Cross My Heart Part 13

'You're a slut'


'It's only a matter of time before you let me touch your breasts and groin.'


'I'll fuck you.'


'Forget Maxwell. You're mine now.'



He ran. He ran until he couldn't hear the laughter.

Where was he now?

So cold.... So dark...... He couldn't see anything

Where was Duo?

He missed Duo's warmth......

A pair of hands enveloped him, pulling him against a solid chest...

Duo's ........

He smiled as a warm mouth closed upon his, warming his shivering lips.

Duo's .....

He was pushed back to lie on the ground and then a warm figure hover above him and rest on his cold body, warming him entirely.


He sighed in contentment but then he cried in pain the next second as he felt the figure above him penetrate him roughly. His sight suddenly came back and he looked up to see Mario grinning smugly to him.

'You're my slut.'


Duo jolt up from his dozing at the agony scream. He felt the boy in his arms struggle and making distressed sounds. "Heero?"

"Get away from me!" The Japanese boy frantically tried to push Duo away from him. Duo looked at Heero's eyes and noticed the panic and fear in the usually calm blue orbs. They didn't focus on him and looked through him instead, as if Heero was still in somewhere else. Experience told Duo that Heero was having a nightmare, a very bad one at that.

"Heero, calm down. It's me Duo." Duo loosened his embrace on the Japanese boy, but he didn't let Heero go. He ran his hands on Heero's back to soothe the boy. "Calm down, shhhh..."

Heero stopped struggling as he recognized the familiar voice. He looked at the braided boy in disbelief. "Duo?"

"Yeah, me Duo." Duo smiled and was thankful Heero didn't think him as his Kuma anymore.

Heero blinked and trembled violently. What happened? He was so confused and full of dread, not to mention his headache was still pounding his head. It was so hard to think..... Was it only a nightmare? One second Mario was violating him, next second he was in Duo's arms. Which one was the reality? Last time he remembered, he was alone in a cabin, tied and gagged.

Heero shuddered. No, he didn't want to know which one the reality was. He couldn't bear if the reality was the one where Mario violated him, not when it was the most possible thing happened since it was almost impossible for Duo to be here. Duo didn't know where he was and he would prefer to be with Anne than searching for him.......

"Heero? Are you okay? You're still trembling." Duo asked worriedly.

"Duo...." Heero clutched Duo's shoulders tightly. It felt so real.... Oh how he wished it was real.... "Do you still want me, Duo?"

Duo swallowed a sudden lump in his throat when he heard Heero's question. From Heero's half aware confession to him earlier, he could understand why Heero needed to ask him. Damn Mario, damn himself...... He tightened his hug and kissed Heero's forehead. "Of course, I want you. I have wanted you from the first time I saw you."

Heero smiled sadly as he heard Duo's answer. Dream.... This was only a dream because he knew, in the reality, Duo had dumped him for Anne. Heero pushed the reality away from his thought. Right now his dream was the reality. He wouldn't spend his dream by dreading for reality; he would enjoy his dream, where Duo was still kind to him and cared for him. Heero focused back at his dream-Duo, who looked worriedly at him. He ran his hand over dream-Duo's cheek, caressing it gently and smiled as he felt Duo's cheek lean against his palm. Duo didn't refuse him. Not while in his dream. "Will you kiss me, Duo?"

"Of course." Duo swallowed before he bent down and pressed his lips on Heero's. He had been surprised when Heero caressed his cheek. It was so gentle that he leant against Heero's hand. The caress made him realize several things he had missed before because of his worry over Heero's condition.

One, Heero still looked beautiful despite the paleness he spotted.

Second, they were alone in the cabin.

Third, they were both naked beneath the covers.

Fourth, Heero's slender body was pressed against him, skin against skin.

The realization awakened Duo's teenage hormones as he deepened the kiss. His tongue had sneaked out to lap Heero's lips, asking the Japanese boy for access, which Heero gave in the next second. Duo moaned as his tongue roamed inside Heero's mouth. It felt like years ago since he did this last time. He moved his right hand down to caress Heero's slender body and was delighted when Heero arched to meet his caress.

"Heero..." Duo purred as he broke the kiss and moved down to nip at Heero's neck. His breath became ragged as he placed red marks over the slender neck. Somehow he knew this was Heero's weak spot. A feeling of deja vu' brushed over him as his hand caressed Heero's soft thigh. It almost looked like he had done this before.... But when....?

"Mark me again, Duo." Heero moaned and tilted his head in submission.

That act threw whatever Duo was thinking away and made the American boy intensified his assault on Heero's neck. He growled possessively, eyes clouded with passion, as he pushed the Japanese boy onto his back and crawled over him while keeping his lips attached to Heero's neck. Satisfied with the marks he made, Duo trailed up and claimed the luscious lips, which had elicited moans and whimpers that drove him wild.

Heaven. Duo thought that as he licked Heero's palate. Heero was so delicious and welcoming. He would never get tired of this. Duo sucked hard on the Japanese boy's tongue before pulling away. He withdrew a little and was mesmerized with the sight beneath him. There, Heero was lying sprawled and panting in need. His lips were swollen and red, courtesy of him and his neck full with many hickeys. Duo's arousal twitched in need as his eyes traveled down and studied Heero's naked body.

"Beautiful." Duo purred as he ran his hand over Heero's spine. "I want you, Heero." What was left of the rational part in his mind tried to tell him that Heero was weak and needed comfort after having a nightmare. That part told him that he shouldn't take advantage of Heero's current condition. That he should check Heero's condition rather than enjoy the Japanese boy's body.

It would have succeeded to pound the point into Duo's passion clouded mind if Heero didn't smile and parted his legs invitingly. "I'm yours, Duo." Those red lips whispered in submission, allowing Duo to take whatever he wanted. Duo lost it then and there. With a hoarse growl, Duo claimed Heero's lips once again while his hands possessively caressed every part of the Japanese boy.

Heero purred and moaned into the kiss. Never mind this was just a dream. The important one was Duo wanted him now. Duo's lips, Duo's hands, and Duo's warm body, they were so warm that it felt so real. Heero gasped into Duo's mouth when he felt Duo's finger pushed into him. When it penetrated him, Duo broke the kiss. Heero didn't have time to think or react as the second digit followed quickly, plunging into him forcefully. This time, it hurt so much that Heero couldn't help but crying in pain. He hadn't completely healed from Duo's first penetration and Duo's fingers had prodded the inner wound.

"Heero?" Duo was startled at the sudden cry. No matter how blind he was with his need, he still remembered to stretch Heero. He wouldn't want to hurt Heero, not after what Heero had gone through. But it appeared saliva wasn't enough as a lube. Duo thought of using his precum as additional lube and hastily withdrew his fingers to gather it. To his surprise, Heero cried up in horror.

"No, don't leave!" Heero's hand shot down and gripped Duo's hand, preventing the American boy from withdrawing entirely from inside him.

Duo was confused at Heero's behavior. "Heero, let go. I just..."

"No." Heero tightened his grip and pushed Duo's fingers back into him. He gritted his teeth as the pain shot inside him again.

Duo widened his eyes as he watched Heero's expression. His aching need was forgotten as his worry over Heero won over. "Heero! You're hurt!" The braided boy tried to withdraw his fingers again but Heero's hand on him stopped his movement.

"Don't, please. I'm okay." Heero pleaded as he felt his grip on Duo weakened. "I want you to claim me back, Duo."

"What do you mean by 'claim me back' ?" Duo was confused but he didn't stop pulling his hand for he noticed Heero was still in pain. He finally succeeded, withdrawing his fingers out of Heero completely as the Japanese boy was too weak to stop him this time. "Listen Heero, I don't think I ever...." Duo stopped in mid sentence as his fingers came in his vision. Two of them that were inside Heero just before were now red, soaked in blood. Duo swallowed and stared in horror at his fingers. Heero was bleeding! Men didn't bleed like this just from fingers insertion. Duo was stunned and shocked. He had thought nothing could surprise him after Heero's confession but now...... Had Mario managed to rape Heero?! No, it was impossible without making Mario know Heero's real gender. But if it wasn't Mario..... then who raped Heero?

A broken whimper shook him from his shock. Duo looked down and met Heero's glassy eyes. "Heero?"

"Don't go..." Heero grabbed Duo's arm weakly. "Claim me back, Duo."

"Heero..." Duo swallowed. How could Heero still want him when he was bleeding in pain. "You're hurt."

"I don't mind. It doesn't hurt so much like the first time you did." Heero's answer was like a thunder for Duo.

"First time.... I did?" Duo croaked in disbelief.

"Yes, after Anne's party, in your room." Heero answered weakly. He had used all strength he had to hold Duo's fingers in him. Now, he felt so tired. His hand couldn't clutch on Duo's arm any longer and plopped down on the bed. So tired.... Was it the time to leave the dream and face the reality? The reality where Mario violated him? No, he didn't want to leave Duo... he still wanted to be with Duo. "I love you, Duo..." He whispered longingly before his eyes fluttered closed and he sunk back into unconsciousness once again.

It might be the best for the Japanese boy because Duo certainly didn't hear Heero's last whisper. No, Duo had stopped moving, stopped listening, and stopped seeing after Heero answered his last question. Whether it was God's joke or some kind of twisted thing Fate did, that answer had unlocked his forgotten memories and they now flew into his mind.

//I want you, Heero.//


Oh God, oh God, what had he done?

//I want you, all of you.//

//Duo! Snap out of it! It's not funny!//

//God, Heero, you taste so good. I want you. Badly want you. All of you.//

Duo trembled and felt his arms and knees go weak. The scene where he undressed Heero's delicate body flashed in his mind. He actually had done it? Another flash revealed Heero's sated face after he took the Japanese boy in his mouth. Yes, he had molested Heero...... but it didn't look like that Heero minded.... Heero was enjoying it, wasn't he?

//You're mine. No one will touch you, but me.//

Duo sat down on the bed heavily as if he was struck when Heero's gasp of pain echoed in his mind.

//Wha.. what are you doing, Duo?//

//Showing you how much I love you.//

The braided boy was shocked at the memory. No! He didn't.....

//Aahh, that hurt!// An image of Heero, hands tied and he was sticking his fingers forcefully inside the Japanese boy flashed before his eyes.

God, he did!


//'s going to hurt a little.//

Duo shook his head, trying not to see how he was grinning and ready to penetrate Heero. That was not him! No! That cruel bastard couldn't be him!

//AAAAAAAHHH// Duo jumped out from the bed and landed flat on the wooden floor. The image of Heero bleeding and screaming flashed again. Oh, God. It was really him who did that? How could he hurt Heero like that? NO! It wasn't him! It wasn't him! It wasn't him!!!!!!! He would never want to hurt Heero!!! Duo shook his head as the memories from the night kept flowing into his head.

//God, I have been waiting for this moment. You're so tight.//

//It hurts, Duo!!//

"NO!!" Duo shouted brokenly at the same time as Heero's pain cry echoed in his mind again. He had forced himself on Heero. Oh God, oh God, how could he..... Trembling, Duo stood up beside the bed to find Heero had gone unconscious. Heero looked so tired... Duo whimpered as the memory assaulted him again. He had taken Heero in brutal force. It had to be very painful for the Japanese pilot. Duo caressed Heero's cheek and swept the stray damp brown hair on Heero's cheek away with his trembling fingers. "I'm sorry. Oh, God. Heero, I'm really sorry." Something inside his mind reminded him that since he was Heero's first kiss, he was also Heero's first time then. "Oh, God. No." Duo groaned like he was in pain.

// Du..o...// Heero's voice echoed again. The pain in the voice was clearly heard.

Enough, that was enough. Duo didn't think he could take it. He had hurt Heero. All of the people, he had hurt his beloved Heero!! His trembling hand descended to search for the Japanese boy's hand. Once he found it, Duo took the still cold hand and kissed it. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Duo whispered brokenly as he kissed Heero's palm. "You have every right to hate me, Heero.. I'm such a bastard."

//Stop it Duo......../ / Heero had tried to stop him, but he didn't stop. He kept thrusting into Heero's bleeding body.

Duo shook his head violently and released Heero's hand, stepping away from the bed. He couldn't bear to look at Heero again. He didn't deserve Heero! Duo snatched his half dried pants and hastily put them on. He ran to the door and opened it.

// It hurts, Duo......//

Letting out a broken cry, Duo stepped out and slammed the door shut, leaving the Japanese boy he loved with all his heart but he knew he didn't deserve anymore, in the bed.




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