Traitorous Acts Part 5
V.: Simplicity Gone Complicated~

Heero opened his eyes slowly, careful to keep his heart rate and breathing unchanged should he be under any surveillance. Ten in the morning, he guessed upon casting a glance at the sun.

"You're finally awake." There was a shuffling somewhere nearby and he turned, relieved that there were to restraints. The Prince Duo was standing over him, a small, nearly unnoticeable smile on his heart-shaped face. "I was wondering when you'd join me in the world of livings." He held up a plastic wrapped sandwich. "Hungry?"

Heero blinked. "Where am I?" he demanded and sat up.

Duo tossed the food onto the table and shrugged. "That's the problem. I have no I'll be safe and say this is in the middle of nowhere."

//That's no help,// Heero thought with a sigh. He studied his surroundings. Apparently, he was on a bed, set flush against the wall of a full-fledged bedroom. //A log cabin,// he guessed. He tested his legs a bit and stood up, walking out of the room into what was obviously a kitchen. No video units or any other form of communication, his carefully trained ability to notice details told him. There were windows, however, and Heero looked out of them. Nothing there but trees and ferns.

He went back into the bedroom a minute later and found Duo curled up easily in the comfortable looking seat. He sat down on the bed once more. "What happened?" His voice was so cold, so deadly sounding.

Duo's head jerked up. The L1 prince was so different now from the other day, when he'd spread his hair out on the pillow and tucked him into bed. The longhaired boy bit his lip. "I'm not too sure. All I know is that you were attacked and they came after me. When I woke up, I was here and you were delivered a day later."

Heero's glare was double the intensity of his voice. He knew Duo was hiding something--iie, a lot of things--and he wasn't going to let the other go without his spilling it all. "Duo."


"You're a terrible liar."

Duo winced. "I know that." He straightened up defensively. "Though I'm not admitting anything, you hear?!"

"I know," Heero replied simply. The boy may at times seem like an idiot, he mused, but he was far from that and knew just how to get what he wanted. Looking over at Duo, he decided that right now, the 'princess' wanted him to leave 'her' alone. Heero was experienced in the area and figured it was hopeless and a waste of energy to pursue the other at the moment. So he laid down and gave up.

For now.


"Duty complete, Sire." The general cocked his head slightly, trying to see his Lord behind the filmy curtains of his bed.

"Good." King George, current ruler of L2, was happy. He grinned, revealing a set of yellow but otherwise perfect teeth, and fastened his mouth on the frightened, trembling girl beneath him. He frowned when she began crying again. She seemed to be doing a lot of that.

"Please, Your Majesty," she sobbed. "Please let me go. I have a husband, three children, and my parents to take care of." The half-dressed girl wriggled to her knees on the bed, gazing desperately up at him with her doe-like eyes.

The King ignored her and tore off yet another article of her clothing, eliciting a terrified scream, which he muffled.

The general looked sick and said in a slightly choked voice, "There is just one complication...the enemy prince."

The ruler's movements halted and he ground out. "What ABOUT the enemy prince?"

The young man fidgeted slightly. "I believe he may be a problem."

"What kind of problem...?"

"His strength, Sire, and his skills. It was only by luck and chance that we managed to capture him. I'm afraid he may find a way to escape."

George let out a cruel laugh. "Quatre, be sensible. The nearest house is one hundred twenty-six miles, the nearest town is one hundred fifty-two miles. Wolves and bears roam freely in the area. Who would make it out alive?"

The small blonde blushed a little. "Yes, Your Majesty, but please consider--"

The King pinned the girl's thin wrists to the bed and removed her last piece of clothing. "Nonsense, Quatre. Not another word now. You're dismissed..." The last word melted into a moan. At the same time, a pained shriek emerged from the darkness behind the bed curtains.

Quatre ran out quickly.

Once in the garden, he sagged onto a sun-warmed rock and buried his face in his hands. He was tired of it. Tired of the low, purely inhuman way his Lord treated women he labeled 'pretty'. Tired of living a lie and pretending to be loyal to the beast while he secretly despised him. His own mother was...Quatre shivered. //Mustn't think about that now,// he chided himself, //The past is the past. Don't forget, but don't just pity yourself.// He used to weep so much for the poor souls, but his tears have gone dry. He had long since vowed revenge for everyone the 'man' had destroyed the lives and hopes of.

A crackle of twigs had him on his feet and tense. "Dare da?" he hissed, then gasped when a tall, lean form stepped out from behind the maple tree. "Trowa!"

Quatre barely had time to utter the name before he was wrapped up in the long, slender arms of his secret lover and his mouth claimed in a passionate kiss. He closed his eyes and relaxed against the familiar body of the enemy prince.

It was a good ten seconds be fore either of them managed to regain their senses and support their own weight. Quatre suddenly pulled away.

"You shouldn't be here!"

Trowa tugged him close again. "I don't care."

//It's hopeless.// Quatre thought with a mental sigh. He could never stay away from his beloved for long, much less push him away. "If someone sees you--"

"I don't care," the sharp-banged boy repeated. His voice was quiet and seemingly emotionless, but the blonde had come to recognize the hidden feelings. Right now, even though Trowa sounded like he was announcing the weather forecast, he knew the crown prince was being stubborn. Stubborn in his decision to overcome all obstacles and preserve their love.

Quatre loved it, and the fact scared him. As did the idea of falling for the heir to an enemy throne. He jerked. "Oh, Trowa!" he cried softly in alarm. "Heero's been kidnapped!"

The other boy's mouth tightened and he was quiet for a minute. "We have to keep this from Father for as long as we can. Or--or he might start a w--"

Quatre slowly removed his fingers from his love's lips. "No, don't say it. I don't want to hear it."[1]

Footsteps were coming their way, and Trowa retreated deftly behind a rock, the blonde's hand gripped firmly in his own.

"Quatre-sama!" they heard one of the maids call. "Quatre-sama!!" She pursed her lips in thought. "Strange, I could have sworn he was here a minute ago," she murmured to herself. "Oh well." She shrugged and skipped off, stopping once to pick a daisy.

Trowa poked his head out a minute later and helped Quatre to his feet. They didn't notice the red light of a spy camera blinking from the grass in the area where the flower had been plucked.

The maid rounded the corner and waited silently like a cat. Slowly, hesitantly, she saw the lovers emerge, and flipped open the wrist comm. previously hidden by her long sleeves.

"Dorothy here. Targets confirmed. I think we have a traitor on the premises..." Her sky-blue eyes narrowed until mere slits glittered from under her long pale lashes. Who would've thought that Quatre Winner, King George's favored general, would be having an affair with the ultimate enemy? Her pretty mouth twisted in a frown and her exotic eyebrows furrowed in thought. This certainly put a complicated thorn in what had originally appeared to be so simple...[2]


Night had fallen over the forest where the captives' cabin was standing.

Duo swallowed nervously, eyeing the bed like one would a cobra. The SINGLE bed. "Errrrrrrr, Heero?" He pointed to the object of his discomfort. "...?" he asked.

Heero looked at the bed, at Duo, then back. "What's the problem?" he inquired calmly.

Duo's face turned brick red. "Don't you get it?" He sighed.

Heero obviously didn't.

He made a wild gesture and blurted: "Hello? ONE bed? TWO people??"

The other blinked. "Oh, that." He shrugged and settled onto the soft chair.

Duo shifted. "Um..."

"Now what?"

"I wasn't quite thinking of that. I mean, you were the one who slept on it most, so I guess in a way it's YOUR bed, and I don't want to kick you out of your bed."

Heero spoke slowly, as if Duo was a foreign exchange student from the other side of the world. "Do YOU want to sleep in the chair?"

The longhaired prince shook his head hastily and hopped onto the mattress, flipping off the lights as well. They were silent for a while until Duo couldn't stand the--well, silence any longer.



"Heero! I know you're not asleep!"


The normally self-confident boy now shrunk a little into himself. "I was know..."

The tone caught Heero's attention. Duo sounded almost...embarrassed. Shy even. "No I don't know."

"I was just...wondering what it's like in L1." He felt the other boy's death glare burning at him through the darkness, and added quickly, "I mean, I know you'd probably want to keep it locked up in the Top Secrets file, but I, well, only the royals of our lands ever travel into the other's territory--hehe, it's almost like another world or something, and I just wanted to know if it's much different from L2. That's all."

Heero didn't make a sound for so long Duo thought he'd gone to sleep and his shoulders sagged in disappointment. //It's true then. No one will be able to get him to open up, certainly not me...// He pulled the blanket closer around himself.

"Yes." The whisper was so quiet the gentle breeze of summer struggled to catch it. "It is. It's more developed, less land untouched. Doesn't have much of L2's natural greens and hills and lakes. Lots of factories and mobile doll manufacturers..."

Duo smiled fell asleep to the sound of his 'husband's voice. //He had a nice voice,// was his last thought.



Heero jerked wide-awake at the ear-splitting shriek. Outside, the thunder roared again. He blinked into a faceful of chestnut hair and spat out a few strands. "Duo..." he growled in warning.

Two huge violet eyes quivered back at him and the other boy grinned sheepishly. "S-sorry, Heero, I--EEP!" Duo squeezed his eyes shut and clung even tighter to Heero's shirt as the whole cabin shook from the force of the thunder.

He sighed. "You're afraid of storms?" he asked needlessly.

A tiny nod. Duo seemed extremely small right then, Heero noticed. He'd almost been petite and slender, but now, curled up like he was and looking for all the world looking like a frightened child, he was... The L1 prince scowled, browsing his extensive vocabulary for the right description.

Duo looked...cute. Yes, that was the word.

It was obvious Duo wasn't letting go anytime soon, so with a sigh of long-suffering, Heero moved them both to the bed. It had been a long day, and he predicted a much longer night.



Heero: *glares* You made me a softie.
Duo: *glares* You made me a wimp.
Quatre: *glares* You made me a traitor.
Trowa: *glares* You made me sappy.
Wufei: *glares* You completely left me out!
A-chan: *sweatdrops* Ah, the trials of character-tortur--oops, I mean, er...

[1] Sure I think they can get that sappy!

[2] I adore Dorothy, so if you're looking for D-chan-bashing or Bitch-Dorothy's, you won't find it here.


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