Born in Chaos Part 15


The blonde healer turned his head towards the sound of his softly spoken name. His eyes followed the slender form as Trowa stepped around in front of him.

"What's wrong?"

Quatre shook his head slowly. "There's been so much to absorb... so much we have to do. It seems like everything rests on us."

"Hmm." Trowa jumped up and sat on the low stone wall beside the blonde. "It frightening to be facing so much all at once; and to feel that we have no choice in the matter at all."

"Yes." Came the whispered reply.

Trowa studied him in the dim light from the cottage. "You're thinking about your vision."

"Some. Milliardo tells me that visions are warnings of things that can be... not necessarily what will happen. I can't help worrying about it though." He sighed and drew one leg up, resting his foot on the wall and leaning his chin on his knee. "And now... I get this feeling that something is terribly wrong."

"Wrong where?"

"I don't know! I only get vague impressions... my skills aren't developed enough." Quatre answered glumly. "I don't want to be a part of this, Trowa. Sometimes... I wish I hadn't been born with my healing powers. Then I could be back home living a nor..."

His words were cut off as Trowa reached over and pulled him to him, holding him tightly. "Don't say that. Don't ever wish to be something other than you are." He buried his face in the healer's bright hair.

"T-Trowa..." Quatre's arms crept up around the brunette's shoulders his voice soft with surprise.

Trowa drew back and ran the backs of his fingers across Quatre's cheek before kissing him gently. Lifting his head, the brunette ran his thumb across Quatre's lower lip before letting go of him and jumping down from the wall.

"Wait here." He said quietly. "I'll be right back."

The healer nodded and Trowa quickly disappeared into the cottage. It was only a moment before Quatre saw his form walking swiftly from the building, something in his arms.

He stopped in front of the blonde and held out his free hand. "Come with me?"

Quatre jumped down and Trowa took his hand, twining his fingers around the blonde's. Without a word, the brunette led the healer away from the cottage and into a small grove of trees, letting the winds guide his path through the dark. Once out of sight of the building, he stopped and turned to Quatre.

"I need you to cast a spell." He explained softly. "One of your light spells, just not too bright. Enough to see... that's all."

Quatre frowned in the dark, but the words jumped instantly to his lips and a softly glowing orb appeared in his hand. Releasing the orb to hover above them, it filled a small area around them with a faint light.

"Is that enough?" He asked turning to the brunette.

Trowa nodded. "Now, I want you to promise me you won't cast another spell tonight. Healing or otherwise."

Quatre started to protest but something in Trowa's eyes made him stop and he nodded. "If that's what you want, but I don't understand."

"You will."

Trowa set down the bundle and then picked part of it back up. As he moved, Quatre could see it that it had been blankets that he had been carrying. He spread one of them out on the ground, the needles from the trees forming a soft cushion underneath it. Then he turned and held out his hand to the blonde. Quatre stepped forward and Trowa knelt in front of him, his fingers quickly unlacing the blonde's boots.


"Shhh." The brunette murmured as he placed the healer's hands on his shoulders and lifted first one foot and then the other, drawing his soft leather boots off.

He then reached up and undid the clasps on Quatre's tunic, sliding it from his shoulders, his fingers skimming along the boy's arms.

"Trowa... you don't ha..."

"I want to." Came the simple reply as Trowa untied his breeches and pulled them down over his legs, helping the healer keep his balance as he stepped out of them.

Quatre drew in a breath at the feel of Trowa's hands gently running along his legs and up his sides. His strong fingers gripped the blonde's waist as he lay his cheek against Quatre's stomach for a brief moment before turning his head and kissing his skin.

He then reached out and twined his fingers with Quatre's pulling him down to face him. His lips quickly found the blonde's as he pulled off his own tunic. Pulling Quatre to him, he slanted his head and deepened the kiss, taking his time exploring the sweetness of the blonde's mouth.

Raising his head, he gazed down at the breathless healer. "I've been trying to find a way to be alone with you since we left the river that day. In another day, we'll be leaving with all the others... I don't want to waste the two nights we do have here." He murmured, his hands caressing Quatre's arms.

The blonde started to speak and Trowa cut him off with another kiss, sending Quatre's heart racing. "Just us, Quatre. No healings... no spells... I want to love you as you are."

He said softly, his lips moving to kiss Quatre's neck and shoulder. "I realized something, that's been staring me in the face. I just couldn't recognize it."

He lifted his head and took the blonde's face in his hands, kissing him again. "These feelings I've been having. I think I love you... the thought of you going away from me terrifies me. To hear you talk about wanting to be other than you are scares me even more, because to be something else would mean we would have never crossed paths."

"Trowa...." Quatre breathed, his eyes filling with tears.

He slid his arms around Trowa's neck seeking his mouth as the brunette's fingers lightly skimmed over his back, sending shivers through his slender frame. With a low moan, the blonde shifted and lay back on the blanket pulling Trowa down with him, offering all he had to give to the brunette warrior.


Deep in the innermost chamber of an old stone keep, set in the frozen mountains, shadows swarmed and twisted. Seeking the touch of their mistress they keened and wailed as they wrapped themselves around her slim ankles.

She stood in front of the stone altar bearing the form of her lord, wearing only a loose robe, her arms outstretched, brown hair flowing loosely down her back; bright red lips chanted the words of a spell darker and older than time.

As her voice raised to a higher level, the shadows shrank back and then swelled forward, the very air around her lord shimmered wildly. Nearing the end of her spell she motioned with one hand and a wraith-like creature led a young girl forward.

The girl stood mutely beside the woman, her slim body covered with a robe very similar to the spell caster's. Her bright auburn hair hung loosely in front of eyes, brown and unseeing.

She never made a sound as the woman grabbed her arm and with a swift motion, cut a deep gash in her arm with a small curved knife. Lifting the girl's hand, the bright blood streamed down her pale arm to collect in a small silver bowl containing a mixture of herbs and water. Finally satisfied with the mixture in the bowl, she shoved the girl away, ignoring the creature that came forward and carried her away.

Lifting the bowl to her lips she drank deeply and then stepped up to the altar. Taking a mouthful of the mixture she leaned down and pressed her mouth to her lord's allowing the liquid to flow from her to him. She then stood up and the air around him started to swirl and collect shadows. A sudden force threw her away from him and she landed on the stone floor, facing away from the altar.

Collecting herself she drew herself up to her knees to see the tall, lean figure of her lord sit up and then stand. His blue eyes surveyed the room, finally falling on the woman bowed before him. Stepping down he lay and hand on her head and she raised her eyes to his.

"My lord, Treize... I've waited so long..." She said softly.

"You've done well, Lady." His voice washed over her, smooth and mellow. "Is everything ready?"

"Yes, Lord."

"Then, shall we begin?"



Trowa bolted upright and wrapped his arms around the blonde. "What? What is it?"

Quatre trembled as he turned and leaned against Trowa's bare chest. "S-something. I felt something... out of place. Something dark."

"Do you know what it was?" The brunette asked softly, running his fingers through Quatre's hair.

"No. I have no idea."

"Maybe we should talk to Milliardo." Trowa suggested.

The healer shook his head. "I don't think he could tell us either, but I have a terrible feeling that we will know shortly." He looked up at his lover. "I think... we shouldn't wait past tomorrow to set out though."

"We should go tomorrow."


Trowa lay back pulling Quatre with him. "If that's what you think, then we'll tell the others in the morning."

"Thank-you." Quatre murmured, laying his head on the brunette's chest and sliding an arm around his waist.

Trowa's hand slid idly over the blonde's bare shoulder as he stared above them at the softly glowing light from Quatre's spell. He wanted to find a way to make sure that the healer was protected on their journey ahead, but deep inside he knew... that there was no real way he could.

He placed a gentle kiss on the boy's bright head and tightened his hold. "Get some rest. If we're to leave tomorrow, we'll have a long day."

Quatre nodded as he moved in closer, seeking the warmth of the Trowa's body.



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