitor." Anne was panicked. She still wanted to live. If Duo decided to think her as a traitor, her life would be gone within seconds. "I'll give you the microfilm you want." She reached into her pocket and retrieved the said microfilm.

Duo grabbed the offered item and checked it. After he was sure it was really a microfilm, he put it into his pocket. He wanted to beat the life out of Anne, but there were two things that held him at bay. First, he wasn't used to hitting a girl, not even when the said girl deserved the beating. Secondly, he was worried about Heero. He wanted to get into Heero's room right away so he could check Heero's injuries more closely. Deciding Heero was the top priority, Duo lifted the still unconscious boy into his arms and then spoke to Anne. "I'll spare your life this time, Anne. Next time we meet, I won't be kind." After giving Anne his last death glare, Duo walked away, carrying Heero back into their dorm.

Anne watched the couple go, feeling relief and anger at the same time. It wasn't suppose to end like this. Damn it! When Yuy came to this school, she realized that a female also could be a gundam pilot. She didn't want to be a spy forever so she had planned to replace Yuy as the gundam pilot. She planned to make Duo fall in love with her and seduce him to teach her to pilot the gundam. But now, her plan was ruined. To be worse, not that she was still a spy, she also had made herself a Gundam pilot's enemy.

"So you're the spy." A voice came out from her back just as Anne saw Duo and his precious bundle disappear from her sight.

Anne whirled around in surprise and saw Ryoko standing a few feet from her. "Ryoko! You.." She stopped whatever she wanted to say when she noticed the item in Ryoko's hand. A gun. Pointing at her. Anne looked up in fear at Ryoko, trying to digest what happened. "You're the OZ spy..."

"Correct. Now, hands up." Ryoko ordered.

Anne slowly raised her hands, thinking of a way to get out of this ordeal alive. "Ryoko...I... hmphh." Anne widened her eyes as she felt Ryoko push something like a tablet into her mouth.

Ryoko withdrew her hand and spoke sternly. "Swallow it or I'll shoot you."

Having no choice, Anne swallowed what the thing was in her mouth. Ryoko then smiled slyly. "Do you know what it is?"

Anne shook her head.

"It's the same tablet as the one you explained in the microfilm."

Anne's eyes widened in fear. The tablet. The one which would melt the person who swallowed it within five minutes! She trembled and looked pleadingly at Ryoko. "No... no.... please.."

"Do you want to live?" Ryoko asked nonchalantly.

Anne nodded fast. "I do. I'll do anything if you spare my life."

"Well then." Ryoko held up another tablet. "This one would delay the melting process for twelve hours. You have that amount of time to steal the microfilm from the Gundam pilots in exchange for the full antidote."

Anne's face which just got some of its color back had become pale again. "Stealing it from Duo?" She spoke weakly. "It's impossible. Duo'll kill me if he sees me again."

"That's your problem. I don't care." Ryoko gave Anne a threatening look. "You can use any means to get the microfilm back as long as my identity isn't revealed, you understand?"

Anne nodded. Any means, huh? At least, she could kill the Japanese girl she hated.

"And also, don't kill Yuy. We need her for our further plan."

"What!!" Anne yelled in rage.

"You heard me." Ryoko looked at her sternly. "Now go, I'll be waiting in my room twelve hours from now."

Anne stomped away from Ryoko. Don't kill Yuy. Very well. But Ryoko didn't say she couldn't torture her, right? Oh she would torture her. She would torture that slut Yuy until she would prefer to be dead.


Duo carried his precious bundle hurriedly to the dorm. He could see some girls waiting for them in front of it. No doubt that Judith and Laura had told them the truth. Although the girls meant well, Duo refused to let them take Heero from him and growled angrily to the others who tried to stop him. Finally after some pushing and growling, he managed to get them both into Heero's room. Not caring about what others thought, he hauled the girls away and told them to leave them alone. The girls seemed to be taken aback with his fierce protectiveness and stared dumbfounded as he closed the door before their eyes.

Judith and Laura looked at each other after the door was slammed shut. They nodded and worked to calm the other girls and ask them not to tell the teachers about Duo being in Yuy's room. That was the least they could do to redeem the foul words they had said to Yuy.

Duo locked the door and replaced Heero's damp clothes with a dry gown. He deliberately didn't look at Heero's body while he put the gown on the Japanese boy, knowing it would increase his anger once more to see the bruises and marks Mario left on Heero. He didn't need the anger now. The anger would only make him leave and go to punch Mario again and again and maybe beat Anne several times. No, he definitely didn't need the anger right now. He needed to be here, next to Heero.

Duo dragged a chair next to the bed and sat down on it. He took Heero's hand and held it. "I'll wait here till you wake up, Heero." He kissed Heero's hand and leaned against the chair, eyes never leaving the prone body in the bed. Duo still felt he didn't deserve Heero but he couldn't bear leaving Heero alone. He promised himself that he would wait till the Japanese boy woke up. No, no.... he would wait till Heero got well and could protect himself.....

And then.....

Then he might be able to leave Heero.....


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