Author: Lady Nagisa

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Yaoi, Angst, Sap, OOC, AU, Romance, Violence, Blood, Vampires & other odd creatures. ^_~

Pairing: Right now we'll stick with 3x4... 2x1/1x2.... eventually

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Author's Notes: Okay... this was planned I think a several months ago... and I intended to wait until I finished one of my others before starting it... but the muses got insistent. I wrote six parts and then decided to rewrite them to add more detail. I'm getting fairly gritty in this one... there will be violence.... death.... (no main characters).... angst galore... possibly some gore ^^;;; ... and whatever else happens along the way. So with all that said... if anyone is still interested.... here ya go.

Heart of the Night Part 1

"He'd make a fine young servant for anybody."

Green eyes glittered dangerously across the smoke filled tavern. The dim light of the building made it difficult to see much, but he could make out the pair that stood at the door, framed by the fathomless night outside.

The speaker was a tall, middle-aged man, his clothes ragged and dirty. He was gaunt and his face looked weary and pale in the glow from the fireplace in the corner. In front of him stood a young boy, probably no more than fifteen years old; his eyes, an undetermined color, were huge with terror, almost taking up all of his thin face, partially covered by a fall of light colored bangs. He was rail thin, his clothes torn and dingy, and he trembled like a leaf in the face of all these people, cowering against the man behind him.

"How much you askin' for 'im?" A crude voice called out from the group of men.

"A silver coin, very little for a hard worker like him." The man responded, clapping a hand on the boy's thin shoulder. "My son can do any chore required of him. He's a lot stronger than he looks."

Those green eyes narrowed at his words and the shadowed form of their owner stiffened in his dark corner as he took a drink from his glass and watched the scene carefully.

A burly man stepped forward from the people. "Chores ain't what I be wantin' 'im for." He said with a cruel grin, showing a mouthful of broken and blackened teeth.

The boy whimpered and shrank back against his father as the speaker reached out and ran a hand across his stomach, his eyes growing even larger at the touch. His gaunt body trembled violently and he tried to bolt when that hand cupped his crotch, squeezing cruelly.

"Seems like 'e's got all the right equipment." The man leered with a low chuckle.

Tears formed in the boy's eyes as his father's fingers dug into his shoulder, preventing him from escaping the man's cruel touch.

"Aye. A silver coin. I'll pay that for 'im." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a coin and tossed it to the father.

"Papa!" The boy cried his voice laced with desperation and terror as the man caught the coin and shoved it into his pocket.

The tall man barely glanced at the boy as he turned away, but the owner of the green eyes saw a faint glint of tears as he spoke. "He's yours now," followed by a barely audible, "I'm sorry," Without another word, he walked from the tavern, his shoulders slumped like those of a man whose will had been shattered.

"Gillian!" A voice called out. "You gonna share 'im?"

"For a price." The man said with a laugh. "Course, 'e'll 'ave to be broken in proper-like, first." He leaned in, his foul breath fanning across the boy's pale skin. "Until then I'm sure 'e can use his mouth, like any street 'ore."

He grabbed to boy by his hair and ground his mouth against his, his other hand coming up to pinch to boy's flesh, drawing a muffled cry of agony. Thin hands came up and pushed violently at the man's shoulders, a desperate, but futile, attempt at escape. Suddenly, the man jerked back, blood seeping from his lower lip. With a curse, he reached back a huge fist and struck the boy, knocking him to his knees. The boy fell forward onto his hands, and started to retch, his entire body shaking.

The man's eyes narrowed angrily as he reached down and took a handful of light hair, drawing the young boy up onto his knees. "Little 'ore.... You'll not do that again, if you be wantin' to live very long." The boy cried out as he jerked hard on his hair. "Maybe you be needin' your first lesson right here, where everyone can see you." His other hand went to the fastening of his trousers. "I'm sure there's many 'ere that will be 'appy to lend a 'and."

"Enough." A low voice growled across the room, the command in its flat tone evident. "I've no desire to witness your perverse actions. It adds a bad taste to my drink." A tall, slender man emerged from the shadows at the back of the room, his eyes dangerously narrowed. "Take the boy elsewhere and teach him your sick lessons. I don't need my drinking ruined by such sights."

"What's it to you what I do with 'im? I bought 'im fair and square... I'll do as I please." Gillian protested trying to keep fear from his voice as he took a step backwards.

"I don't care what you do with him. I just don't wish to watch it." The slender man's voice never changed.

"Then do your drinking elsewhere. Fancy like you don't belong 'ere anyway."

"I prefer it here." His eyes settled on the man, staring unblinkingly at him.

The man opened his mouth to put forth further argument as he stared into fathomless depths of brilliant green. Then he closed his mouth and glared at the tall man. Grabbing the boy by the shirt, he hauled him roughly to his feet, ignoring the boy's cry of pain.

"Com'on! I'll deal with you elsewhere." He growled, dragging the struggling boy from the building.

The green-eyed man watched them go and then returned to his table. Settling back and stretching his long legs out, he took another drink as the noise in the tavern returned to normal levels. His eyes strayed to the door as he picked up the sound of what he thought was a faint cry, then he shrugged and closed them, leaning back in his chair. It wasn't any of his affair what the riff-raff of this village did to each other.

That child will never survive such treatment... his mind shot at him. No one that young deserves to be treated such, no matter what social level they are on.

It's none of my affair. I don't wish to get involved... he answered himself harshly. I will not get involved with someone like that again!

He could not get out of his mind the pain and terror he'd seen in the boy's eyes. Blue... he thought absently. He'd gotten a glimpse of the boy's face, and his eyes had been some unusual shade of blue, something he couldn't quite name.

Damnation!!! He slammed his fist down on the table and got up. Without a word to anyone, he stalked out the door and into the night beyond.


Stars burst before the boy's eyes and he tasted fresh blood in his mouth as his head hit the wall in the dark alley. Struggling to stay on his feet his confused mind raced in circles. He couldn't believe that this was happening to him, it had to be some sort of horrible nightmare. Yes, that was it... shortly he'd wake up and either be at home in bed with his sisters or in the home of some kindly person, who'd paid a full gold coin for him.

Just like his father had promised.

His father wouldn't let an animal like this have him, no matter how desperate he was.

"We'll teach ya to obey your new master all nice and proper now, won't we boy?" Gillian laughed cruelly as he grabbed a handful of the boy's hair and forced his head back.

Grabbing the thin material of the boy's tunic, he jerked his hand and rent the fabric from his thin form, revealing his pale skin to the night air. "You're all soft and pale, jus' like a 'ighborn lady," He commented as he cruelly pinched one of the boy's nipples, drawing a terrified cry from him.

Gillian's response was to draw back and slam his fist into the boy's face again. "I told ye to be quiet!

The boy's eyes took on a faraway look as Gillian dug his fingers into his shoulders and forced him to his knees. "Now... ye'll do this right, or it'll be worse for you... if you know what I'm meaning."

His ears were filled with the sound of cloth rustling as the man started to unfasten his trousers, his breath coming in harsh gasps. "Yea... ye are a pretty one... I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of ye." He growled as he fondled himself.

The boy closed his eyes and a single tear slid down his dirty cheek. This couldn't be happening to him...

A slight movement at the mouth of the alleyway caught Gillian's attention. "What do ye want?" He snapped irritably.

"I've changed my mind," A soft, even voice floated through the dim alley.

"Ah, so ye 'ave, 'ave ye?" Gillian chuckled. He tangled his fingers in the boy's hair and jerked his head back, exposing the pale skin of his neck. "So, ye do want to watch?" He sneered, ignoring the whimper of pain from the young boy. "Or, maybe, try 'im for yerself?"

The slender man advanced on the pair slowly, "No. I want you to give him to me. Untouched." His voice took in a sharp edge.

Gillian snorted. "So ye 'ave a preference for virgins, eh? For a gold coin, ye can 'ave 'im." His fingers tightened viciously in the boy's hair, drawing a sharp pained sound from him.

"That is not acceptable. I said to give him to me." He moved even closer to the pair.

"I don't think so," Gillian released the boy and drew a dagger from his boot, waving it at the man. "I bought 'im an unless you intends to buy 'im from me, ye'll not be 'aving 'im!" He snarled lunging forward, intending to kill the pompous man and relieve him of his purse in the process.

The boy shrank against the wall, his eyes wide, as a low chuckle chilled him to the core and the man stepped easily out of the path of his attacker. "You'll have to move faster than that if you intend to use your blade on me."

He turned soundlessly, his eyes flashing with an unearthly green fire as they locked with the terrified ones of the young boy. In the simple span of a heartbeat, the boy grew even paler and then slid wordlessly forward onto the ground. Moving with incredible speed he spun back around to catch Gillian's arm as he plunged the dagger downwards towards the man's back.

"Did you enjoy your time with him?" He asked quietly, snapping Gillian's wrist with a simple motion.

His attacker let out a howl of pain and tried to escape from the man's grasp. With a snarl, the slender man propelled him backwards until he was pressing him against a wall, his breath hot on Gillian's skin.

"I certainly hope so," He let go of Gillian's arm and grasped his face, as one would a lover's. "You will not have another chance to abuse a young person." He murmured as he jerked his hands quickly. A loud crack resounded through the alley and the man stepped backwards allowing Gillian's lifeless body slide down the wall. "You're not even worth feeding on," He said with disgust.

His features softened and the eerie light left his eyes as he turned and knelt beside the unconscious form of the young boy. "So young to have to face such things," He murmured as he swept light colored bangs from the boy's forehead, noting that the flow of blood from the boy's cheek had subsided. "I wonder if you'll have the courage to face the future that's just been laid at your feet." He swept off his greatcoat and wrapped it around the thin form.

He leaned back and shook his head. Maybe someday, he'd understand why he felt compelled to involve himself in this situation. With a fluid motion he stood, lifting the boy's limp body in his arms, ignoring the smudge of blood and dirt that the boy's skin left on the stark white of his shirt.

The moon broke out from behind a cover of clouds, bathing the deserted street in a glow of silver as he stepped out of the alley his eyes scanning the area around him. He'd left his carriage at home this evening, preferring to move undetected by the general population, but there were other, even faster, ways of getting the boy to his estate.

There he'd let his servant treat the boy's wounds while he tried to decide what to do with him once he was healthy again. Glancing down at the pale features, he was struck by the beauty of the young creature he held in his arms. Even under the dirt and blood, one could see that this boy was exceptional. Once the bruises and cuts healed and he'd been bathed, the man had a feeling that he would be breathtaking, despite his young age. And that would make him easy prey for the lowlifes of this area.

With a sigh, he shifted his grasp on the boy and started towards his home. He didn't need the complications that this boy represented... or the responsibility...



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