Royal Flush Part 3
III.: The King of Hearts~

Heero narrowed his eyes at the 'girl' next to him. Why was Duo dressed as a female? And more importantly, why was he so nervous?

Sure enough, the braided youth was constantly shifting, fidgeting, and doing everything except sitting still. At the head of the classroom, Kimura-sensei continued to lecture, pausing once in a while to smile at the new students. An attempt, Heero guessed, at welcoming them.

To his left, Duo began moving again. Heero frowned and reached out a discreet hand to snag the slender arm. Duo jumped and looked at him, a faint pink tainting the fair skin of his cheeks. This made Heero scowl even more fiercely and his eyes promised the demand of an explanation later.

Had he not been so absorbed in trying to decipher his partner's strange behavior, Heero would've noticed the glares he was receiving from most of the boys in the room.

Behind the two, Quatre was taking notes. Well, that's what everyone else thought. In truth, he was doodling and congratulating himself in the success of the first step in his plan. He'd had his eyes on Heero and Duo for a very long time now--it was no secret that Duo saw Heero as more than just a friend, and Quatre had more than just an unsupported suspicion that the Wing pilot felt much the same way, whether the Japanese boy knew it or not.

Quatre resisted the urge to cackle maniacally, so he settled for a smirk. It was fun playing match-maker, and he was good at it too.

That IS, afterall, the reason his relatives called him the King of Hearts. A title which he held with pride.

Without further ado, Quatre drew a red heart and a K on his notebook.


When the bell finally rang, Duo was the first one out of his seat and rushing to the door, and Heero followed. Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei also ran after them; they weren't going to miss the Wing pilot's reaction when Duo tells Heero their deal. Not for the world.

However, they were disappointed when the Japanese boy passed Duo in the hallway with nothing more than a glare.


It wasn't hard for Heero to alter the computer records so that Duo was rooming with him. Same with Trowa and Quatre, and he even got Wufei a room of his own. It was just like their normal routine at safehouses, and Heero had no desire to change it.

At precisely seven, there was a knock on his door. As soon as he opened it, the dorm-keeper launched into an extended introduction of 'Helen' and the Wing pilot. When she was done babbling, the woman basically shoved Duo and his bags at Heero. With a cheery wave, she then closed the door, leaving the two boys alone.

"Hn." Heero plucked Helen off of him and returned to his computer.

Duo pouted, dropping his bags on the floor and flopped onto his back on the bed. "Nice to see you too," he grumbled, eagerly tugging off his pantyhose and unbuttoning his shirt to remove his breasts.

Heero didn't reply, just brought up the latest mission reports. "Get rested. We may have a mission at a moment's notice."

Duo looked up, now dressed comfortably in more masculine night clothes. "Aren't you even going to ask me what I'm doing in a skirt? Or pantyhose for that matter?"

Heero didn't even move. "I figured that you'd tell me without asking."

Crossing his legs, then thinking better of it and jumping up, Duo approached the small desk. "That old pervie--I mean Dr. G said for me to 'change'." Heero turned around just in time to see the braided boy blush full crimson. "The others and I played a game of poker and Quatre was the winner. He ordered Wufei, Trowa, and I to do certain things, and well...I was to be a girl..."

The Wing pilot shrugged indifferently. "Makes sense. If OZ were to search for us, then they'd be on the look-out for five boys, not four boys and a girl." He began typing something which Duo couldn't make out.

"And there's another part of the deal..."


"..........I'm supposed to be your girlfriend."

Heero stopped typing.


Down the corridor, up the stairs, along a hallway, past the cafeteria, around the corner behind the third door over, a small Voice-N-Vision transmitter was connected to a moderately sized TV, betraying every single action taken and word said in the room below. Positively glued to the screenwere three pairs of wide, intense eyes--emerald, aquamarine, and black.

The boys those eyes belonged to were ever so concentrating, backs hunched and noses nearly touching the TV.

"I think he's going to skin him alive," commented one of them.

"Nah, it'd make too much of a mess, and he wouldn't enjoy picking up the leftovers," disagreed another.

"He could just shoot him," offered the third.

"Too much noise--"

***"HEERO! *NO* _DOOOOON'T!!!!!!_PLLEEEEASE DON'T!!!!!_"*** exploded from the speakers, almost permanently damaging eardrums.

"*sigh* Nevermind."

***"Omae o korosu,"*** came a deeper, calmer voice.

Trowa looked at Quatre; Quatre looked at Wufei; Wufei looked at Trowa. All three looked at each other.

"He sounds like he means it..." Wufei said slowly.

Upon imagining the possibilities--a mangled corpse with a severed braid etc. etc., their eyes widened. Then with horrified cries, the three boys tried to leap up, but ended up getting tangled together and falling once more. After a few minor injuries and countless muddled curses, Quatre flung open the door--smacking poor Trowa in the face--and they ran at breakneck speed to their friend's rescue.


Well there it is, another weak attempt at humor by A-chan. *sigh* It wasn't TOO bad, was it?

Yup, I see Quatre as the match-maker of the Gboys. And if you noticed, the names of all the chapters so far (and later too) are terms used in poker.

Tell mi whatcha thunk, 'k?


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