Erk... damn... the re-writes are completed partway into this... means I'm actually going to have to get off my arse and really write on it. Much to Cloudy's delight I'm sure... considering this fic is ALL her fault!!

Without You Part 5

"I can't believe that's all you're going to eat!" Duo exclaimed as he sat down beside Quatre, eyeing the single sandwich sitting in front of the boy.

The blonde looked at the chestnut haired boy and frowned. "I wasn't really hungry to begin with. You dragged me down here."

"Yeah... but... jeez, Quatre..." He leaned on the table. "You're so... small!"

Quatre blushed. "I don't think making me eat is going to help that. I'm just built that way."

Duo started to answer him when he looked up his violet eyes widening. "Oh... man..."

"What" Quatre glanced to where Duo was staring.

Trowa was standing on the other side of the lunchroom talking to another boy. He was about Trowa's height, his shoulder length black hair pulled back into a ponytail at the base of his neck. As they turned towards the table and Quatre got a glimpse of his decidedly Asian features he realized that he was one of the students from his History class yesterday.

As they approached the table the boy scowled darkly. "Maxwell!" He hissed. "I'm surprised that they'd let you into this school!"

"Well... you know, even the genius here can make mistakes." Duo replied dryly. Suddenly he jumped up and grabbed the boy in a fierce hug. "Good to see ya, Wufei! You didn't tell us you were coming here too."

"Maxwell! Get off of me!!" Wufei growled. "And if I'd known you bunch were going to be here, then I probably wouldn't have."

As he and Trowa sat down at the table his dark eyes settled on Quatre. "You're in one of my classes aren't you?"

"Uh... yeah, History." Quatre replied lowly.

"Quatre is Trowa's roomie this semester." Duo added.

Wufei glanced at Trowa. "Really."

Quatre looked down at his watch and suddenly jumped up. "I've got to go... my next class is in fifteen minutes!"

"I'll walk partway with you. Mine starts at the same time." Duo said standing. "Fei... catch you later."

"I hope not." The boy grumbled.

Quatre blinked. "Um, it was nice to meet you." He said before leaving to catch up with Duo.

Wufei turned to Trowa and noted the other boy watching the small blonde leaving. "Roommate, huh?"

"Trowa leaned back in his chair. "Yeah."

"Does he know?"

"He knows about Heero and Duo."

"But not you."

"But not me." Trowa replied.

Wufei frowned. "Don't you think you should tell him?"

"No." Came the short reply.

"And why not?"

"There's no reason."

Wufei looked at the brunette and his frown deepened. The look on Trowa's face when Quatre was leaving said there was plenty of reason.


"So, you guys know him?" Quatre asked as he walked down the hallway beside Duo.

"Yeah, we all went to high school together. It's weird that we'd all end up in a little college like this together." Duo replied.

"He seemed pretty surprised that I was Trowa's roommate." The blonde mused.

"He knows Trowa pretty well... probably better than the rest of us."

"But I thought you were his best friend."

Duo glanced sideways at the blonde. "Trowa hasn't told you much about himself, has he?"

"Not really, we don't talk a lot."

"Sounds like Trowa... I think he believes we're all telepathic and he doesn't need to tell anyone anything." Duo chuckled. "Look, Quatre." He stopped.

Quatre stopped and turned to face him.

"Haven't you ever wondered why Trowa hangs out with people like Heero and I so much?"

"No. You're friends."

So na´ve. Duo laughed. "It's more than that. He's no different than I am... or Heero."

Quatre blinked at him in surprise.

"Yeah. You should know if you're going to hang with us. And that guy, Wufei? They used to be a pair. Trowa stuck with him longer than anyone else he went with. And even now they've been known to hook up for a night or two. I don't think the feelings ended when the relationship did." Duo sighed. "They never did tell us why they split in the first place."

Quatre felt cold down to his toes. Trowa... and Wufei... and now they were here together..."

Duo glanced at his watch. "Look, I gotta run or we'll both be late. If you want to talk sometime... give me a yell. Okay?"

"Yeah." The blonde replied leaning against the wall as Duo ran off in the opposite direction.


Quatre tossed his books on his desk and threw himself on his bed, covering his eyes with one arm and silently berated himself. Why did the thought of Trowa's former lover being here with them bother him so much? He hadn't been able to get if off his mind all the way through the rest of his classes.

I really am an idiot, he silently told himself as he realized that he had developed a strong interest in his roommate in just the few days since he'd met him. Stupid! If this was what was going to happen whenever someone showed him some sort of attention, then it was going to be a long four years. I really need to get a grip on myself.

He sat up and grabbed his World Religions book and stared at the cover. Then coming to a decision, he opened the book and started to read.

From this point forward he would not think of Trowa as anything other than a friend. That was obviously all the brunette had intended from the start and that's what it was going to be. He would not let his own stupidity ruin the first friend he'd ever had.

He heard the voices before the door opened and looked up as Trowa walked into the room followed by Heero and Wufei.

"Hi." Trowa said to him as he dropped his jacket on the back of his chair.

"Hi Trowa," Quatre replied setting his textbook aside. "Heero, Wufei."

Heero nodded at him and went to his customary spot against the wall, crossing his arms. Wufei turned and looked at the blonde for a moment, something Quatre couldn't read flickering in his dark eyes.

"Hello." He finally said before sitting at Trowa's desk.

Trowa looked at Heero and the other boy scowled. "Three... Two..."

Quatre stared at them blankly. What the heck were they doing?

Heero finished. "One..."

The door flew open with a crash, startling Quatre, and Duo flew into the room, tossing books on the closest desk as he went by. Quatre scrambled to grab the books as they started to slide off his desk, threatening to take his with them. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Heero snap one arm up quickly, slamming his open hand into Duo's chest and stopping the chestnut haired boy in his tracks with an audible. "Oomph!"

"Awwww com'on, Hee-chan..." The hyper boy whined. "I haven't seen you all day!"

Heero's face grew darker. "I told you not to call me that! Ever!"

Duo suddenly chastised drew back. "I'm sorry."

"I should have never started teaching you my language." Heero snorted as he leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on the other boy's lips. "You'll have to wait until later for the rest." He said only loud enough for his lover to hear him.

"I'm never going to figure out you and your not wanting to show any affection in front of others." Duo quipped slightly subdued at the whispered promise.

I'd thought you'd be used to it by now," Wufei spoke up. "After all he's been that way since you met him."

"I keep hoping he'll change."

"Good luck." Trowa added. Then he looked to where Quatre was carefully stacking all the books back on his desk. "We actually came back here to get you."

"Me?" The blonde looked up at him in surprise. "Why?"

"Supply run!" Duo threw an arm around the blonde's shoulders. "We can't keep eating out and there are other things we need. Since Heero has a car we thought we'd all go together. Save any of us from walking."

"Actually I'm fine." Quatre replied. "I got everything I needed earlier and my sister is bringing me a couple other things."

"But!" The violet eyed boy protested. His motive had been to get the blonde off the campus to begin with. "You can still go!"

"I really need to study."

"We just got started! What do you need to study?"

"Duo, if he doesn't want to go then don't bug him." Wufei said standing up. "We should get going." He said standing back up and looking at Quatre for a moment.

His expression unsettled the blonde greatly. He got the distinct impression that he'd been judged already and found lacking by the Asian boy. For some reason it seemed that Wufei had decided that he didn't like him. He pushed the thoughts away, maybe after he found that Quatre wasn't competition for his former lover then things would change.

As the group left, Trowa stopped in the door and looked back at the blonde. "Are you sure?" He asked his green eyes worried.

"Yeah," Quatre said picking his book back up.

"Want me to bring you back anything?"

I want you to stop being so nice when I've found that it isn't in your nature. "No, I'm fine."

He kept his eyes down until he heard the door click quietly. Then making sure they were gone he got off his bed and went to open the closet. Pulling a black case from the top shelf he grabbed his jacket and headed out of the room. He needed a distraction.


Trowa stopped at the open door of Heero's small, white mustang, glancing back at the dorm. He blinked for a second as he saw Quatre emerge from the building with something in his hand and hurry down the path leading across the campus. Where is he going?

Curiosity mixed with fascination got the better of him. He really didn't need anything either, he had agreed to go because he thought Quatre would be also. Damn Barton, you really are getting hung up on him, and fast.

"Barton! Are you getting in or are you going to stand there gaping?" Wufei snapped at him.

Trowa glanced back at his former lover. There was another problem. They had split in high school for fear of their families finding out about them. He had known that Wufei was coming to this college. It had been part of a promise they had made. They'd get out their homes as soon as they could and they would resume their relationship way from the watchful eyes of Trowa's father and Wufei's adoptive parents. They had had it all worked out.

Only Trowa hadn't planned for one beguiling blonde roommate being thrown into the equation. Nor had he realized until then that his ardor for the black haired boy had cooled considerably. Until recently there had been little reason to examine his situation involving Wufei.

This could get messy, he though to himself. "Tell you what. I just remembered something I need to do. You guys go ahead. I should be fine until you go again." He said closing the door and walking across the parking lot.

Wufei sat back and scowled darkly. "Why didn't you guys warn me that he was so hung up on his roommate?" He growled.

Duo turned around in his seat and studied the glowering boy. "You didn't tell us that you were still hung up on Trowa." He pointed out. "Besides, Heero and Trowa saw you before I did or I probably would have said something."

"Is there still something with you two?" Heero asked glancing at their friend in his mirror.

Wufei sighed and looked out the window. "I thought there was. There was supposed to be. I guess things have changed over the last year. I should have known better." He settled back in his seat. "What's this Quatre like anyway?"

Might just as well accept that there wasn't going to be any working things back out. It really was over. He had been the one to argue Trowa into that agreement anyway. He had wanted to try somewhere where they wouldn't have the pressure that they had in high school. Still it stung. He truly cared for the quiet brunette; even if Trowa didn't seem to be able to give his feelings to anyone. His own father had made sure of that.


Trowa stayed far enough behind Quatre to keep from being seen as he followed him to the other side of the campus. I must be out of my mind, he snorted. Following his roommate of less than a week around like some sort of... of what?

Was it possible to fall for someone that fast? He didn't know. That couldn't be it anyway. He'd realized a long time ago that he wasn't capable of opening himself up to another person. He wouldn't leave himself that vulnerable to anyone. The brunette had learned his lesson about that the hard way, at the end of his father's fists. But there was no denying that he genuinely liked the blonde. And he wanted him.

He stopped and waited for a few moments before following Quatre into the building.

Sex was not an option in this situation. Even he was not so callous as to toy with Quatre in such a way. He knew Heero was right. It would be too easy to hurt the blonde. But that didn't mean he couldn't make sure the kid was safe, right?

Walking into the building he looked up and down the hallways on the first floor, at the rows of small doors. Is this...? He walked along until he heard a muffled sound coming from one of the rooms. Stopping he leaned his ear against the door his green eyes widening.




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