Innocence Reclaimed Part 10

Heero opened the door to his apartment and was assailed with various different scents floating around the small place; all of which seemed to come from the kitchen.

"What the fuck?!" He growled stalking across the living room.

Standing in the doorway to his kitchen, shock showed plainly on his face as he watched the slender, chestnut haired man move around the room, singing off key as loudly as he could.

Duo turned around in the middle of a word and closed his mouth. "How long have you been there?"

"Long enough to know you can't sing worth a shit and that you have completely taken over my kitchen."

"You keep a poorly stocked kitchen, Heero Yuy. I went out this afternoon and picked up some things and made dinner." Duo laughed.

"And where did you get the impression that you could do that?"

"From your note!" Duo replied, pulling something out of the oven and setting it on the counter.

"I remember telling you to feed yourself... not me." Heero glared at him.

Duo stared at him for a moment and then without a sound he brushed by the man and out of the kitchen. Heero looked around the room and all that Duo had gone through and sighed. He followed the violet-eyed man into the living room, where Duo was shrugging on his jacket.

"I'm sorry," Duo said, his voice even. "I guess I read a little too much into things."

"Duo," Heero grabbed his arm. "I may have the memories... but I'm not the same person. I don't interact with people very well anymore. You startled me and I said the first thing that came to my mind. I didn't think..." He moved around behind Duo and pulled his jacket off. "Stay. Please."

Duo let him take his jacket and then Heero moved back to face him. Cupping his smooth cheek, the cobalt eyed man leaned in and kissed him.

"I heard in town today that Quatre has booked travel back to the states in a few days, let's make your time left here pleasant... for both of us." He said moving back.

Duo bit his lip. Going back? Already? He had never said anything when Duo had stopped by the manor. Silently he nodded. I love you, he wanted to blurt out, but something told him that Heero wouldn't react very well to such a revelation.

So instead, he chose to say nothing as Heero led him back to the small kitchen.


Quatre sat in his study, reading through some of the emails he'd received from his staff at WinCorp. He'd been doing this all day... reading and answering... and silently berating himself for getting behind. Anything to keep his mind off what had been going on here.

Finishing the last letter he then typed a quick one to his secretary, letting her know that he would be leaving England in three days and when his flight would land in Los Angeles. He knew she would make sure that there was a car waiting there to pick him and Duo up.

With that thought, he frowned. He assumed that Duo would be returning with him. He couldn't imagine that this thing that had sprung up overnight with that man was anything more than Duo having a little fun. He couldn't shake the nagging feeling that maybe it was more serious than that. At least for Duo, anyway.

The sudden jarring sound of the phone beside jumped the blonde. With shaking hands he grabbed the receiver and spoke into it.


"Jeez... Iria... you scared me half to death." He said with a tone of relief.

"Well, I assume you sent me your number there because you wanted me to call you."

"Yeah, I just didn't expect you to call within ten minutes of getting my message. How are you and Abdul?"

"Just fine. I love it here, Quatre! I'm so glad I agreed to come with him."

"As long as you're happy there. I think father would be glad to know that one of his children went back."

"I am and you're right, I think he would have been, also. Now, want to tell me what's going on there that made your letter sound so somber?" She asked.

The blonde sighed and leaned back in his chair. "Iria, do you remember those dreams I used to get as a child? They came back a few months ago... but it's been different this time."

With that said, Quatre launched into telling his sister about everything that had gone on since he had come to England. The dreams, the images and feelings he had seen at the keep, Trowa Barton, and what had happened the previous night. All of his confusion and fears poured out of him in one long rush. When he was finished, he was greeted with a long silence on the other end of the phone.

"I honestly don't know what to do, Iria. I feel like I'm going crazy." He added.

"Did you enjoy it?"


She chuckled. "You said that he kissed you. And that you woke up doing the same to him, after sleeping next to him all night. Did you enjoy kissing him?"

"Yes... no... oh hell!! I don't know! Iria! He's another man!"

"So? It doesn't matter... what matters is how you 'feel'. You never did have a very good run with the girls... they never seem to be able to hold your interest for very long. Maybe there's a reason for that. Think about that, little brother." She paused and then added. "Then I want you to think about how it made you feel to be near this person. Somewhere in there you'll find your answer. When you do, act on what your heart tells you. Quit second guessing your feelings, Quatre."

"Thank-you, Iria." Quatre said sitting forward and leaning on the desk. "I'll do the best I can."

"You always do." She replied with a small chuckle. "Just this time you need to be doing it for yourself, instead of one of us girls."


Heero finished putting the dishes from their dinner away and then with a last glance around the kitchen went to find Duo. He'd sent him out of the room earlier, with the statement that he'd gone through all the trouble to cook it... he would clean up.

Walking out into the living room, he saw Duo out on the tiny patio that met up with one side of his apartment. He had unbound his hair, and was now leaning on the rail, the evening breeze lifting strands of chestnut and floating them around his face.

"Once as my heart remembers... all the stars were fallen embers... Once, when night seemed forever... I was with you."

As his violet eyes studied the park, the soft strains of a song reached Heero's ears. He walked across the floor and stopped at the door, listening quietly as Duo sang to the night air.

"Once, in the care of morning... in the air was all belonging... Once, when that day was dawning... I was with you."

Heero stepped out into the cool night air, his eyes focused on the floating strands of Duo's hair.

"How far we are from morning... how far are we... and the stars shining through the darkness... falling in the air."

The violet-eyed man never moved as his voice continued to drift around them.

"Once, as the night was leaving... into us our dreams were weaving... Once, all our dreams were worth keeping... I was with you. Once, when our hearts were singing... I was with you."**

As his voice faded off, Heero placed a hand on his shoulder, turning him around. "I was wrong," he murmured as he leaned in and claimed Duo's soft lips.


**Song lyrics are from the song, "Fallen Embers" by Enya on the "A Day without Rain" album... © 2000 Warner Music UK Ltd., used without permission.


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