Born in Chaos Part 1


The sound of metal clashing brought the young woman's attention from the papers she was reading. Another clash and cheers sounded from below the window of her private chamber and she rose to go look.

In the courtyard below her window, the captain of her guard and her personal guard were sparring, the rest of the guard gathered round to cheer them on. Her heart pounded as she watched the wild eyed young man raise his sword to block a blow from the woman he was fighting. His cobalt eyes glittered dangerously as he drove the black-haired woman backwards with a flurry of blows, attempting to knock her off balance.

She blocked him, twisting her sword and knocking his arm aside, diving forward looking for a weak spot to strike at. He growled at her and dropped to the ground, rolling aside, swinging his weapon upwards to stop her blade in mid-swing. She stepped back as he rolled to his back, and then dove in, the sword point resting at his throat. Her dark-purple eyes widened in astonishment as he just smiled and lay there, his own sword tip resting just under her chin.

She relaxed and stepped back, offering him her hand. "There's something creepy about you when you smile like that, Yuy." She muttered, helping him to his feet. "Good match though, eh?"

He nodded silently as he slid his blade back into its sheath and turned to walk away.

One of the other members of the guard walked up beside the woman. "Why does he do that, Noin?"

She glanced over at him. "Yuy has his reasons, I'm sure. It's not our place to pry."

As he walked away from the group, Heero sensed a motion above him and looked up. As he did, the woman upstairs leaned out the window, holding her dark blonde hair back with one hand, and waving with the other. For a moment he just stared at her, then lifted one hand in a short wave before turning away again.

He couldn't figure out why his Queen seemed to determined to forge a friendship with him. He was way beneath her in station, she shouldn't be so friendly with one such as he. He didn't want it, from her or anyone else. He had a duty to perform in his life and that didn't include emotional attachments.

Reaching his quarters, he removed his sword and light armor, setting them in the corner. He'd clean the dust from them a little later. Laying back on his bed, he pulled a pendant out from under his shirt, dangling it in front of his face. As it twirled in the dim light of the room, the flames reflected off its deep orange surface. Turning so one of its flat surfaces was facing him, he studied the image of a gryphon etched inside the stone.

He'd had the pendant for as long as he could remember, with no memory of where it came from or how he got it... or why. For that matter, he remembered nothing of his own past. It was almost as if he were born into this word as a sixteen-year-old already possessing his abilities to fight. Beyond that all he got was an impression of pain... anguish... loss... and knowledge that he was not allowed to be close to anyone.

His first memory was of standing outside this castle's walls, staring up, a feeling that he needed to be here for some reason. Once being admitted into the castle, he pledged his sword and loyalty to it's young queen, Relena Peacecraft. Something told him to do this, in order to remain here, until...

Until what? He wondered as he slipped the pendant back into his shirt. Deciding there was no reason to be asking questions that there were no answers to, he sat up and reached for his armor.

Taking a soft cloth, he began to polish the dust off of it in the flickering firelight.


Green eyes snapped open, peering into the endless shadows. Reaching down beside him, on the hard ground, he grasped the hilt of his sword, listening intently. Finally, releasing the breath he was holding, he sat up and added more wood to the fire beside him.

Crossing his legs in front of him, he stared into the flames, his expression solemn. How many nights had he woken like that? Sighing, he looked at the sky above him... inky... endless... the only thing breaking the curtain of black being five stars all encircling a brighter star. A pattern that made no sense.

He'd heard all sorts of strange stories about the odd stars. Nothing believable and all involving five celestial warriors that would rescue their world from the endless night. Foolish people, he thought as he tossed another stick on the flames. Believing in old stories.

He stood and stretched his slim body, letting out a barely audible sigh of pleasure. Then turning back to the fire, he held his hand over it... with barely a thought... a fall of water appeared under his outstretched fingers, dousing the flames.

He picked up his sword and strapped it to his waist, and lifting his face, he murmured lightly. Finishing his words, his long bangs fluttered as a light breeze picked up and swirled around him. Whispering a word of thanks, as the breeze died out, he turned towards the east and started walking.

If the winds told him that the nearest town lay east, then that's where he'd go. For as long as his memory could reach, he'd been alone in this dark world... only the winds and the waters to guide him. He couldn't remember his family or even if he'd had one.

He supposed he must have at one time, everyone had to come from somewhere. The only clue he had to his past was an amber pendant with the image of a couatl, a winged serpent of legend, etched inside it. It probably had meaning to someone, it didn't have much to him, just a faint link to a past he had no memory of.

Running his fingers over the hilt of his sword as he walked, he wondered if he could find work at the next village. Surely they must have some creature or threat that needed to be destroyed. His money was getting low, he needed to find work soon.

As he moved, he could see the sky overhead taking on the gray of daytime. Never completely light, always shadowed, just enough to make the people want more. He figured that's why there were always these stories of heroes.


"So, Wufei, you are going to go?"

The young man turned, from the shrine, to face the old woman, standing behind him. "It appears I have no choice." He said bitterly.

He looked back at the shrine, built around a golden dragon, his clan's treasure. "I believe my path was set the day the shadows took my wife. Now, these strange dreams call me to search out a land that's never been heard of." He clenched his fists. "They won't let me rest until I do as they bid me."

She reached in her robes and pulled out a small red box, trimmed with golden designs. "Wufei, take this. It was entrusted to our clan many years ago. The dragon spirit will watch over you on your journey."

Wufei took the box and bowed to the woman.

She lay a wrinkled hand on his dark head. "May your journey be safe, child of the Dragon clan."

Wufei stared into his fire, the last of his memories leaving him. He opened his fist and looked at the amber pendant, the object entrusted to his clan. Holding it up in front of the flames, the light caused the stone to glow a brilliant orange, etched deep in it's heart... the image of a dragon.

He supposed it meant something but, it's meaning had been lost when the shadows had destroyed most of his clan, two generations ago.

Slipping the cord over his head, he lay down, pulling his blanket around himself. Making a final check to make sure his sword was within reach, he closed his eyes.

As sleep crept over him, he hoped the dreams would show him the path he was supposed to follow now.



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