Innocence Reclaimed Part 9

Quatre looked down into Trowa's green eyes, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. All around them thunder crashed and the night sky was completely opened, drenching both of them to the skin. Trowa's hands rested tightly on his waist, his eyes full of horror at what had almost happened.

He'd stumbled. When he turned and saw the young man on the battlements with him, he'd thought it was another illusion. He'd stepped back and tripped, falling against the battlement wall. The ancient stone had given way under his weight and as he'd started to fall. He'd heard Trowa yell his name and then strong hands gripped his wrists. The next thing he knew he was lying on top of the brunette against the wet stones of the battlement floor.

"Quatre..." Trowa choked, tightening his arms around the blonde's waist and burying his face against Quatre's shoulder, heedless of the icy rain.

He was weak with fear and relief... his back burned like fire, but still all he was truly aware of was the small form lying on top of his. He'd saved him... this time he'd prevented him from dying. It had taken every ounce of strength he'd had, but his love still lived.

When he'd seen the stone break away, he thought his heart would stop right there. Not again, was all he had been able to think. Somehow, he'd gotten across the battlements and grabbed Quatre's wrists as he'd started to tumble off the edge. He'd dug his heels into the stone under him and thrown himself backwards with all his weight, pulling both of them over backwards.

"Trowa?" Quatre whispered, shivering.

He looked up into those pools of blue, bright with the lightening, and was completely lost. Letting go of the blonde's waist, he moved his hands up to his face, his thumbs gently caressing Quatre's pale skin. "Quatre... I..."

His voice broke as he pulled Quatre's face to his and kissed him. Sliding one hand around to the back of Quatre's head, he felt the blonde gasp under his lips and dove between his parted lips. Twining his fingers in Quatre's soaked blonde hair, he tasted every part of his mouth, his kiss laced with desperation.

Quatre stiffened under his mouth and he realized what he was doing. With a silent curse, he released him. He lay his head back against the stone, not opening his eyes. He didn't want to see the revulsion in the other man's eyes. He wasn't sure he could stand it right now.

Quatre stared down at Trowa, the other man's face turned away from his, his eyes closed as if in pain. Why? Why does he seem to care so much, he wondered. Very carefully, the blonde moved away and stood on shaky legs.

"We need to get in out of the rain," He shouted over the roar of the wind. "Trowa!"

The brunette looked up at him, his eyes full of surprise. Gingerly he sat up, hissing at the pain shooting through his back.

Quatre leaned forward and held out his hand. "Are you alright?" He called as lightening flashed, showing him the pain in Trowa's face.

Trowa nodded silently, taking Quatre's hand and letting the blonde help him up. Quatre wrapped Trowa's arm around his shoulder, urging him to lean on him and the pair walked slowly to the entrance to the battlements.

"There are some blankets down in the main hall." Trowa said as they entered the upstairs hallway.

Quatre looked at him is surprise.

"Sometimes... when I need to be alone, I come here." He explained.

The blonde nodded as they climbed slowly down the stairs. "It probably good that you do. I don't think either one of us is going anywhere in this."

Downstairs, by the large fireplace, Quatre located the blankets and handed one to Trowa. He also found a couple oil lamps and some matches, and lit one, giving a small area around them a soft glow.

He was slightly self-conscious as he peeled his soaked clothes off, until he wore only his boxers, and wrapped the blanket around himself. He knew the he needed to get out of the wet clothes... but the kiss had made him nervous. He wasn't sure what the brunette might try. Trying to keep from showing his concern, he sat down on the floor, staring at the old fireplace and shivering.

Trowa wrapped his blanket around himself, having done the same with his clothes, and sat down beside the blonde. Seeing the violent shivers that ran through Quatre, his eyes softened. "You're cold."

"I'll be fine."

"Before or after you catch pneumonia?"

"Look..." Quatre ground out. "I said I'd be fine." He stiffened as a blanket dropped over his shoulders. "You can't give me yours." He sighed. "You'll freeze."

Trowa shrugged. "You need it." He reached for his soaked clothes.

"Trowa..." Quatre said softly and the brunette looked back at him. "If I... well..." His pale face blushed brightly. "I..."

"I'm not going to eat you!" Trowa tried to keep his anger out of his voice. "Even if I thought you were interested, you're in no condition and frankly... neither am I. Quit acting like I'm going attack you. Please." He added, his voice low.

Quatre looked up at him. "You can't put those back on." He gestured at Trowa's clothes. "We'd stay warmer if we were to share the blankets."

Trowa stared at him for a moment. "Are you sure?"

"If you say you won't bother me, then I believe you won't."

The brunette nodded slowly as he walked over to the blonde. Quatre opened the blankets as Trowa sat down, and them wrapped them around both of them. As Trowa's warmth crept into Quatre's limbs, the blonde found himself growing drowsy.

Trowa started and then relaxed, slipping am arm around his shoulders as Quatre leaned sideways against him, his eyes closed. Ignoring the pain in his back, he held both of them up, while Quatre slept.

And outside the old keep, the storm raged.


Duo woke to find himself alone in Heero's bed. Frowning he got up and went to the living room to find his clothes. Pulling on his jeans, he saw a note lying on the coffee table and went to pick it up.

Gone to work. There's food in the kitchen... I hope you are a better cook than you used to be. Stay at the apartment for the day if you want, I'll take you to see Meia when I get back. I left you a key if you go out... I should be back around 5.

"Hmpf!" Duo muttered. "Better cook than I used to be? I USED to have servants to cook for me!" With a smile he wandered off to the kitchen to see just exactly what Heero Yuy kept in it.

A few minutes later he came back out and put on the rest of his clothes. Grabbing the key, he quickly left the small apartment.


Quatre murmured in his sleep and burrowed himself deeper into his blankets, seeking the radiant warmth that seemed to be coming from all around him.

Trowa drew in a sharp breath as the blonde's slender arm stretched across his chest, sending little pinpricks of pleasure through him. During the night, his back had given out. He'd wrapped the blankets around them, like a sleeping bag, and had pulled the pair of them back onto the floor.

Now, they lay there as the first rays of light peeked into the old windows, Quatre had literally wrapped himself around Trowa's slim body. The brunette was afraid to wake him for the fear of what Quatre's reaction would be to find himself in such a position. And for fear of the blonde discovering just how much his closeness affected him. With a sigh, Trowa stared up at the ceiling.

The faint sound broke into Quatre's dreams and he slowly started to wake. Caught between sleep and semi-wakefulness, he reveled in the delicious warmth enveloping him and the feel of smooth skin under his. He sighed and moved against that warm body, his hands moving up to caress Trowa's cheek. Turning Trowa's face to his, he gently brushed his lips against the brunette's. Then he smiled softly and leaned upwards for a fuller kiss.

Trowa's senses were raging as Quatre shifted and lay half across him, his soft lips moving over his. His tongue darted out to flick across Trowa's lips and the brunette's head spun as he opened his mouth and let him in. The blonde's hands slid down his chest and he pressed himself against him, his tongue caressing the inside of his mouth.

Suddenly, Trowa moved his face away. "Quatre." He gasped. "Stop."

Quatre opened his eyes and realized what he was doing. "Oh my god..." He gasped, carefully moving away.

He slipped out of the blankets and turned away from Trowa, his face scarlet. "I-I'm sorry."

Trowa sat up, wincing. "It's alright." He said flatly, reaching for his clothes. "You were asleep. You didn't realize."

Quatre turned to look at him and gasped. "My god! Your back!"

The brunette's upper back was covered in bruises from where he'd landed on the stones.

Trowa stood and handed Quatre's clothes to him. "I'm fine."


"I said... I'm fine!" Trowa snapped. "Just leave it be."

Quatre quickly pulled on his clothes. "Trowa... let me take you somewhere to get that looked at."

Trowa turned and looked at him, his eyes flashing. "And how would you like me to tell them I did it?"

Quatre's eyes widened. "But.."


"Fine!" Quatre snapped back.

The pair stared at each other for a moment before the blonde spun around and stalked out of the building.

After he was gone, Trowa sat back down and stared into the empty fireplace.


When Quatre reached the manor, he found Duo waiting for him.

"What happened to you last night?!" The blonde snapped, walking into the study.

Duo raised an eyebrow as he followed him in. "Heero happened and I might ask the same of you."

Quatre looked up from his computer. "What to you mean?"

"Have you looked in a mirror today?" The violet eyed man asked. "You've got a nasty scrape and a bruise on your cheek."

Quatre started and touched his face. "I fell... at the keep. I didn't even realize that I'd done it." He said quietly.

"Is that all that happened to you?"

A shadow crossed the blonde's face. "All that I wish to discuss."

Duo placed his hands on the desk and leaned down to look Quatre in the eye. "You know, you've been getting pretty distant lately. What's going on, Quatre?"

The blonde looked up at his friend. "I'm sorry, Duo. It's this place, I guess... I really don't want to talk about it though. Please."

The chestnut haired man stood back up and studied Quatre. "Alright. If that's what you really want. I came by to get some clean clothes and to tell you I won't be back tonight."


"Heero." Duo grinned like an idiot and headed for the door.


"Yeah." He turned back around.

"Be careful, okay?"

"I will."



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