Duo and The Bee Part 5

"......What Master?"

"I want to fuck you all day, slave." Duo nibbled Heero's earlobe, causing the Japanese pilot to moan. "You can consider this as your apology for leaving me alone and going to Relena."

Duo's mouth trailed down, leaving marks along his way until he met the green tanktop. "Hmmm, the obstacle has to be removed". With that, he ripped the tanktop, revealing the bare chest beneath it. 'My tanktop!!!This is the third in this month! Why does he enjoy ripping my tanktop?'

The braided boy ran his tongue over the well-muscled-chest and found a nipple. Heero moaned when he felt Duo teasing and sucking his nipple until it hardened, then he switched over and continued to do the same with the other nipple. Then the American's tongue moved lower and found the spandex. Duo pulled away a little and grunted, "This obstacle has to be removed too."

'Oh, no! Not my spandex too!!!' Heero struggled again.

"Slave...." Duo swung the feather again. Heero stopped struggling at once.

The braided boy pulled a small knife from his pocket and started ripping the spandex, revealing Heero's half hard arousal.

"You are enjoying this too, slave?" Duo grinned.

"Why do you have to rip my clothes..." Heero swallowed...not willing to say the next word. Duo waved the feather again.... ".....master?"

"You are tied up and your clothes can't be removed if I don't unlock the handcuffs. I don't want to unlock them so the best way is ripping your clothes." Duo smiled in satisfaction and resumed his exploration after putting the knife back in his pocket. He moved lower and licked Heero's inner thighs. Heero squirmed and tried to lift his hips but finding it useless because Duo's hands held his hips still.


Duo didn't seem to hear Heero's voice. He kept licking and nibbling the skin around the now hard arousal but didn't touch the arousal itself. Heero was both in hell and heaven at the same time.

'What is this baka doing? Does he want to torture me?' "Duo....."

Again, the braided boy ignored him. He exhaled softly near Heero's arousal, making Heero want to thrust into his teasing mouth. He was panting and squirming, trying to get some friction to release. 'Damn, he really wants to torture me!' Heero knew he was in the mercy of Shinigami at the moment but he refused to surrender. 'I will not lose to this braided baka. He is horny and I bet he will take me soon.' Heero decided to lay impassive, waiting for his koi to lose patience and take him.

Duo noticed Heero's impassiveness. 'You want me to lose my patience, koi? Hmm, I have waited for this, all night long, and I think I still can wait until you beg me' Without warning, the American pilot bit Heero's inner thigh, making the Japanese boy jerked and cried in surprise. After licking the blood from the mark he just made on his lover, Duo ran his tongue skillfully near the hard arousal. Still not touching the arousal itself. This made Heero's patience worn out.

The mixture of pain and pleasure have made Heero unable to think rationally. 'Touch me, Duo!! OH....yes, the tongue is approaching.......no...don't go away.....damn you, TOUCH ME DUO!!!' Heero knew he had lost against his braided lover but as long as he got what he wanted, he didn't care. He opened his mouth and said the word that could make Duo grant his wish.


"What did you say, slave?" Duo really enjoyed torturing Heero. He licked the tip of Heero's arousal and was rewarded with another moan from his koi.

"Please, Master...."

Duo grinned wickedly at Heero's plea. He took Heero's arousal into his mouth, moving up and down, causing the Japanese pilot to moan loudly. Finally he could find his release. Heero moaned again when he felt Duo sucking on him. "Harder.... suck me harder, Duo."

The American pulled away abruptly, abandoning Heero's hard erection. "What did you say, Slave?"

'What??? Why did he stop??' Heero couldn't think clearly. At one moment he was in heaven, the pleasure just starting to build up, then all of a sudden, Duo pulled away, leaving him feel very tormented.

"What did you call me, Slave?" Duo repeated his question, making Heero realizes his mistake.

"Master.....please, Master.."

"You are really a bad slave, I think I have to punish you for that, huh?" Duo blew at the tip of Heero's arousal.

All Heero's rational thoughts flew away at that moment. Right now he needed release badly and his braided lover still wanted to punish him further? "I will not do that again, Master. Please.... take me... Master."

"No, I think I should punish you a little more." Duo smirked and grabbed Heero's arousal. He pumped it slowly, very slowly, making Heero really desperate. "Faster, please Master." He whimpered and thrust helplessly into Duo's hand. Duo pumped faster but still it wasn't enough to make Heero come. "Please Master, faster!" He shouted.

And suddenly the hand was gone.

"Who said you can order your Master, Slave?" Duo stared at him wickedly.

Heero looked at his lover in disbelief. Again, Duo left him before he found his release? He tried to touch himself, making himself come but the rattle of chains told him that he couldn't move his arms and his legs. He almost sobbed at the knowledge that he really could do nothing in this situation. He needed release. He needed it badly!

"I'll do anything Master, just please let me come. Please touch me, Master."

"You will really do anything?"

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want, I'll do hmphh.." Two fingers were shoved inside Heero's mouth.

"Then suck on these, Slave. If you impress me, I'll let you come." Duo pushed his fingers deeper into Heero's mouth.

The Japanese pilot quickly complied, he closed his eyes and licked the fingers, sucking and treating them like a lollipop. Then he felt the fingers pull away. 'Yes, He will give me release!' But to his surprises, the fingers penetrated his mouth once again.

This time, Duo added a third fingerinto his mouth. "Suck on them, Slave." His erection throbbed painfully, but still Duo didn't want to give him release. Sobbing, Heero once more complied to his Master's order. He ran his tongue on the fingers, trying his best to please his Master. Licking, sucking, and nibbling. He repeated the action over and over.

Finally the fingers withdrew. Heero opened his eyes and looked pleadingly at Duo. "Please, Master....."

"You managed to impress me, so I shall give you your reward." Duo leaned forward and took Heero's arousal into his mouth again.

Heero was lost. He threw his head back and thrust into Duo's talented mouth repeatedly. Finally, he got what he wanted. While feeling the pleasure built inside him, Heero felt wet fingers teasing his tight opening. He gasped as Duo inserted two fingers at once into his tight opening. Looks like his Master is really impatient in preparing him.

The fingers worked their way in Heero's tight passage, teasing and stretching it. Duo kept on sucking, distracting Heero from the pain while adding the third finger inside his lover. Then the fingers found the Japanese pilot's sensitive spot, which made Heero jerked and pushed himself deeper into Duo's mouth.

The warmth that engulfed him and the skillful fingers that kept hitting his prostate were too much. Heero was about to come at the double assault when suddenly Duo's mouth left him and the fingers withdrew from his warm passage. The Japanese pilot cried desperately at the loss. "No! Master, please don't! I need you! I want you inside me!!! Please fuck me, make me come, Master!!"

Duo still wanted to punish Heero more but that desperate plea made that thought fly out the window. He quickly took his clothes off and released the chain that linked the handcuffs to the headboard. His arms encircled the Japanese boy's waist and pulled the boy until he was sitting on Duo's laps. Heero's feet were still tied to the bed causing his thighs to spread wide open, exposing his hard arousal.

The Japanese pilot at the touch of Duo's arousal meeting his. Duo lifted Heero's cuffed hands over his head and let them down, encircling his body. Then he lifted Heero's hips, positioned the boy over his own hard arousal.

"Is this what you want, slave?" Duo's voice was hoarse.

Heero didn't answer. All his thoughts were focused on one thing, getting release. He could feel the tip of Duo's erection at is entrance and tried to impale himself on it, but Duo held his hips still.

"I ask if this is what you want, Slave. If you don't answer, I'll leave you unsatisfied." Duo knew it would be impossible for him to leave Heero like this. His Japanese lover was too tempting to be left, but he still wanted to hear Heero beg.

The Japanese pilot searched for the words in his foggy mind, the words that could make his Master satisfied. "Yes, Master. I want you inside me, I want it badly. Please fuck me, take me. I'm yours." He leaned forward and rested his head against Duo's forehead. "Please Master....inside me..."

Duo lowered Heero onto his aching member, entering him in one quick thrust. Heero whimpered in pain and also pleasure. The American pilot pushed Heero down until he was buried deep inside the Japanese boy's tightness. Duo moaned as Heero's tight passage clamped on his erection.

"You are so tight and warm, slave." Duo grabbed the back of Heero's head and crushed the boy's lips in a soul searing kiss. He slipped his tongue into Heero's mouth and explored the hot cavern once more. Heero's warm mouth, Heero's tight passage, oh it was heaven for Duo. They broke away for air and Duo rested his hands on the bed, watching his Japanese lover panting and trying to adjust to the invasion.

Finally the pain became a dull throb as his body adjusted to Duo's cock. Heero squirmed, signaling to Duo to move but the braided pilot sat still, hands still resting on the bed. Heero waited for a moment but still his braided lover refused to move. He stared at Duo pleadingly, this stillness made him uncomfortable. "Please move, Master....." Duo looked back at him and grinned.

"No. You move, slave."

Heero's eyes widened. Duo wanted him to ride his master with hands and feet tied like this?

"I said 'Move', slave." Duo smirked.

"Yes, master." Heero growled. He put his cuffed hands on Duo's shoulders and lifted himself up and down against Duo's arousal.

"Oh God. That's really good. Faster, slave." Duo moaned.

Heero happily complied and moaned loudly when Duo's erection brushed his sensitive spot. He threw his head back, lifting his hips up and down faster. Duo leaned forward, lifting his hands from the bed to grab Heero's hips. He took control of the rhythm as he pushed Heero up and down, burying himself deeper inside the Japanese boy.

The feeling of Duo inside him and the braided pilot's stomach pressing against his hard erection sent Heero over the edge. He screamed as he came, spilling his seed between their bodies. Heero's scream was like a trigger for Duo's release. The American pilot threw his head back and filled Heero with his seed.

They didn't move for a moment, savouring the sensation inside them. Then Duo detached Heero from him and laid the panting boy on the bed. He licked Heero's seed on the boy's stomach then captured Heero's lips. Duo opened his mouth and let the Japanese boy tasted himself. Their tongues got into a hot battle of sucking and licking, trying to get into the other's mouth.

Still kissing, Duo brought Heero's cuffed hands over the Japanese boy's head and chained them back to the head of the bed. That brought Heero's attention and he broke the kiss.

"Duo, what....hmppmhhh-"

The braided boy silenced him with a fierce kiss. He ground his hips on Heero's and made Heero noticed Duo was hard again.

"I'm still horny, Hee-chan." Duo pulled back and released Heero's feet, placing his calves onto his shoulders. He lifted Heero's hips and quickly thrust into Heero's tight passage making Heero moan at the assault.

Duo buried himself to the tilt inside Heero once again. The fact that his koi was still tight made Duo hardened even more. He leaned down and attacked Heero's nipples. His tongue sucked and licked one of the nipples while his hand was caressing the other one. Soon both of the nipples re-hardened under Duo's attack.

Satisfied with his work, Duo pulled back and noticed Heero too had hardened again.

"You recover fast, Hee-chan." He leaned down and nibbled Heero's ears.

Heero whimpered.

"And your voice really turns me on." Duo trailed down along Heero's throat, leaving more tiny marks on the Japanese boy's body.


"What?" Duo pulled back and stared at the cobalt blue orbs.

"Shut up and move!"

Duo smirked "As you wish, Hee-chan." He drew back from Heero slowly then entered him again in quick thrust. Duo thrusted rapidly into the Japanese pilot's body, making Heero moan at every thrust. He felt Duo changed his angle and brushed his sensitive spot. "Oh, God. Duo!"

Heero's screams told Duo he had hit the right place. He maneuvered Heero's legs to encircle his waist and lifted the Japanese boy's hips higher, giving him deeper access inside his koi. Duo thrust faster and harder savouring every moans Heero made. Feeling the pleasure built in him once more, Duo grabbed Heero's erection and pumped it. Both of them cried out their lover's name as they reached their climax at the same time. Duo pushed into Heero one more time before he collapsed onto him.

They were panting and sweating. Duo, who was still deep inside Heero, could feel his seed seeping out from Heero's tight opening. He drew back and reached for his clothes to clean the mess.

Heero was still half aware when he felt Duo straightened his legs. He looked down and saw Duo was cuffing his feet to the corner of the bed again.


"Hai, Hee-chan?"

"Why the fuck did you cuff me again??? Aren't you satisfied yet?"



"I told you I wanted to fuck you all day. And I never lie. That fucking antidote really saved my libido for a week, you know. I will be horny all day."

Heero's eyes widened in shock while Duo grinned. "Don't worry. I'll give you a moment to rest now.... for about five minutes...."

Five minutes later, Heero's screams, moans, and other strange noises were heard again.

Three hours later, Sally glanced at Wufei worriedly.

"Shouldn't we help Heero? He has been in that room, making noises for almost three hours and a half."

"Onna! Stay away from them. I don't want to get another of my belongings painted in pink!!!"

In their room, Quatre gave a pleading look to his lover but Trowa shook his head. He too didn't want to take the risk of disturbing the horny Shinigami.

The noises continued well passed midnight and ceased at two o'clock in the morning. Later that morning, none of the other pilots plus Sally dared to comment when they saw Heero walking awkwardly, joining them in the kitchen to have his breakfast. Quatre and Sally just looked at him apologetically while Trowa and Wufei smirked. Duo was nowhere to be seen, he was probably still asleep. Heero's lips were swollen and red marks were visible all over his skin that was not covered by his tanktop and spandex. He gave them the glare that clearly stated "Ask something and omae o korosu!"

Meanwhile in the forest outside the house. The bees were flying and collecting honey for their queen, oblivious to the fact that they had taught Sally and the others pilot (except Duo, of course) an importance lesson. A horny Shinigami is much more worse than a bored Duo Maxwell.



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