Notes for "Heart of the Night"

*points up* Lookie.... I even had a title for it!!

Okay.... an attempt at a vampire story.... actually sort of a fusion with a romance I read a few years ago... and am still trying to find the title of....

Trowa would be our centuries old vampire ^_^ His story? Jeez... *gets her vampire romances mixed up*

I can't remember his bleepin' background... must find book!! Let's see.... I remember that he was turned against his will by a woman.... supposedly she was one of the oldest vampires in existence. Here's the thing.... in the book... while he was a fledgling vampire... they were lovers.

I though about making the woman.... Dorothy.... but maybe I should use one of the male characters instead?

Anyway... one day after a hundred years or so... in disgust for her unbiased killing, he abandoned her. His methods were to take the lives of criminals and such... people he felt deserved punishment.

Somewhere along the way, he amassed a small fortune and bought an old castle in the wlesh mountains. One evening, while in a tavern.... he sees a young blonde boy that has been sold to some unsavory people by his parents. He manages to purchase the boy from them and takes him to live at his home.

I will spare you details ^_^ will ruin the story.

Events after that are of course... angsty.... vampire falls in love with mortal.

During the course.... his old lover turns up and so does stories of an ancient book that is supposed to hold the secret to turning an immortal back to mortal.

This story has the set-up for loads of angst ^_~ A fair amount of sap... and even some suspense.

Well... what do you think? *goes hunting for said book*


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