Innocence Reclaimed Part 16

Duo stood off to the side patiently and waited for Quatre to finish his phone call and join him. As he waited his bright violet eyes took in the people around him. It seemed that everyone had somewhere to go for one reason or another.

Funny, he thought with some amusement, the entire time we've been here I never missed the crowds of the city. And now, he was returning to the bustle of people again, reluctantly.

"Ready?" Quatre asked as he approached.

Never. "Yeah, I guess." Duo pushed himself from the wall.

Quatre picked up his laptop case and led the way across the vast building to the terminal that they would board their plane from. The blonde was grateful that they would be traveling in one of his company's planes. At the moment he wasn't sure he could handle dealing with the normal press of people on a regular flight.

"They should be here shortly." He told Duo. "My secretary said that they are due to arrive in about a half hour. Once they check through customs and file the new flight plan, we can be on our way."

Duo nodded silently and settled in a chair by the large windows, where he could watch the activity outside the airport. Quatre sat at one of the small tables and opened the paper he'd bought on the way in. Both were distracted enough by their own thoughts that neither noticed the young woman enter the terminal and stand silently in the doorway watching them.

"Quatre Winner?" She finally spoke, moving across the floor towards the blonde.

She really didn't have to ask, she would have known him anywhere, even after seven hundred years and multiple lifetimes, the only thing about him that had changed was his eyes. What was one alive and vibrant, laced with a touch of innocence, was now tired and guarded.

He looked up, taking in the girl's auburn hair and soft lavender eyes. "Yes?"

At the sound of her voice, Duo looked behind him and started. Quickly covering his reaction, he turned to gaze back out the window.

She sat down at the table. "I don't know how much you know about things that have gone on, if anything. My only concern at this point is for my brother."

"What are you talking about?" Quatre demanded evenly.

She took a small package from her purse and lay it on the table. "You have memories that struggle to be awakened, but for some reason they can not surface. Take this. If you decide that you truly want to remember, then use it." She stood and looked around her. "Just remember, only if you truly wish to remember what you have forgotten or it will do more harm than good."

"Wait a minute," Quatre jumped to his feet. "Just who are you?"

She didn't answer him. She only smiled sadly and then left. Quatre frowned darkly and turned to look at Duo. The chestnut haired man was watching the girl's retreating figure, something next to surprise on his face.

He'd recognized the Lady Catharine immediately. Searching his memories, he realized that there was more to this mess than Meia had told him. It was starting to seem that whomever was present when Meia cast that enchantment... had been pulled into it's curse. He wondered vaguely of other people he remembered being present; were they all wandering around this world, lifetime upon lifetime?

"Do you know her?" Quatre asked tightly.

Duo blinked and looked up. "Uh... no. I think I remember seeing her around town a couple times."

Quatre opened his mouth to speak when a light hand landed on his shoulder.

"Mr. Winner?"

He spun around to face a young brunette woman. "Oh... Donna. You startled me." He breathed a sigh of relief.

"My apologies sir. We are ready to take off if you and Mr. Maxwell will come with me."

He nodded and turned to Duo. "Donna is another of my assistants. She goes wherever I travel." He explained.

Duo nodded at the woman as he stood. Quatre gathered his things, absently shoving the packet from the strange girl into his laptop case. As they approached the gate to board their plane, Quatre studied Duo's face, noting his drawn and grim expression.

"You don't have to go you know." He said softly.

Duo looked over at him. "No reason to stay, now is there?"

Quatre touched his friend's hand and turned to speak to the woman accompanying them.

"Hey!! You can't go in there!" An angry voice echoed through the gate. "Not without clearance from Mr. Winner!"

Quatre and Duo both turned at the sound of the scuffle behind them and Duo's face paled. Heero was struggling with one of the guards, his cobalt eyes wild.

"Duo!" He yelled.

"Let him through," Quatre called out at the same time. "He's a friend."

Duo blinked in confusion. Friend? Quatre didn't even know him.

The man released the dark haired brunette and Heero swiftly crossed the room to stand before the violet-eyed Duo.

"What do you want?" Duo scowled darkly.

"Just listen, okay?" Heero gasped. "I was wrong. I'm sorry about what I said to you." He closed his eyes, his hands curling into fists. "The past is important... to both of us."

Duo stared at him for and moment and without a word turned to walk away.


He turned back, his eyes wide.

"Or take me with you... I don't care which."

Duo drew in a sharp breath.

"Please." Heero said softly. "I love you."

"If you don't stay," Duo heard Quatre's voice beside him. "I will never forgive you."

Duo looked at his friend and then back at his lover, his mind going in circles. Heero stood as still as a statue in front of him, his face impossible to read. Quatre was beside him; his eyes sad, but happy for his friend.

With a choked sound he launched himself at Heero, going limp with relief as he felt the other man's arms go around him, holding him tightly.

Heero pressed his face against Duo's hair, closing his eyes. "I love you. I guess nothing in the last several lifetimes will change that, no matter who we become." He choked.

Quatre watched the scene, happy the Duo had managed to find the person he'd been looking and distraught that he knew he'd be going back alone. He looked over his shoulder as Donna spoke softly.

"Sir. We must go."

"Yes." He replied quietly, giving one last look at Duo and Heero wrapped in each other's arms.


He turned back to look at Duo, who'd let go of Heero and turned to face the blonde.

"You don't have to go. Why can't we all stay?"

The blonde walked back to his friend and quickly kissed him. "I love you in my own way, Duo. You're my best friend, but it's best that I go. We both know that."

Duo hugged him. "Call me when you land, let me know you are okay."

"I will."

Then without another word, the blonde turned and walked down the hallway leading to his plane.

Duo watched him until he disappeared before turning to Heero. "Do you think he'll be alright?"

"No." Came the quiet reply.

Duo started.

"He's never going to be okay until he remembers. Until then he'll be haunted by feelings and memories he doesn't understand. And he'll fight them." Heero went on.

Duo looked back down the hall. "Maybe he'll come back."

"Maybe." Heero slipped an arm around Duo's shoulders and the pair walked to the window where they could watch the Winner jet take-off.

"Let's go home." Heero finally said. "It's a long drive back."

"That reminds me... how did you get here, Heero?"

"Idiot. I have a car. I just don't use it much."

"Idiot? You never told me you had a car!"

"You didn't see it? It was the only one around the building!"

"The only car I saw near the building was an old..." Duo's eyes widened. "You drove here in THAT?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"It was on the verge of falling apart, right there on the street!"

"It perfectly fine! It got me here!"

Duo sighed. "First thing we're doing, is finding you something newer."

"I like my car!"


It was dark by the time the pair got back to Heero's apartment. Parking the old, rusted car in front of the building, Heero got out and walked to the other side of the vehicle. He opened the door and pulled Duo out and headed for the door.

"Heero! My stuff!"

"It can wait," the man growled as he opened the door and pulled Duo inside.

Before Duo could protest again, he found himself back to the wall, Heero's hands clasped around him, his mouth seeking his with bruising force. The chestnut haired man gasped and slid his arms around Heero's neck, melting into the kiss, pure desire flowing through his veins.

Heero lifted his head, his eyes glittering. "I was never able to get enough of you." He murmured huskily.

"I don't ever remember complaining." Duo panted as Heero's mouth moved over his neck. "But, shouldn't we go up to the apartment?"

Heero stepped back and took Duo's hand, running up the stairs two at a time. He quickly unlocked the door and dragged Duo inside. Once they were in the living room, he kicked the door shut, his hands already pulling Duo's jacket off as he moved him across the floor. By the time they reached the bedroom, they'd left a trail of clothes through the small apartment in their haste to get to each other. They fell to the bed in a flurry of touches and kisses, both breathless in their need.

As Duo raised himself above Heero, supporting his weight on his hands, he gazed down at the man. "I love you, Heero Yuy." He whispered as he moved forward to claim his lover.

Heero didn't respond. No words were needed as he pulled Duo to him. For once, his feelings were written all over his face.


Quatre stepped out of the airport and looked around him. Normally, he would be happy to be back home. This time all he felt was empty. He smiled at the young woman that ran up to him and flung her arms around his neck.

"Sari, why are you here?" He asked hugging her back.

"Someone should be here to greet you!" She exclaimed stepping back and pushing her light brown hair from her sapphire eyes. "And who better than your youngest sibling?"

He laughed softly. "Thank-you." He said leaning down to kiss her cheek.

For better or worse, he was home once again.

Only home didn't feel like home anymore.



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