Duo and The Bee Part 4

"Hmppphh!" Heero tried to break the kiss but Duo held the Perfect Soldier's head still. Actually, he too wanted to kiss Duo but he didn't want his koi to have yet another nosebleed. But Duo's tongue was teasing his lower lip, making it really hard for him to keep his control. He tried once again to break the kiss. Duo noticed Heero's stubbornness and decided to go further.

Heero's mind stopped functioning once Duo's hand moved lower and caressed his chest. The American noticed his koi had stop resisting but he wasn't responding either. He grinned at his koi's impassiveness. 'You don't know whether to push me or to kiss me, ne Hee-chan? I'll show you what to do.'

The Japanese pilot was still torn between pushing Duo or giving in when he felt Duo's hand find his nipple. That hand caressed, pinched, and teased his nipple over and over. That broke down all the remaining control he had. Heero moaned and let Duo's tongue slip into his mouth, exploring and licking the inner part of his mouth hungrily. Heero fought the invader back with his tongue.

Feeling Heero respond, Duo deepened the kiss. He sucked on Heero's mouth and battled against the Japanese pilot's tongue. When he felt the blood had almost reached his nose, Duo pulled away and reached for a Kleenex.

Heero lay still, trying to ease off the hot feeling he had. Then he sat up and looked at his koi. Duo was wiping the blood off his nose.


Duo looked up at Heero and grinned. "Yup, I'm your baka." He yawned and stretched up. "I think I'll take a nap now. Wake me up when we arrive."

Heero pulled the panel to move the seat back to its original position and let Duo lay on the backseat before turning his attention back to the road. Silently, he looked through the corner of his eyes and smirked when he saw Wufei's face looking pent-up with frustration. All the time Duo assaulted Heero, Wufei could only watch. He couldn't shout to stop them and couldn't mock the braided baka when he got a nosebleed. He took a glance at the Japanese pilot and saw his smirk which meant he knew full well what was going on inside the Chinese boy's mind.

He was really angry that he couldn't shout at Heero and wipe that mocking smirk off his face. A strange noise reached his ear and Wufei turned his head and saw Heero had one hand on his mouth, trying to hide his chuckle. Wufei's eyes widened, he never heard or saw Heero Yuy chuckle. What had caused him to make that noise?

As if reading Wufei's mind, Heero spoke, "Look at yourself."

Wufei looked down in confusion and saw red dots were scattered everywhere over his skin. He blushed and quickly realized it made his condition worse when Heero made that strange noise again.

The Japanese pilot had long ago abandoned his mental scoreboard. His koi had absolutely won the match. He wondered how Trowa and Quatre will react when they get a look at Wufei in this condition.

-----two hours ago in the house-----

Quatre heard the engine's sound fade away and waited half an hour, hearing no sound from the ourside, before turning to Trowa. "Looks like they are gone. The house is really quiet now."

"Are you sure, little one?"

"Yes, I'm sure. You can check if you want."

Trowa reluctantly opened the door and walked out to find the house was indeed empty. "They are really gone. Where did they go?"

"I don't know. But I think it's not because of a mission." Quatre followed behind him.

"Now what are we going to do?"

Quatre looked at his lover and smiled. "I think we have to take a bath now."

"Just a bath?" There was a teasing tone in Trowa's voice.

"You know what I mean," Quatre kissed his lover and pulled him to the bathroom.

After they made love in the bathtub, they took the real a 'bath' and of course washed their hair with the shampoo..............


Wufei stopped the car outside the house while Heero tried to wake the stubborn American up. Loud screams emerged from the house. Duo sat up immediately when the screams reached his ears. He looked up and saw Heero and Wufei running into the house, guns in their hands.

Heero and Wufei ran toward the screams' direction, which appeared to be coming from the bathroom. Wufei kicked the door opened and Heero rolled in. The Chinese pilot followed the Perfect Soldier in. They pointed their guns to the bathtub and looked at the screams' sources.

".........." (This is Heero, as usual, no voice ^_^)

".........." (Well, Wufei can't talk, can he? :p)

The sudden silence in the house made Duo, who had entered the house, really worried, so he ran faster toward the bathroom. "What's up, guys?" Duo looked in and saw Wufei's jaw reaching his knees and Heero staring blankly at the bathtub. Duo turned his eyes in the bathtub's direction and saw two pink bundles, Quatre and Trowa's heads.

The braided boy's eyes widened for a moment, then rich laughter emerged from his mouth. He rolled on the floor , holding his stomach. 'Oi, this shampoo is really great! I have to thank Sally for giving me this as a Christmas gift. It'll take a couple of days to get rid of the color.'

Wufei had snapped his jaw back into place and Heero had stood up and hid his gun somewhere in his spandex. The Chinese boy was happy now to see he had company in his suffering. Heero tried to make another mental scoreboard for Trowa and Quatre but quickly gave up since he knew his koi had won totally over the three pilots.

"Duo!" Quatre finally realized what happened to his hair and quickly assumed who did it. Trowa kept silent and let his lover do the talking.

"Sorry, Q-man. I really didn't mean to do it to you. I forgot to remove the shampoo after Wufei used it." Duo explained, still rolling on the floor.

"How can you have forgotten!!! Look at what you have done to Trowa's hair and mine!!!!"

"Well, blame Wufei for that. We had to take him to the clinic because he got stung by a bee on his nose."

Wufei glared at Duo and approached him but Heero moved faster, placing himself between the Chinese boy and his rolling koi.

Trowa raised an eyebrow and Quatre was surprised. They forgot about their hair for a moment.

"You drank the antidote too, Wufei?" Quatre looked at Wufei and now realized Wufei's hair was also pink. He stared dumbfound at the hair while the Chinese boy still kept his glare on Duo.

"Wufei??" Quatre looked in confusion. He just realized the Chinese boy hasn't made any sound at all since he broke into the bathroom.

"Wufei didn't take the same antidote as Duo. He took another one." Heero explained. 'Great, Wufei can't speak and Duo is not in any condition to talk, that leaves me to explain it to them.' If he didn't explain, maybe Quatre would keep bugging the Chinese pilot, thus making him angrier at Duo.

Trowa and Quatre turned to Heero. They were a bit surprised to find it was Heero who gave the explanation. "Oh, why didn't he say so?"

"Because he couldn't."

Quatre stared at Heero in confusion. Heero sighed, he had exceeded his words' quota for today and Quatre still wanted further explanation. He took the braid of his koi and pulled up, forcing his koi to stand up.

"OUCHHH!!! What are you doing, Heero????" Duo grabbed his braid from Heero.

Heero just shoved him in front of the confused Quatre and left the bathroom. Wufei followed him out, leaving the American to deal with two confused pilots.

"Jeez, thanks guys. Just leave it to me to explain this." Duo muttered and then turned to Quatre and Trowa, proceeded to give them an explanation.

"So Wufei can't talk right now?" Quatre felt pity for the Chinese boy while listening to Duo's story.

"Yup. It's really funny to tease him about his pink hair when he can't say a word about it." Duo kept on talking. He didn't notice that his words have made Quatre realized about his now-pink-hair.

Quatre exchanged a glance with his lover who nodded and moved closer to Duo.

Trowa took the towel and tied it around the braided boy so he couldn't move.

"Hey what are you doing...hmphhh." Trowa put another small towel in Duo's mouth while Quatre walked to the bathtub.

"hmmpphh!!! HMMPPHHHH!!!!!"

"Don't worry Duo. We just want you to have the same beautiful hair as we do."

Quatre walked back to Duo, holding the cursed shampoo. Duo's eyes widened in horror.

-----one hour later-----

"Heerooooo!!!" Duo entered his and Heero's room. Heero didn't look up at the braided boy, he was packaging his bag.

"What are you doing??"

"I have a solo mission." He closed the bag then turned to Duo.

If there's something that could make the Perfect Soldier's eyes widened and his mouth opened, that would be the pink-hair-braided American who was standing in front of him at the moment.

"You are leaving me aloneeeeeee??????" Duo ignored Heero's reaction. He was too concerned about Heero leaving.

Heero set his face back to Perfect Soldier's mode. Silently, Heero realized he was the only one who still had his hair in its natural color. That realization made him want to leave the safe house even sooner, before his hair met the same fate as the others. He took his bag and walked toward the door. "It's just a couple of days."

"No way!!!!! I'm going too!!!" Duo approached Heero, his pink braid swinging behind him.

"Duo, this is my mission."

"I can help you!"

"Not with the pink hair. You will attract every single person." Heero opened the door and walked out. He quickly went where his Gundam was hidden and took off.

In the house, Duo was cursing. As a gundam pilot, he realized Heero was right but he was mad because Heero left him right when he needed him to forget about his pink hair. He swore to make Heero suffer when he got back later. Meanwhile, he would deal with the other pilots.

Duo soon found out that he didn't know what to do. He couldn't go out without attracting people's attention with his pink hair and he didn't have the Perfect Soldier to tease. Boredom plus pink hair was a great combination for Duo to make the other pilots' lives a living like hell.

First day after Heero left, Wufei, who had laughed silently when he saw Duo's hair, found his room was painted in pink.

Second day after Heero left, Trowa found his circus's custom and mask were pink.

Third day after Heero left, Quatre found his teacups were all pink.

Fourth day after Heero left, Wufei started sleeping in his Nataku, guarding her once he found out his sword was also pink.

Fifth day after Heero left......."ONNNAAA!!! Why didn't you come sooner!!!" Yup, Wufei got his voice back when Sally came to the safehouse. She was quickly told by Quatre what has happened and gave Wufei the medicine to neutralize the side effect of the antidote. She also took a picture of Wufei with his pink hair. Now Wufei had to be careful not to say 'Onna' in front of her or the picture would be spread among Preventers. Duo had also lost the antidote's side effect and locked himself in his room after that.

Heero was back on the sixth day. He saw Wufei and Sally were painting the Chinese pilot's room.

"Heero. You have returned." Sally noticed him.

"Yuy." Wufei greeted him.

"What happened to your room?"

"Duo was bored." Wufei's short answer was more than enough for Heero.

"Where's Duo?" 'Wufei has returned to normal, voice and hair. So that means the others had also. Thank God, I don't have to see that pink braid again.'

"He locked himself in his room since last night."

Heero frowned. He left Wufei and Sally and walked to his and Duo's room. Standing in front of the door, he knocked. "Duo?"

The door opened abruptly. "Hee-chan!!" Duo glomped onto Heero. "Why did you knock? This is your room too!" Duo pulled him in.

Heero put down his bag and turned to Duo. "Wufei said you locked yourself in the room."

"I did." Duo sat next to bed.

"Why?" Heero approached Duo.

"Sit here and I'll tell you."

'He is hiding something.......' Heero felt something was wrong but quickly dismissed it. He sat down next to Duo.

"I was preparing...." Duo grinned.

"Preparing what?"

"Preparing for this!" Duo pounced Heero onto the bed. He moved as fast as a panther and Heero soon found both of his hands were cuffed and chained to the head of the bed. While his attention turned to his hands, Duo moved to his feet and cuffed each of them to the corner of the bed. Heero now was lying on the bed, legs spread wide. The cuffs were lined with fur so Heero wouldn't get hurt if he struggled.


"Awww, relax Hee-chan!" Duo stood and admired his work.

"What are you doing?" Heero tried to break the cuffs. 'Whatt?? I can't break them! They are too strong.'

"They are made from gundanium, Hee-chan. You can't break them."


"C'mon. Relax. I just want to play a little." Duo pulled Heero's socks off. His slippers had been thrown off already when Duo has pounced on him.

"Duo!? What the fuck are you doing?" Heero felt uncomfortable for some reason.

"What does it look like?" Duo held up a feather. Heero's eyes widened. "You were so cruel to leave me alone. Now I'm going to punish you."


"Wufei didn't tell me anything. You just didn't realize that I was awake at the time." Duo ran the feather along the bottom of one of Heero's feet. Heero bit his lips, trying to hold his laughter.

"How could you leave me alone?" Duo stopped his teasing.

"I had a mission."

The braided boy attacked Heero's other feet.

"Duo, stop it!" Heero squirmed at the attack.

"That mission was only for a day!"

Heero's eyes widened. He stared at his koi who had stopped his attack.

"How did I know?" Duo smirked. "J contacted me on the second day after you left and asked me where you were." He attacked Heero's feet again.

"Duo! Yamete!" 'Damn J, I gonna kill him!!'

Duo stopped again. "Where did you go, Heero? And why???"

"I was staying in Wing."


"I didn't want you to get another nosebleed because of me."

"I don't care about that!"

"I care."

Duo's eyes soften a little. "Okay, but you should have gone home by yesterday. So where were you last night?"

(Insert a song you often hear when danger or the realization of something bad has happened in those old horror movies) [1]


"Heero..." Duo spoke in a threatening voice, he swung the feather in front of Heero.

'Here goes the peace....' ".........with Relena......."


"She managed to contact me and asked me to be her bodyguard for the convention last night."

"And you fucking agreed????"


"Heero! She could have chosen another bodyguard from any part of the world who would have been willing to do it!!!"

"She promised me this would be the last time."

"Is that so?"

"Duo, I don't want her to bother us again. That's why I accepted her request last night."

"Her last request!!!"

"Yes, the last request. Now will you release me???"

Duo's eyes flickered. "Oh no, Heero. You have been a bad boy. I have to punish you."

"Nani?" 'What does he up to now?'

"First, you didn't help me when Quatre and Trowa dyed my hair pink, not to mention you are the only one whose hair wasn't dyed. Second, you leave me for five days straight! Third, you went out with Relena, that's almost unforgivable!!!!!"

Duo held up another feather and attacked both of Heero's feet. At the double assault, Heero wriggled uncontrollably and finally his laughter emerged. "HAHAHHHA, DUO!!! HAHAHA! Yamete!!!"

The American paused, giving Heero a chance to breathe. "You're really cute when you laugh, you know?"

"Duo! Omae o korosu! Let me go!"

"No, koi. You let me suffer last night. Now I want revenge." Duo attacked Heero's feet again. He ran the feathers up and down on the bottom of Heero's feet, pausing for a mere second and then continue the assault again. Heero's laughter was like a song to the braided boy's ear.

"Duo...stop it....." Heero tried to speak between his laughter.

"Call me 'master' and I'll stop."


"That's your only choice." Duo didn't cease his attack, he kept on teasing Heero's feet for some minutes more. Then he paused again.


"Stop it..." Heero was panting.

"Not until you call me 'master', koi."

"Omae.. o... korosu.."

"Okay, we continue then." He leaned down. Ready to attack the feet again when he heard Heero murmured.

'I swear I'll get you for this, Duo!' "Master...."

"What did you say? I can't hear you." Duo grinned and ran the feathers again.

Heero squirmed and shout, "Master!!"

"Yes, slave?"


"If you don't say something, I'll continue my work."

"What do you want from me?" Heero noticed Duo swinging the feathers down and quickly added, "Master?"

Duo looked at Heero. The Japanese boy was panting and covered with sweat. The scene in front of him would've made him hard if he hadn't been hard all night already. He climbed on top of Heero and straddled his stomach. Then he leaned down to capture the half opened lips. Duo explored the hot and wet cavern hungrily, sucking and licking until they gasped for air.

Duo pulled back from the kiss and leaned forward to whisper into Heero's ear, "That fucking antidote made me save my libido for an entire week and I want you to receive my savings."


"Heero....." Duo swung the feather in front of Heero.

"......What Master?"

"I want to fuck you all day, slave."



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