Innocence Reclaimed Part 13

"Where do you think you're going?"

Duo turned from closing the door to the apartment building to look Heero in the eye. "Back to the manor. I have a lot of packing to do before we leave." He tried his best to shrug nonchalantly. "Besides, you don't seem to be very happy with me hanging around here."

Heero made an angry sound before leaning against the wall. "It's not that I don't like you here, I enjoy your company. What pisses me off, is you keep mentioning our 'previous' relationship. Can't you just let it drop?"

"No." Duo replied. "I can't. It's part of who we are... it's not something that can just be forgotten... again."

"Then there's no hope... even if you stayed, I'd never know if you stayed because of who I am... or if it's because of who you remember me being." He opened the door to the building. "And if that's how it is, then I don't want you here."

Duo flinched at his words. "I can't believe you can just shut the memories out." He growled. "Fine... I'll go, but I want you to be aware that we will be crossing paths in the future. I don't intend on just packing up and abandoning our 'daughter', I will be returning as much as possible. When I do, try to at least be civil for her sake... if you are capable of such a thing."

Heero stood silently in the doorway and watched the violet eyed American stalk away. Then without a word, he turned and walked into the building.


Trowa stared incredulously at Quatre. "W-what... did... you... just... say?"

Quatre's sapphire eyes glittered as his hands went to the collar of his shirt. "Isn't this what you wanted? The reason you've been following me around almost since I arrived here?" He demanded as he swiftly unbuttoned his shirt.

The slim brunette grabbed Quatre's hands. "Yes... no... damn! A small part of what I want from you is this... but there's so much more."

The blonde laughed bitterly. "I'm afraid that this is all you can have... I seem incapable of anything else."

Trowa winced, his green eyes growing sad at the blonde's words. "Quatre..."

"I'm not a patient man, Trowa." Quatre cut him off. "Do you want me or not?"

The brunette closed his eyes for a moment, struggling within himself... and losing the battle. "Yes," He breathed, opening his eyes.

He let go of Quatre's hands and his mouth came crashing down on the blonde's, his hands quickly skimming the shirt from Quatre's shoulders. He felt the blonde shudder under his hands as he pulled the shirt from his wrists and he answered with a shiver of his own as their lips parted and Quatre quickly swept into his mouth.

Quatre's breath quickened and his heart beat rapidly as Trowa's hands slid back up his arms to cup the back of his neck, his thumbs caressing his throat. Those gentle hands were quickly replaced by the brunette's mouth as Trowa bent him back slightly to allow one hand to slide across his chest, the other supporting his back.

He gasped as Trowa's fingertips brushed across his nipple, stopping to toy with the little nub. He couldn't remember becoming this aroused so quickly, he was so hard he ached in the confines of his jeans. He shivered as Trowa bit down on his shoulder, pinching his nipple at the same time.

Breathing hard, he pushed the brunette away his hands shaking as he grabbed the edges of the man's T-shirt and pulling it up. Trowa pulled it off the rest of the way and tossed it aside, letting out a groan as the blonde pushed him back against the hearth, his mouth finding a hard nub of flesh and suckling it.

He twined his fingers in Quatre's golden hair and gently pulled him up to kiss him again, biting lightly on his lower lip before his tongue dove in to toy with Quatre's. His muscles jumped when the blonde's hands slid across his stomach, seeking the fastening to his jeans. Quickly unfastening them and pulling down the zipper, Quatre's fingers found his aching flesh as it sprang free of the restricting material. Sliding his hand around Trowa's erection, he smoothly stroked his length, his mouth traveling down the length of the brunette's throat, drawing a deep moan from the man.

Cool air wafted over Trowa's skin as the blonde moved and suddenly his lips were exploring his stomach, making his muscles jump everywhere they touched. He grasped the edges of Trowa's jeans and slid them down over his hips until the slim man could step out of them, then he gently clasped his length.

Running his fingers along the length of Trowa's erection, he wondered if he could do this. He'd never... then without another thought he leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue along the underside, feeling the brunette jump.

"Qua... tre!" Trowa choked out as he felt the blonde take him into his mouth, sliding his lips about halfway along his shaft.

Quatre closed his eyes, and remembered how this had been done to him, sliding his mouth back and swirling his tongue around the tip, then sliding slowly back down. As he moved his lips; his hand slipped down to unfasten his own jeans, almost sighing as his erection was freed he slowly started to stroke himself in time to the movement of his mouth on Trowa.

Trowa clenched his eyes shut waves of pleasure washing over him, white hot and searing. He felt his hips jerk against Quatre's lips and quickly reached down, dragging the blonde to his feet. Digging his fingers into Quatre's shoulders he pulled him into a kiss, demanding that the man surrender to him as his tongue started to thrust into his mouth.

Stepping back, Trowa turned Quatre around, stepping them sideways at the same time. He took the blonde's hands and pressed against his back as he placed them on the mantle of the old fireplace. Quatre understood and gripped the rough stones as Trowa started to nip at the back of his neck, his hands pushing the blonde's jeans off of him.

He felt the material pool around his ankles and quickly kicked them off, arching his back with a gasp as Trowa kissed him in between his shoulders, delicious shivers running down his back. His motion brought him in contact with the velvety hardness of Trowa's erection drawing a strangled sound from the man.

Trowa slipped between the soft globes of his buttocks as he spread his feet to steady himself, letting out a cry as the brunette reached around and grasped him in his hand. Pumping him slowly, Trowa continued exploring the sensitive skin on the back of the blonde's neck as he moved, rubbing the length of his erection along the crevice of Quatre's bottom.

The blonde could feel his climax slowly building and he found himself begging for something he never thought he'd want. "Trowa..." He gasped, moving sensuously against the other man. "Please... I need..."

"I can't." Trowa gasped in his ear, his voice shaky with the force of the sensations ripping through him. "I don't have anything with me..."

"I don't CARE!" Quatre cried, hanging his head, his breathing harsh. "Think of something! I need you inside me!!"

Trowa sucked in a harsh breath as Quatre moved against him, tightening his muscles, adding pressure on his already aching flesh. He stepped back and wet two fingers in his mouth, using them to make the blonde's tight entrance slick. He gently toyed with the blonde until he felt him relax and then slipped both fingers inside him, holding his waist as he jumped and let out a strangled cry. He then started to carefully move his hand, sliding his fingers in and out of the blonde's trembling body.

"Troowaa!" Quatre almost wailed. "Please!!!"

The brunette used his own saliva to wet himself and then wrapping his arm back around Quatre's waist, he kissed his shoulder as he placed himself against his entrance and started to push inside.

Quatre hissed and dug his fingers into the hard stone of the hearth as Trowa slid slowly into him, inch by agonizing inch. Finally the brunette settled against him and remained motionless, allowing him time to adjust to the unfamiliar feeling, at the same time he started to lightly stroke his erection.

He waited, toying with Quatre until the blonde whimpered low in his throat and moved into his hand. Applying more pressure to Quatre's erection, he started to move inside him, feeling the blonde quiver against his stomach. He leaned against Quatre's back, biting his neck lightly and moving his hand rapidly.

Quatre locked his arms to hold himself steady, his body felt icy and hot all over as Trowa moved steadily into him, his hand matching his rhythm perfectly. Suddenly, Trowa shifted and points of light burst behind Quatre's eyes, he tasted blood in his mouth as he bit his lip to keep from screaming.

All the while he could feel Trowa's lips and teeth on his skin. The brunette's breath fell hot against his skin as he whispered words of encouragement in his ear with a trembling voice.

Everything around the blonde exploded at once, he cried out Trowa's name hoarsely as he erupted into his hand, his slender body jerking taut as he gripped the mantle hard enough to cause pain to shoot through his fingers.

Before he even finished, Trowa let him go and gripped his hips, thrusting with a quickened pace, his breathing coming in gasps. To Quatre it was an endless wave of sensations, his body didn't even feel like his own anymore... all he knew was the numbing pleasure shooting through him.

Trowa sucked in a harsh breath and pulled out of him quickly, leaning against his back as he continued moving his hips, his own release coming swiftly. He wrapped his arms around Quatre's waist holding the blonde on his feet as he cried out his pleasure against the man's skin.

Still struggling to catch his breath, Trowa sank to his knees and grabbed one of the blankets, gently wiping Quatre's back. Quatre shivered as Trowa placed a kiss on the small of his back and then pulled him down to the floor. He sat back against the wall, cradling the exhausted blonde in his lap. Grabbing the other blanket, he wrapped it around them burying his face in Quatre's hair.

"Quatre," He whispered against the man's bright golden hair. "I..."

"Please," Quatre stiffened. "Don't. I know what you are going to say... and don't. I'm not able to return such feelings... don't give them to me."

The brunette sighed and held the blonde close, closing his eyes.

When he opened them a couple hours later... he was alone...



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