Royal Flush Part 2
II.: Deal~

Duo was torn between strangle Quatre and crying his eyes out...and THEN strangling Quatre. "Quatre, you CAN'T *POSSIBLY* expect me to take up on that. He'll kill me!"

Quatre tapped his toes, waiting for Duo's fit to die down. "Look," he gave a Heero Yuy Glare, "You came up with the idea. I won, fair and square, it doesn't interfere with our missions, so YES YOU WILL TAKE UP ON IT!!"

Duo remained stubborn.

"Besides," the blonde continued, "he's ready to kill you anyway."

Something flickered in the violet eyes, and Duo looked down momentarily before thrusting his nose in the air again. "No, no, and NO."

"Duo..." Quatre was getting a little impatient. "All you have to do is pretend to be Heero's girlfriend at our next school."

"You say that like you're reading a grocery list! How 'bout YOU try it first! YOU pretend to be a girl!"

Surprising, Quatre began to turn red and Trowa coughed. Some other time, Duo would've started crowing in laughter at his friends'...creative sexual activities, but this was most certainly NOT one of those times.

"Still no, and that's FINAL." He began stomping out of the room.

"It's what you always wanted, isn't it?"

Duo stopped in his tracks, entire body stiff and tense. "What makes you say that?" he growled through clenched teeth.

"My Uchuu no Kokoro sees it clearly." Quatre took one step toward the braided boy. "Don't lie to yourself." His voice was harsher than Trowa remembered ever hearing.

"I don't lie." Duo sounded like he was trying to convince himself. "I don't," he repeated, as if in emphasis. With that final note, he left the room, eyes shadowed by jagged bangs and mind repeating what Quatre had said. //It's what you always wanted, isn't it? ...Don't lie to yourself.//


"I'm going to kill Dr. G," Duo seethed for the eightieth time that afternoon.

Next to him on the backseat of Trowa's circus truck, Wufei sighed for the eightieth time that afternoon. "Quit your whining, Duo."

Dr. G had sent an unexpected message to Duo which said nothing more than "Change". To any stranger, the command would've been just another random word. But for Gundam pilots, they knew just how loaded it was. It meant that Duo was to "be something be wasn't". As soon as Quatre had seen the new order, he'd immediately reminded the poor Deathscythe pilot on the horrible fate awaiting him at the end of the trip to their new school. Of course, Duo had poked him and said that Heero wasn't home yet. In return, Quatre's eyes had widened and he'd looked near tears.

Upon that thought, Duo smiled a little, spirits somewhat higher than a moment before. Leaning forward to the passenger seat, he tapped Quatre's shoulder.

"Hey," he called, "Since Heero's not with us, does that mean the deal is off?"

In response, Quatre looked over at Trowa and they exchanged an undecipherable look that somehow made Duo nervous. "No, of course not. He's meeting us there."

It's needless to explain how Duo reacted.


"Good morning class, we have four new students with us today!" The hyper, red-haired teacher stepped aside and extended to her arm to gesture to the three boys and one 'girl' standing beside her. "This is Chang Wufei..."

The Chinese boy looked displeased.

"...Quatre Winner..."

Gasps were heard from the kids, and Quatre quickly waved his hands. "I have no connection with the family on L4."

"...Trowa Barton..."

Trowa's one visible green eye looked up. "Yoroshiku."

"...and Helen Maxwell!"

Duo rubbed his arms self-consciously, the padding on his chest beginning to itch. Nevertheless, he grinned cheerfully, tossing a playful wink at a groups of boys snickering to one another. "Ohayo!" As he scanned the students, he caught a glimpse of cobalt-blue and he wiped his suddenly damp palms on the blue uniform skirt.

He jumped when the Ms. Kimura began talking again.

"Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, and Helen, there're three single-desks at the back of the room, but the school is expecting a new shipment of them, so one of you will have to share the double with Heero-kun over there."

As Duo walked down the aisle with the others following, he noted that save for the three mentioned, all the desks in the classroom were doubles. He was determined to get one of the singles. But as he was passing Heero, a foot connected with his ankle and he fell into the empty chair next to the glowering boy. He somehow managed to not squawk as his skirt almost flew up and Trowa gave him a side-wise glare. Duo returned the look along with a 'what was that for?!' glance.

Kimura-sensei's hand flew to her mouth and she rushed to the 'girl'. "Helen-chan, daijoubu ka?"

He nodded, cringing. "I'm fine," he assured her.

Peeking at Heero, he sighed. This was going to be a LONG stay.


There, now you know what Quatre wanted Duo to do. ^_^_^_^_^_^_^


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