The End of Innocence Part 20

"Heero! Heero!" Duo cried as he ran through the hall to the chamber that he shared with the Baron.

Heero set aside the accounts he was going through and moved to open the door. As he lay his hand on the handle, the door flew open and Duo almost ran him over.

"Heer... OH! There you are!" He stopped before his lover, eyes wide.

The Baron crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow, amusement showing in his cobalt eyes. "What, may I ask, has you so excited?" He asked dryly.

"We got a message from Trowa and Quatre!" Duo waved a paper at Heero. "Hilde had a son!"

"So, the heir is born, eh?"

"Is that all you can say?"

Heero smirked at the chestnut-haired boy. "What else should I say? I'm glad that the child was born and everything is well with them."

"How do you know everything is well?"

"Your excitement tells me."

"Oh," Duo frowned and sat on the bed.

Heero chuckled and walked over to the other side of the bed. "You are very expressive. There's nothing wrong with that." He lay down and put his hands behind his head. "Now, something else about this message does bother you. What is it?"

Dup sighed. "They want to know when you are going to announce your choice for heir."


Duo twisted around to look down at him. "I'd like to know also. When you accepted this, you seemed sure as to who you wanted, and then you never mention it again."

Heero rolled onto his side, propping himself up on one arm. "Duo, I was sure but, I had to take care of some issues. The decision for the heir was never mine to make."

Duo turned sideways, resting one leg on the bed, and frowned at Heero. "Then... who's was it?"

"Yours... and Lord Peacecraft's."


Heero petted the bed beside him and Duo lay down, looking up at the man's cobalt eyes. "Are you aware that the Peacecrafts have a ten-year-old son?"

"Kyle, yes."

"Would you say that his father is a good man and would raise his son properly?"

"So, he's your choice?"

"Part of it. Now, I've spoken to Lord Peacecraft and he's agreeable to what I have in mind."

Duo lifted an eyebrow.

"Treize left behind a child, from a union prior to the Lady you met. I'd say she's about six now, convent raised..."

"You plan to put Treize's blood back on the baronal seat?"

"Duo, it's my blood also. Like it or not. She's been raised free of his influence, a request from her mother before she passed away."

"I understand, you plan to marry Kyle Peacecraft to her, when they are of age."


"It's a good idea and the Peacecrafts are certainly deserving."

"It requires one more thing. She's an orphan, Duo. She needs a home, other than with a flock of holy women."

Duo blinked. "That's my decision? Then by all means, send for her. Nay, we should go collect her ourselves."

"Thank-you, Duo."

"You're..." Violet eyes widened in astonishment. Duo jumped up, his eyes blazing. "You thought I'd refuse!"

"It was a possibility. She IS Treize's child. I wasn't sure how you'd..."

"But, she's a CHILD, Heero! She's not responsible for what he did! Oooooh! I can't believe you!" Duo whirled and stormed from the room.

Heero sighed as the sound of the slamming door reverberated through the chamber. One thing about having a lover who was so emotional was emotions ran to the extremes in all areas. Even anger... sometimes, especially anger.

Nothing to do but, let him calm down.


Duo slowly pushed the door open and peered into the dim chamber. Squinting in the faint light from the fireplace, he could see Heero, already asleep. He quietly walked across the room to look down at his sleeping mate.

He always marveled at how different Heero could look when he slept. Lying on his side, one hand under his cheek, his lips were parted just slightly as he breathed. His face was entirely relaxed, his eyelashes lay like smudges on his cheeks, hair even more mussed than usual. At times like these one could see the youth of his twenty years, normally hidden by the trials of his past.

At least he laughs now.

Duo moved around to the other side of the bed, removing his clothing as he went. He slid under the blankets and up against Heero's back, wrapping one arm around his waist.

Heero stirred at the touch, snuggling back against Duo, murmuring his name sleepily. Duo smiled and closed his eyes.

"It's about time you got back."

Duo's eyes flew open and he stared at the back of Heero's head. "Uh... aye... Heero... I'm sorry."

"You should be."

"I didn't think."

"You never do."

*sigh* Heero never made this easy. "If I had, I'd have realized that if you truly thought I'd refuse, you never would have spoken to Lord Peacecraft."


Duo kissed the back of his neck, pleased to feel a shiver run through Heero's slender form. "Forgive me?"

"I'll think about it."

"Excuse me?"

"You haven't exactly given me much reason to forgive you for being brash and short-tempered."

"Yeah?" Duo murmured. "I'll just have to try harder."

"Harder... may be the ideal word." Duo rolled Heero onto his back and seeing the glitter of mischief in his eyes, the chestnut-haired boy laughed. "Heero, were you female... one would have to label you wanton!"

Heero's reply was to pull Duo to him and kiss him, his fingers finding Duo's braid and pulling the tie off of it. He ran his fingers through it until it fell in a shimmering curtain around them and then he wrapped his arms around Duo's neck.

Duo made a sound in his throat, shifting so that the upper half of his body was lying across Heero's and deepened the kiss, leaving no part of Heero's mouth untouched. Leaving Heero's lips, he moved down to his throat as Heero lightly traced his back.

Shivers ran through Duo at Heero's light touch and with a low moan, Duo moved down to lavish attention to Heero's chest. Nipping and then swirling his tongue over the same spot, he explored the expanse of Heero's chest, stopping to tease his nipples.

Moving back up, Duo captured Heero's lips again, not hesitating to plunge in and caress the inside of his mouth. Playing a game of 'tag' with Heero's tongue, Duo's hand slid down his body to lay feather-light touches to the sensitive areas around his thighs.

Heero groaned against his mouth, raising his hips in a silent plea. Duo's fingers barely grazed across his erection, stroking so lightly that he almost wasn't touching. With a gasp, Heero clutched the violet-eyed boy's shoulder, his head falling back against the pillows. Over and over, Duo's fingers stroked him, until he thought he couldn't take anymore.

The the hand was gone. His cobalt eyes opened and slid back shut as Duo caught his face in both hands and ravaged his mouth. The dark-haired man reached up and ran a hand along Duo's shoulder and down over his chest, stopping to lightly twist the hard nub that he found.

Moving, Heero pushed the violet-eyed boy over, quickly following him. Lowering his head, he flicked his tongue across Duo's chest, grabbing a handful of chestnut hair at the same time. Trailing kisses lower, over Duo's stomach, he lightly brushed the ends of the hair over Duo's already sensitized nipples. Duo drew in a sharp breath as Heero nipped his stomach, followed by a stroke of hair. Heero's released Duo's hair and the boy bit his lip as those lips moved lower.

Strong, gentle fingers encircled his shaft as Heero lay light kisses along it's length, stopping at his fingers and then running the tip of his tongue back up. Then he stopped at the tip and opening his mouth, slid his lips back down over the hard length.

Duo saw stars. His breath caught in his throat and bright colors sparked behind his eyelids. Gasping he sat partway up grasping Heero's shoulder. "Gods! Heero! Stop!" He cried.

The dark-haired man raised his head and looked up at Duo. With a smile, he moved quickly, pushing Duo back as their lips met. Not breaking apart, Duo rolled them over, pressing Heero into the mattress. Lifting his head, his violet eyes were almost black as he reached for the table beside the bed.

"Let me." Heero whispered, sliding out from under Duo and rolling towards the side of the bed.

Duo gazed at the muscled length of Heero's back as Heero reached for the oil on the table. Watching the sensual ripple of his shoulders, Duo decided he couldn't resist. With a low growl, he wrapped an arm around Heero's waist, pressing up against him.

"Give me the oil." He said lowly, nipping the back of Heero's shoulder.

Silently, Heero handed the vial back to Duo. His lover was in a rare mood this night and Heero wasn't about to stop him. Duo's mouth never left his neck and shoulders, sending delicious chill down Heero's back, as he moved around a little. Heero shivered as he felt the oil-soaked tips of Duo's fingers brush lightly across his entrance. Then he drew in a sharp breath as he felt the blunt tip of Duo's erection press against him.

Before, when the chestnut-haired boy took this role, he was infinitely careful. Gently readying his lover's body for his penetration. Tonight, the mood was almost feral. The gentleness was gone from the violet-eyed boy and Heero didn't mind at all.

With a low sound, Duo plunged forward causing Heero to hiss at the sudden intrusion, not really painful but, startling all the same. The boy buried his face against the back of Heero's neck as he started to move. Pulling back as far as he could and driving back in, he reached a slick hand around and started pumping Heero's erection. Duo raised his head enough so he could see Heero's face as he shifted his hips, striking that sensitive spot inside.

Heero's hips bucked forward and he threw his head back against Duo's chest, his lips parted in in a silent cry as wave after wave of pleasure slammed through him.

Duo moved his mouth to Heero's ear, his warm breath fanning across his skin as he spoke. "Come for me, Heero. I want to see you."

That was all Heero could take. With a hoarse cry, he jumped as his climax ripped through him. The sudden feel of Heero clamping down on him, drove Duo over the edge. He drove into Heero's body one last time before exploding. Burying his face back in Heero's neck, he let go of him and wrapped his arm around Heero's waist, holding him tightly. His chest heaved with his ragged breaths and he could feel Heero's heart pounding wildly against his chest.

After the storm had passed, Heero carefully moved away, wincing lightly as Duo pulled out of him. Slipping from the bed, he noted with some amusement that his knees were actually weak. He walked across the chamber to a basin of water, that was always there for them, and cleaned up. Taking the cloth back to the bed, he gently bathed Duo's flushed skin, pressing a gentle kiss to his stomach when he was done. He then returned the cloth to the basin.

"I'm sorry, Heero."

Heero turned and looked at Duo, surprise on his face. "Why?"

"I-I..." Duo sat up and gestured helplessly. "I wasn't exactly..."

"Stop!" Hero moved swiftly across the room. He sat back on the bed and gathered Duo into his arms. "Don't."

He brushed Duo's hair from his face and kissed his forehead. "You did nothing wrong. Don't you think I would have stopped you if you did?"

"I guess you would." Duo looked up at Heero. "I love you."

"And I you." Heero's arms tightened around him.



"Am I forgiven yet?"


"I have to start again?"

Laughter echoed from the bed. "You're forgiven! You're forgiven!"

"Was it that bad?"

"Gods, no, love. It was that good. Another like that tonight and you'd have to bury me at sunrise."

"Good, 'cause I think I'm too exhausted."

A chuckle.



"How soon can we go collect our new daughter?"

Another chuckle. "Soon. Sleep, Duo. Tomorrow we'll start making plans."

"Does she have a name?"


"Pretty. Heero?"

"Go to sleep, Duo!"

"Okay," a snicker.

Heero sighed and closed his eyes. Tomorrow they'd start planning this new direction in their lives.



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