The End of Innocence Part 19

Spring arrived without much fanfare, one afternoon saw the temperatures mild as the sun shone brightly, warming the land.

Quatre searched around the courtyard for Trowa, finally finding him in the gardens, sitting on the stone bench beside Lady Winner's grave. The blonde sat down, smiling at his lover. "What are you doing out here?"

Trowa smiled and pulled Quatre into his lap. "Having a talk with your mother."

"Oh? And pray tell, what would you and my mother have to discuss?"


"And what about me?"

Trowa shifted and lifting the blonde, he settled him so that he was sitting astride his lap. With a kiss to the tip of his nose, the green-eyed man smiled. "I think that's between me and Lady Winner. Unless you think you can convince me otherwise."

Quatre gave a sly smile, and wrapping his arms around Trowa's neck, he leaned against him and claimed his lips. Gently running the tip of his tongue along Trowa's mouth, he stopped to nibble lightly on his lower lip. And when the brunette's lips parted under his, he dove in, exploring the sweet recesses of Trowa's mouth.

As he pulled back, Trowa grabbed him, his breathing a little ragged, green eyed dark with desire. "Uh-uh... you don't kiss me like that and then stop!" He growled, pulling the blonde back down to him.

This time he did the teasing, leaving no part of Quatre's mouth untouched. As he moved his head to kiss the blonde's neck, Quatre moaned and pressed harder against him. Suddenly Trowa raised his head and fixed his green eyes over Quatre's shoulder.

"What is it, Lady?" He asked as Quatre twisted to see Lady Catharine standing a few feet from them, he'd never even heard her approach.

Catharine bowed to the pair. "Forgive my intrusion," she said with a slight hint of humor. "But, you requested me to inform you as soon as Lord Winner's cousin delivered her child. She delivered a son a little while ago."

Quatre let out a happy cry. "Is Hilde alright?"

"Both mother and son are just fine, milord." She said with a smile before disappearing silently into the hedges.

Trowa shivered. "I wish she wouldn't do that."

Quatre turned back to his lover and smiled. "It's just her way." He said simply, starting to slide off Trowa's lap.

The brunette raised and eyebrow and grabbed the blonde by the waist. "Where do you think you are going?"

"Why, to see our heir," Quatre blinked innocently.

"I think not," Trowa growled, pulling Quatre back against him.

His green eyes took on a predatory glint as he shifted and lowered the boy onto the stone bench, pinning him beneath his slender body. Lowering his head he nipped along the tender skin of Quatre's throat. "Let them rest." He breathed, huskily. "There will be plenty of time to visit your cousin and a lifetime to spend with her son. Right, now..." He moved his lips up to capture an ear. "We've not settled the issue of my talk with your mother. I think you have some convincing to do."

"Aye, milord." Quatre gasped.

Trowa shifted his weight, so that he sat on the edge of the bench, as he quickly untied the neck of Quatre's tunic. Pulling on the fabric, he smiled as he leaned over to taste the newly exposed skin.

"That's better." He murmured against Quatre's skin. "For once, you display obedience." He reached between them and started tugging the tunic from Quatre's pants.

Quatre gasped and tangled his fingers in Trowa's hair, arching as the cloth came free and Trowa's fingers danced over his stomach.

Moving his lips back up, the brunette ravished the tender flesh of Quatre's throat, sliding his hands up under the shirt to tease the blonde's nipples. Then, claiming Quatre's mouth, he skimmed his hands along his ribs and down his sides.

As Trowa pulled back, Quatre opened his eyes, gasping as her felt light fingers brush along his hardening length. "We'll be seen out here."

Trowa's green eyes glittered as he undid the laces of Quatre's pants, moving back enough to slide them down. "I don't care." He reached down and tugged the boy's boots off, pulling the breeches off after them. "If our people haven't figured it out by now... then they deserve to see us." Trowa took Quatre's shaft in his hand and leaned down to kiss the tip.

Quatre let out an incoherent sound as Trowa explored his length, tracing it with the tip of his tongue. With a burst of resolve, the blonde pushed the Viscount away, wriggling out of his grasp. Trowa's eyes narrowed as he reached for the boy but, with a low laugh, Quatre slid from his reach. Slipping from the bench, he stood in front of Trowa.

"Obedience, huh?" He laughed, stretching his arms over his head, his sapphire eyes shining.

Trowa's breath quickened and he ached painfully as he watched Quatre stretch like a lean cat. He threw his arms over his head, arching his back and going up on his toes, his eyes closing with pleasure. He still wore his tunic, its cloth falling just below his hips. The sight of him arched like that, showing only a shoulder and slim, pale legs, only served to arouse the brunette more.

"Quatre..." He growled. The blonde smiled, lazily, and stepped in between Trowa's knees. "I'll show you just how 'obedient' I can be, milord." He whispered running his fingers along the inside of Trowa's thigh.

Trowa leaned back against the wall, behind him, drawing a sharp breath as Quatre untied his laces, freeing him. He fought down the urge to grab the blonde and throw him on his back on the bench, groaning as he felt his erection enveloped in the warmth of Quatre's mouth.

Quatre teased him as much as he dared, bringing him almost to release and then backing off, only to bring him back again. Changing his pace subtly to keep the brunette right on the edge.

Trowa's breath came in ragged bursts as he felt Quatre release him and move away. His eyes flew open as the blonde moved up, so that he was back on the bench astride Trowa's lap again.

"Quatre!" He gasped as the boy quickly positioned himself against Trowa's erection. "We don't have..."

His words were cut off as Quatre wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. At the moment their lips met, the blonde pushed back, gasping in shock against Trowa's mouth as he settled himself fully against his lap. Blue eyes opened to meet startled green ones.


"It's alright, it didn't hurt much," Quatre whispered, laying his fingertips against Trowa's lips. "My attentions made it easier but, you must finish quickly... it's not like when we have the oils."

"Quatre, I..." Trowa understood what he had meant. He also understood that he could hurt him very badly.

"Please, Trowa!" Quatre gasped, moving lightly against the brunette.

Trowa grit his teeth, a wave of pure pleasure washing over him as Quatre moved faster. Reaching between them, he took Quatre's length in his hand, matching the almost relentless pace. His other hand slid around the blonde's waist and helped him to move faster.

Trowa suddenly realized why his lover had kept him so on edge for so long. After that, he couldn't last very long. With a hoarse sound, he drove upwards one last time, his body tingling as he released himself in the warm depths of Quatre's body.

At the same time, Quatre cried out, falling forward. Burying his face in Trowa's neck, he trembled violently as his own climax washed over him.

The pair clung to each other, struggling to catch their breath. Swallowing heavily, Trowa lifted Quatre's chin to look at the tears on his face.

"I hurt you." He muttered.

"I love you."

"Dammit, Quatre! You let me hurt you!"

Blue eyes shone. "I love you."

Trowa sighed and pulled the boy back against him. He knew that Quatre only would do what he was willing to do. If this happened this way between them, it was because Quatre had wanted it. "Gods," The brunette grumbled, lifting the limp blonde and settling him sideways across his lap. He held Quatre tightly. "You could have at least let me take my pants off!"

Quatre's body shook as he tried to stifle his laughter. He looked up at Trowa's face, a smile gracing his lips. "I love you."

Trowa chuckled and kissed him. "You confuse the hell out of me, but I love you too, little one."

"For always." The pair's words echoed around each other as they held on to one another.



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