Author: Akuma

Warnings: yaoi, humour, OOC, lemon

Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 5+S

Raiting: NC-17

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Disclaimer: Don't own the Gboys and not worthy enough to be sued...

Notes: Here, I gladly fulfill Aurelie and AJ's wish. This fic was triggered by Deb's idea and will be a war between Duo and the other pilots (especially Wufei). This is my second fic so please forgive me if you find the English structure in this fic was weird and screwed. Hope you like it, I really appreciate your critics & comments.

Duo and The Bee Part 1

"This medicine has a side effect though," said a woman with white outfit.

"Nani?" Duo stared at the doctor, "What's the side effect?"

"It prevents your physical reaction against sexual stimuli."

"WHAATTTTT????" Duo's eyes widened.

Quatre tried to close his mouth, Wufei snickered, Trowa's lips curled up a bit and Heero... "She was saying you are impotent now, Duo."

"Damn it Heero! I know that, you don't have to be so blunt!" Duo felt an urge to strangle the Japanese pilot's neck.

"Now that is justice," Wufei snorted happily.

"Shut up, Wu-man!" Duo turned to the doctor, "So how long does this side effect last?"

"Probably a week."

"A WEEK!!!!???????" Duo couldn't believe his ears.

Behind him, Quatre was holding his poor stomach that ached because of the suppressed laughter.

"Nataku has really done her justice," Wufei smiled mockingly.

"Wu-man, I swear I'll get you later! Now Doctor, why didn't you tell me this sooner before you gave me that damn fucking medicine??" Duo fumed.

"What for? I don't think a 15-year-old boy will have problem with that. Besides, it's only for a week." The doctor didn't realize that her life was at the mercy of furious God of Death now.

Strange sound came from Trowa's direction as Trowa fought to keep his laughter emerging.

"Trowa! Not you too!!" Duo really wanted to get in his partner, Shinigami, at the moment so he can blow up this damned clinic.

"Face it Duo, who was the one who threw stones on the bees' nest and got Queen Bee's stinger in his nose?" Wufei looked at the red nosed Duo.

"I was just trying to get the honey!" Duo tried to defend himself.

"You can buy it in the store," Heero said calmly.

"HEERO!! You will get a couch to sleep on tonight!!" In his rage, Duo forgot his current condition.

Heero just shrugged, "Fine with me."

"Yeah, what's the difference anyway? You can't fuck him even if he slept in your bed tonight," Wufei enjoyed teasing Duo.

Quatre noticed the doctor's eyes went wide and her face became red. The blond Arabian quickly paid the bill and hauled his friends (including the furious Duo) out of the clinic.

They got into the car, Trowa driving with Quatre sitting next to him. Duo, Heero, and Wufei sat on the back with Heero in the middle, stuck in the war between Duo and Wufei, who kept egging Duo on.

Wufei was really enjoying the situation. It would be a payback time for all the problems and miseries Duo had caused him. The Chinese boy moved closer to Heero. "So Yuy, now that Duo can't satisfy you and dumped you to the couch, why don't you sleep in my room instead?"

As Wufei had predicted, Duo jumped and pulled Heero away. "No way! Hands off Wu-man. Heero is mine", Duo hugged Heero too tight made Heero growl.

"Duo, let go of me."

"Not until we arrive at home." Noticing Wufei's hand begin to snake toward Heero, Duo pulled Heero onto his lap.

Wufei smiled mockingly, "Oh, and what can you do when you arrive at the house anyway, Maxwell? You can't screw him."

"Wufei..." Heero growled, then shifted on Duo's lap, brushing his hips against Duo's thighs.

"Well, Duo still can give him a blowjob." Surprisingly, Trowa was the one who said the words. Quatre just stared at his lover in disbelief.

The movements of Heero on his lap and Trowa's words normally would turn Duo on, but being in his current condition, he got a nosebleed instead.

"Shit, Duo!" Heero tried to pull away from Duo while Wufei immediately searched for Kleenex.

Quatre was surprised. This being the first time he saw Duo get a nosebleed, it made him wonder what had happened to Duo. The same question was also floating on Heero, Wufei, and Trowa's mind while Duo was struggling to stop the blood with Kleenex.

As if answering their unspoken question, Quatre's mobile phone rang. Quatre answered the phone, and his face turned red after some seconds. After saying thank you and turning off the phone, Quatre looked at Duo.

"That was the doctor. She forgot to say that if you do react against sexual stimuli, instead of being turned on, you would get an awful nosebleed. She suggested that you don't get near the stimuli's source if you don't want to lose a lot of blood and get a blood transfer."

Duo was confused, "What do you mean?"

Quatre blushed, Trowa kept on driving, and Heero...being Heero, he kept silent. That's left Wufei to explain to Duo.

"In other words, you may not get near Heero", said Wufei.

"WHAAATTTTTT? HELL, NO! I rather die!"

Wufei shrugged, "You will die because lack of blood if you get near him. Like this." Once he finished the words, Wufei took Duo's arm and ran it through Heero's tank top, touching the flesh beneath the tank top.

The blood burst out from Duo's nose again before he fainted.

"Wufei! Omae o korosu!" Heero pulled Duo's hand from under his tank top and checked the unconscious boy.

"Well, I prefer doing that to listening to his curses all the way back to the safe house" Wufei really, really, enjoyed himself.

They got a very peaceful time for the rest way to their current safe house. Heero cleaned the blood from Duo's face while Wufei was thinking another idea to tease Duo, and Trowa kept on driving.

Only Quatre realized they were in big problem. "Um, guys... I hate to say this, but what will Duo do if he can't get near Heero nor does he have anything to distract him during the night?"

The three pilots went pale as they came to the same conclusion; Duo will be very, very bored and try to get one of them to be his target of boredom. Wufei was the one who was often the target and the last time Duo get bored, he spent his day guarding Nataku from Duo whose hands got pink paint and lot of stickers with funny pictures on them.

Heero already planned to stay in Wing for a week, not forgetting to bring his laptop with him while Quatre and Trowa were thinking of locking the door to their room after taking enough food for a week. Meanwhile Wufei was not thinking about running away.

"Well, I think I can handle his boredom this time. He has a weakness now," Wufei looked at Heero who suddenly got an eerie feeling and knew what Wufei would say next. "But of course I need your help, Heero," Wufei's eyes gleamed mischievously.

Quatre and Trowa stared at each other and both of them agreed not to join Wufei's crazy plan. They prefer to have a little peace in this week and stick with their early plan. Quatre called Rashid and asked him to get a week food's supply for two persons. They didn't bother to ask Heero to join them for they knew Heero will survive by his own.

Wufei saw that Heero looked wanted to say no, so he whispered to Heero, "If you don't want to help me, I'll tell Duo that you are ticklish on the bottom of your feet." Heero's eyes widened and stared at Wufei. "Yup, I know you are and I bet Duo must enjoy torturing you if he knows that," Wufei looked triumphantly. He knew Heero was ticklish accidentally when they were on the same mission and he never thought this knowledge was very useful until now. He knew it was not honorable to use someone's weakness but he couldn't help it. He was dying to make Duo suffer.

"What do you want me to do?" Resigned to his fate, Heero leaned back in the seat. He had a feeling that he would be a ball in tossing game between God of Death and the Chinese Dragon. Quatre jumped in surprise while Trowa raised one of his eyebrows.

"Not much. I bet you will stay in Wing to avoid Duo having nosebleed so instead of that I want you to stay in the house. I don't care which part of the house as long as you don't lock yourself in one room. You have to move from one room into another room at least once every two hours. How is that?"

".......Ninmu ryoukai."

"Heero!! You really want to help Wufei??? Allah, please help us." Trowa just looked at his almost fainted lover. What else can he do anyway?

It was dark when they reached the house and noticed Rashid was waiting in front of the house. Trowa and Quatre quickly took the food and locked themselves in their room. Wufei walked to his room, his mind full of evil plans, leaving Heero alone to carry the still unconscious braided boy to their own room.

They never realized that Duo had been awake ever since Wufei asked for Heero's help. And from his position on Heero's chest, he had heard the whispered words. It's hard for him to pretend to be still unconscious, now knowing that Heero was ticklish. He had tried to find some vulnerable spots on the Perfect Soldier's body but he never thought it would be on the bottom of his feet. However he managed to keep silent and listened to their conversation till the end.

As Heero took him to the bedroom, he felt so sleepy that he fell asleep even before he touched the bed. But one thing was for sure; tomorrow he was ready for whatever Wufei had planned for him. And of course he will get a revenge on Wufei. Not to mention 1001 ways to tickle Heero had already been in his mind.

On that night, two boys had very good dream; two others were busy screwing each other, and the last one was having nightmare on the couch he was sleeping.



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