Second Chances Part 6

Trowa cleared his few breakfast dishes from the table and carried them to the sink. Setting them down, he gazed absently out the window. Tomorrow is Quatre's twentieth birthday. He thought to himself. I wonder... He shook his head and frowned. You have to stop this. It's been almost three months since you've seen him.

He let out an audible sigh. Might just as well tell me to stop breathing. He almost laughed as he crossed the kitchen to the small apartment's living room.

Heero had helped him find this place. After he'd recovered from his injuries, he decided that he really had no desire to return to working with Catharine and the circus. He wanted to be near the support of his two friends, so he'd stayed on L2. Finding work hadn't been difficult, he went to work on the rebuilding project. That would go on for several more years and he found that he enjoyed the physically demanding work.

His days had settled into a routine of sorts, by this time. He'd get up in the mornings, more often than not, he'd just have a couple cups of coffee before leaving for work. He never felt much like eating. He'd go to work, usually work straight through his lunch hour, then head home. After showering and changing, on most nights, he'd go to Heero and Duo's for dinner. It was very rare that the two didn't insist that he do. They didn't want him spending too much time alone. Or too much time dwelling, which they knew he did often.

Weekends were sheer hell. Without work to occupy him, his thought always drifted to the blonde Arabian. He couldn't stop himself. Nor, most of the time, did he really want to. Despite the fact that Quatre had gone on with his own life.

That's odd. He thought. I don't ever hear about him in the news anymore. That had been how Trowa had kept up to date on Quatre before. By following him and the Winner Corp. in the news reports. I see his company mentioned quite a bit, never a whisper about him.

He shook his head again, his green eyes thoughtful as he reached in the closet, by the door, and pulled his jacket off a hangar. He's probably laying low while he straightens out the situation with that Hart girl. Then he frowned. Hopefully not to go through with the marriage. I don't care if he marries, as long as it's to someone who makes him happy. Not her. "Who are you trying to kid?" He asked himself out loud.

He shrugged on his jacket and gave the immaculate apartment a quick glance before flipping off the light switch. Opening the front door, he stopped dead in his tracks...

As he fell into two glistening pools of sapphire.

"Quatre?" He whispered. Gods! He looks like hell! He thought, taking in the other boy's pale face and the dark circles under his eyes.

"T-Trowa... I..." Quatre started, his voice catching in his throat. He shifted his eyes away. He's never going to listen. Not after what I did to him. He thought, his heart wrenching. And I can't blame him.

Trowa reached out and drew the blonde into the apartment. I don't care why he's here. Just that he is. Leading Quatre to the sofa, he sat him down. Whatever it is... he came to me.

Quatre allowed his numbed form to be gently guided in and sat down. He watched, warily, as the taller young man stripped off his jacket and tossed it in a chair across from the sofa. Sitting beside him, Quatre felt his icy hands taken into Trowa's warm ones.

"Quatre, what is wrong?" He asked softly. "Tell me, my friend."

Quatre, upon hearing Trowa call him 'friend' started to cry. Violent sobs wracked his slender form as Trowa pulled him, unresisting, into his arms.

He buried his face in the soft blonde hair and held the smaller boy tight, feeling his body tremble under his hands.

"Are you?" Quatre asked, trying to still his tears.

"Am I what?"

"Still my friend? After all I've done." Came the broken reply. "After the pain that I've caused you."

"Yes." Was the simple reply. Pulling back, his green eyes serious. "No matter what happened or what will happen... I'm always your friend." And I'll always love you. He added silently. He slipped his fingers under the blonde's chin and raised his face until their eyes met. Gods, I want to kiss him. Trowa thought sadly. "Now, tell me what's wrong."

"I..." Quatre started. "I don't even know where to start."

"How about at the beginning."

Quatre actually laughed. "Have you got a lot of time?" He asked miserably.


"I've left the company."

Trowa started. Left Winner Corp? Not because of... oh Gods... not because of what he did. You've done it again, haven't you? This has to be because of what you did. His mind ran in circles. You've disgraced him and now he's left without the life he knows. Trowa suddenly stood. "Wait here." He said. "I'll be right back."

The tall man moved quickly to the kitchen, grabbing a couple cups and the phone. He called his work and informed them that he was taking the day off to take care of some personal matters and he might need the remainder of the week off also. He'd let them know. If I survive this, I'll need it to put myself back together again. He threw together a couple cups of coffee, left in the pot and still hot. He'd forgotten to turn it off.

Quatre was still huddled, miserably, on the sofa when Trowa returned to the living room. He handed the Arab one of the cups and sat back down beside him.

"Thank-you." Quatre murmured taking a drink. He still remembers! He thought. Almost happily. He still remembers! Probably the first true good feeling he'd had in months. Letting the hot liquid warm him a bit, he then set the cup down. "You said to start at the beginning."


"I don't think you really want me to do that."

"Why is that?

"It would take too long." He got up and started to pace. Why is this so hard? I've been preparing myself for it for weeks! Because, you're afraid. He answered himself. You're afraid that he won't forgive.

He stopped and faced Trowa. "It would take too long, you see, because it started about four years ago." He closed his eyes, pulling forth one of his most cherished memories. "It started when I first laid eyes on a green-eyed Gundam pilot with his hands raised in surrender."

Trowa's heart caught in his throat. "I have time." He said quietly. I have all the time in the world for you. All that you might need.

Quatre sat in the chair and buried his face in his hands, his slender shoulders trembling. "I wonder..." He started. "I wonder

He laughed bitterly. "I've made such a mess of things, Trowa. I sometimes think that my father was right when he said that I was a completely unsuitable heir. I can't even resolve issues in my personal life. How am I supposed to be responsible for a company like Winner Corp. I'm still not sure why he left me in charge when he died."

"He loved you, Quatre." Trowa replied. Just as the rest of us do. "He believed in the things you could do... even when he didn't agree with how you chose to do them."

Quatre looked up at him, his blue eyes bright. I am so afraid! He cried silently. I don't know if I can do this right. Please, help me. "You know." He said softly. "I think I loved you almost from the moment I met you."

Could... Trowa asked himself, waves of fear and joy washing over him all at once. Could he finally...

"By the time we'd all headed back to the colonies, during the war, I knew I did." He shook his head. "I didn't know what to do. I'd never expected to fall in love at all and especially with someone of my own sex. For a while, I didn't dare face it. How could I tell my family? Do you know that Rashid and Abdul figured it out almost before I did?"

The green-eyed man shook his head. How had everyone, but me, seen it?

"They did. Sat down and talked to me about it. They told me there was nothing to be ashamed of. To do what my heart told me too. Then we went back into space. I was injured and ended up back on L4 and I didn't know where you ended up." His voice caught. "B-Before father was killed... I told him about you. That I'd found someone that I cared deeply for. His reaction was only that he thought I was too young to know about love yet. He didn't care about you being male. He advised me to wait until I was older before deciding. Then to do whatever I felt was right for me."

The blonde closed his eyes as the painful memories came back to him. "I felt old enough then. I still think I was. Fighting in a war does that, I guess"

"Yes." Trowa responded. "We all grew up fast. There was no choice for us."

"Yeah. Then father was killed and Iria was so badly injured. I nearly lost my mind. No. For a while I did lose it, or I never would have built the Wing Zero. I would have realized the potential of that Gundam and never touched those plans. I would have just rebuilt Sandrock, like I had originally planned. " He stopped talking and stared at the floor in silence, trying to collect his thoughts.

Trowa waited patiently. He'd waited this long to hear these things and he wasn't going to push the blonde. Please. He pleaded silently. Let this be what it sounds like. Don't let this all be another wound, we've all bled enough.

Finally, Quatre started to talk again. "It was you, you know."


"It was you. When I went into space in the Zero and attacked that colony. I wouldn't have stopped if it hadn't been for you. It was your voice that called me back from my insanity, it was my love for you. When I thought I had killed you, I begged Heero to kill me and get it over with, so that he could rescue you. I couldn't bear the thought that I might have destroyed the person that I loved. I didn't want to live with it. Then you were found, but without your memory. In a way I was glad. I wanted you to remember me so badly. I also wanted you to be able to live without the anguish of your own past. So, I took Catharine's advice and was going to leave you there with her. I would've gladly died that day, when the battle broke out over the colony, in order to protect you." His eyes filled with tears. "On the other hand, I was so happy when I saw you flying that shuttle. Saw you coming to us."

Trowa smiled. "I heard you."

"I'm sorry?"

"I told Catharine that I had to go, because I could hear you calling to me. That you needed me. I didn't know why or how... just that you somehow you did."

Quatre started. He heard him? Was the bond between us so strong, even then? "When your memory returned, I grieved because of all the pain I knew you remembered. I also had hope. Hope that you'd finally come to feel the same way about me as I did you. I stayed as close to you as I could all the time. I was afraid to tell you though. I was so afraid that you'd reject me. When you didn't seem to have any interest, I decided that it was not to be. I wasn't going to come to you with it and ruin our friendship. I needed to at least hold on to that." He ran his fingers through his hair. "The war ended and everyone went their separate ways. Then the rebellion happened. After that we all drifted our own ways again. I couldn't keep track of you because of your moving around. My family pressed me into taking over the company and I got buried in that. Then my sisters started pressing me to marry. Of course they would, they didn't know. By then, I was so caught up in everything that I just let them push me along. Without any hope for you, I didn't have the will to fight it. I just sank deeper and deeper."

He buried his face in his hands again as he started to sob. "I-I didn't care anymore. Heero tried so hard to pull me out of it. He saw me falling apart the night of the opening. And then I got angry... I've never been so angry, Trowa." His body was shaking with the force of his tears, as the feelings came back over him. "Angry at Heero and Duo for interfering. Angry at you for not loving me. And angry at myself for not having more courage. That day I left you in the hospital? I'd decided that the only way anyone was going to get any peace for me not to be here. I went home that day with the full intention to kill myself."

Trowa felt a wave of icy cold wash over him. How had they let things go that far? Why had the both of them been so stubborn and blind? "Qua..."

"No. Please. Let me finish. I'm afraid that if I don't then I'll lose my courage." The Arabian whispered through his tears.


"Heero came to the estate and literally beat me into realizing that I had to find another way. After he left I called my secretary and had all the sisters gathered together. I told them everything. About the war, you, my feelings and what had happened with Brenna. And that I felt that I couldn't run Winner Corp any longer. Not and survive." He continued with a tone of disbelief. "They understood, Trowa! All that fear and they understood! They were overjoyed that there was someone out there that I truly loved. Iria said that I had become so cold and if that was what was needed to bring back her little brother again... then they'd do all they could to help me. They thought I wanted to sell the company. And they were going to let me. But, I wanted the company to stay in the family. I had five out of all twenty-nine sisters that were even remotely interested in it. By the time we were done, three of them partnered to run it and I was free. It took all this time to get the paperwork done and for me to fade slowly out of the spotlight, so that I could come here."

Trowa stood and looked down at Quatre. The smaller man sat balled up in the chair, crying and slowly rocking.

"I realized on the way here today just how much time had passed. And that you'd probably never even let me in the door."

The green-eyed man, knelt on the floor in front of the chair and took Quatre's hands away from his face. Staring into those damp sapphire pools, his own green ones full of tears, he spoke, his voice harsh. "Quatre?"

"T-Trowa... I love you. I've always loved you. I came here to beg for your forgiveness. I-I know I haven't the right, but can you? Can you forgive everything that I've done to you? All the hurt I've caused? Is there some way that..."

His words were cut off by Trowa's lips. The brunette let go of Quatre's hands and pulled his face to his, his mouth moving desperately over the blonde's. The two of them clinging to each other like drowning men, tasting the bitter salt of each other's tears. Thank-you so much! Trowa offered up silent thanks.

Pulling away, Trowa lay his head in Quatre's lap, his arms around his slender waist, as the other boy leaned over him, wrapping his own arms around the brunette. They sat there for what seemed an eternity, letting their tears wash away all the pain from the time passed, finally finding comfort in each other's warmth.

Finally, it was Quatre who broke the silence. "T-Trowa, were you going out when I arrived?"

"Yeah. To work."

"Oh no!"

Trowa looked up at him. "It's alright. I called them." He stood and pulled the blond to his feet. "I'm not going anywhere for a few days."


"No. I'm going to be right here with you." He slipped an arm around Quatre's slim shoulders and started to guide him across the room.

"Where?" The Arab questioned quietly.

"To my room. I'd say from the looks of you, you haven't slept in a while. Now, you're going to rest."

He lead the unresisting blonde to his room and kissing him gently, helped him out of his shirt and shoes. After the Arab had laid down, Trowa followed suit. He wasn't ready to let the blonde out of his sight.

Lying facing each other, Trowa reached out and brushed the strands of blonde away from Quatre's cheek and smiled gently.

"Trowa, I am so sorry." He blinked away fresh tears. "For everyth..."

Trowa placed his fingertips on Quatre's lips. "No more apologies. We've both been fools." He leaned towards the blonde, his warm breath ghosting lightly across Quatre's lips. "All that is important, is now. That we love." As their lips met, he whispered. "I love you."

Quatre's heart quickened as the brunette gently moved his mouth over his. I've waited so long to be here right now, with him. Despite what people may think, I've given up nothing and gained everything. He slid closer and wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck and parted his lips. He is my life, where I truly belong... where I've always belonged. He sighed, softly, in his throat, feeling the warmth of Trowa's skin against his as the other man gently explored his mouth. The cool air of the room washed over him as he felt Trowa pull away from him. He opened his eyes and looked into those deep-green ones. "What is it?"

"Ah. You need to rest." Trowa responded, quietly.

"I feel fine." Quatre protested, trying to deny the fact that he was exhausted.

"No you don't. I can see it in your eyes." Trowa rolled on his back and tucked the blonde against his side. "Sleep. I'll be here when you wake. I'm not going to go anywhere."

Quatre leaned against the treasured warmth of Trowa's body, suddenly struggling to stay awake. Closing his eyes, he murmured. "I love you, Trowa."

Trowa lay there holding the Arab, feeling his breathing slow and deepen as sleep claimed his love. Finally, it's over. Everything's as it should've always been. He thought as he slowly closed his eyes.


Quatre sighed in frustration and threw the book he was reading on the table. He glanced up at the clock on the wall of the apartment's kitchen. He's been gone for over two hours How long does it take to go to the store and back? It's not like the two of us eat that much! Then he chuckled. That wasn't the problem at all and he knew it.

He'd been here almost a week. The two of them had spent every moment, awake and asleep, with each other and had exchanged nothing beyond a few tender kisses. It was almost like Trowa was afraid he'd break. He sighed and leaned back in his chair. For four years, he'd been in love with the tall pilot and now things had been resolved between them. He blushed lightly. And now, I want to go further and I can't figure out how to... He turned even pinker. Quatre Winner! He scolded himself silently. You're twenty years old! You'd think you could figure out how to seduce your own partner! At that thought he started to laugh out loud. Gods... now I'm talking to myself!

Trowa walked into the kitchen to see the blonde leaning his head on the table, his slim form shaking with peals of laughter. What? He set the bags on the counter and turned to peer at Quatre. "Ah, Quatre?"

Quatre looked up at him and turned even redder, trying unsuccessfully to stifle his amusement. "Oh no! I can't! Someday later, Trowa, I'll tell you about it. But, not right now!" He wiped the tears from his eyes.

Trowa leaned over the table and kissed him, lightly. "I have to admit, I like the sound of you laughing. Even if I don't know why you're doing it. You almost sound like your old self."

"The better old self, I hope." The blonde quipped.

"Yeah." Trowa raised an eyebrow. What has gotten into him, I wonder. Although, he's been sounding better, this is the first time I've heard him truly laugh. Trowa had begun to worry that Quatre might not ever return to his former self, not completely, but now it looked like the Arab was finally starting to feel better.

Quatre jumped up and started to help the brunette put things away. "I was thinking." He started.

Trowa glanced over at him. "And?"

"Well, you're going to be going back to work soon."

"Yes." What is he getting at?

"I don't want to spend my days just wandering around here. I need to find something to do."

"Quatre, you don't need to work. You still have an income from the Corporation."

"I know, but I'm going to get really bored. Matter-of-a-fact, I already am. I'm used to doing something."

"Why don't you talk to Heero and Duo? They can probably help you find something."

"That leads me to another subject."

Trowa sighed as he put the last item away. "Let's go sit down. I feel a discussion coming on."

Quatre chuckled. "Maybe." He replied as he followed the brunette into the living room and sat on the sofa beside him.

"What is it?" Trowa asked.

"We haven't exactly talked about living arrangements."

Trowa shifted and leaned his back on the arm of the sofa, pulling the blonde back against him. Resting one leg against the back of the sofa and the other on the floor, he wrapped his arms around Quatre's waist. "We didn't need until now. I've already thought about it and decided that I'll go wherever you want to go. I'm not exactly attached to any particular place." He thought for a moment. "Although, I don't think I'd really like to live on Earth." He looked down at the Arabian. "I assume we are going to be living together."

"Yes." Quatre replied thoughtfully. "I don't exactly have any desire to go back to L4 on any permanent basis. Or the estate. I really don't like that house. I wouldn't mind turning that over to Iria, she appreciates it much more than I do."

"Alright. Then what?"

"Well, I like it here, Trowa."

"Do you want to find a place here on L2?"

"No. I mean here. On this colony and in this apartment. Didn't you say that this apartment could be purchased?"

Trowa looked down at him in surprise. After the life he'd lived he wanted to live here? He looked around, there was nothing wrong with the place, it was a nice apartment. It's just that he's used to so much more. This is kind of small compared to... he smiled. Then again, Quatre never did seem to be very happy with his position in life.

Quatre twisted in his arms and looked up at him. "I hated that life, Trowa. I want to just live my life..." He thought for a moment before finishing. "I guess simply would be the best description. Quietly and with you."

"I'll call the landlord tomorrow and have the papers drawn up." Trowa replied.

"Thank-you!" Quatre cried, turning and laying full against Trowa, slipping his arms around his neck.

A spark flew between them as their eyes met and Trowa lowered his head to kiss the blonde. Siding his arms around Quatre's slender waist and pulling him closer. He ran his tongue along Quatre's lower lip, feeling the blonde shiver lightly against him. I'll never get tired of how he tastes. He thought wondrously. Every time they did this, it got more difficult for him to pull away, but he was determined to hold off until he was sure that the Arab was positive about what he was doing. Until I'm sure he's ready.

Quatre felt his heart quicken as Trowa caressed his mouth. He tangled his fingers in the back of the brunette's short hair, feeling his entire body respond to the sensation of Trowa's hands running lightly along his back. Moaning lightly in his throat, he pressed himself tighter against Trowa's form, savoring the delicious warmth that crept through him.

Lifting his head, Trowa gazed at the blue-eye boy. "Love you." He murmured, lightly tracing a finger along the small scar on Quatre's cheek. A minute reminder of the blonde's altercation with Heero.

Quatre rested his head on Trowa's chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat. "Yes, and I love you."

He was soon lulled to sleep by the warmth of Trowa's body and the solid, steady rhythm of his heart.

Trowa lay there enjoying the weight of Quatre's form against his, lightly running his fingers through the blonde strands. He's still so tired. He's been spending so much time and energy trying to make-up for something that he doesn't need to. He shifted and slipped off the sofa, picking the smaller boy up in his arms, drawing a light murmur of protest from the blonde. Carrying him to the bedroom, he lay him down in the bed and slipped in beside him. Wrapping his arms around the Arab, he closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift off also.


Trowa woke to the feel of soft lips against his throat causing delicious ripples of sensation to run through his body. Pulling back he looked up into those brilliant sapphire depths leaning over him "Quatre? What?"

The blonde smiled. "Waking you up. What do you think?" He replied, his voice low as he leaned back in and gently kissed along Trowa's jaw. His hands slid under the brunette's shirt and skimmed along his slender chest.

Trowa shivered at the feeling of those warm hands on his skin, his body hardening in response. Letting out a light groan, he pushed the blonde up, so that he could look into his eyes again. "Quatre."

"Yeah?" Quatre answered.

"Do you know what..." His voice caught as gentle fingers circled his nipple. He swallowed and started again. "Do you..."

Quatre leaned in and whispered in his ear. "Yes. I do." He breathed huskily. "Don't you think it's about time we..."

His reply was cut short as Trowa kissed him in a silent answer and he found himself pulled down on top of the brunette. Trowa slid his fingers into his silken blonde hair and slipped his tongue into Quatre's mouth. Demanding and teasing, drawing little shivers of pleasure from the other boy. He trembled himself with the force of the need that suddenly rose within him.

Quatre's hands were still under Trowa's shirt and he traced gentle lines along the contours of his muscles, feeling him tremble under his hands. He sighed as Trowa's mouth left his and he nibbled on his ear.

"Yeah." The brunette whispered. "Maybe it is." He slipped his hands under the light sweater that Quatre wore and drew it up over the blonde's head. Running his fingers down Quatre's back, he pressed his lips against his throat pulling a sharp gasp from the other boy.

Quatre pulled back, his fingers fumbling with the buttons of Trowa's shirt. He lowered his bright blonde head, his lips slowly kissing Trowa's chest as he undid the buttons. Trowa sat up slightly and helped him pull the garment off. Tossing the shirt over the side of the bed, Quatre pushed the brunette back down and lowered his head, once again kissing lightly along his chest. He stopped and circled one of his nipples with his tongue, feeling Trowa shudder under his mouth.

Trowa caught the blonde by the shoulders and drew him up, kissing him again, moaning low in his throat as the warm, bared skin of their chests met. Oh! He's so warm. He thought, his fingers running along the blonde's shoulders. Opening his green-eyes, he looked into Quatre's flushed face. And innocent. The thought struck him. I need to slow down! Catching his breath. "Quatre?"

"Yes?" The blonde replied, his own chest rising and falling rapidly with his quickened breathing.

"Have you..." Trowa almost blushed. "Uh... is this?"

Quatre did blush, brightly, and ducked his head.

Trowa lifted his chin so that their eyes met again, he almost chuckled at the embarrassed expression on the blonde's face. "You've never? With anyone?"

Quatre bit his lip and shook his head. "No. I've never really wanted to. Not with anyone else."

The brunette felt a surge of emotion rush through him as he shifted and gently lay the Arab on his back on the bed. Leaning over him, his green eyes shining, he cupped his face in his hands and kissed him lightly.

"Have you?" Quatre asked, frowning slightly.

Trowa skimmed a light hand along Quatre's chest, feeling the blonde shiver at his touch. "Yes, but, remember my life was a lot different than yours. Now. Let me love you, this time. I want to teach you." He murmured, lowering his lips to the pale skin of Quatre's throat.

The blonde gasped and arched into the sensual assault of Trowa's hands and lips on his body. This is nothing like I ever imagined. He clutched the taller pilot's shoulders, afraid that if he let go, he'd surely drown.

Softly murmuring Quatre's name, Trowa ran his mouth along the other boy's collarbone, his hands skimming lightly along his ribs. He could feel the blonde's muscles quiver as he ran his fingers across the flat plane of his stomach and around to his slim hip. He brought his lips down along the edge of the Arab's ribs, drawing a sharp cry from the young man.

His knowing fingers found the clasp on Quatre's slacks and slowly drew the zipper down, his mouth exploring every inch of new skin that was bared. He grasped the edges of the pants and, encouraging the blonde to raise his hips a little, slid them off. Trowa sat back to take in the view of the Arab lying naked before him, his skin glowing with a light blush. He's exquisite, his eyes traveled down the length of Quatre's slender form. Utterly exquisite. I'm so afraid that I'll hurt him somehow. Reaching out a trembling hand, he lightly ran a finger across the warm skin of the blonde's chest.

Quatre opened his eyes and gazed up at the brunette, the brilliant blue depths shining. "What is it, Trowa?" He asked softly. "What is wrong?" He sat up to face the young man.

"I..." Trowa started. He ran his fingertips along Quatre's mouth. "I don't want to hurt you." His green eyes held a worried expression. "I'm afraid that I will."

The Arab smiled and leaned forward. Wrapping his arms around Trowa's neck, he kissed him. "No more worrying, Trowa. You won't hurt me. I know you'd never allow that to happen."

Trowa groaned, his need increasing with each stroke of the blonde's tongue within his mouth. Gods, I hope he's right. He pleaded silently. I don't think I could stop if I did cause him harm. Not now. He clutched Quatre tightly against him, his own tongue fencing with the Arab's with increasing ardor.

Breaking apart, they both had the same thought at once. What would they... Trowa stood up and smiled. "I'll be right back." He said slipping quickly out of the room.

Quatre was still sitting up in the bed, when he returned, a small bottle in one hand. The blonde raised an eyebrow in question.

"Ah." Trowa coughed. "Uh, I figured we'd come to this someday." Just not this quickly. He hadn't thought that Quatre would want to move this fast. Fast? He asked himself. It's been... what... four years? "Anyway, I... er... thought I'd better have..." He gestured lamely at the small bottle of baby oil.

Quatre laughed softly, his eyes glittering. "Oh!" He said turning pink. "I understand!" His eyes turned serious as Trowa set the bottle on the stand by the bed and caught the Arabian's eyes with his own intense green gaze. Quatre's breath caught in his throat at the love he saw shimmering in the emerald depths. "Trowa..." He whispered, his voice almost sultry.

"Yeah." The brunette responded, his own voice husky. He understood, perfectly, what the blonde was saying. Never taking his eyes away from Quatre's, his hands found his belt and swiftly unbuckled it. Unfastening his jeans, he slid them off, kicking them into the corner.

He then sat back down on the bed and gathered the Arabian to his chest. "I love you, Quatre." He whispered lifting Quatre's lips to his. "I love you."

Quatre gasped as Trowa devoured his lips, his tongue plunging into his mouth with an increased urgency. His hands slid up the brunette's chest to grasp his shoulders as he felt himself being pushed back down onto the bed. His back hitting the soft mattress, he reached up and grasped the headboard as Trowa moved his lips down his throat to his chest, this time adding sharp nips with the gentle kisses. Jolts of sensation rocked through him, causing him to arch and cry out, breathlessly.

The Arabian's eyes flew open in shock as gentle fingers feathered soft caresses along the satiny skin of his hard length. "Ahh!" He gasped, his head whirling, as he was surrounded by the warm, moist heat of Trowa's mouth. Never, in all his young life, had he ever experienced such a relentless assault upon his senses. Surely, one could die from this, he wondered as he instinctively rocked his hips against Trowa's motions.

Never ceasing his ministrations upon the blonde's firm flesh, Trowa reached out with one hand and groped blindly for the bottle of oil on the stand. Finding it, he reluctantly pulled away and leaned back, pouring some of the liquid onto his fingers. His slick hand gently encircled the blonde's hard length, coating him as he stroked lightly, watching the rapt expression on Quatre's face.

The brunette poured a little more oil on his hand and leaned forward to kiss Quatre's taut stomach. Sliding his hand down, he ran his fingers lightly across the Arab's tense entrance, feeling the blonde jump. He repeated this action a few times, stroking lightly, until he felt Quatre relax. Then he slid an oil slicked finger into him.

Quatre drew a sharp breath and nearly leapt off the bed at the intrusion. As Trowa slowly slid his finger in and out of his body, he felt himself sinking back down into a well of pleasure. Finally, he completely relaxed to the new sensation, then cried out as another finger joined the first one. Pulling his hand back, Trowa's fingertips slid across a particularly sensitive spot inside him. He felt hot and cold all at the same time, bolts of electric sensation shot through his slim body, causing him to tremble violently. He gripped the headboard tightly, the muscles in his arms taut and shaking, his back arching off the bed.

Trowa pulled his hand away and sat back, once again pouring more of the oil onto his fingers.

Quatre's blue eyes slid open and he saw Trowa set the bottle back on the stand. Sitting up, he whispered. "Trowa, let..."

"No." Trowa murmured softly. If he does that, I'll never be able to control myself. I've never felt... "No. I said this time was for you." He leaned forward and captured the blonde's lips, quickly coating himself with the slippery liquid. Kissing him deeply, he slid his fingers into the Arab's silken hair and pushed him back to the mattress again, laying his own slender body over Quatre's.

They gasped as their bodies settled against each other, the sensation of hot skin sending waves of pleasure through the both of them.

Breaking from the kiss, Quatre gazed up at the brunette, suddenly a little frightened and a lot unsure. "Trowa... I-I don't know..."

"Shhh." Trowa spoke softly, kissing him again. "You don't have to. Not right now." He slid his mouth along the lines of the blonde's throat. Reaching back, he slipped his hand under the blonde's leg and gently lifted it.

Quatre understood and with a light shiver, he slid his legs up, locking his ankles around Trowa's waist. His body ached with a need that he still wasn't too sure he understood, but he trusted the taller boy. He wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck as he felt his firm shaft press against him.

"Quatre... love." Trowa's green eyes were worried. "This time... it's going to hurt... more than it will any other." He whispered. "There's nothing else I can do to make it less, but it does get easier." He closed his eyes and continued. "I don't want to hurt you... I-I"

The Arab pulled the brunette's face down to his, their lips barely touching. "It's alright. I understand." He breathed as their lips met.

Trowa moved forward, pushing into the tight confines of the boy's body as Quatre buried his face against his chest and hissed with pain. The blonde squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the hot tears sting his lids as the taller boy settled completely within him.

Wrapping his arms around the Arabian's shoulders, Trowa buried his face in his hair, stilling his movement and gasping for air as he let Quatre's slim body get used to him. He started at the gentle pressure of soft lips on his throat, a bolt of pleasure running down his spine. Raising himself up slightly, he looked down at the twin pools of damp sapphire that peered back up at him. "Are you okay?"

Quatre smiled and slipped his hands around Trowa's waist. "Yeah." He answered simply, sliding his fingertips along the muscles of Trowa's back, the taller boy shuddering at his touch.

Leaning back down, Trowa kissed him as he started to slowly pull out, trying to not cause any more pain than he already had. Hesitating for only a fraction of a moment, he changed his angle a bit and plunged back in, his breath catching in his throat as he was surrounded by the tight, slick heat.

Quatre cried out in pleasure as Trowa stuck that same spot inside him that his fingers had found earlier. The waves of pleasure it caused almost completely wiping away the last remnants of the pain caused by his initial entry. Trowa held him tightly, the movement of their bodies causing a delicious friction on the blonde's firm length, trapped between their bodies.

Suddenly, Quatre buried his face in Trowa's neck, crying out his name as the force of his climax overtook him. Tendrils of sensation snaked through his slender body, wrapping around him as he spent himself.

Feeling the young boy's crisis claim him, Trowa plunged into his willing body a couple more times before letting his own release claim him. Holding the Arab as tightly as he could, he gasped for air, his own slim form trembling.

They relaxed slowly, both struggling to catch their breath amid soft murmurs and light touches. Trowa gently kissed the blonde's forehead, smiling at the drowsy expression on his face. Moving carefully, so as not to hurt him, Trowa pulled away and lay beside him on the bed. Wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist, he pulled him close, his fingers lightly brushing across his cheek.

Quatre immediately missing the warmth of his new lover's body, rolled onto his side and snuggled against Trowa's solid chest, kissing his warm skin lightly. He closed his eyes and drifted off to the feel of gentle fingers stroking his hair.


Blinking against the bright morning sun, Quatre opened his eyes and stretched slowly. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled at the green depths that shone back at him.

"Good morning." He rolled over and kissed the brunette.

"And to you too." Trowa murmured, sliding his fingers into the blonde's silky hair and kissing him deeply.

Quatre pulled away and sat up, despite his body's response to Trowa's kiss. It was morning, after all and he supposed time for them to get moving.

Trowa raised an eyebrow as the Arab made to slide out of the bed. Oh no, you don't! He muttered silently. Reaching out he grabbed Quatre's wrist and pulled him down on top of him. Looking into the surprised sapphire eyes, he growled. "Where are you going?"

"Ah..." Quatre stammered, then realizing Trowa's intent, blushed brightly. "No where?"

"Exactly. I seem to remember telling you last night was for you. To learn." Trowa pulled his face down to his. And breathed huskily. "Let's see what you learned, eh?"

"Yeah." Quatre sighed as their bodies melted against one another again.



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