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Without You Part 4

Quatre sighed as he approached the door to his room. His first class was over and he has around three hours before his next one. He could only hope that he didn't cross paths with his roommate until later. The blonde wasn't ready to face him and his embarrassing actions of the night before, not just yet. He could only imagine what Trowa must think of him right about now.

He pushed open the door and peered in to find it empty. Trowa must still be in class... maybe he'd get lucky after all and be able to avoid him for the rest of the day. Well, at least until the evening anyway.

He wandered in and set his book on the desk, picking up the one he'd been reading a couple nights before. Settling himself on his bed, he started to read, keeping one eye on the clock at the same time. Quatre was well into his book when he heard a noise at the door. Looking up his face colored as Trowa walked in and tossed his books on his desk.

The brunette gave Quatre one of his rare smiles as he hung his jacket over the back of his chair. "How was your first class?"

"Um... good." Quatre set his book aside. "Yours?"

"Both of them were fine." Trowa sat at his desk and turned on his laptop.

"What do you have next?"

"Nothing. I've only got two today."

Laughing Quatre leaned back against the wall. "I have three everyday."

"That's quite a workload isn't it?" Trowa replied.

"Yeah, but I've got nothing else to do." The blonde shrugged.

Trowa studied him silently and the boy shifted uneasily under his gaze. "Look, Trowa... about last night..." He started.

"Don't worry about it."

"I just wanted to tell you that it wouldn't happen agai-... huh?" Quatre blinked.

"I said don't worry about it. Everyone has tough spots. Everyone had trouble with family sometimes. I've seen Duo though a lot of them." Trowa said as he typed.

"Yeah... but you and Duo are friends." Quatre replied quietly.

Trowa stopped typing and turned in his chair to look at the blonde again. "And we're not?"

Quatre's face colored again. "You don't even know me."

"But, what I do know, I like. So, that makes you my friend, at least as far as I'm concerned."

Quatre opened his mouth to speak when the door flew open and Duo bounded in. "Hey! You ready for lunch?"

"Sure," Trowa stood up, "Quatre, you coming?"

"Of course he is!" Duo grabbed Quatre's arm and dragged the smaller boy off the bed. "We need to feed him! Maybe he'll grow!"

Quatre grabbed his book for his next class as Duo pulled him out the door, followed closely by the quiet brunette. "Duo..." Quatre started as Duo suddenly let go of him.

"Heero!" The chestnut haired boy merrily attacked his lover in the hallway. "I've been wondering where you'd show up!"

The tension in the blonde's arm suddenly gone caused Quatre to stumble backwards. "Whoah!" Trowa stepped forward and caught the off-balance boy, wrapping his arms around Quatre's shoulders.

"Oh... jeez... man... Quatre! I'm sorry!" Duo rushed back to the pair as Heero shook his head and glared at the boy.

"It's alright." The blonde mumbled quickly stepping away from Trowa.

"Are you okay?" Trowa asked softly, noting the sudden paleness of the boy's face.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Can we just go?" Quatre said, trying to ignore the concern in his roommate's eyes.


"Awesome!!" Duo clamped onto Quatre's arm. "We have our next class together!"

"It'll be a wonder if he survives the semester." Trowa commented idly to Heero.


"I'm betting he tries to kill the baka before the week is out." Heero replied ignoring his boyfriend.


Trowa eyed the small blonde. "Less than a week."


"You're on." Heero leaned back in his chair.

"HEY!!!!" Duo yelled.

"What!!" Heero and Trowa yelled in unison and Quatre dissolved into a fit of giggling. Duo huffed and crossed his arms in front of him and Quatre laughed even harder.

Trowa watched the blonde with a slight smile, this was the first time he'd seen genuine laughter from his roommate. He liked it... a lot. When the blonde was truly happy, his whole face lit up and his eyes would dance. It was an amazing thing to see.

Duo jumped up from his chair and grabbed his books. "Comon Quat [1], let's leave the fools to amuse themselves at someone else's expense."

Quatre glanced at his watch. "I guess we do need to go." He said gathering his books.

With a quick good-bye to Heero and Trowa, he hurried off after the fuming chestnut haired boy. Trowa leaned on the table and watched them go, his green eyes following the blonde until he was out of sight.

"Hn." Heero stretched his legs out and watched his friend.

"What?" Trowa glanced back at him.

"I'd say you were more than a little interested. Something I haven't seen from you in a long time." Heero commented.

"Hmmm. Maybe. He's definitely attractive." Trowa mused, his eyes going back to the door.

"Three days is an awful short time to develop a very deep interest in someone." The dark haired boy continued.

Trowa sat back and studied his friend. "And what do you mean by that?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, slightly irritated at what Heero was implying.

"I mean that you should really think about it before you try anything. He's not like our usual group. We've all had our experiments. That one... when he decides to get involved, it'll be with his whole heart."

"And what makes you think he'd even be interested?"

Heero stood and put his jacket on. "I just do. I'm going back to my room and start on my studying."

"On the first day of classes?"

"Hm. Yeah... it doesn't hurt to get ahead."

Trowa watched Heero leave with a frown on his face. His friend was almost famous for his instincts. If Heero thought that Quatre was that same as they were, then there was a very good chance that he was.

One more thing to add to the temptation.


"Maaaan... I am tired!" Duo fell back on his bed.

Heero raised an eyebrow as he surveyed the violet-eyed buy. "You're kidding, right?"

"No... I'm not. I've had all summer to get unused to this."

Heero snorted and turned back to his laptop.

Duo jumped up and went to drape himself over Heero's shoulders. "Hey, what do you think about this Quatre anyway? You haven't said much."

"I think he can do a lot of good for Trowa."

"Really? That's the first time I've ever heard you say anyone might be a good match for Tro. Wonder if he'd be interested." Duo mused.

Heero turned his head and glared at Duo. "Stay out of it, Duo. If he is, Trowa will figure it out for himself, eventually."

Duo's expression turned serious and he went to sit on his bed. "I don't know Heero. Trowa's my best friend, you know that... but he does have a history of not getting involved. He's more inclined to the occasional... eh..."


"Yeah. Quatre seems to be a really nice kid. I'd hate to see him get hurt because Trowa suddenly decided he has an itch and that his roommate would be a good one to scratch it." Duo said as he started to unbraid his hair.

"I think, Trowa realizes he's different... and if he didn't, I pointed it out to him." Heero replied getting up from his desk and going to sit beside Duo. He picked up the boy's brush and started to run it through the long chestnut tresses. "I think he understands AND I think if he gets involved this time it'll be different."

"I hope you're right. I'm tired of seeing him so alone all the time." Duo closed his eyes, enjoying the rhythmic strokes of the hairbrush. "Mmmmm... that's nice Heero."

Heero set aside the brush and swept Duo's hair aside, baring his neck. Planting a kiss on the nape of his neck, he then wrapped his arms around the violet eyed boy and nuzzled his neck. Duo turned in his arms and slipped his arms around his neck, smiling up at him.

"You know... the others would have heart failure if they ever saw you like this." Duo chuckled. "I think that Trowa believes you beat me into submission."

Heero snorted. "I have moments."

Duo buried his head against Heero's chest. "I love you, Heero."

"Ai Shiteru." Heero murmured pulling the pair back onto the bed and drawing the blanket up around them. "Get some sleep... you have dark circles under your eyes."

"Hmmmm." Duo snuggled closer to his lover.


Trowa sat on his bed, back against the wall, with his notebook in his lap and watched the sleeping figure across the room. Damn Heero and his suggestions, he thought with a silent sigh. He had just realized that he could sit there all night and just look at the blonde.

It also made him realize that someone like Quatre Winner wasn't for the likes of him. He knew the boy would need a lot of love from whomever he got involved with... and he wasn't the one to give out such things. Intense emotion, such a love, made the brunette very nervous. It was had to give something to someone that you had never received yourself.

He frowned and looked down, his pencil scratching across the rough surface of the paper. What really bothered him though, was this deep sense of protectiveness that he felt around Quatre. In just this short time, he had developed a desire to defend the boy from everything in the world that might try to hurt him.

He set his book aside and climbed under the blankets, taking one last look at the boy before turning his light out.

Later in the night, Quatre stumbled sleepily from his bed and into the bathroom. On his way out, the light from the little room fell across Trowa's form and the blonde just stood there and stared. Trowa had removed his shirt and sweats before going to bed and now he was lying on his back, his face to the side and the blankets wrapped around his hips... leaving the rest of him exposed to the boy's gaze.

Quatre held his breath as his eyes traveled up the brunette's slim legs to his flat stomach and up across his finely muscled chest. One slender, muscled arm was thrown over his head and the other rested slightly across his chest, his fingers curled into a loose fist. His face, relaxed in sleep, gave an aura of someone much younger than he really was; he looked so vulnerable.

The boy leaned against the doorframe with one hand pressed to his chest. He didn't know what to think right about now. He'd never been attracted to anyone before, there'd never been anyone to be attracted to. He felt unsure of himself... was this because this was the first person to actually befriend him... or something more? And if it was something more, how did one go about expressing such things?

He switched off the light and went back to his bed, his head still forming questions. And then one bleak thought rose to the surface... he'd looked at himself in the mirror. He knew what he looked like... a kid. Thin, pale, and small... no one would be interested in someone that looked like him.

With a sad sound, he pulled the blankets up to his ears and closed his eyes.


[1] Pronounced "Cat"


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