Innocence Reclaimed Part 12

Quatre hung up the phone and ran his fingers through his hair. Duo had called him from Meia's house... that waitress of all people. He hadn't been very pleased to hear that they were leaving the day after tomorrow. And when he'd asked the blonde why they were cutting their trip short... Quatre couldn't answer him.

He wasn't so sure himself, any more.

He wanted to make one more trip to the keep before he left, his intention was to go this evening. Glancing out the window, he realized that it was fast approaching dark. If he wanted to go, then he should go now. Before it got any later.

The blonde grabbed a flashlight from the desk and headed for the door, stopping to pull on a jacket. Then with a deep breath, he headed out into the night, taking the familiar path to the old stone structure.

Quatre's mind wandered around the conversation he'd had with Iria the day before. He still wasn't sure what he should do. He was positive that what he had felt the other morning was not right... it couldn't be right. He'd never felt an attraction like that in his entire life.

He always swore that if he did, he hold on to that person for the rest of his life. He never even imagined that there was a chance that it would be someone like Trowa Barton that caused such feelings. Another man.

He shook his head as he walked. It was wrong! He'd been under too much pressure... he was starting to crack. That had to be it. When he got back to the states, he'd take more time off. Take a real vacation, not mix it with his work.

Entering the old building, Quatre breathed a sigh of relief to find it deserted. Wherever Barton was tonight, it wasn't here. He explored the remains of the rooms on the lower floor, locating what he believed used to be the kitchens. Smaller rooms... most likely used for storing foods and place for the servants, who lived in the hall, to sleep.

He stopped and gazed pensively into the huge fireplace in the main hall, running his fingers, almost lovingly, across the rough stone. Turning around, he brushed a lock of his blonde hair from his eyes and looked around the length of the room. It had remained surprisingly intact. He could almost imagine what it had looked like all those years ago, bustling with servants... colorful tapestries on the walls... and a long table that stretched almost the length of the room.

The blonde walked across the main hall to the staircase, climbing carefully to the upper floor. Reaching the landing, he looked up at the bright stars hanging overhead and then walked down the hall, peering into the different rooms.

This night, he heard not a sound, neither did he see any 'ghosts' of some distant past. All he felt was a bit sad at leaving this behind. His company would want to tear it down, it was marring the property that they'd use for their business. He wasn't sure he'd allow them to. This place had stood for over eight hundred years, it should be allowed to stand until nature finally succeeded in leveling it.

He stopped in the doorway to a room on the farther end of the hall, this room had always felt more familiar to him than the others. Stepping in, he looked around, not sure what he was looking for. Something, he assumed, that would explain all the things that had been going on.

A fireplace, smaller than the one downstairs, stood along the wall across from him. He wandered over and sat on the heart, studying the room. Leaning back against the rough stones, he let his minder wander over the things that had happened since he got here.

His eyes snapped open at a sound outside the door. He jumped to his feet brushing his clothes off as Trowa strode in through the door. His green eyes locked with Quatre's and with a strange sound he strode across the floor and swept the blonde up into a fierce kiss, his fingers fumbled with the laces of Quatre's tunic as he teased the inside of the boy's mouth.

Raising his head, his eyes glittered as they struggled to catch their breath. "I've either got to travel less, or you are going to have to start coming with me. I can't stand being away from you."

Quatre sighed and reached up to kiss him again. "You're sorely missed here too, but you're home now."

"Aye. And I expect a proper welcome."

"Always." The blonde replied huskily.

They came together again, their passion igniting a searing fire in their blood as eager hands stripped away clothes. Quatre felt the cool air of the room on his bare skin as he was lifted and carried to the bed they shared.

Trowa gently lay him on the blankets, his eyes black with his need. "Gods preserve me, Quatre. I need you... I don't think I can wait."

The blonde's reply was to laugh low in his throat and open his arms to the only person that he'd ever loved.

As Trowa moved over him, he heard his voice as if from a deep well, "I love you, little one. If what we do here is wrong... then let me be dammed, for I will never give you up."

Quatre bolted from the hearth, his breath coming in harsh gasps. Another dream, only this one was more vivid than any he'd ever had. He could still feel the touch of Trowa's hands on his body... the heat of the other man's skin against his own.

He realized that he wanted the slender brunette with a need that was frightening. And it was more than just left over feeling from a dream. With a sob, he flung himself from the room and ran down the stairs.

As he reached the floor, a movement caught his eye. He stopped and turned towards the hearth to see Trowa stepping back from one of the lamps, his face surprised. The blonde cursed softly and stalked across the floor.

"Quatre!" Trowa set the box of matches on the mantle of the old fireplace. "I came here to get away from Cathy for a while. I didn't realize that you'd be here." He reached for his jacket. "I'll leave... I don't want to both..."

The blonde reached him and without a word, he clasped Trowa's face in his slim hands and kissed him. Trowa stiffened in shock as Quatre ran his tongue across his lips, demanding the kiss to be deeper. There was nothing the brunette could do but comply, sliding his hands around Quatre's waist, he parted his lips and made a strangled sound as the blonde's tongue swept the inside of his mouth.

Then as quickly as it started, Quatre stepped back and stared at him with huge blue eyes. "Trowa... I..." He breathed. "Just now... upstairs... I had this dream. We were in some distant past... and you were making love to me with a passion I'd never felt before."

He closed his eyes briefly and Trowa held his breath. Did he remember?

Then he opened his eyes again. "One night... tonight... here, now." He whispered. "You can do whatever you like. Show me. Show me what it's like to be loved by you."


"Why are you so jittery!" Heero snapped at the chestnut haired American sitting beside him.

"I don't know!" Duo replied. "I've felt jumpy ever since we left Meia's. I guess it's the thought of leaving so soon."

"Well, you knew you were going to have to go eventually."

Duo winced. You could ask me to stay. "Yeah, I guess so."

Heero reached over and swept aside his chestnut bangs. "Duo you wish to go home? You don't have to stay."

Duo looked at him several things he wanted to say right on the tip of his tongue. I love you, you idiot. I want to stay with you... I want my old Heero back. Instead, he just shook his head and laughed. "Hey this is my last night to spend with the person who was my lover seven hundred years ago. Why would I want to miss that?"

Heero jerked his hand back, his cobalt eyes sparking. Suddenly he swore and got up and without another word he stormed from the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

"Guess he didn't take that well," Duo sighed, leaning back on the couch and closing his eyes.

Things were such a mess all the way around.



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