Duo and The Bee Part 3

Heero woke up and found Duo had already left. It's very unusual for Duo to wake up before Heero. Heck it's very unusual for Duo to be up before anyone. 'What's he up to?' Still wondering, Heero got up and walked to the bathroom. Since the safehouse was rather small, it only had one bathroom, which was next to Wufei's room.

After he finished his shower, Heero met Wufei who just stepped out from his room. The Chinese boy held a towel, indicating he wanted to take shower.

"Morning Yuy."


"How is Maxwell?"

"Don't disturb him."

"I haven't done anything to him", the Chinese smiled and continued into the bathroom.

Heero glared at him but then walked away to find Duo. He found his koi in the kitchen, making coffee. Well, that's the only thing Duo can make without blowing up the whole kitchen.

"Ohayo, Hee-chan," Duo chirped when he saw Heero.

"Hn." Heero took the cup of coffee Duo had offered him. 'So far nothing happened'. Heero sat in a chair and sipped his coffee, still staring at the American pilot.

"Wondering what I am up to?" Duo grinned and sat down on the opposite side of the table.

Although his surprise wasn't shown on his face, Duo knew had been Heero startled by his question. The Perfect Soldier raised an eyebrow while he put his coffee mug on the table.

"Look, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry about me. All I want you to do is not follow me if Wufei chases me out of the house, 'kay?" Duo stood up, putting on his black cap.

Heero's eyebrow twitched but before he could ask further, a loud voice echoed throughout the house....and all the way to China.[1]


"Time to play hide and seek. Remember don't follow me, koi!" Duo winked as Wufei charged into the kitchen.

"Wow, Wu-man, what beautiful hair you have!" Duo tried to hold his laughter, and failed. Before him, stood an enraged Chinese boy with neon pink hair. The hair was in chaos, some covered his face and the rest of it reached his shoulder.

"MAXWELL!! In the name of Nataku, I'll shave you bald this time!!!" Wufei leaped at Duo slashing his sword wildly.

Even if Duo asked Heero to follow him, Heero wouldn't be able to follow his lover this time, for he was too surprised watching a neon pink-haired-Wufei chase his cackling Duo out the door.

After 30 seconds, Heero managed to control his surprise. And it's already too late to follow a raging neon pink-haired-Chinese and his braided baka. So Heero sat still, waiting for either Wufei or Duo to show up. His mental scoreboard stood as 2 for Wufei and 1 for Duo.

Meanwhile outside the house, Duo ran into the forest, followed by a raging Wufei. Using his flexible body, Duo jumped over big roots and took some turns behind the giant trees. In a few minutes, Wufei had lost all sign of Duo.

"Maxwell!!! Come out you coward!!!" Wufei swung his sword and looked around him carefully. He grinned when he saw Duo's cap sticking out from the upper branches of a near by tree. 'I'll teach him a lesson! He must be taught justice!' After put his sword back to its sheath, Wufei approached the tree and took a stone that was around fist size. He aimed and fired at the cap.

But instead of hearing the braided baka shout in pain, Wufei heard a buzzing sound. His eyes showed his fear when the cap fell and revealed what was under it. 'Beehive????? NOOOOOO.' Some bees flew toward Wufei as he ran back to the safe house to take cover. In the bushes near the tree, Duo was rolling on the ground, tears in his eyes as he laughed.. 'Hope you manage to get into the house in time, Wu man.'

Wufei ran with all his might, doing his best to stay out of the bees reach. He managed to reach the house and he slammed the door shut. Heero jumped at the loud sound and went out to check what had happened. He found Wufei, leaning and panting against the door.

"What happened?" Wufei raised his red face up to Heero's questioning eyes. Heero noticed that his pink hair really matched his face.

"That bastard used bees against me!"

"Bees?" Heero raised one eyebrow 'No wonder he asked me not to follow him.' He added one more score for his koi in his mental scoreboard.

"Yes! Bees! I will really make him suffer once I get my hands on him! Look what he had done to my hair!!"


"He must have put something in the shampoo's bottle ......hey, wait a sec......" Wufei stared at Heero. "I'm sure you also washed your hair this morning....how come your hair is still dark brown? We only have one bottle of shampoo in the bathroom except for that American's strawberry shampoo." Wufei's eyes narrowed, ".......Don't tell me you use that strawberry shampoo."

Heero, who had indeed used the strawberry shampoo, kept silent. Somehow, ever since the braided boy asked him for his help to wash his long hair, Duo had managed to get him addicted to that shampoo. Well, how could a Perfect Soldier know that a shampoo could smell so nice? 'It seems Duo is aware of me using his shampoo or else I would have ended up like Wufei.'

"I don't believe this. Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier uses strawberry hampoo to wash his hair!" Wufei laughed.

"At least, my hair is not pink," Heero smirked.

Those words brought back Wufei's earlier anger. "Maxwell, I'll seek JUSTICE for this!" The bee forgotten, the Chinese boy opened the door. He was ready to search for the American pilot again when he realized the buzzing sound above him.

"Arghh." Wufei paid for his carelessness this time. The Chinese boy didn't manage to avoid the attack and got stung right on his nose. Heero has ducked behind the couch once he noticed the buzzing sound. There's no way he would follow his koi and Wufei's fate. He waited a couple of minutes until the buzzing sounds faded and popped his head over the couch to scan the room. He saw a red nosed Wufei ranting and cursing at the front door. A smirk played on the Perfect Soldier's face. He bet Duo would love to see a red nose and pink haired Wufei. His mental scoreboard now showed 3 for Duo and 2 for Wufei.

And speaking of the devil, Duo entered the house and saw Wufei. In a mere second, the braided boy was rolling on the floor , laughing so hard that he could barely breath.

"Maxwell! You will pay bloodily for all of this!!!"

"Naah, Wu man. I didn't do anything. It's you who used the shampoo and disturbed the beehive. And it's your fault you opened the door and let the bee attack you." Duo grinned when he noticed Wufei was speechless. "Now, first things first. You have to get an antidote or you will get a fever and collapse." 'Let me use your words, Wu-man. Justice is served!'

"What? I have to take the same medicine as you did?? Injustice!!!"

"C'mon Wu-man, you have no choice."

"I'll rather call Sally than go to see that doctor again!" 'Maybe she will find another antidote for me. I don't want to be impotent like Maxwell!'

"Well, why do you think I went to that doctor and not Sally anyway? Sally is not within reach. She was placed among the underground soldiers."

"What??? That onna went underground and didn't tell me????"

That surely got Duo's interest, "Oh, why did she have to tell you, Wu-man?"

Wufei quickly turned bright red. "No....nothing...."

Heero really wanted to laugh now but he still managed to keep his Perfect Soldier's mask in place. Wufei's nose was red and his hair was pink. Not to mention he was wearing his white shirt, Wufei looked like a giant cotton candy [2].

The Chinese boy blushed deeper as Duo kept on teasing the poor boy about Sally. Heero never thought Wufei would fall for Sally but maybe Duo had noticed this for he seemed not too surprised with Wufei's reaction.

"Awww, so I can assume you do have a relationship with Sally, huh?"

"Shut up, Maxwell!!"

"Enough Duo. Let's take him to the doctor." For once, Wufei was very grateful for Heero's help. He felt very ashamed to use Heero to torture the braided baka now that the Japanese boy had helped him from this annoying American.

About one hour later, three boys found themselves in the clinic. The doctor blinked and did a double take when she saw Wufei. She swore the boy's hair was black two days ago and now it's pink? Not to mention his nose was as red as an apple at the moment.

"Don't tell me you got stung by a bee too," she sighed.

"Well, he did! Give him the antidote, Doc." Duo chirped, pulling the still stubborn Chinese closer to the doctor.

"I'm not going to take that medicine! Onna, don't you have another antidote?"

"As a matter of fact, I do have another one," the doctor held up a tablet.

"NANI???" Duo stared at the doctor.

"But I suggest to you to take the same antidote as Duo."

Wufei grabbed the tablet from the doctor. "Why? Does this one cause impotence too?"

"No, the scientist guaranteed that it will not make the patience impotent."

"So why didn't you give me that one instead of the one I took?" Duo was fuming, hands on his waist.

"I didn't have it at the moment. I just received this tablet this morning and we don't know what side-effect are."

"Whatever it is, I'm sure it will not be worse than being impotent and getting nosebleeds." Wufei swallowed the tablet.

Five minutes passed and nothing happened. Wufei smiled triumphantly. "I guess this antidote...has...no side......" His voice faded. Wufei paled and tried to speak again, but this time no sounds were heard from the Chinese boy.

"Looks like the antidote blocked his vocal cords' ability." The doctor observed the boy.

Duo laughed, "Good, now we won't have to hear him ranting about justice and honor."

Wufei leaped towards Duo, wanting to strangle the braided boy. Duo immediately ran while while continuing to make fun of the now-quiet Chinese boy.

"How long will the effect last?" Heero asked the doctor while watching Wufei and his koi play hide and seek around the room. Four vs two, in Duo's favor.

"I don't know. We have to wait and see." However, Heero and her soon realized there was another side-effect once Duo shouted. "Wu-man! You got a buncha' red dots on your face and body!"

Wufei stopped running and looked at himself. His eyes widened and he looked at the doctor. The Chinese boy's mouth opened and closed but no voice emerged.

"Uhm, I assume he asked you what happened?" Duo turned to the doctor.

The doctor checked Wufei once more and stated, "It might be another side-effect from the medicine." She looked at Wufei again and noticed that the dots had begun to disappear. "The dots had disappeared so this side effect doesn't last long."

Duo looked a bit disappointed. "Too bad.... you looked so cute in red dots and pink hair, Wu-man." Wufei's eyes narrowed and he chased Duo again.

"Whoaaa, Wu-man. You got red dots again." Wufei stopped again. He looked down and the red dots indeed had appeared again. He turned to the doctor. Confusion was clearly written in his eyes.

"I guess the red dots will appear everytime you get angry." The doctor was really amused at this invention. "Let me do a complete check up on you. Then we'll see what we can do."

One hour later, the boys left the office. The check up revealed nothing. Wufei was still voiceless and got red dots everytime he was angry. There's nothing else they could do except wait for it to wear off.

Walking to the front of the car, Wufei took the driver seat.

"Uhm, Wu-man, isn't it better to let Heero drive us home?" Wufei shot a glare to Duo and started the car. "Oh, well. I guess the answer is 'no'." Duo climbed into the backseat while Heero took the seat next to Wufei. Duo chirped along the way but soon got bored at having a one sided conversation.

"You two are no fun at all. Okay, Wufei is forgiven since he can't speak right now. But you, Heero?"

A soft grunted was the answer.

"Oh, great. Can't you say anything else? You can say, 'I love you Duo', 'Aishiteru, koi'..."


"What? Finally got something to say?"

"Shut up."

Duo pouted. Heero was always like that. He decided to play with the windows and the automatic seat belt. But soon he got bored of them. He scanned around the car and saw seat panels between Heero and Wufei. Duo grinned and pulled the panel on Heero's seat.

Heero was watching the road when suddenly the back of his seat fell backwards, bringing him to lie on it. A pair of hands held his head still and Duo's head popped up from above him.


Duo leaned down and kissed the top of Heero's nose. "Nee, Hee-chan. Let's play." His breath brushed softly against Heero's face.


"Why not?"

"You'll get a nosebleed." Heero snorted.

Duo winced, oblivious to Wufei who had a smirk on his face.

"You have to be patient for a week." Duo watched Heero's lips opening and closing as he spoke. He really wanted to taste those lips but he knew he couldn't do that without having a nosebleed. "Now, let go of my head." Heero's lips moved again as if daring him to kiss them.

"To hell with the nosebleed. ..." Duo muttered and captured Heero's lips.



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