Innocence Reclaimed Part 24

Quatre jumped as soft lips brushed the nape of his neck. Dropping the papers he was reading he turned and looked up into Trowa's green eyes. "Who was on the phone?"

"Meia," Trowa murmured pressing a kiss to his lips.

"Hmmm," The blonde replied twining his arms around Trowa's neck, demanding more.

"Don't you have work to do?" Trowa asked breathlessly as he pulled away.

"It can wait." Came the reply. "I've spent most of my life working... I think I can take time out for more... enjoyable pursuits."

The look in the blonde's eyes and the tone of voice he used was all the slender brunette needed as he swept the smaller man out of his chair and dragged him towards the door.


Trowa leaned on one arm and gently swept Quatre's damp bangs from his head to press a kiss to his forehead. Once they had broken through whatever wall that had held them apart, the blonde's capacity for loving had amazed him. He gave of himself completely and asked for very little in return, just to be cherished.

He's become like he used to be, the brunette realized.

Quatre's sapphire eyes slid open and he smiled up at his lover. "What?"

"I was just thinking how much I love you."

Another smile, "I hope you aren't just realizing that."

"Fool! Of course not," Trowa's green eyes became serious. "I've loved you longer than you may ever realize."

"Sometimes, I feel like you are trying to tell me something more when you say that."

"Maybe I am." Trowa gathered him into his arms and rested his chin on Quatre's head.

After a few moments of silence, the blonde spoke again. "What did Meia want earlier?"


"On the phone?"

"Oh," Trowa shook his head. "It seems that she's finally going to marry that boy that's always chasing after her. She wants us to come back to England for the wedding."

"Wonderful!" Quatre jumped out of the bed and tossed on his shirt. "I'll get to see Duo and Heero again! I'll need to contact the office and let them know... make sure all my appointments are cancelled. Oh! And arrange for a plane!"

Trowa leaned back against the headboard and took in the sight of his love rushing around the room wearing nothing but one of his long buttoned shirts. "Quatre,"

"I'll have to let my sisters know too."

"Quatre, come here."

"Hm? Oh!" The blonde turned to get a full view of the effect his current appearance had on the brunette. With a chuckle, he started to take his shirt back off. "I'm sure we have time to take care of that."

Trowa reached out and grabbed his wrist, pulling him into the bed. "Leave it on." He whispered as he rolled pressing the blonde back against the mattress.


"There he is!!" Duo cried jumping up and down waving his arms in the air as Quatre and Trowa stepped into the tunnel leading to the terminal.

"You look like someone's who's having a fit of some kind!" Heero snapped, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "They can't see us yet."

His cobalt eyes studied the pair as they walked hand in hand towards the terminal. They look well together... they've been good for each other.

As Quatre spied his friend he smiled and waved. Then glancing up at Trowa the brunette spoke to him and let go of his hand. With a quick kiss to the taller man's lips he turned and sprinted down the hallway towards the waiting pair.

"Duo!" He cried as he flung his arms around the chestnut haired man.

"Jeez, Quatre! I was beginning to worry that you wouldn't come see us!! Took something like the sworn bachelor-ette of the town getting married to bring you back!" Duo exclaimed hugging his best friend.

Trowa chuckled as he approached the group and stopped in front of Heero. He inclined his head slightly at the man, "Heero."

"Barton." Heero replied.

"Oh my god! Aren't you two ever going to kiss and make up?" Duo snickered.

"What are you talking about?" Quatre asked.

"I'll tell you about it someday." Duo replied, wrapping an arm around Quatre's shoulders. "Come on! I even talked Heero into getting rid of that old eyesore of his. We have a new car now!"

Heero growled something under his breath and Trowa laughed as they followed the pair out of the airport.


Quatre unlocked the gate to the old keep and stepped through it, his breath catching in his throat. "My god," he whispered. "It looks like it did in my dreams."

Trowa turned and looked up at the building. The contractors had worked quickly after they had been given the final plans. The old stone structure once again stood tall against the sky, its crumbled stones repaired. It looks like it did the first time I ever saw it.

The brunette followed silently as Quatre walked to the front entrance and pushed the door open, gasping as he saw the interior. "How," His voice trailed away.

"I gave them some sketches," Trowa said setting their suitcases inside the door.

"How did you know how it looked in my dreams? Everything, right down to the tapestries on the walls is exact."

"I didn't," Trowa quickly covered. "I just used the basic plans for the time period that the keep was built."

"It's amazing." Quatre turned and looked at Trowa, his sapphire eyes shining. "You're amazing."

Trowa smiled as the blonde walked slowly around the main hall, stopping to run his fingers along the stones of the fireplace. "Is the upstairs the same way?"

"Yes. The only thing different is there is no courtyard or other buildings, I didn't think we needed to house a town like it used to."

"It's perfect!" Quatre returned to wrap his arms around Trowa's neck. "Let's go check out the bedrooms and then I'm sure you want to see Catherine."

Trowa's eyes widened as Quatre let go of him and grabbed his case, running up the stairs. "Bedrooms!?"


"So, has he remembered anything yet?"

Trowa frowned as he took the cup from his sister. "Not a thing."

Catharine sighed as she sat on the steps beside him. "Do you think this will last if he doesn't?"


She looked at him, her lavender eyes serious. "You're answering with your heart and not your head, brother."

"Yes. It will."

"I hope you are right."

Me too, Trowa thought grimly as he took a drink.

He'd tried not to think about that part. Wouldn't he have seen signs of something being wrong by now? After almost a year?



The blonde jumped and shoved the object he'd been studying in the drawer of his desk. Slamming the drawer shut he jumped up and hurried to meet Trowa downstairs.

"Hi!" Quatre exclaimed brightly as he came down the wide staircase to the main hall. "How was Catharine?"

"Good," the brunette smiled as he slid his arms around Quatre's waist. "She'd like to see you."

"I'll visit her. I just had some things to finish up today."

Trowa studied his lover's clear eyes as he spoke. "Well, we'll see her at the wedding the day after tomorrow." He's hiding something.

"True, and tonight, we have a dinner date with Heero and Duo." Quatre replied stepping back. "We should get ready for that."

"I'll go get cleaned up." Trowa said heading for the stairs.







"We'll be late!"

"Who cares?"


Trowa moved among the people crowding the old church, his eyes smiling as he caught sight of his blonde lover talking to one of the guests. One thing that could be said for Quatre Raberba Winner... he knew how to deal with large numbers of people.

"Hey! Barton!"

Trowa winced as Duo draped an arm around his shoulders.

"He looks good in a suit doesn't he?"


"Then again," Duo chuckled, "so do you."

Trowa glared at the violet eyed man.

"You need some lightening up. Come on... let's get a drink and get out of here for some air. I don't like all these people either." Duo grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the door leading to the gardens behind the house. "Maan... these people have a nice place, huh?" He said once outside.

"Yeah," Trowa replied, sitting on a bench that sat on the walkway. "I guess they do."

"I thought getting her married off to Kyle Peacecraft once was enough," Duo sighed as he sat down beside him. "Never thought I'd have to do it twice."

"Heero wouldn't be too happy to hear you saying that."

"Actually, I agree with him," Heero stated, stepping out of the shadows. "Barton," He nodded and handed a glass to Duo.

"Maybe I should go." Trowa stood to leave.

"I think it's time to let things rest. Don't you?"

Heero's words stopped him. He turned back to look at him. "That's more up to you than me; you're the one that's been carrying a grudge for all this time."

Heero sighed and looked at Duo. "It was more my fault than yours. I couldn't choose between Duo and Quatre. In the end I drove them both away, but not before I drove Quatre from you also."

Trowa walked back over to stand in front of Heero. "If you drove Quatre from me, it was because I wasn't strong enough to hold onto him. Look, it was a long time ago. We'd lived a couple lives before that... and how many have we lived since? It's better forgotten."

Heero nodded. "I agree."


Trowa returned to the house, his heart a little lighter. A wrong that had happened in one of their lives... and never forgotten had finally been forgiven. The only other time that the four of them had come together at the same time had ended badly. He was determined that this time it would not.


He turned to see Meia standing behind him. She looked beautiful with her short red hair decorated with tiny, white rosebuds, dressed in a flowing, floor length, cream gown.

"What is it?"

"I can't find Quatre. I wanted to give him this, it is his after all." She said worriedly. "Several of the guests said they saw him slip out the door right after you went out in the gardens with Duo." She held out the amethyst decorated dagger that Quatre had carried in his first life.

Trowa looked at the dagger and then at Meia's bright blue eyes. "Maybe he went home," He murmured taking the blade from her. "I better go and make sure."

She nodded silently as he turned and walked steadily to the door. Once outside he broke into a run, tearing his tie off as he went. His heart pounded in his chest. Why had he left without saying anything?


"Quatre!" He yelled as he burst through the door of the keep, his breath coming in gasps. Getting no response he ran up the stairs, taking two at a time until he reached the hallway. Turning down the hall he called out again. "Quatre!! Quatre!!"

The door to the room they shared flew open and his heart dropped to his feet as a wave of icy fear washed over him. Flying across the room he gathered the limp form of his lover in his arms, his green eyes bright with fear.

"Quatre! What have you done?" His eyes flew around the room until they came to rest on the night stand. Sitting on its smooth surface was a half finished glass of wine and a small paper packet, its contents gone.


*smacks a muse* I realized I had a lot more things to finish up than I thought I did >< Gomen!!


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