Born in Chaos Part 14

The next morning, after the group had breakfasted, Olwyn came to the little house to collect them.

"The council wishes to see you now." He told them as they left the house. "They will try to explain the story in full and offer what assistance they can on your journey."

They followed him to a large stone building near the center of the village, each side of it's entrance guarded by a statue of a young woman holding fire in her hands. Duo stared transfixed by the stone figures and Olwyn leaned in to him and spoke.

"They represent the guardian. The flames are sacred, we never let them burn out." He explained as they entered the dark inner chambers of the building.

"She beautiful," Duo said quietly. "I can almost feel her presence here."

"As well you should." A woman's voice echoed through the room. "The first of her kind was chosen from this clan."

"Ceris." Heero said evenly. "I should have known she was one of the elders."

The old woman glided across the floor to clasp Quatre's hands. "Welcome young healer."

Quatre nodded his head and she turned to Trowa, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. "And you young warrior, two celestials in one. You've sacrificed so much to be here this day."

Trowa's eyes widened in surprise.

"Not yet, come with me and meet the others. Then we will tell all we can." She said before he could question her.

Ceris nodded to Olwyn, who bowed his head and left the six with her. She motioned for them to follow her and turned away. With a quick glance amongst themselves, they followed her out of the room. She led them down a dimly lit hallway until they reached a door at the very end. The entrance to the innermost chamber of the building.

As they sat at the long table that she indicated to, two more women and two men joined them, seating themselves across the table.

"These four; Anchoret, Bronney, Elaeth, and Urien, make up the council of five elders." Ceris explained. "It had been the job of the council to assist in decisions regarding the village and more recently to preserve the story of the guardian of light."

Elaeth spoke up. "When the lands were still young, and all the races of the world lived together in peace; light and dark lived in harmony, each sharing half the day with one another. But the dark was greedy and wished to overcome this light, allowing it's own creatures to rule the lands."

"All of the warriors of light, possessing powers of the earth, fire, wind, waters, and healing... came forth to defend the light and drive the shadows back. A vicious war waged between the warriors of the light and the warriors of the dark, until finally dark was vanquished and light ruled the skies alone."

"One young woman was chosen from among the elven races, to guard the light, from an isolated palace. She chose to allow the dark to continue to rule the nights, saying that a world without shadow was unbalanced... and balance must be maintained." Bronney added.

"Now, one girl cannot guard forever, therefore it was decided that when she came of age, she was to chose a mate from amongst the best of the elven males. From that union she would bear a daughter and that child would eventually take her place as protectress."

Urien joined in. "During the time that followed, the elven people became feared and hunted by man. To protect our own race we withdrew into the mountains and the guardian erected a wall of stone to shield us. Legends within the men, say we simply died out. Here we built our own world in preparation of what was to come."

"The granddaughter of the original guardian foresaw a day when the shadows would rise up and take over again. So she chose from among her people, the five best warriors and bestowed great power upon them, charging them with the task of rescuing the guardian of the light when they were called to do so. She then sent them out into the world of man to mate and integrate their bloodlines. It would be the descendants of these original five that would fight for the guardian."

"She herself gave birth to twin daughters and then chose one to be sent to the world of man to be raised as a future guardian... or replacement if needed. This child carried the powers of her mother... all the power of the light."

And then Anchoret finished the story for them. "Time passed and generations were born, in the men's world, the legend was forgotten except by a choice few, who now only knew parts of it. But the blood still flowed through the children and when the time came they would know their duty."

"The last guardian of light died in childbirth, her nurse carried the newborn guardian out into the world to raise herself, but the dark was too strong. The child was stolen and the world we know now was created."

"Your parents were being born about then and we knew that another generation would come before she was old enough to summon you."

"But, you mention a total of six warriors," Milliardo spoke up. "There are six of us, but I know I am not one of the warriors."

"There are things that the guardian did not foresee," Ceris explained. "First, you must know that Duo is the descendant of that twin... if you should fail to rescue the guardian, it's his job to then take her place."

"She expected all the children born of that child to be female... she didn't take into account the thinning of the blood by the blood of man... resulting in several male children of that line. Secondly, the warriors were never supposed to cross paths until the time came for them to fight together. Somehow they did... Trowa is the child of a child born of two warriors, both powers come together within him. You, Milliardo are a result of a vow made between the rulers of your land and the rulers of ours. Your presence here is no accident."

"Do you know of my family?" Trowa said quietly.

"I know enough to realize what you have lost, yes."

"Then you know more than I." Came the flat response.

"We know of all of you. We have since the day you were born."

Something close to longing flickered across Heero's face. They had the knowledge of his past that he'd been denied. "Can you tell us of the things we don't know?"

"No, we cannot. We are forbidden. They are things you must discover on your own... and you will discover them on your journey." Ceris answered him sadly. "We would tell you if we could."

"You know all of this. Can you tell us what we must do to rescue the guardian?" Wufei asked.

"You must each recover a talisman representing your power. These items will enhance the strength of the power you already possess."

"You will each face a challenge in order to recover these talismans and will also be aided in you challenge by someone close to you."

"From there, you will proceed to the palace of light... there you will find the key to what you must do to retrieve the lost maid and bring her back to the palace. One of our own is entrusted with the knowledge of where this all lies and will accompany you as a guide on your journey."

"You will leave on the morning after tomorrow... tomorrow you will meet he who is to go with you." Ceris told them, rising from her seat. "We have told you all we are able."

As the group started to leave Ceris spoke up again. "Heero... do you have other things you wish to ask to me?"

The dark haired boy turned back, his cobalt eyes studying her. Then he silently nodded.

"Then come with me, we shall speak alone."



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