Author: Lady Nagisa

Rating: NC-17

Category: Yaoi, Angst (of course), Fantasy, AU... er.... may add more later

Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 6x5

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Author's Notes: This is the result of too many late nights on ICQ with Cloudy-san. For once I even have a good idea where it's going... and I'm afraid it's going to be a looooooong one....

Born in Chaos Prologue

In a small cottage at the foot of the frozen mountains, a young woman screams in agony as she struggles to bring forth the child she carries. Her soft blue eyes are no longer focused, blond hair plastered to her face with her sweat and tears.

In the dim firelight of the room, an old woman leans over her. "There, there, Leia. You're almost finished. Just a little longer and you can rest."

With a last great effort, the woman screams as the child slips from her exhausted body. The old woman quickly cares for the babe and as it's wails filled the room, Leia's eyes opened.

"Is she alright?" She whispered.

"Aye, Lady. She's perfect." The woman lay the child on her mother's chest.

Leia gently touched the flame-colored locks adorning the baby's head, her eyes filled with tears. "Will you care for her, Seraph?"

"Aye, Lady. I'll care for her as long as she needs me."

"Who..." Leia's voice broke. "Who'll protect the light until she's of age?" She let out a soft sigh and was still.

Seraph's eyes misted over as she reached down and gently closed Leia's eyes. "Sometimes, little one... the light cannot be protected." She answered.

Gathering up the child, she looked down into her brilliant blue eyes. "When you are of an age, five warriors will struggle to return the light to you." She looked around the room and then at Leia's lifeless form. "Until then, the land will live in the shadows." Turning, she carried the baby from the cottage and into the forest beyond.


"No!!" A woman cried into the night.

"Kyleia!" Her husband sat up. "What is it?"

She buried her face in her hands, her golden hair falling around her like a rippling waterfall. "The light! It's gone! Engulfed in chaos. Hiram, all is plunged into darkness!"

Hiram put an arm around his wife, his eyes going to the cradle in the corner where his infant daughter, Quatrina, slept.

"It's begun." He murmured.


Near the mountains, a dark-haired woman raised her cobalt eyes to the moon, tears shining on her pale face as her hand went to her swollen stomach. The shift in power had woken her.

As a shadow passed over the glowing orb, she gasped in pain. Light or shadow... her child was about to be born into it.

And the prophecy handed through her family for generations would begin.


In a small village, nearby, a green-eyed man held his wife as he watched the deepening shadows crawl up the streets. She looked up at him, her lavender eyes damp.

"What will happen?"

"The guardian has perished," Her husband replied. "Until a new guardian appears, darkness will hold the land."

The cry of a child drew his attention. "Our son senses the shift, also."

She picked up the baby and held him close. "Will it end soon?"

"I don't know."

Tears trickled down her face. "The winds have stopped speaking to me." She cried.

"The waters are silent also." He answered, looking back out the window.


A resounding crash brought Douglas running to the bedroom to see his wife standing in the floor, her violet eyes wide with terror. At her feet lay the pieces of a small writing table.

"Megan!" He rushed to her, ignoring the ink screaming across the floor in a dark pool.

She turned to him, her chestnut hair falling in her eyes. "The light has perished!" She gasped as she lost consciousness.

He caught her slight form and lifted her to the bed. He knew that his wife was a daughter of the light and could sense all that happened within it's brilliance. The screams of his daughter sent him to retrieve her. At barely three years old, she had felt it also, her violet eyes showing her terror. He carried her back to her mother as the woman woke and reached for the child.

Clutching the toddler to her breast, she looked up at her husband. "Heed me well, Douglas Maxwell! From this moment all creatures born of the light are in dire danger... the shadows will strive the wipe them from this land!"


Half a world away, a young man sat on a bench, with his wife, watching the sky.

"What does it mean?" She asked, her dark eyes frightened.

He stared at the dim sky, that should be filled with daylight, remembering an old story. "There will be a shift in the balances of the world. The dragon of night will defeat the dragon of day and lock her away from sight. The world will plunge into eternal night until a child is born of the Dragon Clan, that carries the spirit of the dragon of day within him." He sighed. "Until then, our clan will barely survive the night, hunted by the shadows as we are the children of the dragon of light."

His wife gasped, her hands flying to her stomach, barely rounding with their child.

He bowed his head in mourning for the times ahead of them.


In a palace, near the oceans, a young woman ran through the halls, her platinum hair streaming behind her like a veil. "Did you feel...?" She gasped, bursting into one of the rooms to find her husband standing at the window, holding their son.

"Aye, Ariana. I did. Come look." He replied, his ice-blue eyes never leaving the night sky.

"I don't need to," she whispered, reaching for her son. "I saw the stars dying."

He turned to her, handing her the child. "'Tis a dark throne in a cursed kingdom that he'll inherit."

"Aye," She answered. "But, the priests say that he'll sire one of the land's hopes."

"They know nothing! Old men spouting prophesies to try and calm themselves. Nothing more!"

She buried her face in the toddler's soft hair. "I believe them. I have to or the shadows will consume me."


In a field, behind his family's home, a boy stared up at the sky, his eyes bright with fascination. He could hear voices within the shadows. They called to him, soft and alluring. With a smile, he reached up to touch the swirling dark.

Behind him, a woman screamed and snatched him up, running back to the house, her ginger-colored hair whipping around her.

Her husband met her, wrapping his arms around her and the child.

"The chaos is strong in him. It calls him." She sobbed.

"Then we will protect him." He replied.


~20 Years Later~

A dark-haired woman peered into the fire, reading the patterns in the flames. Earlier, she had seen the illusion of a star in the endless night sky. With a sigh she recorded what she saw, in a small book and set it aside.

She walked to the cradle, where her daughter slept. "It's begun." She murmured, running her fingers through the child's soft black hair. "The first one is born. When the time is right, you will tell them of what I've read in the flames. Of the forgotten destinies."



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