Traitorous Acts Part 7
VII.: On the Verge of Death~

Sunlight peeked between the slats of white blinds, casting bright stripes across the bed laying just beneath the window. Long, elegant eyebrows furrowed in a frown before Duo opened his eyes slowly. A weight settled beside him and he saw Heero staring ahead of him with a blank look on his face. Not to say that it wasn't always blank, of course.

"You never even gave me a chance to agree on your doing what you did."

Heero stood and smirked. "If you were really against it you would've made it known."

Duo considered it. "Yes, I suppose you know me too well for an effective denial. Carnal lust, right?" He wrapped a sheet around his body and got up to sit down before the dresser, then proceeded to casually brush his hair. "What are you going to do now?"

Heero answered promptly, "Leave."

The hand gripping the hairbrush tightened until it shook visibly. "I see," Duo said simply, "and where, pray tell, are you going?" He tugged the sheet closer and padded into the bathroom.

To that question Heero didn't reply.

"Oh, I get it." Duo emerged a moment later, clad in the violet robe, and the other couldn't help but notice how his large purple eyes were highlighted because of it. "You're planning to just hike around for a few weeks and hope someone's in the vicinity. Or at least near it."

"There's a freshwater reservoir south of here, I'm sure of it. And there's also a restaurant near there and chances are, a computer."

The responding grin was sarcastic and it annoyed him. "Getting tired of Spaghetti-O's, Heero?" Duo turned serious and asked in a dark tone, "What makes you so sure of those things?"

"I always know where I am, that's all I will tell you."

"OK, even if that's true, you won't survive three days out there." Duo gestured outside. "I already told you the threat I got from Father. There's not a single place safe from hungry bears and wolves."

Heero scowled. "I can handle them."

"Not without a gun you can't."

He was ignored and Heero picked up the knapsack lying against the doorframe. Duo watched him leave but made no further move to stop him.

"Don't overdo it..." he whispered to the departing prince. "Ch'," he snorted a moment later. "Of course he'll overdo it."

After all, Heero Yuy has overdone everything else, hasn't he?


"I have reason to believe, Sire, that we have a traitor on the palace premises."


"One who is a member of the Royal League, and may perhaps incur irreparable damage to his own kingdom."

Thick curtains flew open and the king of L2 emerged from behind. His eyes flashed dangerously as he regarded the blonde kneeling before the throne. "Who?"

The blonde kept her own gaze on the ground. "I cannot say for sure, Your Majesty, I merely heard people talking in the Royal Gardens. I could not recognize the voices."

The king's lips tightened. "Tell me precisely what occurred, Dorothy."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

She proceeded to give a slightly altered recap of what she had heard of the conversation between the two mysterious Royal League members, but not before making sure that a certain blond general was absent from the throne room.

The king's hand came down hard on the armrest, jewel-encrusted bronze clanging sharply with its connection with gold and silver rings.

"This is not to be forgiven!" roared the reddened man. "If there is a traitor here then I must persist on knowing who it is. A member of the Royal League, consorting with an enemy general." He fell back into his perch, a hand to his forehead and fingers stroking the wrinkles there.

Dorothy's pale eyes flashed before training on the king. "I was wondering, Sire, if I may perhaps assist you in your hunt for the traitor. I did, after all, hear them, and I would surely recognize the voices if I were to hear them again."

Maxwell gave the girl an once-over, then smirked. "An admirable woman." He raised his hand. "Yes, you may help in my search. I will personally make sure that news of any lead reaches your ears."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. You will not regret this decision."


"Heero's been captured."

A dark head snapped up as the eldest of the three L1 princes took in the news. "Well," said Wufei simply, "this was not expected."

Trowa came to stand before his brother, who carefully inserted a marker between the current pages of his book and closed it.

"May I ask the source of this information?"

"A passer-by from L2."

The side-wise glare of onyx was enough to make it clear that Trowa's attempt at deception had not been effective, but Wufei did not press the matter.

"I see. And just what made this individual such a reliable source to you?"

"Gut instinct and connections."

"Ah." Wufei stood then, attention fixed on his brother. "What do you propose we do about this turn of events?"

"Make a trip to L2--"

"And trudge about the country hoping Heero shows up at your feet?" snipped Wufei. "It's suicide to attempt such a search with our notoriety, Trowa, and you know it."

The green-eyed prince did not reply for a minute. "Then we can send a few trackers--"

Wufei's snort cut his train of thought. "If you want something of this much risk done, then you ought to know by now that you just have to do it yourself."

"...You know, we could get a bit more done if you stop finding fault with anything and everything I say."

The Oriental featured man blinked once, then flushed.



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