Duo and The Bee Part 2

"Ohayo", Duo stumbled into the kitchen.

"Good afternoon", said a monotone voice.

"Hee-chan! You are here. Oh, it's afternoon already? I have a very good sleep then?"

"Hn," was the only word that came from the boy with green tanktop and black spandex who was busy typing on his laptop.

"I love you too. By the way, I never thought you will bring your laptop into the kitchen", Duo grinned and sipped his coffee.

Heero just snorted. If not because Wufei, Duo will not find him here. Before Duo had awakened, Heero has moved three times and now Duo found him in the kitchen. Talking about Wufei, Heero hasn't seen him since last night. He wondered what that Chinese will do to his koi.

"Where is my breakfast?" Duo searched the fridge.

"None. You need lunch not breakfast." Heero pointed to two bowls of ramen on the table.

"What? Only this? This is not enough. I still want my breakfast!"

"Search for yourself then."

Duo's eyes flickered and he grinned. "No problem. I can have you as my breakfast."

Before Heero can register Duo's word, he felt his chair was being spun and Duo was attacking his mouth. "Duo...hhmpmmph...stop....hmmphh."

Duo moved to attack Heero's earlobe and whispered between his attack. "No way. You said I can search for my own breakfast and I want you." It seemed Duo has forgotten about his current condition.

"But... hhmphhhhhhhhhh..." Duo didn't give Heero a chance to finish his words. He attacked Heero's mouth again, this time he ran his tounge lazily on Heero's lower lip, demanding entrance. His hands moved to touch the lower part of Heero's body. But before he can stick his tongue inside the Perfect Soldier's mouth, Duo felt rush of blood racing up to his nose.

"Kuso!" Duo pulled away and closed his nose with his hand, trying to prevent the blood exploding through his nose.

Heero snorted. "That's why I want you to stop." 'No wonder Wufei asked me to stay in the house.' In his mind, Heero started to made a mental scoreboard. One score for Wufei and zero for Duo.

Searching for the Kleenex, Duo was thinking the same way. 'Damn, I forgot about my condition. Wufei is really smart to ask Heero to stay in the house. Kuso!'

While Duo was busy cleaning the blood, Heero has collected his laptop. He thought it's better for him to stay as far as he can so his koi will not suffer another nosebleed. He was still looking at his koi while his legs moved his body to the door. Wufei entered the kitchen at the same time, holding something in his hands. "WHOAA, Heero! Watch out!!"

The warning was too late. Heero felt something soft covered his chest. He startled and backed away, not noticing the laptop's cables, which were swinging around him. Soon, he found his feet were entangled with the cables and lost his balance.

A loud thump brought Duo's attention from the Kleenex on his nose to the noise's direction. He was greeted with the sight of Heero Yuy, laying on the floor and whipped cream covered his chest. Wufei, who was holding an already-ruined-cake was grinning widely when he saw Duo collapsed with blood spurt out from his nose. "Well, that's not so hard....."

"You did this intentionally," Heero stated. He stood up and cleaned the whipped cream from his green tanktop while he added one more score for Wufei in his mental scoreboard.

"Well, you are the one who bumped into me. Don't blame me if I got a cake in my hands at that time". If possible, Wufei' grin will become wider.

Heero glared at him. "Stop teasing him!"

"Oh, I will." Wufei moved to the table and put the cake. Then he went out and whispered softly so only himself can heard the words. "... for today."

Heero didn't hear the words. He was staring at his unconscious lover and then some pieces on the floor that were his laptop before it was thrown from his hands. He sighed heavily and moved to his koi. After cleaning the blood from that heart-shaped-face, Heero lifted his koi and placed him on the couch in the living room. Then he walked back to the kitchen to collect pieces of his laptop.

'I have to find a safe place to fix this laptop. Away from the braided baka and that justice-ranting-Chinese' So Heero went to the attic and locked himself there.

Duo woke up a few hours later. He recalled what has happened and cursed involuntarily. "Damn Wu-man. I swear I'll get a revenge!!! If not because that stupid bee......" Realization hit Duo.

'The bee!!!'. A wicked smile was formed on Duo's face, he stood up abruptly and went out from the house.

Since it's really quiet for the past hours. Trowa and Quatre were wondering what has happened outside their room. Finally the blond boy decided to check the situation. He peeked in the living room and managed to see Duo's smile before the longhaired boy went out. Quickly, Quatre ran back to his and Trowa's room and locked the door for he knew that smile always means big trouble.

It was late at night when Heero had finished fixing his laptop. He went to the kitchen after finding the couch in the livingroom was empty. 'Where did that baka go?' Heero wondered when he noticed the kitchen was empty too.

As if answering his question, the front door opened and Duo walked in.


"Hn!" Heero didn't bother to come out from the kitchen. He went to the fridge and prepared the dinner.

Duo showed up in the kitchen when Heero was taking the last bite of his curry rice. "Well, what will I have for my dinner?" He noticed a hamburger and fried potatoes were on the table. "Awwww, thank you, Hee-chan." Duo happily sat on the chair and ate his dinner.

Heero just snorted and watched his koi eating and having one-sided conversation. The other pilots had agreed that Duo won't be allowed to cook since that braided baka turned one of Quatre's cottage into piles of coals. So it left Heero to prepare the food for his koi. In return, Duo has to wash the dishes for both of them.

"That's really delicious". Duo finished his dinner and started washing the dishes. Heero was at the living room, laying on the couch when Duo appeared from the kitchen.

"What are you doing there, koi?"


"What? So you really slept on the couch last night?"


"You know I really didn't mean it, don't you?"


"So why did you sleep on that couch anyway???" Duo sat next to Heero.

"Your condition."

"What?? Oh yeah, almost forget about that again."


"But not tonight. Tonight you will sleep in our room with me," Duo grinned.

"????" Heero just stared at Duo.

"Come on. I want to sleep together with you."

"Your condition."

"Not that 'sleep', you hentai minded. I mean REAL sleep!"


"Come on, I'm tired and I want to keep my energy for tomorrow," Duo grinned evilly and pulled Heero off the couch.

Heero knew Duo too well to not recognize that grin. "Duo, what are you planning on your mind?"

"Just wait for tomorrow." Duo smiled secretively. They have reached their room. Duo quickly changed his clothes and jumped on the bed, pulling Heero with him.

"Oyasumi," Duo kissed Heero's lip lightly and snuggled up to him.

Heero hugged his koi, still wondering what will his koi do tomorrow. Judging from his earlier grin, Heero dare to bet that Wufei will have a very bad day tomorrow.

Soft snores from his koi and the warm body in his embrace threw all the thoughts about tomorrow. Heero soon followed his koi to another dimension.



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