Traitorous Acts Part 6
VI.: Accusations~

Duo poked at his food, eyes unfocused and staring at nothing in particular. Heero ate mechanically, calculating the amount of calories and fat consumed by his body, careful to take in just enough energy for optimal performance of what he'd planned. He ran his mind over the events of the last few--two? three? days. Obviously, something had happened that Duo didn't want to tell him about, so it was up to him to guess. The problem was, he hadn't the faintest idea. One thing he knew. Whoever put them here hadn't intended for them to die, as the cabin was fully stocked with canned food, water was plentiful, and even had a good month's supply of clothes. All in all, it was a normal living quarter, with a bathroom and ample heating sources included.

"Do you like me?"

The unexpected question from Duo stopped all his movements and he just stared at the boy. He was flushed, his eyes were down and his hands folded sheepishly across his skirt-clad lap.


"Do you like me?" Duo repeated uncertainly.

Heero didn't answer for a long time. "We're on the brink of war; You're a liability--"

"Now wait a minute you!"

Heero raised an eyebrow.

"Just how have I been a liability?" Duo demanded, pride hurt. "If anything, you've been a liability to me! Who do you think took care of your during the time you were unconscious?"

"If it weren't for you I wouldn't be here."

Violet eyes widened and quivered suspiciously before blinking repeatedly for some reason unknown to Heero. "What are you talking about?"

"Duo. Something happened while I was unconscious that you wouldn't tell me about. Don't I have a right to assume it was your fault?"

The embarrassed flush turned to anger and the 'princess' leapt out of his seat, one slender hand coming down hard on the wooden table. For a brief moment, Duo looked like he was having a battle with himself before he turned hard eyes on Heero and said calmly: "Whatever I did has nothing to do with your being here."

He got up to leave but inhumanly strong fingers locked around his wrist and yanked him back, silken chestnut flying into his face. He whirled and found two icy cobalt orbs glaring at him from mere inches away. Duo winced and twisted a little when he felt Heero grab his hip hard enough to bruise.

"Tell me," growled the prince, unknowingly backing his 'beloved wife' to the wall. Duo squirmed against him and Heero felt...something warm radiating from his groin to his stomach in the form of a flutter, good yet foreign. He bit down a startled gasp and pulled back slightly.

Duo tried to jerk away the second he felt Heero loosen his grip on him but was held fast. "It's none of your business; dispute in the royal palace," he hissed angrily, expressive eyes flashing with hatred and defiance.

"If that were true I wouldn't be here," the other snarled back.

"If that were not true you'd be dead!"

This time Duo did manage to worm out of his grasp as Heero stood in place and stared at him. "What are you saying?"

Duo rubbed his wrist fiercely though he knew there was nothing he could do about his hip. "You'd be dead," he repeated darkly, pushing his advantage, "Dead as a doornail, so goes the old saying. Lying in the middle of a pool of blood on vulture infested barrens."

Heero continued to glare, feeling his gun hand twitch though his face betrayed nothing. "That's enough. None of it is true."

Duo shrugged. "It's true. I run, I hide, but I don't lie."

"Everyone lies."

"Not me."

"Your whole life is a lie. You're living it."

Duo simply gathered up his skirts and walked out.


Night was a time Duo had begun to hate. Probably because of the person whom had to share a sleeping quarter with. For a while, he felt uncomfortable with another man in the same room as his bed. But that feeling was quickly going away.

Heero wasn't necessarily BAD, but Duo found him an infuriating, frustrating, unpredictable, and uncooperative individual. It was bad enough that he barely spoke two positive words to Duo, but also had a strange obsession with documents he called mission reports. Yes, the boy decided, it was definitely a bad thing that he'd found those notebooks and that pack of pens...

Come to think of it, Heero was a strange person, period. It didn't surprise Duo that he eventually got a sore neck from sleeping in that chair, curled up in a position one can almost call fetal. But it did surprise him that he'd lasted this long.

Duo sat before the dresser and began the long, tedious process of brushing out his hair, which was stopped by a rather pained grunt from Heero's general direction. He raised one slender eyebrow and looked at his companion in the mirror.

"Did that chair finally get you?" It wasn't a question.

Heero just glared and looked away, barely managing to conceal a wince.

Duo grinned, setting down his brush and standing up. "Ah, so for once I'm right in your eyes, hmm?" he practically leered. He came up to the prince and set two firm hands on the other's shoulders, not budging until the latter was forced to look at him.

Duo sighed. "I know you think you can handle a nuclear bomb explosion without protection, but there is a point when your body just needs a nice, relaxing massage. Like this." He walked around a stiff Heero and began moving his hands in a familiar circular motion.

He frowned. No, that wouldn't work. "You'll have to get on the bed and take off your shirt."

If at possible, Heero's eyes turned even darker. "It's your bed."

Duo rolled his own eyes. "Well I don't think it'd mind switching occupants for just a little while." He gave the spiky-banged boy a gentle shove toward the other side of the room and for once Heero complied.

"Good, now you have to lay flat on your stomach or I won't be able to get good access."

Duo sat down beside Heero and continued his ministrations from earlier. Slowly, almost reluctantly, the stiff muscles in the prince's shoulders and neck began to loose their tension, almost reaching relaxation.

"There," Duo finally said with satisfaction. "All done." It wasn't until later in the night that he realized why his hands lingered longer than necessary on the well-toned shoulders, as did his gaze.

This did not pass by Heero unnoticed, whose lips curled upwards in a taunting smirk though he said nothing. It was obvious that Duo had caught himself nearly ogling and a faint red tainted the already rosy cheeks. He cleared his throat and stood, signaling that it was time Heero did the same.

The latter completely shocked the princess out of his shell when he asked, "Have you ever kissed anyone other than me?"

Duo blinked, confusion evident on his heart-shaped face and he cocked his head. "No," he finally answered, "I haven't."

"I'm not surprised, seeing the role you've had to play all your life."

The full mouth fell slightly open before a bright smile lit up Duo's features. "'re...conversing!" he nearly crowed.

That had not been what the prince was expecting, so he just walked back to his designated sleeping area. Needless to say, that disappointed his companion.


Duo lay awake in bed, staring out from between the wooden blinds hanging on the window. The loosely closed slats caused slivers of moonlight to dance across his face, scrunched up in thought, or rather, lack of.

After turning and shifting for twenty more minutes, he got up and tip-toed to the dresser. Some of Heero's clothing was on the floor. Duo bit his lip and hesitated before grabbing them and padding into the adjoining bathroom where he knew a pile of dirty clothing was waiting to be washed of them.

He was just about to throw Heero's clothes into the pile when a deep, nasal voice made him jump.

"What are you doing?"

Heero was standing by the door of the bathroom, arms crossed and looking angry as always.

Duo shrugged. "I couldn't sleep."

"I know." The cobalt gaze flickered to the masculine regalia in the other's hands and he reached for them.

Duo blushed and passed them over. "Sorry, I thought they were dirty."

Heero didn't say anything. Instead, he circled the other boy and to Duo's surprise, held the blue top to the latter's chest from behind and regarded him in the mirror.

"Heero, don't..." But the garment seemed...right, somehow, and Duo found himself captivated by the image. Was this how he was supposed to look? Instead of being drowned in endless layers of frilly satin?

It took him a good ten seconds to realize that Heero still had his arms around him and his mouth was -- Duo jerked -- on the soft skin of the his neck. Two long fingers came up to grasp his pointed chin and turn his head around so his lips could be reached.

Duo's eyelids fell closed on their own accord and hesitantly, he began to return the unexpected kiss, surprisingly gentle yet passionate all the same.[1]

He heard the gold-decorated jacket fall to the floor and murmured the taller boy's name. He hadn't the least idea why Heero was doing this, but he wasn't complaining. And somehow, he had a feeling the former didn't know either.

When Heero finally pull away, his eyes were black-rimmed and smoldering, staring down at his dazed companion. Then, without even giving Duo a chance to consent or decline, swept his long legs from beneath the slender frame and kicked open the door to the bedroom almost angrily.


Heero cursed mentally. At everything, for everything, and because of everything. All of it, the timing, the plans, was wrong. He couldn't understand just why seeing Duo like that made him loose control. He hadn't even been aware that he was CAPABLE of loosing control.

He caressed the sleeping boy's silken hair absently as he stared ahead of him. It wasn't that he hadn't been expecting to throwing Duo on a bed and ravishing him as he did. It was bound to happen; the boy was too desirable[2], too innocent--a word unfitting of war. But why now, why tonight of all nights? Just when he was about to...

Iya. There was no delaying it. He'd done enough of that already.


>_< OK, that was weird. I can't say I was displeased about this chapter, but I can't say I was pleased with it. I think their relationship seemed to come out of the blue, ne? *puppy eyes*

[1] *whistles innocently* I could really use a fan art of this scene...

[2] What? I think Heero, despite his inhumanness, probably can't deny the most primal of his instincts. ^^;


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