The Pyscho Trowa Contest

The pic above is made by T-shirt darling. ^_^ It's suppose to be a banner, but... er... yeah... it's a bit big....

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First Place: 'The Best Laid Plans...' by Caroline
Second Place: 'Getting What You Want' by Trasgapoca & Anidawehi
Third Place: 'Corruption' by Fancyfigures & Trixie

Congrats folks! ^____^

The commission pic links are on the individual fic pages. Enjoy!

Fancyfigures drew a very cute Trowa chibi for the contest. Click here to see it.


*clear throat* Okay, so... this contest is started by Sunhawk, because she got bullied. ^^; And me, like Sunny said, I only "graciously offered to host the fics". *nod, nod*

Anyways, this contest is basically challenged authors to write the sequel to the Psycho Trowa deathfic, Sleep Deprivation, that Sunhawk wrote to vent her crankiness.

There're not much restraints, since it's a sequel to a deathfic. You can slice em, dice em, cook em in a stew... scary to parody, doesn't matter, just label accordingly so we don't scare the non-psycho fans too much. And there's no length limits.

There's one single rule: winner can NOT use winning commissions to have art done for Sunhawk. (she said so.) *grin*

For the fairness of the contest, the fic entries will not be allowed to post anywhere else before the vote result is out.

The deadline's on April Fool's Day, April 1st, 2006.

Just send the fics to me at (with the [contest] tag in the subject line, or at least mention contest, so that I don't flush them out of my inbox as junk mail) and I'll put 'em up, ready for voting on April 1st.

Then Sunhawk'll run a poll, and do art commissions or paid LJ time for the first and second places.

Good Luck, and have fun everybody!


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