Royal Flush Part 4
IV.: Duo's Ace~

The first thing Trowa Barton became aware of upon entering the room was a force colliding with his chest. A force that had a great deal of momentum. When he looked down, he saw Duo clinging to him like he was the braided boy's only hope for survival. And judging from the Heero standing beside the bed, gun cocked and safety off, he decided it was a definite possibility.

"Heero, put the gun down," he commanded evenly. Trowa silently thanked--someone that this part of the dormitory was new and that they were the only ones living there.


Quatre stepped in front of Duo. "You don't want to shoot him." But when he saw the glare Heero gave him, he began to sweat. So he used his strongest attack:

The Look.

With the perfect mixture of some facial expression maneuvers he'd perfected in his free time and eye-quivering, Quatre became Adorable, Irresistible, and Cute personified.

It worked.

The hand wavered, then dropped, and four very relieved boys' shoulders sagged.



Heero was in a sufferable predicament. He had been surrounded by a group of giggling, air-headed girls during breakfast, all flirting and nearly throwing themselves at him. He was more and more tempted to shoot these ninnies and blow the whole school to hell with each passing second. But that would blow their cover as well...pun not intended.

"I heard you were from outer space! It must be so wonderful!"

"It must be soooo lonely in that new wing. Say, how 'bout we move there?"

"I heard you and that new girl What's-Her-Name are previous acquaintances. Surely a handsome guy like you wouldn't want such a cheap--"


Said boy froze stiff as a familiar form slid smoothly into his lap, slender arms winding around his neck and soft lips brushing the skin there.

His thought was fragmented.



Quatre sucked in a deep breath when Duo straddled Heero's lap, uniform skirt riding up juuuuust enough to provide a generous amount of thigh[1] for the viewing pleasure of other boys in the room.

Trowa and Wufei were also watching intently.

"Quatre..." the Chinese said softly, "when you told him to 'do something that a girlfriend would do to her boyfriend', I wasn't QUITE expecting this..."

"Neither was I," the blonde admitted truthfully.


"Helen?!!!" Yumi squeaked.

Duo smirked. This was the girl he'd dubbed 'The Bitchy One'. "Yes, Yumi-kun?" He could feel the murderous glare Heero was boring into his head. He was going to be dead, but he'd die a satisfied man knowing that he was the ONLY one able to make Heero It's-Good-To-Be-A-Marble-Statue Yuy's eyes grow twice as big in size.

"Just play along!" he hissed pleadingly in his partner's ear, trying to make it seem like he was whispering love words.

Heero didn't move.

Duo got an idea. "Remember, the orders!"

That worked, and Heero forced himself to seem relaxed.

"What are you DOING?!?!?" Yumi screeched.

Duo snorted. "What does it look like I'm doing? He's my koishii!" He was so dead.

Some of the girls in the group giggled--they all had crushes on Heero, but maybe this pair wouldn't be such a bad idea afterall. Because with the new girl taken, the boys may pay more attention to them.

Another group just grumbled a bit.

But Yumi and her side-kicks--they were turning colors. Pink, red, blue, purple...scarlet. She looked ready to a)yank Duo off of Heero's lap, or b)throw a fit and faint.

She did neither of those, much to the disappointment of the other three pilots. Instead, she gave a sharky grin and reminded them, "But you hardly know each other!"

Duo smiled and turned so his back was against Heero's chest. "Weren't you the one who just said that we'd known each other for a while?"

She turned maroon for that one.

Just then, the bell rang, signifying that classes were to start in fifteen minutes. Duo took the chance to grab Heero and bolt from the cafeteria, calling out a cheerful "Ja!" on the way out.

He didn't stop until they reached their first class. It was completely empty, though hardly surprising since it was still so early. Heero forced him against the wall.

Duo's eyes were a bit wild. "Let me go?" he pleaded weakly.

In response, his 'koishii' growled and pinned his arms to his sides. The American squeezed his eyes shut. //I really AM going to die! Quatre! Where are you???// He was completely unprepared for Heero next words.

"Do you have any idea..." he snarled, "what you were doing to me five minutes ago?"

Duo stared at him, not fully comprehending the meaning but having a pretty good idea. And his heart flew at the possibilities. He was suddenly aware of the hard bulge pressing insistently against his leg. So that was why Heero was running funny...!

He deliberately rolled his hips against that of the Japanese pilot's, and was delighted at the little sound Heero made. //My, he's aroused easily!//

Duo's eyelids slid shut automatically when his partner's lips began descending upon his. //C'mon Yuy, show me what you've got.//

"Release her at ONCE Mr. Yuy!" The cry of the superintendent nearly made him jump out of his skin.


Hehe... Yup, for those of you who commented on Heero liking the new change, you were right.

[1] Yes, I know men's thighs are different from that of a woman. But from what I've seen of the pics and such, all the Gboys have very slender legs that could pass as a woman's.


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